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  • J_Songz201 IG
    J_Songz201 IG

    Towns won Embiid bleeding from his mouth ya just don’t look carefully if Simmons wasn’t there it be a good 10 secs

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney

    Surprised how many interceptions he has for being a line backer known for his toghness.

  • jose abreu
    jose abreu

    Ese es muy buen jugador

  • Gentlemen's Cage
    Gentlemen's Cage

    Troy aikman is funny. LOL criticizing dez for the same shit he did as a player in the same clip

  • jsean

    nfl is soft now... back in the day ppl loved taunts and celebrations... tf is our world coming to

  • Tim Malecha
    Tim Malecha

    Class act, great character too!

  • Terry Rodbourn
    Terry Rodbourn

    Wow he is prima donna!

  • gamer CJ
    gamer CJ

    Why do you have to argue balls and strikes just relax you know you will be ejected so why argue it’s not gonna change the ump’s mind understand umpires are human they are not perfect ok and it’s hard to be an umpire ok

  • Mr Finesse
    Mr Finesse

    He's been linked with Washington...💪🏾💪🏾

  • John Cole
    John Cole


  • Realist Hmong
    Realist Hmong

    Imagine if those receivers were first round picks.

  • Jugg Club
    Jugg Club

    2:57 some madden shit 😂

  • I’m a Depressed Detroit Fan
    I’m a Depressed Detroit Fan

    The next great Tight End 😈

  • Clyde Norwood Jr.
    Clyde Norwood Jr.

    The USA team sucked during this?

  • Junior Doñe
    Junior Doñe

    Dios es bueno nadie lo quería ahora sera el mejor de las grande ligas con Dios por delante.

  • TGS Drippy_Nolitmit
    TGS Drippy_Nolitmit

    Too the people that say Lamar can’t throw watch this lol

  • mynine goesbang
    mynine goesbang

    should have made it "24" minutes of KGJ

  • Washington Sucks
    Washington Sucks

    Washington sucks

  • WS Taft
    WS Taft

    He has changed what can possibly be expected from the D tackle position. All of the young men coming up now (including my son) all look up to and want to be the next Aaron Donald!....You don't have to be 6'3 or better and 315+lbs, 6'1 290 with good speed and footwork is what they look for now.

  • David Corica
    David Corica

    Its no secret that Lock does not look ready to be a starter. That said, it should also be noted that when he was drafted, he slipped to the second round because EVERYONE knew he was going to need time to develop. Lets say it out loud: Year 1 he hardly played due to injury, and looked alright in the few starts he had. Year 2 he had a new offensive coordinator, no training camp due to covid, and didn't get to play with his top target from the year before as Sutton missed pretty much the whole season with injuries. Did he look great? No. Is it fair to expect a qb who obviously needed time to develop to have suddenly perfected his game under these circumstances? Of course not. If Denver is out of patience it is what it is, but he still has a chance to have a good career somewhere.

  • Kingdomson15

    Please sign with Carolina

  • Andre La Grange
    Andre La Grange

    I saw a facemask on Derrick Henry he grabbed the defenders facemask and pulled it where I'm from that's a 15 yarder weather that is offensive or on the defense

  • matt fernandez
    matt fernandez

    Ima miss you Phil have fun coaching them kids down in Alabama nuec copei

  • Josh Carter
    Josh Carter

    Jets should draft Penei Sewell

  • MJ is bigger then rings he's a culture
    MJ is bigger then rings he's a culture

    Welcome to the 49ers. This kid just needs better structure.

  • Courtland Williams
    Courtland Williams

    I like Dawgs like Devin White at LB. You're going to feel his presence.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Such a Badass

  • Chromez

    I dont watch dolphins games but looking at these highlights Geisicki looks like he gonna be a great tight end every year

  • UgbaadMa

    its crazy how austin rivers got his dad ( coach of the rival team ) to get ejected out the game

  • Robert McCall
    Robert McCall

    Strom will lift this dude's game even more. Nice signing!

  • Dream Shatterer
    Dream Shatterer

    If anybody here is watching In 2021 go back and watch his college highlights and all 22, you can’t tell me this years class of QB’s is better or that much better than a player who’s their age.

  • Salik Akhtar
    Salik Akhtar

    none of these throws were really impressive. Once their run game goes away I don't see baker being able to lead a team to victory through the air

  • Giovanni Aliaga
    Giovanni Aliaga

    I am not a Chargers fan, but this guy is lights out, better than burrow. Franchise qb for sure.

  • hakuna matata
    hakuna matata

    As a jags fan Minshew is a great QB. Doesn't turn it over and puts it where you want it. I hate that we set him up for failure..

  • KingBaller

    who is here after he tore his achillies tendon in his right foot.

  • Giovanni Aliaga
    Giovanni Aliaga

    I am gonna miss Sam, not a lot, but I’ll miss him.

  • Troy28

    He would be good on the Giants

  • Afr0 Plays
    Afr0 Plays

    I’m here after AB broke chiefs fro ez ring

  • ferrari5o9o

    You can send him to Minnesota anytime 😁 we’ll take him

  • Killy.Spencer Spencer
    Killy.Spencer Spencer

    Let's go Chargers fans

  • Garrett Carr
    Garrett Carr

    Sad to see him go :( some of these are fucking dimes. He gonna ball in Indy

  • Westside Gunn
    Westside Gunn

    It’s crazy because when Lock was drafted everyone knew He was gonna be a project. But after one year people want to right him off

  • K J
    K J

    his form, instincts and footwork is damn near identical to the body language of the goat, yes Michael Jordan