Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 Opening|The Rumbling - SiM
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Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Confirmed to Air from January 9th (JST)

🎶Opening Theme
SiM 「The Rumbling」
Words: MAH
Music & Arrangement: SiM

🎧TV size Streaming
The Rumbling (TV size) Lyric

Rumbling, Rumbling, it's coming
Rumbling, Rumbling


coming for you

all I ever wanted to do was do right things
I never wanted to be the king, I swear
all I ever wanted to do was save your life
I never wanted to grab a knife, I swear

tearless, fearless, burning, burning

you tell me what have I missed
still wandering in the deep mist

if I lose it all, slip and fall
I will never look away
if I lose it all, lose it all, lose it all
if I lose it all outside the wall
live to die another day
I don't want anything
I'm just here to...


Rumbling, Rumbling, it's coming
Rumbling, Rumbling

©Hajime Isayama, KODANSHA/“ATTACK ON TITAN” The Final Season Production Committee.

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    • TheAeroAvatar

      @dare Yeah it's something else alright. And not in anything resembling a good way.

    • dare

      Aot is really something else

    • TheAeroAvatar

      @oh javi for what

    • oh javi
      oh javi

      Thank YOU!

    • TheAeroAvatar

      @DeerHound no.

  • All Time
    All Time

    This song goes harder than the footsteps of the rumbling. It's SO GOOD!!! I can't stop listening to it.

    • Why​ You​ Guys​ Bully​ Me
      Why​ You​ Guys​ Bully​ Me


    • Skully boi
      Skully boi

      Good listen to season one and come back

    • dare

      Your mom does

    • SsloestJ.

      If I loose it all!!!!!

    • SAMIR929XR

      @SparrowIZ I swear to god any vid I go to I see this kid commenting rude shit

  • Gansta Monke
    Gansta Monke

    When AOT finally ends, I'm coming back here to listen to this song.

    • Raja Afifi
      Raja Afifi

      I listen to it everyday!

    • Bk

      you mean after Mikasa kills eren?

    • A J
      A J


    • Amare McDonald
      Amare McDonald

      next year when the movie releases bro

    • Andy

      Profile pic goes hard af, but...🚭

  • Nana the Geo Archon
    Nana the Geo Archon

    every aot opening is a masterpiece but this one.. THIS ONE.. is the one that captures it all PERFECTLY

    • Bk

      Untill Mikasa kills eren lol

    • The Whore
      The Whore

      @Abdullah Mateen this is better imo

    • Abdullah Mateen
      Abdullah Mateen

      true but shinzou sasageyo will always be the greatest


      Jojo and aot's every opening is fire

    • Flowolf

      @the random one if you don’t understand, that’s your missed assignment

  • Toss

    Bro i love this, i feel bad for people who don't like this music

    • Aeexlz

      I hate this kind of (heavy metal) music, that said this opening was fucking AMAZING

    • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
      Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      Those peoples are retards, nobody cares about them.

    • Dotted_stains

      @Toni Fitt →_→

    • Toni Fitt
      Toni Fitt

      I feel bad for those inocentes who's been crushed by rumbling :D

    • Kyoyas yummy cum sock
      Kyoyas yummy cum sock


  • Mateus Pereira
    Mateus Pereira

    I'm literaly listening to this every single day since it has been dropped.

    • TD Watty
      TD Watty

      Thank god I’m not alone

    • T O
      T O

      I already listened to this 100 times

    • i need cocaine
      i need cocaine


    • pizzaman69


    • Rurikoh Yiih
      Rurikoh Yiih


  • Shaka

    El coro es realmente jodidamente bueno!!! No dejo de escucharlo!!! Temazo

    • Joshue Espinoza
      Joshue Espinoza

      @Camila Jiménez confirmo jaja está épico!

    • Kakashi sensei
      Kakashi sensei

      Sahi baat hai

    • Camila Jiménez
      Camila Jiménez

      cuando sale Eren gritando, la piel se me pone de gallina por lo épico jajajaja

    • Misaki Mei
      Misaki Mei

      Ni yo amigo

  • Jason David
    Jason David

    Es tan bueno que no se puede dejar de escuchar, con este ritmo fácil llega a 50M.

  • Prajwal Yadav
    Prajwal Yadav

    1:04 this shot of people hope lessly looking above and the lyrics going " If I lose it all " Is honestly my favorite

    • Deucalion Ray 2
      Deucalion Ray 2


  • Marina Vam
    Marina Vam

    At first I didn't like this song but now I can't stop listening

    • Deucalion Ray 2
      Deucalion Ray 2


    • Bouddha

      The power of metal

  • iPettyNote

    I can't believe it's almost over...... welp, all good things must come to an end I guess NOT THE ONE PIECE SLANDER 😂

    • SsloestJ.

      Hey it will go down as one of the best damn animes.

    • SsloestJ.

      @Toad hells yes!!!!

    • umphat

      No wonder one piece isn't coming to an end anytime soon

    • Giotaph

      @Jacob Ruiz me

    • Coat Rak
      Coat Rak

      @Mike Cabrera one-piece is only like 10 percent filler 😐. The anime is just drawn out

  • Erwinn Lincoln
    Erwinn Lincoln

    como eles conseguem colocar as melhores musicas em um anime em toda temporada, toda vez e de arrepiar caraca....

    • Gu3iymer

      Né mn, só músicas fantásticas

  • Amartya Pardeshi
    Amartya Pardeshi

    I'm so glad that they didn't screw up the final opening of AOT, nowadays seeing people listening to nothing more than average pop music, I was very very surprised when I first heard this heavy Metal opening. It's awesome!

  • Gonar

    "Because i was born into this world" Eren is a godlike character, from the beginning to the end.

    • SJ Y
      SJ Y

      @Avi Jayant he still is. One out of place panel doesn't undo what is a masterful character arc.

    • Do0m3rdude1995

      Nah bro He has gone Full on Darth Vader. He always said he would kill every last one of the Titans. Cant make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.

    • Avi Jayant
      Avi Jayant

      I wouldn't be sure about the end

  • Tunic

    0:40 “tearless. fearless. BURNING! BURNING!” Listening to this dope line on repeat

  • Vtubers R Us
    Vtubers R Us

    This slaps SO hard!! As a manga reader seeing some of the things they animated in the OP makes me extremely excited!! Sad the series is ending though!! Bittersweet.

    • Tsuneyōshi


    • Jonah the butterbeer drinker
      Jonah the butterbeer drinker

      We manga readers we all know whats about to happen and what Mikasa and Armin rest of them are gonna go up against. it is bloody exciting

    • 乙坂奈緒

      @makigusotaro それ、マジで空気読めてないから辞めろ 日本の恥

    • DexterDrubo ANIMZ-
      DexterDrubo ANIMZ-

      @Bamboo shoots that grow If you spam I will give your whole generation curse

    • Dyieana Haliyana
      Dyieana Haliyana

      @Abdullah me

  • Extrokyle

    This is probably the greatest opening ever, and ive seen a lot of great fucking openings. This just gets my fucking blood going

    • Real time Entertainment
      Real time Entertainment


  • Yolo

    This the best op in the series. Deserving of ending it all. The lyrics hit hard, knowing Eren's character development.

  • Noam B
    Noam B

    can't get over the fact that SiM did the opening for shingeki no bahamut and now they landed this opening for SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN

  • Diego Caceres
    Diego Caceres

    Que triste es ver a Eren solo sin Mikasa y Armin 😭😭😭

  • Abunai AMV 最高
    Abunai AMV 最高

    Such an energetic song! The animation was outstanding! The Rumbling 🔥🔥🔥

    • Tsuneyōshi


    • Beck

      This cartoon gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

    • HIÑDI anime z
      HIÑDI anime z

      Hange died

    • シバきおじ

      @乙坂奈緒 上の奴はゴミだけど、君の名前でキモオタ批判されても😅

    • 乙坂奈緒

      @100m全中3位 キモオタの時点でも日本の恥やけど、海外にも迷惑かけるゴミにはなるなよ

  • taranotitan2

    I could listen to this for hours and not get tired of it

    • savages

      Me too bro hahah

  • Teoman Kaya
    Teoman Kaya

    The Rumbling is now at #1 on US hot Hard Metal Billboard, the full version isn’t even out yet🔥🔥

  • Regino Betong
    Regino Betong

    I don't care to the accuracy like what the criticism says, what I care is that every bit of this opening taps the harmonious emotions throughout this anime perfectly

  • Silverkingx2

    honestly, since "Shoukei to shikabane" I didnt think the intros could peak any higher... tbh since the og op... just slap after slap, truly amazing how they keep topping the last... this fits so god damn well with the final bit of AoT, it sounds "Final" it sounds "Epic" the mix of sadness, anger, finality... I dont even like screamo, but it used here just FITS so god damn well... cant fucking wait to watch the intro every episode, and rewatch it/re-listen a few hundred times in between eps haha

    • Renzy Fathi Mubaraq
      Renzy Fathi Mubaraq

      Ikr,shoukei to shikabene still the best song for me


    It's been a good five years of ma life watching this piece of art🌚❤️

    • Kakashi sensei
      Kakashi sensei

      @Bauti no u

    • Robin Stratigakis
      Robin Stratigakis

      We all grew up together with eren and the others

    • Tsuneyōshi

      Unfortunately, it's coming to an end 😔

    • Aaron Yogurt
      Aaron Yogurt

      @Bauti and if that happens and it sucks I'll be here to shit on it all over the internet. The Aaron pfp is only so any stream or comment section I go to, I can make AOT known, for good or bad.

    • Bauti

      @Aaron Yogurt bro,I'm not the one with the eren pfp 💀 I bet you're really excited for attack on next generations with mikasa's grandchild lol

  • Shara- lee Roberts
    Shara- lee Roberts

    Dudes....this song hits sooo different from AOT previous Opening’s a Masterpiece...🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

    • SsloestJ.

      Hey they all are masterpieces besides season 4 part 1

    • Luxis

      Compare this opening to the first opening Shit took a huge turn

    • Enrique Paez
      Enrique Paez

      @KREY RFER it's epic bitch


      Bruh I'm forcing myself to love it It's mid

    • José Paulo Santos
      José Paulo Santos

      I love this opening

  • Jade Fili
    Jade Fili

    The fact that literally all of the aot's openings are masterpieces

  • Marlin Wyllie
    Marlin Wyllie

    My favorite thing about this opening and the previous opening is melodically, they managed to create music that instills a feeling of dread.

  • T I M
    T I M

    0:56 This part gives me literally goosebumps

  • Fadi Abuhassira
    Fadi Abuhassira

    This opening is so addictive, I’m literally speechless and I can’t even describe how good is this masterpiece.

    • Hartsa Albiruni
      Hartsa Albiruni

      @kurapika kurta01 yeah im not into linked horizon either

    • Moa Ryuka
      Moa Ryuka

      @kurapika kurta01 stay complain

    • dont roast me plss
      dont roast me plss

      @NEXUS from now on, we are enemies NEXUS, nexus 2, nexus 3 , nexus 69, nexus suxen, nexus gaminng

    • And The Wild Bean Appears
      And The Wild Bean Appears

      And with nice Easter eggs too. If you pause at 0:45 you can see Ymir in the reflexion of Porco

    • Cameron Joseph Videos
      Cameron Joseph Videos

      @kurapika kurta01 CG isn't automatically bad. The CG in the opening looks really good.

  • Sami Al-Shukairi
    Sami Al-Shukairi

    Never thought that this will be my favorite AOT opening! This is a masterpiece!!!!

  • Ayterus

    NGL, this last season being in production in MAPPA, just makes me feel something good & sad at the same time. This intro is banger, and I think my earlier statement has something to do with the OP hitting harder than the rumbling itself and maybe because the quality is different. I love the quality and stuff. The more I listen to this, the better it gets. Wish it wouldn’t end.

  • doclaag

    Que gran opening no me canso de escucharlo.

  • 앵두

    0:13 ~ The melody seems to be inspired by the 4th movement of Dvorak's Symphony No. 9. Also, the theme of this symphony is "New World". It seems to mean the worldview that Eren wants to make with rumbling.

  • Banden

    Can’t believe this series is really coming to an end.. Been a fan since 2014 i miss those days

    • Evan Powers
      Evan Powers

      @Zabara Chill weeb

    • r0z1n

      @Adam Jr. It’s really not that deep

    • Christina Johnson
      Christina Johnson

      @ProfessorHelenaSlogar8 Me to

    • Zabara

      @war crimes are a hobby of mine how tf can you guys just fuck off i dont want to argue about a mangas ending on yts comment section

    • war crimes are a hobby of mine
      war crimes are a hobby of mine

      @Zabara to lazy to read

  • LT War Chief
    LT War Chief

    Remember, kids. Every second you're not running... he's getting closer

    • SJ Y
      SJ Y

      Sounds sus ngl

    • SsloestJ.

      Rumbling rumbling it’s coming

    • മാധവ് സായി വി  നായർ
      മാധവ് സായി വി നായർ

      Reminds me of a ...kid? No ...many kids.... Th one kid was there for a was to show that kids actually exitt in the universe of aot And those kids also died in the rumbling..

    • Dean Fernandes
      Dean Fernandes

      Why did I think of a snail

    • Starryeyesss

      somehow reminds me to the kid who... ah nevermind

  • Husky SM
    Husky SM

    I was watching epsiode 1 and be like: Puh the opening last season was mutch better. Episode 2: Do I need to hear any other opening than this one for the rest of my life? No! Amazzzzzzing!

  • OurEyesYourEyes

    Almost 30 millions. Well deserved.

  • Hyplotexology


    • SsloestJ.

      I pledge my heart to this cause.

  •  ShortHax

    Annie: *On screen* Lyrics: “What have I missed?”

    • eren jeagerson
      eren jeagerson

      @frost froof 👹

    • frost froof
      frost froof

      @eren jeagerson a

    • eren jeagerson
      eren jeagerson

      @frost froof i said berthold died not anie

    • frost froof
      frost froof

      @eren jeagerson I've read the manga but I'm going to act like I don't I don't think she died, because if she did, the female titan would have been passed on for another eldian

    • Kasey C.
      Kasey C.

      @Ritwick Deb spoiler alert: Even ignoring Eren (although, at least in the translation I read, it was stated that it was actually Ymir controlling the Titans on top of the Founder, not Eren, so you can't really argue that Eren was holding back when he just simply wasn't the one fighting) Falco at least had plot armor. It makes sense that he was able to get wings and all, as he did have some of Zeke's spinal fluid, however it is pulled out of his ass that the Beast Titan can have wings, and then that he does it first try is even more plot armor. I mean, look at how many failed attempts Eren had at Titan hardening. Titan shifting very clearly couldn't be mastered overnight, and Falco's over here deciding that he gets wings just because he can. No training or practicing Titan shifting or any of that, just doing it because it's in the realm of possibility.

  • NoTiC_MiNiON 510
    NoTiC_MiNiON 510

    RUMBLING!!! Damn I’m going to miss Attack on Titan when it’s all over but the music lives on

  • ChaosForevah

    "I never wanted to grab a knife, I swear" reminds me of that one training scene where Reiner gave Eren the knife and said "It's your turn to be the bad guy"

    • Eren

      I love that they used „a knife“ and not „the knife“ leaves more room for interpretations

    • desu

      Never thought of the foreshadowing of that line, intentional or not.

  • Guess My Name
    Guess My Name


    • くいひんぼうくいんしんぼう

      @金色の闇 パクリの定義から調べようね

    • I’m T
      I’m T

      @キャンディアックス ちがいますよ!僕は中学生です!

    • 男豆腐


    • 技術無理電話

      @キャンディアックス どっちなのでしょうかねー

    • キャンディアックス

      小学生と小学生が争っています勝者はどっちなのでしょうか !

  • KevKev

    Damn, I can't stop listening to that song.... It summarizes perfectly what is going on in that last chapter of the story, and I get goose bumps every time I hear that song!

  • Brandon _490
    Brandon _490

    First time listening: “I’m not really a metal head.” 45th time listening: *BEWAAAARE!!!*

    • Jessy

      It's not really "metal" but more "alternative metal" i think...

    • BUBZ10

      Exactly! 😂

    • JAugust

      Lmao that's my favorite part

    • Bronix

      @Thomas Logan exactly lmaoo

    • EtherealRonin

      @ikosaheadrom • ゴゴゴゴゴゴ eventually you'll learn to love it, I've listened this alot more times and I am absolutely addicted to this song, it feels more heavy and delivers such a great impact to what's happening Especially the 'If I lose it all' segment of the song

  • Hazza SM
    Hazza SM

    Acá presente todavía porque tremendo temazo que es este opening

  • Libero Carotenuto
    Libero Carotenuto

    Rumbling,Rumbling, It's coming,Rumbling,Rumbling... Beware... Comin for you... All I ever wanted to do was do right things, I neve wanted to be the king, I swear... All I ever wanted to do was save your life, I never wanted to grab a knife, I swear... Tearless Fearless, Burning(x2) You tell me what have i missed, Still wandering in the deep mist... *music* If i lose it all, Slip and fall, I will never look away If i lose it all Lose it all(x2) If i lose it all, Outside the wall, Live to die another day... I don't want anything, I'm just here to... Beware... Rumbling,Rumbling It's coming,Rumbling,Rumbling *music*

    • Dotted_stains


  • Kelly Kelly
    Kelly Kelly

    Escuchar esto es la unica manera de llenar el vacío que Shingeki deja en mi cada domingo 😢

  • Sayantan Sarkar
    Sayantan Sarkar

    This song hits soo hard. Just gives me the feel that i should join the survey corps and start fighting for humanity.

  • Yammy

    I don't want it to be over 😥

    • Chelsea xx
      Chelsea xx


    • Tsuneyōshi

      I don't want too 🙁

    • Goheezy cheezy
      Goheezy cheezy


    • random guy who use makeup
      random guy who use makeup

      Ikr . It's just not feeling right ... Hope they made a sequel . With the same level of plot like aot and not make it like Eren's next generation 😬😬

    • Infamous Potato
      Infamous Potato

      @Matthiaz Bruh XD

  • Genesis007AUT

    It has almost been 10 years since the first episode aired, damn what a journey!

    • Sliverk Anime
      Sliverk Anime

      Yessss fireeeeeee Checkout my powerful girl version 🔥🔥🔥 Let me known what do you think ??

  • Dounia El Khattabi Echaikhi Echaikhi
    Dounia El Khattabi Echaikhi Echaikhi

    Enhorabuena a la banda de nuevo, el opening ahora ocupa el 1er lugar en Billboard!!!! 🔥

  • Drexmir Mentiza
    Drexmir Mentiza

    That butterfly wing that was cut has a deep meaning to it. The butterfly itself symbolizes someone in the anime and it also depicts as "freedom". Having its wing cut means there's no hope for freedom for that someone. 💔 Manga readers will know who I'm pertaining to.

  • doclaag

    What a great opening, I never get tired of hearing it.

  • TopAnimeWeekly

    I can't believe SiM did the opening for this!!! It sounds so damn good!!!

    • da3m0nic _
      da3m0nic _

      @Megumin rip

    • Don't com
      Don't com

      @Suraj Prakash ok i will listen to it

    • Marie Kano
      Marie Kano

      @Napalm In The Morning yeah lol I miss them. This song is ok but linked horizon is the sole singer for aot

    • ruben neto
      ruben neto

      @Megumin Hevy metal fits perfectly with the last season of AOT ro read the manga and come back. Also no a single fucking soul cares if you like it or not you are juts going to suck it up :D

    • aansa umer
      aansa umer

      @Megumin dude lmao its on billboard charts its definitely not shit- ur opinion of not liking it is valid but don't call it shit 💀

  • Aleksis Trs.
    Aleksis Trs.

    The last part blows up my pressure blod, just too much feels.

  • G - Cornz
    G - Cornz

    As as metalhead this is the only opening song that I never skipped every episode.

    • Ayy Lmao
      Ayy Lmao

      you right, parasyte is pretty good too

  • Hot_David_

    Man, I don't think there's a more perfect opening theme to any film, show, anime, or any other kind of media. Period. Like everybody's said, this absolutely perfectly exemplifies every single emotion we feel in this chapter of the story. Plus it straightup bangs. At first I thought it was so bizarre but that's literally how I've felt for just about every AoT OP. Now I just cannot stop listening to this masterpiece. What better piece of art to have as part of one of the best stories ever told?

  • Mai

    Desde que se estrenó la temporada he escuchado está canción aunque sea una sola vez al día, todas las semanas, sin falta. Y el ending también, están tan acertados y épicos como el anime ✨


    14 million in less than a week. Edit: Let's make 20 million before the next episode Edit 2: We managed to reach 20 million views

    • random guy who use makeup
      random guy who use makeup

      @TARUN BHATTACHARYA toxic fan spotted loll

    • random guy who use makeup
      random guy who use makeup

      @Bruh yup .. aot fandom is toxic as cyanide But it doesn't make all of aot fandom worst ;) I m not making feel wrong I m just saying it individually ;)

    • random guy who use makeup
      random guy who use makeup

      we have the freedom that Eren didn't get.

    • Justin Delatorre
      Justin Delatorre

      24 m now boii

    • Dan Lyday
      Dan Lyday

      The rumbling don't stop till we reach 80% of humanity

  • GuuhMendez


    • Tsuneyōshi

      Verdade 😔

  • L M.L
    L M.L

    I feel like many people forget that being the protagonist doesn't necessarily mean being the good guy...

    • __

      The choices ahead of him are the sins of others. And he chose those he loves - the path to their survival. It was the only thing he could choose in the end. The cost others must pay, they inflicted upon themselves. Dedicate your heart!

  • Me

    That shot of all of them on top of the wall, paired with the lyrics in that moment gave me more nostaligia than any other part for some reason

    • Flower Faerie
      Flower Faerie

      Fucking same, I literally teared up at that part.

  • TheDiamondKid365

    This Attack On Titan Song Is So Good I Gotta Give Anime Studios Credit For Making The Intro Of Attack On Titan So Well.

    • XDGamer888

      Mappa from s4 Wit for s1 to s3

  • AC03115

    There is no doubt that even regardless of how it ends, Attack On Titan will go down in history as a modern classic! What an incredible ride over these past 9 years! It's been fun

    • Kavish HURBUNGS
      Kavish HURBUNGS

      @kevin dogaru He made the ending even worse with extra pages released months after the final chapter that makes Eren looks like a joke and he made the ending even more non-sensical in the extra pages that people defending the manga ending just gave up defending the manga ending. The manga ending was mixed but the extra pages made it negative

    • Saad Khan
      Saad Khan

      @Der Erlkönig Go cry somewhere else

    • Javier Pacheco
      Javier Pacheco

      @Mega Blastoise it sucked as well as the entirety of the series

    • Tatakae

      @9 Go, your mommy is calling you to help her clean the washroom.

    • GrimCreeperyt

      @aida riko you haven’t met anyone toxic, then you probably haven’t met many people. And if you want to take the anime and turn it into about who likes who, ignoring the plot and stuff that’s your thing.

  • No One
    No One

    There's no greater salvation than never being born in this world. -- Eren Yeager

  • Astro

    This op is so beautifully brutal, it really fits with part two of this season really well

  • Chris A.
    Chris A.

    At first, I was like "wtf is this? It's so different"; the second time, instantly, it grew on me. I f*cking love metal and this sh*t is dope af. Congrats SiM, you are the goat. I loved the song, you have my respects.

  • Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold

    we already know this final season will be epic since the language of the opening has suddenly turned into English


    Non Manga Readers: "Survived without getting spoiled for over a year" Mappa: *fine, I'll do it myself*

    • Martín Díaz
      Martín Díaz

      @V I stoopid bird?

    • Kazekata

      The people who's managed to avoid spoilers this far before this OP are truly some... insanely athletic people. They Dodged that shit like the matrix

    • Mikasa Ackerman
      Mikasa Ackerman

      @Zyterio oh yeah his final form is the colossal

    • Atlantik Rim
      Atlantik Rim

      Yes, that Annie and eren fish bone titan

    • Qrow Branwen
      Qrow Branwen

      @Zyterio actually the skeleton was supposed to be the final form up until Isayama rushed the ending

  • MI Chowdhury ABIR
    MI Chowdhury ABIR

    I think the manga readers can really feel the song and the beauty inside of it. The anime only fans can never understand the deep meaning of this song until they have seen the last few episodes


    That "TEARLESS! FEARLESS!!" Tells us how scary and powerful titans are, and what can they do. I literally can feel the darkness and gore. Chillss🥶🥶

  • Hunter

    00:06 god just look at how brutal that stepping from the giants look like. The rumbling is gonna be savage

  • dorito man
    dorito man

    Kinda wish linked horizon did the final opening but this song is still fire

  • KellyManSuper

    Fun Fact: This WHOLE opening was made by single person (his name is “Takashi Kojima”). He was the director, storyboarder, animation director, and was the only key animator. RESPECT TO HIM🙏

    • Ludwig II
      Ludwig II

      @Hawks No

    • Ugo brown
      Ugo brown

      @Tozard Aot spoilers are so old now, try something new

    • Hallo

      @alligatore americano mappa is just major understaffed for aot. the cgi is really good

    • alligatore americano
      alligatore americano

      No wonder the animation got worse... When will major studios learn?

    • Hallo

      @confessionsofoncer ok then why dont you animate the opening yourself

  • Akhil Sharma
    Akhil Sharma

    Ever since this opening was released, not a day has gone when I havent listened to it

  • 里瑋

    越聽越好聽 這片頭梗太多了 真的太神了...

  • Petra Ral
    Petra Ral

    If Eren was a song he would be that opening. PS. It describes Eren’s personality so perfectly.

  • AnimesForever

    Such a detailed anime . It made me repeat the episodes and the AOT: The final Season Part 2 ep. 3 .... Bt I m cleared n waiting for ep 4 💟

  • Edwin Santamaria
    Edwin Santamaria

    This op is such a banger. I can't believe this is the last op we'll ever see. It's been a good 8 years with y'all. Damn does time fly.

    • Amey Kulkarni
      Amey Kulkarni

      @G don't worry, I'm a manga reader it's not a real spoiler

    • Amey Kulkarni
      Amey Kulkarni

      @Random Citizen Don't worry, it's not a real spoiler

    • Ray

      @Amey Kulkarni the tumors??? Lmao

    • dont roast me plss
      dont roast me plss

      @NEXUS from now on, we are enemies NEXUS, nexus 2, nexus 3 , nexus 69, nexus suxen, nexus gaminng

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader

      @Axle Blaze Ah yes the manga. Damn now I feel old.😂

  • Kander Stone
    Kander Stone

    Muchos no estarán de acuerdo conmigo, pero, para mí es el mejor opening de la historia. Bueno, es que dentro de mis gustos está el metalcore.

  • Purna Pandey
    Purna Pandey

    Listeing this Opening fr the 1st time ; 0:20 ❤️ Unexpected lyrics 0:56 🔥 Unexpected thrill..

  • Mari Avalos
    Mari Avalos

    Rewatching this almost everyday . Best anime opening !

  • Aahish Pal
    Aahish Pal

    My fifth time here today and I still can't get enough of this.

    • Legzart

      Only? 5


    manga readers: tried not to spoil this for a year the op : RUMBLING RUMBLING ITS COMING!

    • Quincy_GamingYT

      Tried not to spoil? You sure bout that?

    • YRO

      @Kasey C. I consider the opening a part of the anime, so it is basically confirmed

    • Kasey C.
      Kasey C.

      @YRO it was massively implied there would be, never confirmed that it would work. Especially with the most recent episode ending just after Zeke is revealed to actually be in control of the Founder at the moment, and Season 4 part 1 painting Eren as on the side of the euthanization plan, the story makes it seem like it's possible for it to go either way. Then the OP is just like, "Yeah, no, the world gets trampled"

    • XcvArnett

      @big boss Thus is the dumbest thing I've ever heard

    • sys

      @Kendo Caponis yea they did

  • Afikku San
    Afikku San

    The OP is so metal, they can build 100 battleships from it.

    • :p


    • Sliverk Anime
      Sliverk Anime

      Yessss fireeeeeee Checkout my powerful girl version 🔥🔥🔥 Let me known what do you think ??

  • eran epsh
    eran epsh

    This song brings so many emotions when I listen to it. Every time with an AOT opening I'm just ready to go to war😂😂

  • Craymunds Tv
    Craymunds Tv

    "BEWARE COMING FOR YOU"gives me chills and hype for the rumbling.

  • h t
    h t


  • Wayward Stoner
    Wayward Stoner

    As a metal listener, this opening is just top tier epicness

    • Snurky

      @Legzart love those bands, I practically grew up on three days grace

    • Legzart

      @Snurky probably skilletvor 3 days grace

    • Snurky

      @Your Mom's Tits I listen to a lot of subgenres tho? My favorites just happen to be mostly Nu-Metal. My playlist has over 1k songs in it which is primarily death metal, nu-metal, thrash metal, hard rock, metal core, and many more genres

    • Tom Whitehouse
      Tom Whitehouse

      @Sinus Lebastian no I’m pretty sure I don’t like metal dude

    • Lucas Durval
      Lucas Durval

      @Wayward Stoner Yessss, I love Sorceress as well! Wel, I love all their albums, but I have a soft spot for that one.

  • Gillian Pleaux
    Gillian Pleaux

    This song rocks! It even manages to sound great on church organ!

  • Karma

    Our kind were born in a time where we could not fix the mistakes of the past, We were born destined to die one day to the hands of the future, However, we were born in the perfect time to experience the greatest story of all time: the present! Even when AoT ends, we must all keep moving forwards and walk our own paths.

  • Amruth

    Whenever every episode starts, this never ceases to startle me.

  • Tokyo Raider
    Tokyo Raider

    This is one of those openings which have the rock music vibe but are sad at the same time

    • Toss

      Perfectly described

  • Dayana

    I started watching this anime at school...this year I graduated from the university...damn..time flies

    • David Ezagui DarkEz
      David Ezagui DarkEz

      Same, since 2013 xd

    • Jesus Trejo
      Jesus Trejo

      I started watching in my sixth grade now I am highschool senior and will be graduating within a couple of months. Time does go flying

    • Somebodythatiusetoknow

      I just graduated last year while half the war of AOT was still going on

    • Miguel Herrera
      Miguel Herrera


    • Bongzoo Master
      Bongzoo Master

      started watching AoT in 6th grade, I am now half way done with my Senior year of highschool. Bruh

  • UWU


  • lordofdead lordofdead
    lordofdead lordofdead

    I love how the lyrics "you tell me what have i missed" flawlessly synced with the picture of annie waking up from her coma and witness the rumbling like " yo what the hell did i miss?" 😂


      Don't forget the "burning" then cuts to the Cart Titan lmaooo

    • GhostlyPenguin

      That’s something I noticed too lol. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know, but I imagine Annie is gonna be confused to all shit as to what’s going on right now

  • Kayveethegoat

    The lyrics speak for themselves.

  • Mylogic 15
    Mylogic 15

    Bro, the way it looks like Eren Screaming “BEWARE” at the end is my favourite part

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