Warriors vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA January 18
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Check out Warriors vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Warriors beat the Lakers in a very entertaining game 115-113
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  • tim times
    tim times

    another screw up from james. lakers need to get rid .

  • Loutu Alalatoa
    Loutu Alalatoa

    Better watch out warriors is back 😂

  • Loutu Alalatoa
    Loutu Alalatoa

    Laker's such never beat Curry 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • bmuzic1

    How much did Curry pay LeBron for that win smFh

  • Gian Leonard Durante
    Gian Leonard Durante

    Wait a minute. Is this the first time that the Lakers lost in a game when they finish a 3rd quarter with a lead? They haven't lost since last season at that stat aaaaand it finally happened.

  • Mamoru Enomoto
    Mamoru Enomoto

    no thompson, iguadala or durant no problem about the gsw

  • 김주엽

    마이클 조던 보다 내가 농구 더 잘한다 ㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㄱㄹㅇ

  • 安丸悠陣郎


  • Snarky

    7:25 LUL

  • Achernar Carpio
    Achernar Carpio

    As an honest warriors fan we might not make the playoffs. Durant & Harden must sweep the reigning mickey mouse champions and Lebron to honor Dub Nation.

  • Calhoun Maximilian
    Calhoun Maximilian

    Warriors vs Lakers what a great match.

  • lovesong lalala
    lovesong lalala

    i hate leborn, good job warriors!

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry

    It was very tough game

  • Bett Family
    Bett Family

    How did we let that slip?! The first half...a huge margin, I go to sleep...wake up to a 2 point loss

  • Sir Kay
    Sir Kay

    If the officials don't want you to win, they don't want you to win. 3 bogus calls to paralyse this man and they did it, he smiled along because he knows quite well the whole thing is entertainment. It's like wrestling, you know it's fake but, it's still damn entertaining. You know what GSW? the rest of the world is blind, you are indeed the winner yaaay!! gtfoh.

  • Freeman Mc
    Freeman Mc

    King shuffling feet! Everyday we shuffling

  • luis garcia
    luis garcia

    Lakers fans know what Kobe would have done during those last 3 minutes.....footwork and shoot !! Lebron is Lebron and Kobe was Kobe. Never say Lebron is better than Kobe.... Never! Lebron is very athletic, but Kobe had many skills better than Lebron.

  • Rouge One
    Rouge One

    Finally a 1080p game!

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez

    Lebron it's Such a CHOKER, Can't make it without AD, Several Ex Champions and Bunch of Shooter. Still CHOKED 🤦

  • timelesskoontah

    Lebron has been doing this shit for years ...

  • Chris Miller Anthony
    Chris Miller Anthony

    Damn AD you need to step up.davis you're playing too soft.

  • beuford sims
    beuford sims

    Ironic Lakers lose all talk LeBron lots of haters out here.

  • Edward Herrera
    Edward Herrera

    Im not racist at all but isnt wierd that before harley any black man played basketball ? Now its wierd to see white players playing hahhhahah

  • Alberto Waynasdee
    Alberto Waynasdee

    What a journey of lebron...hahaha

  • Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
    Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa

    No Klay and still win GG Warriors Curry

  • Lexxsy

    6:33 "when he puts it in the wrong hole"

  • Kzp- Firecracker
    Kzp- Firecracker

    Curry the best player in the league he gonna get to the finals and win an mvp

  • IMusic Production
    IMusic Production

    so nobody talking about Green travelling

  • Bayern Boys
    Bayern Boys

    another proof that LeBron is an average player..🤣🤣🤣

  • Jaime Gonzalez Araya
    Jaime Gonzalez Araya

    Referees must stop they atempt to shine by stupid stuff. Stolen game by referees

  • Gerald Sabas
    Gerald Sabas

    Can't wait for the small ball line up with KT💪💪💪💪

  • Boris Molchanov
    Boris Molchanov

    I really want to understand the ruels. 6:55 is travel ?? how? and how is 1:02 is not travel???

  • full time
    full time

    Lakers need to trade for Bradley beals

  • Lloyd Belz
    Lloyd Belz

    I think its a given game to warriors. look at the FG of lbj and ad . They're not even trying hard😅

  • rakum james
    rakum james

    lol. when they call traveling to a player. they should be consistent. this game looks like good but it was ended in a wrong way..

  • Beerus God of Destruction
    Beerus God of Destruction

    I guess you didnt beat the Warriors

  • Brutus Trutus
    Brutus Trutus

    Return of the king Curry

  • Brutus Trutus
    Brutus Trutus

    LeBron still cant hit a buzzer beater

  • Stanley Ezidiegwu
    Stanley Ezidiegwu

    Eeeeeigh aaaaaigh oooooigh the warriors sure shouted their way to this victory

  • Jojo Sanchez
    Jojo Sanchez

    Lebron fault

  • Edy boy Lopez
    Edy boy Lopez

    Curry is The Goat of this era

  • blackcrow

    Lechoooooooooooooooooooke is back! :) Congrats to the Warriors!

  • Dario Abrador
    Dario Abrador

    Overconfident Lakers

  • Theo Nathan
    Theo Nathan

    It always a good day when lakers get lose

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


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  • Easy cooking is My Life
    Easy cooking is My Life

    GS again strong team change it

  • warvsworld

    Good win for GSW they definitely showing some grit this season.

  • CROAbomb

    Cruzing all game, then boom... Lost...

  • B. C Eng
    B. C Eng

    4:53 Is he dead☠️

  • Freddy Lee
    Freddy Lee

    Thssss pence perdería los Warriors

  • skeche

    wtf aren't those counterfeit jerseys illegal copyright?

  • Dead Giveaway
    Dead Giveaway

    AD sounding like female tennis player on the court


    This game is furely given by Lakers to gsw

  • Alex Kid
    Alex Kid


  • Valery Lavrov
    Valery Lavrov

    I can not understand, how NBA refs could earn that much and so much inconsistent with calls. They do not deserve to be refs nor they needed there, cameras could do a way better job. And it does not jut a better job it will be an amazing job comparing to refs. Beginning of the game 4-5 steps ok, and end of the game it becomes FIBA all of a sudden?

  • Anthoni Peña
    Anthoni Peña

    Tenía que lanzar davis o kuzma


    The jersey website is a scam. I never receive anything from them. This channel is criminal

  • joseph ben Kaziri
    joseph ben Kaziri

    great match, it's not possible to beat the champion and be not qualifying to the play off 2021. Go warriors

  • Clericus vagans
    Clericus vagans

    Can't believe, for the first time referees called travellings to James

  • Diola Marcelone
    Diola Marcelone

    Sino my sabi king james na ndi man lang maka shot at tinatakbo na bolo kingkong james ang tawag patay kayu sa NETS haha kingkong james nnyo.

  • Y M
    Y M

    Which is the favourite movie of LeBron??? Nightmare on Steph street!!!haha

  • yoyo Ko
    yoyo Ko

    referee game

  • 一林

    7:22 not a travel?

    • Samuel Gustafsson
      Samuel Gustafsson

      Watch the video🙌

  • OY B
    OY B

    Is it my illusion? I feel there is no vitality on both sides

  • 12-6 Muhammad Fariddin Nugroho
    12-6 Muhammad Fariddin Nugroho

    what is happening here, did the king do it on purpose?

  • Nico Bosso
    Nico Bosso


  • ZAstrayZ

    If this is the kind of drive GSW plays with, they are definitely a team to look out for in the playoffs.

  • Alex Batua
    Alex Batua

    Sun shine not everyday is Christmas not this time🤣😅

  • 東東北

    Stop playing football LBJ.

  • Kidney The Kid
    Kidney The Kid

    I remember when a lot of people laughed at guys in soccer screaming and falling "for no reason"... look where we're at in basketball now smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ "Eyyy" 😅

  • Tattoo Enthusiast
    Tattoo Enthusiast

    Bron not playing like himself

  • Fudayl Tekdal
    Fudayl Tekdal


  • Jopz Gala
    Jopz Gala

    Finally! Shout out to all gsw fans!!!

  • hsiao penny
    hsiao penny

    ref wins

  • ZoeTheHusky

    Warriors choked 2 L.A

  • Simpinforgura

    Paschall moans bttr than my girl

  • Ino Marte
    Ino Marte

    Wariors champion

  • AR Info
    AR Info

    5:22 why sometimes there is weird noise when a play like that happen

  • nikos gentile
    nikos gentile

    they lost great players like javale-howard-rondo....

  • Chee Siang Phoo
    Chee Siang Phoo

    with Curry, we can conquer everything

  • 小幫手

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  • basuki wijaya
    basuki wijaya

    the referee is bullshit, lakers is the real winner.

  • hanzo user kulas22
    hanzo user kulas22

    Simple.... lebron wants gsw in the play offs thats why he gave them the win

  • Ivanildo Silva
    Ivanildo Silva

    Nobody: Paschall: EYYY!!!

  • Ian Chester Namud
    Ian Chester Namud

    ..and that ends the title defense.

  • Casper Berggreen
    Casper Berggreen

    That okc-boy should stand up more...

  • bachir sarkare
    bachir sarkare

    7:40 woaw rip Anthony davis

  • Radek

    I like the FIBA calls on travel :D too much running before dribbling - it's not healthy.

  • Wez Li
    Wez Li

    Lebron is not that great at all ! ...

  • Captain Tower
    Captain Tower

    I like Lebron, but Curry is excellent; Respect!

  • EJ TV
    EJ TV


  • 喵嗚

    Lebrun sucks loooooool

  • Lebanon James
    Lebanon James

    Ref : let me check your passport Lebron: why? Ref: because you travel to many times

    • 國民待貴

      you have to check the luggage as well!!!!

    • R.I.M 24
      R.I.M 24

      Travel king

    • Kamehouse IDN
      Kamehouse IDN


    • Philipp the Sock
      Philipp the Sock

      Coming from "Lebanon James" 🤣

    • 김애쉬


  • Stephrn Adu
    Stephrn Adu

    Lakers trash

  • HalleluaDanceTroupe

    Come on lakers - no clay!!!!

  • louco por carros
    louco por carros

    curryyyyyy joga demais pqp !!!!

  • El Pinche
    El Pinche

    Curry les fue a dar de comer a lebron y ad

  • FlintSL

    2:17, Jesus that was A BEAUTY

  • Sylvester Jimius
    Sylvester Jimius

    Im a fan of LBJ and LAL. But that was 🗑. Chocked!

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