Verstappen & Hamilton Clash at Monza | 2021 Italian Grand Prix
Title rivals come together once again! Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton clash at Turn 2, causing a double retirement and for a safety car to be deployed. Thankfully, both drivers walked away unharmed.

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  • João Marcos Vasconcelos
    João Marcos Vasconcelos

    1:15 Verstappen is such a spoiled brat! He gives Hamilton no space*, but he complains when Lewis does the same! * first lap incidente where Hamilton is forced off track.

  • M M
    M M

    ham was blow up the sausage !! :P

  • M M
    M M

    Get everyone off the track, Hamilton passes ! Whoever does not move will be penalized in the next race with 3 places backwards :P That spoiled brat knows no other way to win unless he pushes Max off the track , or with the wholehearted help of the aquifer V. Bottas ! Go Max you are the man !!!!

  • Panagiota Ch
    Panagiota Ch

    If max had space he'd have used it, d He didnt have space and Lewis drove into him

  • Simon Peschke
    Simon Peschke

    what r u doing step merc

  • 천호령

    역시 개보다 못한 헤밀턴 개버릇은 남못주는것은 여전하네~~~~~~정신병자 같은 .......쯔쯔

  • Omar Siddique
    Omar Siddique

    Lads may we be able to see a 2021 Lewis v Max movie soon

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

  • Tipsi94

    One Way to win the F1 Crash and Kil the better driver ..

  • Jose Segado serrano
    Jose Segado serrano

    Yo creo k Hamilton tiene la culpa fijaros en la primera curva por donde pasa Norris y por donde pasa Hamilton mucho más abierto lo k lo penaliza en la segunda curva de la chicane ahí está el detalle que determina todo lo sucedido

  • Peter Aron
    Peter Aron

    I think max did it on purpose payback for Silverstone

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui

      On another note, Monza is turning out to be quite an unexpected interesting race. Im excited to see what happens next year.

  • Unfound

    Bro that halo saved hamiltons life

  • Senelisiwe Gule
    Senelisiwe Gule

    Max's comment after the accident was nonsense!

  • Kudzaishe Tarwira
    Kudzaishe Tarwira


  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh

    "Redbull Gives You Wings" now it makes sense

  • Павел Ермашкевич
    Павел Ермашкевич

    Why can't anyone see that Lewis ignored the blue flag on the way out of pit-lane? 0:46

  • Millos Manager
    Millos Manager

    It reminds me old with with Schumacher vs Hakkinen, vs Sena, Vs Villeneuve.

  • Rido Iwe
    Rido Iwe

    Mantap..ehe hhe

  • Anthony Toby Ellenor
    Anthony Toby Ellenor

    Looking at all the comments from Hamilton, I reckon he wants to quit racing because this little crash has let him know that he is not bulletproof, he is also getting on in age and with hungry Max to contend with, things are only going to get more difficult for him as time goes by so expect a quitting announcement sooner or later.

    • Anthony Toby Ellenor
      Anthony Toby Ellenor

      @lior yunfh Hamilton was busy trying to reverse his car out from under the Red Bull, obviously Hamilton was still fighting fit !

    • lior yunfh
      lior yunfh

      Each side has valid reasons for why they are in the right. What stood out for me is Verstappen walking away from Hamilton in utter disregard for his well-being.

  • Kevin Sweeney
    Kevin Sweeney

    Max was in the wrong again. How many times will he be allowed to be such a liability?

    • Bas Jager
      Bas Jager

      Many more times because he has many years of racing ahead of him. Unlike Mr hammer the competition of the track Shambleston, who needs to retire his old @ss when this season is over.

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

  • THEssSFM

    Hamilton knows how to be fast. But because hes leading for so long and is allowed to blue flag pass he just cant overtake.

  • stoffe larsson
    stoffe larsson

    Is the blue flag for hamilton or verstappen?

  • Harry

    Did nobody notice that Hamilton got a blue flag to let them

  • Mitcheak

    When Max came on the F1 scene, I thought that here is a driver I will support once Hamilton retires. Unfortunately, I started loosing respect for Max as time passed. Everyone around him are idiots when things do not go his way. He has not grown up yet, and I doubt if he ever will. This is a sport and sportmanlike behaviour is expected from everyone. He has become too arrogant to my liking. He has ability and has proven it, but with ability comes humility. For me that is where he is lacking. I have never supported teams, but drivers. Over the years I have supported many drivers and not all of them turned out champion material. My eyes are currently on Russell, Norris, Leclerc, Ocon and Perez. With the rule changes, 2022 promises to be interesting.

    • Mitcheak

      @TheThailandExperience, you said it. The more I see of him, the less I like his ways. Not sure what influence Jos has over him, but he should reign him in.

    • TheThailandExperience

      Couldn't agree more with you. Max is probably the reason Daniel left RedBull. Max is lucky he was given a great car to start with. Spoilt brat if you ask me.

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    On another note, Monza is turning out to be quite an unexpected interesting race. Im excited to see what happens next year.

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Halo has saved quite a couple of lives already since it's implementation.

  • TheThreatenedSwan

    Max is technically correct, but it would have been prudent of him to avoid such a risky situation

  • Hvy Duty
    Hvy Duty

    When are they going to send L.H. down to the stock car division

  • Alceu Chaves
    Alceu Chaves


  • Lucas Nagliate
    Lucas Nagliate

    Perigoso o Senna com a MacLaren ?1988 atropelar esses dois frescos com os carros atuais deles.

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      I missed this crash. I came upstairs to the race on to see a battle of Mclaren and Ferraris and was like..... Did this race just travel back in time?

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi

    The character of a man is revealed in the time of a crisis.

  • animetibiconfide

    Stay on top of Hamilton! Max really took that advice literally 😃

  • davidkosa

    Each side has valid reasons for why they are in the right. What stood out for me is Verstappen walking away from Hamilton in utter disregard for his well-being.

  • Gregorio Carreño
    Gregorio Carreño

    Please brothers drive carefully. the most important thing is life.

  • Dániel Nagy
    Dániel Nagy

    Everyone seems to have missed the blue flags being waved to Hamilton when exiting the pits, including the stewards...

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      Max nailed the breaking in that corner 👍 Lewis squeezed him out heading into the 2nd corner. If it wasnt for the sausage kerb, Max would have overtaken Lewis eazy cause M

  • LightHouse Photography
    LightHouse Photography

    Looks like The spirit of Nico Rosberg returns in 2021 for Lewis Ham. I crash you it's your fault. lol

  • Cristián Paris
    Cristián Paris

    Bad sportsmanship by Hamilton, he clearly moved to his left to block Verstappen. You should always leave a car's width space.

  • Harryanto Saja
    Harryanto Saja

    Sikap Max sangat kelewatan.Tak ada respect sama sekali sejak kejadian sebelumnya. Dia melangkah pergi seolah hamilton tidak ada di mobilnya.

  • Captured By Smartphones
    Captured By Smartphones

    Halo has saved quite a couple of lives already since it's implementation.

  • Gamachy

    This was really wonderful. I hope we can see more stuff like this till the end of the season.

  • Angelo Ferracuti
    Angelo Ferracuti

    verstappen kamikaze

  • Stooby D
    Stooby D

    I just dont get why max is blamed and got a penalty. Lewis basically closed the door and left no space. He didn't do that until max was already past the slip max had no choice really. Either plow into Lewis or ride the sausage curb. Max actually tried his best to not hit Lewis but the curb caused him to bounce. In all honesty Lewis is more to blame than Max and Max's comment about leaving space is correct. Lewis didn't leave a car width and had loads of room. It's a racing incident. No penalty and move on to next race

  • Gunbox

    Hamilton guilty 100%. Ignored the side car since leaving the boxes.

  • Robert Sawaryn
    Robert Sawaryn

    I missed this crash. I came upstairs to the race on to see a battle of Mclaren and Ferraris and was like..... Did this race just travel back in time?

  • Brawl stars_yt
    Brawl stars_yt

    I love Hamilton

  • MrFunnyMan

    Hamilton literally turned into him

  • bevamaphoo

    Oh, the humanity!

  • Ellembergabreu Vieira
    Ellembergabreu Vieira

    verstappen piloto lixo vagabundo

  • Chris Liao
    Chris Liao

    to be fair, there was a blue flag for Lewis coming out of pitlane since he was on cold tires.

  • Im only here for the comments
    Im only here for the comments

    Max nailed the breaking in that corner 👍 Lewis squeezed him out heading into the 2nd corner. If it wasnt for the sausage kerb, Max would have overtaken Lewis eazy cause Max would have forced Lewis wide when turning left forcing Lewis to lift. Max nailed the braking into 1, carried more speed than Lewis going into 2. Lewis destroyed what could have been a masterful overtake by Max. Max is by far the better driver. What he is doing with this slower Red Bull is amazing.

  • firumayourishi

    MV fans and LH fans are correct. FIA need to ban these two forever and leave F1 to young gen like russel and tsunoda

  • Romanische050

    That's what happens when Verstappen has to taste his own medicine.

    • Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht
      Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht

      @Romanische050 You're kidding, I can't be _that_ old. Jacky Ickx?

    • Romanische050

      @Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht Who?

    • Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht
      Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht

      Verstappen is beginning to remind me too much of Ickx.

  • Dunny_06

    I can't remember his name but the commentator said Lewis can't cross over until the white line finishes which is exactly what he did the whit line finished then he crossed over.

  • Unex plained
    Unex plained

    Redbull give you wings

  • Costa Aris
    Costa Aris

    Lewis has worse attitude and the 1% talent of SENNA.

    • Costa Aris
      Costa Aris

      @Farhan Maleq you right. He has the knowledge to crash his opponents!

    • Farhan Maleq
      Farhan Maleq

      Eat your own words! At least, Lewis knows how to win a race every year since his first season ever!

  • SB 17
    SB 17

    Prost and Senna 1990 - Hamilton and Verstappen 2021

  • Ehsan Hekmat
    Ehsan Hekmat

    Holy s**t

  • Viper

    Nobody talking about Lewis rejoining the track in an unsafe manner by moving under braking pushing Max wide on the green part before turn 1.

  • Ballooncoast 848
    Ballooncoast 848

    It was Lewis fault the commentators said so

  • GamingFace YT
    GamingFace YT

    And Verstappen gets a time penalty xD. Lewis mate USE UR WING MIRROR its there for a reason '-'

  • Shane Lloyd
    Shane Lloyd

    This car that on top and in front of Lewis car means that he will always be on top and ahead of Lewis

  • Pumpkin King
    Pumpkin King

    We'll meet in the kitty litter

  • kyzure

    This is clearly a no call. It's racing, get over it.

  • QDeniro 202
    QDeniro 202


    • QDeniro 202
      QDeniro 202

      @Charles Leirman yes i was in to deep by the time i noticed

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      your caps lock is on

  • Below Natural
    Below Natural

    It’s Maldonado’s fault because he hit Max and Lewis and Max crashed. He is the reason why Max and Lewis Crashed and that is why Maldonado is the dirtiest driver in F1

  • Izuchukwu Collins
    Izuchukwu Collins

    That what he get when he doesn’t leave the space, the comment is bad .

  • larsruben1

    Lewis was guilty !!!

  • Razor Zero Six
    Razor Zero Six

    Netflix is having a field day this season with this Hamilton-Verstappen rivalry and they could make just one special episode solely about them, kidding aside I’m relief that Hamilton is safe looks like the neck was hit, kudos to the halo of the car for saving his life.

    • Siddhartha KVR
      Siddhartha KVR

      Man that halo is something

  • Javier Ploneda Cuevas
    Javier Ploneda Cuevas

    Culpa de Hamilton

  • Martin K
    Martin K

    “That’s what you get when you don’t leave the space”. Umm, how about the lap 1 chicane incident?!!

    • Miniz

      @Alex Vasile Thank you!

    • Alex Vasile
      Alex Vasile

      @Miniz nice logic 😕

    • Miniz

      What abt it? Max went right for the apex. In this scenario Lewis went wide. The only reason you'd not go for apex is if you're leaving space for a car. Lewis made an error by not also going for the apex, and results in this crash. Don't open a gap if you don't actually want a gap to exist. Pretty simple logic.

    • Alex Vasile
      Alex Vasile

      Indeed! Seems like nobody saw that...

  • dantonchat71

    Can't make my mind on who is to blame considering it's the end of a long straight and it happened so fast. Only thing I'm glad, apart from both drivers being ok is that they were both wiped out and none of them profited to score points.

  • Rawa The Wordpirate
    Rawa The Wordpirate

    Well done Verstappen! Great driving! Keep it up! Best Wishes George Town, Malaysia

  • migf27

    The character of a man is revealed in the time of a crisis.

  • The Mortal Phantom
    The Mortal Phantom

    Obviously, the 2021 F1 World Champion is the Halo

  • The Engineer Guy
    The Engineer Guy

    This open wheel racing ks dangerous.

  • Adrien

    When you had too many beers and you put the Green flag instead of the Yellow flag ! haha

  • مواعض أيوب
    مواعض أيوب

    Max fil jalleus then Lewis Lewis is the best

  • Jim Z
    Jim Z

    Some say revenge is a B!TCH. Since Silverstone, Max will make sure Hamilton finish behind him or not at all. If Hamilton was going to be killed at that speed, then Formula 1 cars would be softer than Honda Fit. Some people need to stop exaggerating the potential effects of this crash.

  • Darlan Oliveira
    Darlan Oliveira


  • Priyanshu Bhattacharjee
    Priyanshu Bhattacharjee

    I still don’t understand the reason for giving max the grid penalty LH was joining back the circuit and didn’t leave space for Max. wth!!!

  • SpartanHunterBr

    Hamilton preso na caixinha de areia sem poder continuar, que delícia cara.

    • SpartanHunterBr

      @Josiah Boateng-Myrie 😂

    • Josiah Boateng-Myrie
      Josiah Boateng-Myrie


  • Duke Boreham
    Duke Boreham

    This sausage curb is a safety hazard. If that sausage curb wasn't there, yes there probably might be an accident here between these two drivers, but the accident wouldn't've been as bad.

  • Carlos Alberto Raimundo
    Carlos Alberto Raimundo

    Bom dia! Parabéns,pelo canal. O Vestappen é o único culpado! E ele foi tão canalha que saiu do acidente sem se preocupar com o estado de saúde do Hamilton. Pode ser rival,mas não se pode deixar de lado humanidade e a compaixão pelo próximo!

  • Jejking

    Where the f*** is Hamiltons onboard...

  • Au Senna
    Au Senna

    Bottas: James free race.

  • Au Senna
    Au Senna

    The last year that Lewis DNF, Nico was champion.

  • Au Senna
    Au Senna

    Vettel: 5 seconds penalty.

  • soundyg

    Whatever about the crash itself, but I find it crazy that the first thing Max does is hit the gas, spinning his back wheels. He knows he’s on top of Lewis and he knows his wheels are close to his head, yet he does it anyways. Not a fan

  • Jack 1234
    Jack 1234

    Max you endangered Lewis by being greedy! This is never acceptable and not sportsmanship like

  • d6t st
    d6t st


  • Steven Varcoe
    Steven Varcoe

    Playback from the British race

  • Amaru

    Crazy battle between those 2 this season

  • IGOR J
    IGOR J

    verstappen is idiot

  • ハーゲンオヤZ-1

    It ’s because of the curb of the course. The corners are narrow and even curbs are installed, so the layout is too bad. Since this is the result of an aggressive race, no one should be able to attack. Unless it was a racing incident, it seems that the last contact was intentional. I think there is something wrong with Hamilton who didn't give up to a fast car even though it was an outlap.


    Ok and some penalties for Verstappen for this ? Lewis was lucky to not being hit on his head by Verstappens back tire, could be killed in a second.

  • Hannah McBurney
    Hannah McBurney

    It was so obviously Max’s fault he should have got a more serious penalty

  • darkySp

    Tyres are always on Hamilton's mind, anyway

  • Trapix YT
    Trapix YT

    Maxs fault

  • Dennis Ovahn
    Dennis Ovahn

    I dunno…both RB drivers seem to be blaming everyone else for their problems, reeks of entitlement to me. Personally, I think this last incident is the start of bigger problems with the RB drivers and the teams performance in general. Lets not forget some of the brain snap stuff that Perez did to Ocon in the past, he is still capable of that. Oh dear, energy drink sales may start dropping off 😭

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