TwitterBan: Nigeria To Arrest Pastor Adeboye & Kumuyi?🤔 Ugandan Pastor Celebrates T.B Joshua's Death
0:00 - Intro
0:15 - : Lawmaker says the president is not aware
9:25 - Greenfield university students released
13:08 - Osinbajo a ghost worker, Nigeria to arrest Adeboye \u0026 Kumuyi
15:20 - Proposal to change Nigeria's name to UAE
16:23 - Prophet T.B. Joshua is dead
19:21 - Ugandan Pastor celebrates T.B. Joshua's death

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  • Morris Offobuike
    Morris Offobuike

    Thank you for your show..

  • allison ajobi
    allison ajobi

    This govt of Abia state is making me laugh, street light , pizza lol, ghost worker vice president 😆

  • J. Elijha S Johnson Jr.
    J. Elijha S Johnson Jr.

    I love the advice you give those people that are literally worshipping their Pastors.

  • Floxy Osagie
    Floxy Osagie

    Changing the name of the country they're just letting everyone to know that they have sold the country called Nigeria that is why they are now planning of changing the name of the country.

  • Maboh Fuhnwi
    Maboh Fuhnwi

    Adeola u look different. There's something about your looks I can't lay my hands on it but There's a vibe about your look. I like it though.❤❤

  • Clement Olowokere
    Clement Olowokere

    Adeola, a sò kalę anfani o🙏

  • Clement Olowokere
    Clement Olowokere


  • Agnes Ochu
    Agnes Ochu

    We synagogue member are not hopless as you said, our faith is fully resting on our Lord Jesus Christ that we shall stand stronger and more determined than ever before as Prophet TBJ as Mentor us.

  • Ajayi Timothy
    Ajayi Timothy

    The cause of the problem in Nigeria is the so called men of GOD in the country.because of spiritual power's, most of them if not all, have forsaken God and have become the agent of the devil.ephesians 6 vs 12

  • Chris Mark
    Chris Mark

    Our leaders are sick, they need to have their head re-examined

  • Alemtsehay Asmelash
    Alemtsehay Asmelash

    That's our Africa politics !!!

  • Lawrence Olujide
    Lawrence Olujide

    I don’t think Prophet T B Joshua made people focus on him. It is human that we like to focus on something and feel disappointed when that thing/person depart. It happened to children of Israel when Moses was on the Mount. Jesus’ disciples went fishing after HIs death and only came together after resurrection. Please allow people to morn the man of God and express their emotions. TBJ left a legacy with his philanthropy activities not to talk of his spiritual life.

  • Moi Me
    Moi Me

    Where is pastor Adeboye? Can someone please, tell me?

  • Vivian abodunrin
    Vivian abodunrin

    God bless that reporter for the way she reported and presented the whole news and views. Those calling her rude are not in any way normal, after all the politians have put Nigeria through and still putting it through?


    I love this video.

  • Kojo Mensah
    Kojo Mensah

    Do they know the English word of buffoon where dose these people come from where did the get there English degrees from where is their brains is their heads their penis because that is the only thing that they can use

  • Tv watch
    Tv watch

    Please can I know what is wrong with twitter.?.or is it the way they are using it.

  • Bernedette Kuteyi
    Bernedette Kuteyi

    President Buhari is a bloody dictator, why ban twitter if he wasn't guilty.

  • Temitayo Fraser
    Temitayo Fraser

    Domino’s pizza reallyyyyyyyyy??????🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • medulu emmanuel
    medulu emmanuel

    Where are the young lawyers for God sake.. This case should be seated in ecowas court

  • medulu emmanuel
    medulu emmanuel

    They should sue the president.

  • medulu emmanuel
    medulu emmanuel

    The Hon. is dam right. Nigerian don't practice democracy

  • Paul Abokuma
    Paul Abokuma

    You want to ban twitter and you the same people want twitter to come and put their head office there

  • Jane Kwada
    Jane Kwada

    You you said TB Joshua have two children when we know that TB Joshua have three children

  • randy julian
    randy julian

    you are a trash talker adeola, tb joshua never idolized himself. i know you never liked him due to previous mocking videos you have made. But he will surely bless you with views on this one.

  • Austine Clement
    Austine Clement

    I love her boldness in interviewing the lawmaker

  • Annointed peal.
    Annointed peal.

    Please talk about Ghanaian man that killed his Nigerian x girlfriend this happened two days ago really sad

  • Yomi Olayinka
    Yomi Olayinka

    Nigeria: a laughing stock to the world.

  • Amy Amy1
    Amy Amy1

    Yes, it is time we hold our politicians accountable. Enough is enough!

  • Yinka Oladipo
    Yinka Oladipo

    I seriously enjoy and appreciate what you are doing but stop your fake US/UK accent

  • Collins

    "C A N " sent a letter of condolence to his family. I read ithe statement.

  • mayo tayo
    mayo tayo

    that 10 days is to go and bribe and deal with people that betrayed the motion or come up with another plan to ban twitter

  • Pride Leo
    Pride Leo

    The system of Government and it Law wasn't design to work for ordinary Nigerian. The Elite and people in the government are Capitalist (Monopoly) determine the economy of the country. Despite all the Minerals and Natural resources, the government lack of transparency and accountability has ruined it economy and sabotage all the government department due to corruption. Yet foreign Loan and Debt is another option has also contributed a lot of setback for Nigeria due to the Misappropriation of funds. Clueless and unqualified individuals in sensitive Government office by the Fulani and Hausa dominance is another problem facing the Nation while the South-West, South- South and the South-East are the Major contributor that contribute 90% to the Economy of the country. To be frankly Nigeria can never be an organized country under the Fulani by the British influence holding majority of all the sensitive office.

  • 207purple

    Is Adeola pregnant?

  • Pride Leo
    Pride Leo

    The pillars of colonialism must be destroyed and the architects of capitalism must be completely neutralized! Many Africans were led to believe that they were free after declaring independence from 1950s - 1990s, but a far greater colonialism is still in place. Those independence proclamations were nothing but a mirage, the colonialists only took off the physical chains and shackles - the total liberation of our societies have not been achieved yet!

  • Ezekiel Folaranmi
    Ezekiel Folaranmi

    Change of name can never and will never bring a much awaited changes that we all hope for.

  • kovo akpomie
    kovo akpomie

    Nigeria is cursed

  • Aderonke Yesufu
    Aderonke Yesufu

    Of course they will be Rude! Because they are part of them ruining Nigeria

  • Henry Duru
    Henry Duru

    Good morning my fellow Nigerians good morning my fellow Christians I am writing this message for all Christian in the world it is time for us to open up our eyes to understand who God is we should stop criticizing or following the footsteps of people that are supposed to be teaching us and guide us in Christianity top men of God today especially in Nigeria as so hypocrites by leaving a bug life when I'm saying a bad life I simply means by misleading the Christian tree bark dimension life is all about living by example my fellow Christians if we start following the step of a pastor instead of going to the church to worship and praise our lord with the vitiated by doing what the pastor saying it's simply goes there we are not going there to worship God but we are going there to worship those pastors which is not right if a man of God should die and pastors in Nigeria could not send condolence or say anything in the right way they should shut their mouth whatever you say today wait for yo u at the last day top men of God in Nigeria that are supposed to be living by example I happy 41 fellow brother dying which is not supposed to be so in the last day things will go on even those prophet you look and you see who go on to the other side someday beer with the fallen how do we live our life I am talking to my fellow Christians do not go to church to listen to The nonsense go to church and listen to God himself this is unfair to the human race of Christianity where we begin to see things in a bath perspective on Earth nobody can even name he or daughter Lucifer but Lucifer was a name given to an Angel by God himself but because he was casted but I know for sure that the word devil cannot be given to anybody because it sounds and simplify as if so what are we talking about please Christians all over the world and in Nigeria do not allow your pastors to mislead you

  • Blessing Akomen
    Blessing Akomen

    Thumbs up for osasu igbinedion for being so direct on this issue.

  • Henriette Yago
    Henriette Yago

    That reporter is awesome, love you sweet lady❤️❤️, this kidnapping in Nigeria is getting worse by the day and people have to go through all this pain 😭😭 chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii African leaders are wicked as wicked itself.


    Adeloa , you're full of sentiment . If you depend some men of God, and speak against some indirectly, using your platform. Will you also depend them on the last day ? if you use your platform to segregate ,will your channel stand for you on the last day?? you need to repent and stay away from your judgemental attitude , stop claiming to be a christian.

  • The M Network
    The M Network

    Please do not make your leader a God. When you worship your leaders you are having God remove them. It's nothing wrong with loving them. Take the teaching that you learned from them. But whoever takes over the church I know that they will do well in Jesus's Name.

  • The M Network
    The M Network

    I am so sick of the jealousy in Africa. I mean for real. Uganda has that problem they get jealous over crazy things. This leader was wrong. Now he might leave this world. It is best to let things be.

  • The M Network
    The M Network

    This is pure sad. And we wonder why so many want to come to America. It's pure sad.


    The problem of nigeria is not the government but the people. If the people realy want a change they will get it.


    The problem of nigerian os mot tge government


    But that is not a new knowledge. For a very long time we have known that the so called lawmakers don't know what they are doing.

  • stainless Smart
    stainless Smart

    BeautiFUL AdeOla...You LOOKED Awesome!

  • Jasper Nnaji
    Jasper Nnaji

    Thank God for you in that part of the world Continue keeping it real my dear Ade.


    Pastor senyonga is just mad, no body rejoice over death... he thinks he is so holy

  • Ezimuo Ebube Esther
    Ezimuo Ebube Esther

    TB Joshua death just reminded toooooo painful, 😓😓😓is that God is Great

  • Ezimuo Ebube Esther
    Ezimuo Ebube Esther

    My sister....NTA Goddddd so them Know....

  • Ezimuo Ebube Esther
    Ezimuo Ebube Esther

    RUDE"""She is our mirror, I so much admire. her....if it was NTA....God bless her

  • Ibukun Adeniyi
    Ibukun Adeniyi

    Our leaders are selfish. They always want to show how powerful they are to the masses. Unfortunately, their power is not able to defeat bandits, Bokko Haram, unknown gunmen. Our representatives too are only loyal to their parties, not to the constitution or the masses. It's a shame!

  • Kk Ff
    Kk Ff

    I love that some Nigerians really need to travel out to get some sense

  • Olayinka Awofodu
    Olayinka Awofodu

    Teach People HOW to Fish NOT JUST giving them Fish.

  • Smart Crypto Hub($CH)
    Smart Crypto Hub($CH)

    Where is your Energy? Hope you are alright? You just seam weak and tired

  • Terence Austin
    Terence Austin

    I iove this women

  • musa salvation
    musa salvation

    If you listen to Prophet TB Joshua you will realize that he never for once claimed he has power rather the power is attributed to God. The reason why people are crying is because he is the only one helping them in that magnitude especially the widows. Prophet TB Joshua never said or claimed authority rather he always said that it's God that is using him to bless people. In advise to all those criticising, please don't be quick to judge because of what you heard rather study your bible, watch and ask God for divine revelation before reaching your conclusions. May may soul Rest with the Lord.

  • Kate Abong
    Kate Abong

    The government is the one behind the kidnappers

  • Adekoya Damilola
    Adekoya Damilola

    He was a philanthropist

  • Adekoya Damilola
    Adekoya Damilola

    I wish all other pastors shld be like TB

  • Adekoya Damilola
    Adekoya Damilola

    U are right on TB JOSHUA

  • Atare TV
    Atare TV

    Was she crying when talking about prophet tb joshua?

  • Anna Ireroa
    Anna Ireroa

    Gov Ikpeazu... street lights, domino, chicken republic is that are sick 😡😡


    The firewall is another means for them to steal money from government coffers.

  • Eghosa Godpower
    Eghosa Godpower

    The government should focus on making the country a better place than changing the country name, Changing the name is totally rubbish because is not going to make any difference because changing the name of the country is not changing of the bad leaders .

  • Marylin Klein
    Marylin Klein

    Let us think about how we can go about changing the situations in Nigeria and not about changing the name of the country. Important things First!

  • Promise Uzondu
    Promise Uzondu

    I am ashamed of what Governor of Abia state said to my state. How can I unwatch this

  • Elijah Amah
    Elijah Amah

    Https:// Church members morn TB Joshua

  • Obinna Okeke
    Obinna Okeke

    I love this lady. How do I have access to watching her problems. This is the portal I have to watch, not Channels

  • The Implacable Authoritarian
    The Implacable Authoritarian

    Even Africa was a european Scipio Africanus.

  • mann 234
    mann 234

    Point made as usual!

  • otonye Iworima
    otonye Iworima

    I am with the guy that said, “ JUST GIVE US LIGHT! “ 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Rawlings Scott
    Rawlings Scott

    continue keeping it real dear..... i love you loads

  • Denilscene

  • Denilscene

    Big up from france guys 🇨🇵🇨🇵🌎🇳🇬🤔🤔



  • Kafui Praise
    Kafui Praise

    The Pastor celebrating the death of another pastor, I hope he won’t die as well That Ugandan pastor is also fake

  • Kafui Praise
    Kafui Praise

    I think they’re doing this out of jealousy. Just because Twitter is wants to build an African head office in Ghana and not Nigeria

  • Valentine Washington
    Valentine Washington

    Rejoinder : T B Joshua wasn't that healthy before he passed away, he suffered a stroke two months before his death, and had to go to Turkey for treatment..

    • Valentine Washington
      Valentine Washington

      @Ricardo Tobe Who do you think you are talking to? T B Joshua HILARIOUS PROPHESY is both on youtube and facebook. in his church, he said '99% voted for this woman and the woman narrowly wins'' on facebook, ''The female candidate will win the coveted position, the new president would be visited by new challenges. It is clear that TB Joshua is a liar and a false prophet who peddles lies just like you are trying to do here, for The Bible clearly stated in Deuteronomy 18:22 'When a prophet speaks in the name of The Lord, if the word does not happen, or come to pass, the prophet has spoken presumptuously, you shall not be afraid of him. TB Joshua suffered from a stroke and was flown to Turkey for treatment that is a fact also, not even you can change the past or rewrite history to polish the image of a 419 charlatan. So get use to the Truth. We know that Truth hurts

    • Ricardo Tobe
      Ricardo Tobe

      @Valentine Washington who told you he had a stroke and the American election he never say hilary Clinton we win . you never understand the prophecy

    • Valentine Washington
      Valentine Washington

      @Ricardo Tobe Mmh..What is a lie? That he didn't suffer a stroke or that he wasn't flown to Turkey for treatment? Or that he didn't predict that Hilary Clinton Will win the election?

    • Ricardo Tobe
      Ricardo Tobe

      That is a lie

  • Ola Williams
    Ola Williams

    You know I love you, right??? And I will always do!!!

  • Unity okupfe John
    Unity okupfe John

    Changing the name Nigerian to what so ever is not the issue on ground, wahala pass country weh no get good roads, light, no freedom of speech, food self na case it'slfe where we went start from if no be God almighty man for don kill us God bless Nigerian🇳🇬🌍

  • PJB Billionaire
    PJB Billionaire

    I have never heard on any church sermons were Prophet TB Joshua make himself a center of attention, but preached Christ all the time. People are devastated the fact that he availed himself to be used by God to meet humankind in their devastating situations.

  • Pearl M. Biriok
    Pearl M. Biriok

    She is not rude at all. She is saying the truth. Weldone dear!!!

  • Vegeance

    All of you up there. All your pikin and family members use Twitter than every other person. Begin to imprison them first.Rubbish


    This was a very honest and bold reporter,we need more of this kind of reporters....stand up and speak out Nigeria for what is right

    • Ezimuo Ebube Esther
      Ezimuo Ebube Esther

      Yeesss oohh

  • no Eu
    no Eu

    Nigeria and uganda are sister countries in oppressing their people... And why do african countries want to change thr names 😡😡

  • World tv
    World tv


    I own an N.D in mass communication. I am planning to go back for my HND.


    I love ur work I will love to work with you ma please

  • neng ngwa
    neng ngwa

    Unfortunately death is a call all must answer he should rejoice today, tomorrow animals will rejoice over his own sorry.WATCH AND PRAY.shame on that so call Antichrist pastor

  • Eye Saint
    Eye Saint

    may the prophet rip

  • Naomi Black
    Naomi Black

    Ohhh TB Joshua you were a great man of God 🙏. May God bless your soul and comfort your family 🙏💕


    I think Pastor TB Joshua told them that several times that he just servant of the Lord.

  • Ilyasu Mohamed Azubuike
    Ilyasu Mohamed Azubuike

    If Adeboye and Kumuyi goes against Nigerian laws they should be arrested with imidiate effect,They are not above the law, If some of our so called men of GOD are non persona grata in UK for breaking the law,They can as well be arrested in put to prison if they breaks any section of Nigerian laws, Adeola your pay masters NED have failed in their plans to engineer crisis in the country through your nonsensical podcasts

  • Prince Global Outreach
    Prince Global Outreach

    God cannot be mock!!! Let Him judge

  • Odnachi Frank Chukkas
    Odnachi Frank Chukkas

    Adeola.. The Realest

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