XXXTENTACION - CHASE / glass shards (Official Video) (feat. ikabodVEINS)
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Official music video by XXXTENTACION ft. ikabodVEINS - CHASE / glass shards © 2020 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE

  • Eurxopa

    This kinda fire ngl

  • PiggyPlex

    Guys XXXTENTACION isn't dead - he's still making music!




    Где здесь икс???????

  • Mo Music
    Mo Music

    R.I.P XxxTentacion

  • lah

    Jahseh said, “I do not value your money, I value your acceptance and loyalty”. Ever since he’s passed, his management team has not stood by this once.


    This is the worst song in the world who agree with me.

  • Os excluídos e a Meica
    Os excluídos e a Meica

    are trying to end the legacy of xxxtentacion. This is just to earn money and fame on the back of someone who has already died. I wonder how they can do that ?? This is so depressing what they are doing.

  • SolidLikeJay搰

    “Don’t lie who else is a FAN" “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”-

  • Iss me Martin!
    Iss me Martin!

    Imma Die hard x fan but delete this pls im not gonna dislike im just not gonna like.

  • Lethal-THF

    Bruh X wasnt even a feature in this trash. He said like 10 words and this isnt even his style. The beat is ass. Just stop uploading on this

  • وليد علي غالب اليامي
    وليد علي غالب اليامي

    wtf is this garbage !!

  • Ali Aoun
    Ali Aoun

    X no rip

  • Ok_Azii

    i love x but this music video was trash

  • 【T E N T A C I O N 】 YT
    【T E N T A C I O N 】 YT

    He isn't dead

  • Dood Bro
    Dood Bro

    Shits so disrespectful. They need to stop going out their way to make music videos. They keep making full ass music videos with only the featured artist and some old photos of X. He can’t be here to have a say in it, that’s the worst part. Look at his few videos he did get to make, now look at this and all the other garbage videos made after he died. When he was alive all his music videos had a point and a message he wanted to get across. They were art pieces. Now it’s some random UK chav moshing with a bunch of cringey white goth kids. What the fuck man. Releasing just the music itself would be one thing, because X was experimenting with every genre I can accept that. But making a shit music video? Too far. Fuck the slimey motherfuckers who are still trying to squeeze every penny out of him that they can. And fuck Ikabodveins and his team for shamelessly using this video and the “behind the scenes” videos to plug his music.

  • Phasii

    Honestly this should be taken down. X wouldn’t want this. Rest easy brother

  • fa peap w!
    fa peap w!

    this song is ass

  • ludic_

    yoo this song's hard asf

  • fat_boy_fedo Seymour juju23
    fat_boy_fedo Seymour juju23

    Dat guy trash

  • Nasty .Cookie
    Nasty .Cookie

    idk but i think X dont rest in peace withe this shit on his own chanel ! dont youse him

  • rroowwaann elite
    rroowwaann elite

    Terrible x isn't even it

  • Relu Buksa
    Relu Buksa

    Bă dar parcă era mort

  • violeta sasu
    violeta sasu

    You leave xxtentacion!!!

  • NikLeaf

    Wait guys how does x upload even if he’s dead?

  • Djordje Bolovic
    Djordje Bolovic

    I only liked for xxx :C

  • gunslinger sgs
    gunslinger sgs

    This nee rapper need some milk

  • adhamiya adham ادهميا ادهم
    adhamiya adham ادهميا ادهم

    يابني مش انت مت😂😂

  • Alisson Silva Neres
    Alisson Silva Neres

    Mano na real isso n tem nada a ver com o Xxtentacion, e foda ver como o dinheiro afeta alguns filhos da puta de merda,ai bro construa o seu próprio legado não manche os dos outros. O Mito sempre vai ser o mito. Eterno XXXTENTACION 👽

  • Rashon Morrison
    Rashon Morrison

    This is asd

  • Otávio S2
    Otávio S2

    Pay attention to what you are doing in your life Because your life is right in front of you Everything you need is right in front of you Even if you're broke, even if you're broke, broke, it's because you're supposed to be like that. The people who struggle the most or experience the most difficulties will succeed in the end, and I promise you, you won't have the hardest life ever. XXXTentacion

  • lonerFN

    X's Legacy Is Ruined...Just Let Him Rest, I know For A Fact X Would Not Like This....

  • Driiie icy
    Driiie icy

    Only add ski mask to the ft. He was his true friend

  • Mustafa T96
    Mustafa T96

    You know, this guy was dead and he was out on the magazine.?

  • Nikola Trajković
    Nikola Trajković




  • Sniper GX
    Sniper GX

    This song is trash, sorry to say let this man rest please. U know he is still watching us all

  • Aris Aris
    Aris Aris

    Its only for money

  • kevin Mendez
    kevin Mendez

    this is not right

  • kevin Mendez
    kevin Mendez

    “oh man what a world the things i here”

  • Uchiwa LAMORSUR78
    Uchiwa LAMORSUR78

    What x she its dead ?

  • Wiz Kicho
    Wiz Kicho


  • Trippy Ryfty
    Trippy Ryfty

    Who is uploading on his yt he’s deqd

  • kevin Mendez
    kevin Mendez

    this is not the shit you should be doing with this mans fame all just trying to promote and make your fan base bigger with his fame if he was still here he he wouldn’t have let any of this happen we all know and have seen how his mom is taking money from this video and song and bying every thing that’s not the right stuff to be doing let this man rest in peace

  • Miguel Ray
    Miguel Ray

    wth are they doing to his music?

  • Samiul Ahasan Ontor
    Samiul Ahasan Ontor


  • Sandass 6969
    Sandass 6969

    Omgosh 🤢

  • Pikachu Pika
    Pikachu Pika

    Without x the music is so bad😭😭

  • Symph CH
    Symph CH

    I agree with yall, but I know from a long time ago CLEO didn't love X, he used to leave X when he was little, and he came back when X was successful, she didn't love X he loved his money, and now when X is dead, she and X team make a new song so she gets the legacy of x, but it's not x's sound but someone else's

  • Eckhard Hönigsberg
    Eckhard Hönigsberg

    Why is his song keeps coming out after he died? Did he resurract or sth

  • K4mb0r1k1 YIE
    K4mb0r1k1 YIE

    How Could You Like This Video Bruh..

  • Famous Shel
    Famous Shel

    Omg❗❗❗ look xxxtentacion is alive🎉🎉🎉

  • Uni Girl Sahana
    Uni Girl Sahana

    How is he alive? ????😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Playboi

    delete this rn

  • YFX


  • crackhead yaya
    crackhead yaya

    Wth is this. If these ppl are trying to carry his legacy then do what x wanted he wanted his music to help kids with depression and change there ways not start violence and do drugs. Like what is this coming to ik x is probably disappointed rn let his rest in peace.

  • Jake Hitch
    Jake Hitch

    People are killing the name, how sad. He was so good when he was here : /

  • Rafał Indrychowski
    Rafał Indrychowski


  • Daniel Chen
    Daniel Chen

    pls stop

  • Joshua Palafox
    Joshua Palafox

    This ain't it.

  • Justus Esparza
    Justus Esparza

    They should take this down

  • Ebru Sahipoğulları
    Ebru Sahipoğulları


  • Ziad Ashoor
    Ziad Ashoor

    You xxxtentacion ???

  • Gonzaaa


  • ANPH

    THE HECK?? 🤔🧐

  • A P O L L O
    A P O L L O

    Where tf is x😭😭

  • Prashub Khadka
    Prashub Khadka

    Worst song ever x was better

  • Корт

    Как ты вы пускаешь клипы ты же здох?

  • Tomas ReatmozO
    Tomas ReatmozO

    What the hell of a person who is the mother of xxxtentacion because she uses the image of her son to advertise a shitty person who doesn't even understand what he says is a cheap copy

  • Joaquim player
    Joaquim player

    I love you xxxtentacion We all miss you xxxtentacion

  • fbi agent 420
    fbi agent 420

    let ❌ rest in peace. last time I checked the Nigga wasn't into heavy metal or whatever the hell this shit is 🤢 you up here turning a legend into a whole promo.

  • Swiftyy

    Who is that woman?

  • Liam Robertz
    Liam Robertz

    This is straight disrespectful what is it for in the end? Some money wow really selfish if you ask me if X is probably turning right now because of the disrespect that just happened you should be ashamed just pitiful straight pitiful

  • Kail Faulkner
    Kail Faulkner

    dropping this song was borderline disrespectful his verse wasn't even finished.

  • Monty off the blunt
    Monty off the blunt

    All I have is one to say and its SHAME

  • MistressNekoKawaii



    Isnt this guy XXX tattoe artist,how has he got a feature,at this point even i should jump in the track.

  • FNTBands -
    FNTBands -

    This is not xxxtentacion type of music delete this and why did the other get more time to sing and x only like 20 mins

  • Lamine Diarra
    Lamine Diarra

  • justin x.
    justin x.

    Who wants to delete this video? 👇

  • Felix Aprilio
    Felix Aprilio

    Xxx tencation is ded

  • Darius Dinescu
    Darius Dinescu

    Its come back omggggggg

  • Katerina Sebkova
    Katerina Sebkova


  • Pablo Ali
    Pablo Ali

    This is not X. This is just bad

  • KaiXG

    This song low key trash I’m sorry

  • D3Z FF
    D3Z FF

    Mn vcs estão acabando com a imagem do xxx

  • Jasmine Grant
    Jasmine Grant

    If I could dislike this a million times I would



  • Jasmine Grant
    Jasmine Grant

    Wtf is this I came for X and to feel him through the music and to wanna cry but sing along at the same time this ain’t it for at all THIS AINT IT

  • djCʀᴀᴢʏ Dᴜᴋs W h e a t h i n e
    djCʀᴀᴢʏ Dᴜᴋs W h e a t h i n e

    XXXTENTACION Es mejor cantando sin auto tum Y es mejor que esta cansion de kk

  • Theuzinn Td2
    Theuzinn Td2

    Musica horrível, quero ver onde os seres humanos vai parar, se aproveitar de um cara que faleceu pra ganhar hype em cima do X pqp uma baita de uma sacanagem...

  • bobekkk ezzy
    bobekkk ezzy

    Dealeate this please

  • Candies _YT
    Candies _YT

    I thought x was in the song but I’m just disappointed

  • moderen gaming
    moderen gaming

    Why do you make a music video with a few views, not a lot

  • Musicas Play
    Musicas Play

    ;-; mais ele não morreu?

  • Gaming Boii
    Gaming Boii

    This is the worst song ever dont you ever disrespected him like that let him rest in peace

  • Tia

    Bro he is DEAD so let him RIP. What ppl dont understand? :(

  • JonJon74Jon Jon
    JonJon74Jon Jon

    can you like not

  • lil Shontok
    lil Shontok

    I dont wanna dislike x's song but its ruining him legacy dont liking this shit

  • Zabechezk

    X don't wanted this shit.