YUNGBLUD - cotton candy
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  • chaanterelle

    this song gives me ✨bisexual✨ vibes

  • Маргарита

    Psychotic kids, they don't know what they want

  • Fairy Duckling
    Fairy Duckling

    but cotton candy doesnt get stuck in your teeth, it melts

  • Madeline Cain
    Madeline Cain

    and that Cheeta print hit different.

  • Mr.whisperer

    There are more kisses than I will ever have

  • Hunyeol-L Fiore
    Hunyeol-L Fiore

    This song is a mood. I could dance in the street for no reason just listening to this song 😂✨

  • Madeline Cain
    Madeline Cain

    this is the only man I British accept to run me over

  • StrrwbrryJamJam

    Is it just me or do everyone just wants to be in their music videos so badddddd ;-;

  • martina

    2:15 bisexual panic

  • Shelby Helm
    Shelby Helm


  • Walker sevenonefivetwofour
    Walker sevenonefivetwofour

    also polyamous theme song like hello

  • Walker sevenonefivetwofour
    Walker sevenonefivetwofour

    gaagggagagah my king

  • Lucía 2792
    Lucía 2792

    Yungblud looks better in that skirt that all of us together and you can't deny that

  • Катерина Дудина
    Катерина Дудина


  • Trinity Kostecki
    Trinity Kostecki

    i love u yungblud

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Seeing men in skirts literally makes me the happiest

  • Poliya Filipova
    Poliya Filipova

    dom saying "darling" hits different

  • Fabian Leandro Vazquez
    Fabian Leandro Vazquez

    how cute that boy looks whith a skirk

  • The Oxymoron
    The Oxymoron


  • Ariana Stande
    Ariana Stande

    is Tony in this?!?

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Why does he look better in a skirt than me


    why is the black guy in the underground and all the white people above? that´s wrong AF

  • Adriana Rivera
    Adriana Rivera

    Yungblud riding that person like a cowboy while slaying animal print is the highlight of this week

  • MarleyPatineta

    harry styles???

  • SamRimmy

    Anyone else hearing the melody to Planet Funk - Chase the Sun

  • Nicol Castro Palpa
    Nicol Castro Palpa

    1:32 oh, Dom washing his hands!! He’s the king of public health ✨

  • Starry Planets
    Starry Planets

    *watch the video without sound i dare ya*

  • Twenty-Fifth Baam
    Twenty-Fifth Baam

    This is the most bisexual music video I've seen and I'm living for it! ✨

  • adi dolev
    adi dolev

    Who's here because of the link from the song One Direction's History

  • Lorena Abigail Castillo
    Lorena Abigail Castillo


  • M P
    M P

    i- just wow

  • Hazy H
    Hazy H

    I love the messsage to this song ❤ Looking fabulous Dom x

  • DominicCollison

    the bedroom scene in the first minute looks like a highschool sleepover

  • P U S H E R
    P U S H E R

    is he gay?

  • Meg

    Why does he look better in a skirt than me

  • Jasmine Harvey
    Jasmine Harvey

    1:43 was that justin bieber ??

  • Grace Duncan
    Grace Duncan

    I’ll watch this when I’m sober and try to understand it

  • Rivat Maulana
    Rivat Maulana

    This video is a bisexual dream

  • Alexa Cooper
    Alexa Cooper

    Red looks good in your hair

  • Alexa Cooper
    Alexa Cooper

    Love the cheetah clothes it looks good on you Youngblood

  • Mikel Halsey
    Mikel Halsey

    Is there a community/subreddit/discord/ or forum where I can discuss topics related to any subgenre of rock? Ex: Deathmetal, metal, prog rock, or more alternative like yungblud?

  • BluewolfGaming

    This is the place that baby's come from kids, Disney's new movie: the place where baby's come from

  • Chris Manthey
    Chris Manthey

    YUNGBLUD is the Billy Idol of this generation.

  • Mica Merino
    Mica Merino


  • Macayla Hamilton
    Macayla Hamilton

    My sexuality is whatever this music video is

  • Lorena Abigail Castillo
    Lorena Abigail Castillo


  • Paloma Cirillo
    Paloma Cirillo


  • Lillian Dowell
    Lillian Dowell

    The way his hips move omfg. Its unfair

  • baby Taytay
    baby Taytay

    awwwww hes bisexual

  • baby Taytay
    baby Taytay


  • Chinaa_anaa

    I still wish I was in this video but

  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • Lucario

    I think ill just stick to the lyric video...

  • Empress giles
    Empress giles

    im going to need him in a maid outfit PLS

  • sweetness & light
    sweetness & light

    Hasn't reached the status yet where he can wear a dress and look cool. Looks like a prat

  • KandieKhloe

    I’m getting the 1975 vibes from this

  • Juli modo uwu
    Juli modo uwu


  • mangacash _
    mangacash _

    is he good like irl ?

  • Maria Uc
    Maria Uc


  • Ma Da
    Ma Da

    I'd probably be the girl who is eating noodles

  • Ma Da
    Ma Da

    I'd probably be the girl who is eating noodles

  • Astrid Franco
    Astrid Franco

    Me encanta.

  • Nicky Gabstone
    Nicky Gabstone

    angel in a tennis court is the most random and satisfying thing ever especially because nobody could rock it but Yungblud

  • Anna Kovanen
    Anna Kovanen

    I love this so much! What i wouldn´t give for a collab with Yungblud and Miley Cyrus. Can you even imagine how incredible that would be! Freakin´ love ya´!

  • lollypopz

    0:35 gives me really strong 6ix9ine vibes...

  • Alex

    so good

  • lollypopz

    why does this remind me of a post malone song? Not the words just the melody. I forgot what the song was called

  • Josè Gabriel
    Josè Gabriel

    algun latino escuchando este rolon

  • Paula Shaw
    Paula Shaw

    thats just gross its sex in it and ubder tge flor

  • Sadcornio

    "BRAZZERS" pra quê?! ;-;'

  • Black Adam
    Black Adam

  • 28 Maitreya Gupta
    28 Maitreya Gupta

    I dont like this over sexualised YungBlud. Give me back my Tin Pan boy and Parents anti-establishment punk Yungblud back. What is this mainstream nonsense. Yungblud please come back.

  • Yannick Schulte
    Yannick Schulte

    0:34 please someone Tell me the Name of the left Girl :)

  • Sebastian Clark
    Sebastian Clark

    All his music's great but I miss rock n roll yungblus

  • qubi bucks
    qubi bucks

    My friend said you are so cute and I like you 💞💞💋

  • Mascha

    say whatever you want he's a king.

  • DontLet TheWorldRot
    DontLet TheWorldRot

    Beta sex kitten programming symbolism everywhere in this video. Not surprised. That's why hes blowing up.

  • Serious Bitch
    Serious Bitch

    Novody us going to talk about when he wore the skirt omgg 😍😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Anderson Jorge
    Anderson Jorge

    Aíí que música boa. Ele é um fofo. 😚

  • Lily!

    I love this man

  • Rebekka Pr
    Rebekka Pr

    Damn he looks good in that skirt!!!

  • Ann Benson
    Ann Benson

    Yungblud is out here showing kids everywhere that you can be whoever you want. AND I AM HERE FOR IT

  • Uday Uday
    Uday Uday

    Strawberry Lemon Cotton Candy Maybe we can see lot of foods

  • Hollie Gower
    Hollie Gower

    I pray for whoever tripped to this video 🤝

  • yanie

    I slowed down this song 💓 please listen to this 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  • Medusa Grim
    Medusa Grim

    he's so fucking cute omg

  • Ambo Walupime
    Ambo Walupime

    this is what homophobes think bisexuals do in their leisure time 😂😂 (i love this tho)

  • mVm B
    mVm B

    god...imagine having to change the sheets on that bed

  • Cody NESBITT
    Cody NESBITT

    I clicked on this advert just to call your song shit.

  • Chase Sterling
    Chase Sterling

    The amount of hip gyration in this vid is astounding jesus christ

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly

    Oh he gay or is it just me

  • Charlotte Dance
    Charlotte Dance

    why tf is yungblud a ridiculously gorgeous human being omggg

  • Jhorlyane Lima
    Jhorlyane Lima

    Algum br aqui?

  • Mary

    is this what you call having sex while your friends are watching?????

  • Papycolza

    1:31 Don't forget to wash your hands kids

  • Sam xx
    Sam xx

    Fucking hell he's georgouse.. words have to write!!!

  • That Person
    That Person

    Dom looks stunning in a skirt

  • EllieSmith

    I rlly wanna be in this vid. Getting paid to luck yungblud....

  • Ellie jean
    Ellie jean