WATCH how furniture restorer restores a guitar!
AT Restoration
Watch how furniture restorer restores a guitar
This guitar was made by Olbrei & Co, in Tallinn, somewhere between 1907-1940. Restoring a guitar was quite a challenge for me. In this video you will see, did I succeed or not.

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  • AT Restoration
    AT Restoration

    My music channel:

    • Restaurando Coisas Velhas
      Restaurando Coisas Velhas

      Excellent my friend. You are the best.

    • TwoSense

      @Josh Bull You are absolutely right. Plus, I liked the way you replied to his comment without tearing into him. Kudos. I should learn from you.

    • TwoSense

      I watch your videos to help relax and deal with my PTSD. Thanks for the laugh when you played the "scratch guitar".

    • Musik_jafkaleak
      Musik_jafkaleak So good i like it old guitar classical restorasi, nice la 👍👍 "The next brow" "The next brow" "The next brow" "The next brow"

    • Earl Morton
      Earl Morton

      It was very hard to watch. It's a wall hanger. I applaud your efforts though.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas

    beautiful work well done

  • Anonimuse

    Never sand off the finish. That said good finishing concepts with shellac at least. It sounded terrible to begin with. Unfortunately It did not improve.

  • Peter Dura
    Peter Dura

    Pekná dekorácia na stenu

  • сергей агарков
    сергей агарков

    спасибо. Было интересно смотреть . И узнать конструкцию гитары.

  • Kathy Ohara
    Kathy Ohara

    Beautiful! You left as much as possible intact. I love it.

  • maruska estudios
    maruska estudios

    Noooooo! You don't restore an antique guitar!

  • Abi Shafi
    Abi Shafi

    I’m amazed you didn’t need to re-fret it! Good job. 😎😎😎

  • Argus Argus
    Argus Argus

    You took a beautiful instrument and butchered it to bits. Please don't get me wrong, but a guitar is not furniture. You need to know how it is actually build, in order to restaurate it the right way.

  • ACoustaDC

    Cringeworthy! but that back and sides were amazing. Are they Maple?

  • roundedges2

    The top....

  • fenixfp40

    That’s a long time to spend on a bit of fire wood. Good job though.

  • Natalia Petro
    Natalia Petro

    You’re estonian right? Tere from Finland

    • AT Restoration
      AT Restoration

      Yes :)

  • Ricobass0

    Good work mostly but a very great shame putting the stripe in the back. Surely it could have been glued up and kept as a book-matched 2 piece without a graft? Also why strip the back and sides back to bare wood? The top was a much more sympathetic approach. Lastly, the braces should have been glued to the back first. Reassembling that way, with the braces to back unclamped, I doubt that they are properly bonded to to the back throughout their entire lengths.

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    I am glad I stopped by!

  • Patereeko Electrik
    Patereeko Electrik

    a seven string guitar ,,, kinda rare if its very old .. do we know anything about age , maker origen? the bracing pattern is really bad inside .

  • Buc McMaster
    Buc McMaster

    As wood working goes this is good work, but no guitar of any historic value should be restored to this extent. Repaired as required....yes.....refinished like this.....never.

  • Dmitrijs Boļšakovs
    Dmitrijs Boļšakovs

    Imeline! Terveisiä Latviasta!

  • Michael Stoneham
    Michael Stoneham

    The glue used in instrument making is actually called Hyde Glue. Made from animal hides. Also cover the sound hole by potting scrunched up paper inside it to stop excess varnish getting in from you spraying it on. I would use classical guitar strings on this guitar.. Are you sure it was made to handle the tension of the acoustic guitar strings.

  • Вадим Кузнецов
    Вадим Кузнецов

    ... какая-то плохая работа!-, ни чего хорошего не произошло-, звучит ещё хуже, чем было, зря потратил время и деньги-, за-то дизеля заработал!!!

  • Feathered Impressions
    Feathered Impressions

    You did a beautiful job….so lovely…..

  • Alex Santilli
    Alex Santilli

    I took my dry sink to a Luthier. Sounds amazing

  • John Marty
    John Marty

    Why is the title in English if the guy doesn’t speak it. I like commentary with videos

  • Dirk Jan Klijn
    Dirk Jan Klijn

    A furniture builder did built my favorite classical guitar.

  • TymeRyder

    What a lovely old guitar. using gut strings sounds like sound advice. sorry for the pun

  • Сергей Педенко
    Сергей Педенко


  • francois Bonin
    francois Bonin

    very good job , i have been making guitars myself for a while...

  • Peter Kapinos
    Peter Kapinos

    So sad steel strings were put on this. What David Cowan said is accurate. As the range says 1907-1940. I would have started with nylon strings. Oh well. The restored product looks okay but doesn't sound great. It would be a great nylon parlor instrument.

  • Mike Smithey
    Mike Smithey

    I don't want to run you down for what you tried to do but this sounds like hammered dog s*** I'm sorry just my opinion but I've heard a lot of good guitars and this is not one of them goodbye

  • Cliff Young
    Cliff Young

    Wood Butcher.

  • Михаил Ломтев
    Михаил Ломтев

    Вот такая гитара висела у дяди на даче в Ленинграде,это была гитара одного из братьев моего отца .Он был морским летчиком,до сих пор ищу его ,вернее уже не его ,а возможно что-то о нем.

  • jimmy cricket
    jimmy cricket

    Most guitar makers would be flummoxed as soon as they saw the seven string set up.

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis

    oh my you scared me. when opening the old glue seams of a vintage guitar don't just pry it with a scraper. the thing to do is apply heat to the scraper blade either with a iron or blow torch. But not too much as you only want it to melt the glue. This way you can easily slide the scraper down the seam as it melts the glue between the gap and just keep repeating. and a circular saw? all you needed to do was gently scrap to old glue of with a old scalpel and clean the cracks out and glue and brace .. just some tips for next time mate

    • Chris Lewis
      Chris Lewis

      @AT Restoration well I'm also a luthier and have been for 25 to 30 yrs I also restore many instruments from 1860s banjos to 1800s violins and also a Beatles guitar for a museum in New York. The problem you face opening a seem on an old guitar is the wood is very brittle. On new instruments that's not much of a concern. So to not shock the old wood into splitting and cracking you use gentle heat to melt the glue not crack the seem apart after all it'll need to be re'glued anyway were as a crack or split is damage that's more difficult to fix and replacing with rare original period wood is not really an option. I'm just trying to help you for future restores that all. But it did look good when you finished

    • AT Restoration
      AT Restoration

      About the heat. Before I did this job I asked instructions from the luthier. He sayd that he never uses heat when opening such things. So I tested it myself and he was right. There wasn´t any difference, was it opened with cold or hot tool.

  • Genna Pirigyi Artistry
    Genna Pirigyi Artistry

    Very cool!! Thanks for sharing


    This is painful to watch for so many reasons.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    It is said all the time... Don't quit your day job. THIS is exactly why.

  • David Higginbotham
    David Higginbotham

    When the aerosol shellac began spraying like Niagara Falls, I just threw my hands up. I understand the craftsmanship with the body, but you can tell that the action is just really bad. I'm 'restoring' a similar (but more valuable) parlor guitar, and I'm going VERY slowly. I want a guitar that plays really well when I'm done...not just a wall hanger.

  • Trond Austad
    Trond Austad

    Very nice and interestig video. Gretings from a Norwegian carpenter.

  • Dave Klebt
    Dave Klebt

    it's new old...

  • michael miller
    michael miller


  • Charlie Ranger
    Charlie Ranger

    although I have issues with hanging a picture on the wall, I watched the whole vid and enjoyed it. :-)

  • Richard Emerson
    Richard Emerson

    I'm uncomfortable about the bracing. It's a bit like gluing a ceramic bell back together and expecting it to ring. The bracing should have been made from scratch. I'm in the "restore the top" camp. If the back and sides are brought back to their original state (amazing grain - The wood for the back seam is so, so, so wrong!), why leave the top scarred? The guitar deserves a proper setup to get the most out of it. But, in the end, it's a playable room decoration, top to the wall.

  • Lusitano

    Beautiful guitar

  • C B
    C B

    Why was the back taken off? Oh I see. That part was high skill. A little too much sanding on back and sides? Looks great on the top though!!

  • Famous Impressions
    Famous Impressions

    My god give the guy a break. It's a shitty 7 string Russian guitar that will have very little value and impractical as a dedicated guitar. He got it playing and gave it new life. As an object to make a room look cool is the point.

  • harryberrys

    working on that , it must have made you wish that you could have talked to the original maker once or twice ?

  • John Willard
    John Willard

    Sweet ! I’m wondering about nylon strings for a warmer resonance

  • Mick Carr
    Mick Carr

    You should have at least done your homework on how it's done properly.

  • Tom McCall
    Tom McCall


  • Сергей Кустов
    Сергей Кустов

    Прекрасно сделано. Лет 45 назад я примерно на такой начилал учиться играть на гитаре... ностальгия...

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    This was so painful to watch. It would have been nice if this guy would have at least consulted a luthier.

  • Наиля Гафарова
    Наиля Гафарова


  • cassava green
    cassava green

    Like master

  • Miguel Rojas
    Miguel Rojas


  • Ken Lesko
    Ken Lesko

    All of that work! Not one step to check the neck angle, playability, saddle location for intonation, keeping a potential collectible as original as possible, on and on. But, I'm quite sure you're an excellent furniture restorer. Well done in that respect!

  • Gemidao Da viola
    Gemidao Da viola

    Vc e profissional top

  • Rockstar 85
    Rockstar 85

    Imagine if Willy Nelson decides to bring Trigger here..

  • Sandra

    Bellissima dopo il restauro

  • Vicky Campbell
    Vicky Campbell

    You are a talented man! Lovely work!

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson

    I enjoyed this video, I guess there are two schools of thought on refinishing, to me, "refinishing" is a complete job, "refurbish" is what was presented here. I, personally would have refinished the front as well...others like the distressed look...I would want to create the look of a brand new piece...just like it came from the store...before being abused/loved. good job!

  • Y X
    Y X

    You are a master sir!

  • Cameron Dennis
    Cameron Dennis

    Looks like late 1800s. Very beautiful.

  • José Pegorim
    José Pegorim

    Never touch, OR SAND the varnish of an old guitar. maybe replace in some parts of it.... i have a 1930 guitar and I can tell u this... the varnish is not just some kind of protection or something like that, the varnish is part of the project, and when the guitar is old, the way that he is embodied to the wood make the guitar sound in a very different way...

  • Григорий Евдокимов
    Григорий Евдокимов

    Честно звук печаль.

  • Kelly Knox
    Kelly Knox

    I am shocked that my heart survived this video. But I’m sure this former guitar will look great hanging on the wall at Cracker Barrel.

  • AssPhyxiation

    Not my tempo

  • Eduardo Endo
    Eduardo Endo


  • traderjoes

    All the people who are critical of other people who make videos almost always have zero videos of their own. Isn’t that interesting? And they will be the first people to complain 5 years from now when very few people will be uploading anything because it’s a real hassle to make a video and also skillfully create an object. It’s why I am nothing more and more videos where the uploader has blocked the viewers from putting comments.

  • hoxosy Ahhgh
    hoxosy Ahhgh


  • Rick Young
    Rick Young

    Talented and VGL

  • Alan Shumway
    Alan Shumway

    Love it..awesomeness!!

  • Marlao Marlin
    Marlao Marlin

    Não restaurou o tampão da frente, preguiça né?! precisava lixar e tirar arranhões pintar e envernizar novamente

  • Matthew May
    Matthew May

    Beautiful! Is it for sale?

    • AT Restoration
      AT Restoration

      Thanks and unfortunately no.

  • msnarek81

    You kill guitar (((( assasino

  • Сергей Михеев
    Сергей Михеев

    Если честно ! Работа столяра на отлично но ты должен быть немного музыкантом ! Дерево и лак не каждое подходит для звучания ! Извини но ты не Амати !!

  • Юлия Рябова
    Юлия Рябова

    Звук и красота впорядке, молодец!

  • DancesWithSpiders

    Boh - if I were the customer I would refuse to pay for that

  • Jonny Ronald
    Jonny Ronald

    You see I think people need to understand the guys shitting on this arent just trying to be rude, this guitar before and after is unplayable and I don't think this guy's goal was to make a functional guitar I think it was to show how he'd handle a guitar with his experience, that being said, this is abysmal.

  • Hal Chernoff
    Hal Chernoff

    you had me scared at first, but that was amazing well done

  • cristian buzneanu
    cristian buzneanu


  • Oscar Stern
    Oscar Stern

    20:36 Sounds like you succeeded on a Low B note.

  • Judy Manning
    Judy Manning

    Well done ❤

  • Надежда Петухова
    Надежда Петухова

    Breathtaking process. I'm not a luthier, so I liked it a lot. I've subscribed. Your work hypnotizes me. All the best wishes from Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

  • Beyond Limits Productions
    Beyond Limits Productions

    The patience this requires is amazing ! Absolutely loved the transformation...great talent indeed !

    • elbowache elbowache
      elbowache elbowache

      Now, imagine if he'd done it right!

  • Kelly Manas
    Kelly Manas

    Neat old guitar like that should have been repaired by a pro..

  • Harvey Goodman
    Harvey Goodman

    Great job!!! That wood od just phenomenal!!!

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis

    May as well have gone to Poundstretcher. He could have bought a new one that would have sounded and played better. I agree that some of the comments are a bit harsh, but just because you can tart up an old guitar doesn't mean you should IMHO. This project will look great on the wall of a non-player as a nice talking point.

  • James Van Roekel
    James Van Roekel


  • Jim Yon
    Jim Yon

    Great job! Beautiful guitar.

  • icatz

    Is that tiger maple back and sides? It's beautiful! I think most people here missed the point. Nice job.

  • NH Nate
    NH Nate

    Very nice. And at the end of the video, it sounded like it had been adjusted and worked on a bit by a guitar tech, fret leveling, intonation set, am I right?

  • Марк Шульцман
    Марк Шульцман

    Верхняя дэка уж очень винтажная осталась, можно было шкурануть слегка.А в целом зачëт.

  • Allan Foster
    Allan Foster

    The old ones are always worth saving. I think it is brave thing to attempt.

  • Maggie Sue
    Maggie Sue

    Lovely!! Nice melody, too!

  • gayle525

    I have never seen an eight string guitar. A six string and I even owned a twelve string one, but eight string? No way

  • Артём Чернявский
    Артём Чернявский

    Very-very cool!!!

  • Доктор Лымарь
    Доктор Лымарь

    It's fake. One person cannot have such a number of clamps!!! It's illegal!!!

  • Josué Daniel Arhuiri Cateriano
    Josué Daniel Arhuiri Cateriano

    Oh my God! 😢

  • Wyatt Johnson
    Wyatt Johnson

    Yall are brutal this guy is not a luthierso don't expect luthier work if you bought a Ford you wouldn't expect it to drive like a Chevy would ya

  • jangid4

    Great job! A pleasure to watch 🎸

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