What LaMelo Ball Was REALLY Like In High School! How Melo, Anthony Edwards & More Became TOP PICKS!
2020 NBA Draft Preview ►► ovrt.me/36KExn6
KD Watches Draft Picks' Highlights ►► ovrt.me/35G3fWF
Mikey Williams Sneaker Closet ►► ovrt.me/2UyvLD4
Today is really a crazy day for me. I've been shooting videos for around 4 years now, and a bunch of the dudes I've know since they were in high school are about to be drafted tonight! LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, Cole Anthony, the list goes on. They really about to be in THE LEAGUE!
Anyways, I was reliving the good ol' days and thought you might want to also, so I compiled some of my favorite videos of players who are about to be drafted tonight! We got the LaMelo Ball Overtime Challenge, the Anthony Edwards Gameday, the Cole Anthony Day In The Life, and more good stuff too. If you want to see what these players were like in high school, this is the perfect video!
Hope y'all like it and make sure to watch the draft tonight to see where everyone lands! I got LaMelo at #1...
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  • A J
    A J

    That's an excellent example of a product of great parenting lol

  • CerealMilK

    a dance they only do in la noooo

  • I’m Jay
    I’m Jay

    What’s up

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    Dianah Mwaliteta

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    EBK Smoke

    The warriors never had a athletic 7 footer?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bonita jones-Davis
    Bonita jones-Davis


  • drewsg22

    Where was the 3pt challenge for Melo?

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    Le Lu

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  • Giorgio Del Papa
    Giorgio Del Papa

    Is this a public court in Vegas? If so where is it what’s it called?

  • OldHeadGamer76

    What beat is that at 33:36?????

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    Farben Somalin

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  • SelfMade MoneyMan
    SelfMade MoneyMan

    Lmao Yu Neva been turned dwn but You cant get Chantell...Yall LIKE Friends🤣🤣Friend Zone a Muhfcka..Cool video tho

  • Ryan albers
    Ryan albers

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  • More Boost
    More Boost

    Bro is really a walking bucket.

  • DUFF’N

    “18 on the dot” clearly 18.77 3:10

  • Y n v o l v ́s G r a t i t u de.
    Y n v o l v ́s G r a t i t u de.

    soundcloud.com/bbaudio7/ascent 🛌🏽💤

  • Conrad ItzExzo
    Conrad ItzExzo

    Too easy the man in the NBA give this boy a challenge

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    Sho Tori

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  • rara shorty
    rara shorty

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  • NooB

    My boy melo nasty

  • Tanmamba24

    they all got chicken legs hes gona b wack

  • Rachel Jacklyn
    Rachel Jacklyn

    Anyone remember when social media comments was flooded with how Lamelo was trash and how he would never make it? I don't see those comments anymore...

  • Patrick Layman
    Patrick Layman


  • FuzzyFuzz

    Melo looks thin here, when was this?

  • Beezy Talking Shit
    Beezy Talking Shit

    Damn he shoots 3pointers better than lebron can shoot free throws lol!

  • BYT Beats
    BYT Beats

    Rjs dad funny af

  • Dr. Juicy
    Dr. Juicy

    Dame dolla next?

  • Dr. Juicy
    Dr. Juicy

    We already know larry a lockdown

  • Ca Sneaks
    Ca Sneaks

    how melo “flipped” the water bottle 😭

  • Justin Whalen
    Justin Whalen

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  • Recap

    I wonder why cole wore 50

  • Recap

    Melo just seems like a cool chill fun dude to be around

  • Recap

    How tall is larry

  • Blast

    4:40 did he describe jesser?

  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes

    Wow this draft was complete garbage my god

  • FreSh G
    FreSh G

    why this man lookin at melo like dat 🤣🤣 ni99a give me weird vibes he never took his eyes off bro 🤣 he SUS

  • Avex Theatre
    Avex Theatre

    Read full story here: www.vladtv.com/article/267340...

  • Evan McKenzie
    Evan McKenzie

    Who else thought the one time you dunked in someone question was gonna be him saying he dunked on jesser

  • Ulises Colon
    Ulises Colon

    Y'all peep how Melo hit that under the leg dunk so effortlessly??? Whoa...

  • Darian Proctor
    Darian Proctor

    Bro this is long but it is worth it 🔥🔥

  • Birge Alne
    Birge Alne


  • luke harkless
    luke harkless

    gotta get jd davidson on there next

  • Pull The Block Entertainment
    Pull The Block Entertainment

    They say Melo can't shoot because of his euro percentage. The eye test says he can shoot and he actually has a quick release

    • Pull The Block Entertainment
      Pull The Block Entertainment

      @getsumguwap his form isn't curry or thompson but he's a scorer so ofcourse he can shoot ex: 92 points in a highschool game, pro league rookie of the year was earned he was clearly the best on the team and hit a few clutch 3 point bombs. Him and lonzo have that dawg in em clutch gene

    • getsumguwap

      eye test u mean highlights ofc they finna show him making 3s he cant shoot

  • Ashura

    he bout to sell the sneakers Mleo wore LMAO

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson

    Keep Larry and everybody in prayers

    • Anas Ali
      Anas Ali

      Wait why what happened to them

  • Aaron Nemsith
    Aaron Nemsith

    Edwards said he was waking up at 10 am in this “offseason”, pair that with his invisible defense, lack of drive to play and poor shooting efficiency, what do you get? A bust. I hope I’m wrong, it looks like he is about to flush all that talent down the toilet.

    • Aaron Nemsith
      Aaron Nemsith

      @Stefan The Best Watch the last 2 games I have played. Also, he seems to be proving me wrong about the lack of drive to play. Defense and efficiency will come for him. But compare Aaron to him and you win my argument.

    • Stefan The Best
      Stefan The Best

      Pretty sure you know all about being a bust AARON NESMITH

  • Mirkat 24
    Mirkat 24

    The fact that they some how always make the half court shot on the first try

  • cincybearcats1

    Respect to wanting to play with Pistol Pete. Dude was a freaking legend and everybody should watch his highlights. He was 20 years ahead of his time.

  • Lydia Christensen
    Lydia Christensen

    What song was playing during the 3 point contest

  • Maitrik P
    Maitrik P

    Ain’t it crazy how they never miss the three in the obstacle course 😂

  • WhyT3 Supreme
    WhyT3 Supreme

    Shit really felt like larry was flirting lml “and remember shit was a vibe” 😭 *intense stare into lamelos eyes

  • paul frank
    paul frank

    U know OVERTIME making money money they using their own ads in there videos now dam

    • Broxzyy


  • ChobbleGobbler

    Anyone remember when social media comments was flooded with how Lamelo was trash and how he would never make it? I don't see those comments anymore...

    • X1 fly high
      X1 fly high

      I remember HHAHAH they keep on saying Lamelo is a trash and weak HAHAH whre the hell are those people now

  • Kid Curry
    Kid Curry

    Larry be suckin melo up 🤣

  • Ryan albers
    Ryan albers

    Latest news Edwards going 1 Wiseman going 2 Melo probably go 3

  • queen synthia
    queen synthia

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      That guy

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    • queen synthia
      queen synthia

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      queen synthia

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    • That guy
      That guy

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    • queen synthia
      queen synthia

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  • Twisted Seoul
    Twisted Seoul

    All them kids ever were to him was money symbol, he bread them from birth.

  • Ajani White
    Ajani White

    The amount of times melo said “facts”->

  • The Kid Knows Sports
    The Kid Knows Sports

    Welcome to Charlotte, Melo!! Let’s go baby!!

  • kelvinandevan 2
    kelvinandevan 2

    Congrats on 2 mil

  • Scorpio King1
    Scorpio King1

    Larry Dímelo,I got it give it to you un Tigeraso when it comes to profiling the best BBall talent in the nation.Oye te habla un Boricua de Bushwick and Much blessings to one of my Dominican Brothers.I will definitely put all your People in to your Channel out here in PA to assist you in scoring 2 million but you have to treat me to the best mangu up by your way.COMO!

  • Megan Cruzan
    Megan Cruzan

    This hit different since the draft

  • Quatavius Thompson
    Quatavius Thompson

    I think its hella lit that they promote their companys ads

  • Xander Bowenn
    Xander Bowenn

    melo has no follow throw but still gets it in

  • Filipos Weld
    Filipos Weld

    Damn Larry didn’t get drafted this year!🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭

  • filipa gonzalez
    filipa gonzalez

    "18 secounds on the dot." 18.77

  • Avengers TV
    Avengers TV

    His hairs look like poop

  • Lxcks NF
    Lxcks NF

    The shirts on 2k21 current gen right here i got to cop one for the team

  • Natty Shelton
    Natty Shelton

    Overtime with the throwback vibes


    Smh to all the haters leave Larry and overtime alone he can do what he want and post what he want

  • Kinghulk21


  • ZALS

    Damn i swear melo run like his dad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Amiel Burgess Jr
    Amiel Burgess Jr

    So now we got 2 Melos

  • Titus Spencer
    Titus Spencer

    talking about lamelo and the kid in the back 1:05

  • jamarquis miller
    jamarquis miller

    With da dunk question he should of said when he dunked in jesser

  • Skip Dürr
    Skip Dürr

    "number 1 right here" rip


    It’s bout 3828298375755 ads in this guy

  • Twitch NBA
    Twitch NBA

    11:33 song?

  • Charles Hills
    Charles Hills

    I thought he was go say when he dunk on jesser

  • D- Bucks
    D- Bucks

    Y repost the video 🦾😂

  • Beats Bytrey
    Beats Bytrey




  • serenity

    Who came just for Melo

  • iGreen KG
    iGreen KG

    anyone seeing this the day they got drafted

  • J TooSmooth
    J TooSmooth

    go to 1:04 and look at the little kid in the backround

  • Dmonie Holt
    Dmonie Holt

    Big Hornets

  • Jemima kasongo
    Jemima kasongo

    so old

  • bazan david2020
    bazan david2020

    Lamelo ball "on my mama"🤣 I just can't wait to see him in the NBA already

  • Clevens Raphael
    Clevens Raphael

    Who here after Lamelo gets drafted?

  • Hooper Basketball
    Hooper Basketball

    You should the overtime challenge with Tommy Murr at Lipscomb.

  • Aidan Brady
    Aidan Brady


    • Ames Holmes
      Ames Holmes


    • RN CRaCMan
      RN CRaCMan


  • Mrxus

    Lamelo ball. #3 pick by charlotte hornets

  • ImGodly

    I done never seen that many LEGO commercials

  • Juponi Julokj
    Juponi Julokj

    NBA Young boy exposed m.itmores.info/player/video/xXRssX6ZhL6Kq5s

  • David Boateng
    David Boateng

    Lamelo is going #3, watch.

  • mdixon24

    it’s crazy how melo really bout to be a top 3 draft pick

  • RacksUP Runway
    RacksUP Runway

    YEEZY UNBOXING itmores.info/player/video/2WGgspl_maZlfJs

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno

    Who is going to watch the full 1 hour and 17 minutes

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