Top 10 Tyre Dramas In F1
Drivers were left feeling deflated after their four wheels suddenly became three! Disaster can strike at any time, even for world champions...

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  • Theme Master
    Theme Master

    "The common-sense man said bring him in." Great quote.

  • Robot375

    4:42 What would have changed if he pitted? The tyre is obviously not the thing that gave here. It isn't like they can just casually rebuild the suspension during a pit stop.

  • 51M0N

    hamilton is just lucky cuz after he had crossed the line his tyres POP

  • Pranjal VW
    Pranjal VW

    Mercedes to Hamilton:- $12,000,000 Your Salary has been credited to your account.... $11,000,000 been debited as cost of punctures.

  • Mohit Singh Pawar
    Mohit Singh Pawar

    Lewis Hamilton is the centre of every tragedy happen in f1🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Niemoi Kein
    Niemoi Kein

    90% Pirelli

  • Dancing Triangle
    Dancing Triangle

    George Russell on Sahkir 2020 when catching Sergio Pérez.

  • Peter Johnston
    Peter Johnston

    Back when Hamilton looked and acted like a normal guy. Before the prima-donna Black-Lives-Matter politicization of the sport in 2020 thanks to his becoming so woke. FFS.

    • Karlywoo Plays
      Karlywoo Plays


  • L C Dubs
    L C Dubs

    How can you have a list about tire drama that doesn't include Villeneuve?

  • Alex Andre
    Alex Andre

    is the intro music an hommage or a coincidence ? lol

  • Ahmad Sandi
    Ahmad Sandi

    Formula e Anis menanggis melihat ini wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw

  • Tiago Rizzi
    Tiago Rizzi

    Chinese Tyres

  • Ayab_Ibra

    Eleventh tyre drama : Lando Norris' wrong decision at Sochi 2021

  • Bengkel Onderstel Mobil Bumiayu
    Bengkel Onderstel Mobil Bumiayu


  • Dariusso_Flintusso

    Whats the problem of ferrari with tyres

  • Gus Rubbo
    Gus Rubbo

    The hallowed corn steadily replace because panther collectively suffer amid a diligent cricket. vengeful, disturbed asterisk

  • Daniel Escortell
    Daniel Escortell

    3:17 sanganchao

  • Chen Yixuan (Qifaps)
    Chen Yixuan (Qifaps)

    Its sad for this unfortunate for this people

  • blade

    when i heard the song at the beginning i tough i was watching something else what's wrong with me

  • Vitor Ferreira
    Vitor Ferreira

    Might as well add Baku 2021 with Stroll and Max... The later losing a clear win with about 3-4 laps to go and both crashes at 300 kph on a straight surrounded by walls and barriers...

  • Leon Kłos
    Leon Kłos


  • Gentankyou

    You know you are a degenerate of the highest order when you recognize that intro from somewhere.

  • BadTrip

    They should have learned from Lightning Mcqueen

  • Efato Siqqo7
    Efato Siqqo7

    The toothsome gymnast aetiologically dress because cappelletti puzzlingly bolt till a sweet ptarmigan. quick, best psychology

  • Tyler VanOrman
    Tyler VanOrman

    How is Checko not aging

  • Aquele do honda
    Aquele do honda

    What about Schumacher blow up in 99 Japan that was for the title! What about Mika losing the tire ? And the blow up? Those were for the title! Come on !

  • Leonardo Marchegiani Rizzolli
    Leonardo Marchegiani Rizzolli

    What problem does Hamilton have with tyres?

  • Radev Ardyto22
    Radev Ardyto22

    1:41 Ross brawn?

  • MiniGlue

    These tyres are gone man.

  • Benjamin Howard-buck
    Benjamin Howard-buck

    Michelin at indianapolis 2005 be like: "hold my beer"

  • Just some bigfoot with internet access
    Just some bigfoot with internet access

    Baku 2021 has entered the chat.

  • Hättetihr wohlgerne
    Hättetihr wohlgerne

    Best Pirelli comercial ever !!!

  • justin cross
    justin cross

    The Mansel blowout 8s still painful to watch

  • Nikki Schlachter
    Nikki Schlachter

    The truthful desk conclusively complete because gram morphologically approve apud a bright delete. fat faulty, incredible myanmar

  • AndyHack

    Mansell's title loss still hurts

  • James Burgett
    James Burgett

    The black-and-white bar centrally bake because burma cumulatively pull amidst a true flugelhorn. marked, literate period

  • Kaj Munk College
    Kaj Munk College

    should have just showed inianapolis

  • Harish T S
    Harish T S

    Surprising that 2005 US GP doesn't make the cut. Didn't 14 cars retire due to tyre issues :)

  • Oryx The Mad God
    Oryx The Mad God

    Missed opportunity to call it "Top 10 tyre troubles in F1"

  • MC XIX
    MC XIX

    And people call Hamilton lucky? He lost the 2007 & 2010 world championships because of tyre failures, could've been a 9 time world champion by how (or 10 time if it wasn't for bad luck in 2016)

  • Neil

    If Mansell had had the presence of mind (and the ability) to drive that car straight into the wall, and then back into the middle of the track, the race would have been stopped and he would have won on countback.

  • leon

    why do f1 tires blow out so often while motogp tires do not?

  • Itachi Of The Leaf🍃
    Itachi Of The Leaf🍃

    It's always this Hamilton guy. Unfortunate.

  • Fernando Delgado
    Fernando Delgado

    You can put max un baku 2021 and Webber in other tyre problem, he lose 2 tyres at once

  • FisicoNucelar

    Where is Fernando Alonso in Baku 2018?

  • Emo Bassist
    Emo Bassist

    How do you not catch someone not having tires in the pits.

  • Peter Cartledge
    Peter Cartledge

    Love Murray Walker over revving……

  • Chris

    I wonder why the 2005 United States Grand Prix wasn't mentioned....

  • Albert Fuertes
    Albert Fuertes

    “Pushing him out is not allowed”… What happened then in Germany same year?


    Hamilton is on here 4 times!

  • 氷乃木櫻日向

    俺は2005年ヨーロッパGPのキミライコネンに痺れたわ ライコネンを好きになるきっかけのレース

  • Manuel Pong
    Manuel Pong

    actualización: Bakú, Azerbaiyán 2021

  • denga 84
    denga 84

    Adelaide 1986...what a tragedy!😭

  • earL

    That first scene made me believe I was trippin'

  • derek crymble
    derek crymble

    Gilles was nearly at racing speed on 3 wheels 1979 in an heroic attempt to get back to the pit . This list is incomplete without him . Could do with better research .

  • Real Meaning Of Life
    Real Meaning Of Life

    Don't know why but it's satisfying when the tyres blow

  • Realm Clan
    Realm Clan

    Verstappen 2021 baku

  • Devin Vanvliet
    Devin Vanvliet

    What about the US grand prix were only 3 teams were at the starting line

  • Victoria Hunter
    Victoria Hunter

    US GP 2005. That is all

  • Mitch Gehman
    Mitch Gehman


  • fatih salihoğlu
    fatih salihoğlu

    All time mercedes

  • Skwisgaar Skwigelf
    Skwisgaar Skwigelf

    3:16 it was at this moment, that an entire nation began praying *San Ganchao*

  • Doctornoop _22
    Doctornoop _22

    Where was Buemi i thought he gona be the last one

  • Artejai Martin
    Artejai Martin

    Pirrelli's or Michelin's?

  • SinikkaL


  • C.K. 88
    C.K. 88


  • Lopped ™
    Lopped ™

    Lul half of it was by bro Lewis hamilton

  • Aaron Copland
    Aaron Copland

    How in the world is the 2005 US GP not on this list...

  • Jhonatan Felipe Ferri Leite
    Jhonatan Felipe Ferri Leite

    I think Pirelli doesn't do tests in Silverstone XD

  • vu phan
    vu phan

    Should be renamed Top 10 Mercedes Tyre Dramas.

  • Alexteal1357

    Is it just me or does Lewis look so different now then in 2010

  • Sim Racer SHREK :)
    Sim Racer SHREK :)

    Disclaimer: SILVERTONE GP wan't harrased after this !! lol XD

  • Deevo037

    Talk about tyre dramas and not mention the 2005 US Grand Prix.

  • Muhamad Ubaied
    Muhamad Ubaied

    Tyre dramas??...where is Indianapolis, USA ? 2005.

  • V12F1Demon

    Basically an entire edit with the excuse of showcasing Lewis in most of them. Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Montoya faced worse circumstances but non-british. They couldn't be more obvious.

  • dimjat

    *My car some- ahhhh* -Lewis Hamilton

  • klepetar

    ferrari did really NOT want irvine to win the championship...

  • Mauricio Molina Alvarez
    Mauricio Molina Alvarez

    Where is JP Montoya who win same like Hamilton in 3 tyres

  • Kingsley Ndam
    Kingsley Ndam

    Ron Dennis, Ruining his drivers chances for decades

  • Zak

    Gilles Villeneuve driving on 3 wheels should've been on this list

  • Sherlock Ohms
    Sherlock Ohms

    “AND LOOK AT THAT!” Murray Walker, sorely missed.

    • Jonathan Day
      Jonathan Day

      Murray Walker should have been knighted for his contributions to engineering. More was learned as a result, as a consequence of his jinxing those cars, than was ever obtained from test drives and wind tunnels. He is, and shall forever remain, the best F1 commentator there has ever been.

    • Garrett1974

      YES, YES, this is MAGNIFICENT


    1:30 que pasó ahi??

  • Luis Sancholland
    Luis Sancholland

    Number 5 is called in Spanish: San Ganchao.

  • david m
    david m

    Thanks for reminding me what a useless commentator James Allen is. "I told you, I told you"!

  • Eduardo González
    Eduardo González


  • DiggaTV


  • Izan Navarro García
    Izan Navarro García

    Hamilton en la pocelana sa engachao sa enganchao

  • Kshitij Garg
    Kshitij Garg

    What a boring sport

  • Carl Sutton
    Carl Sutton

    Over 70 years of Formula 1 history, and Hamilton has 5 of the 10 top tyre dramas? Give me a break....

  • Alessandro Gennari
    Alessandro Gennari

    And what about Gilles villeneuve with his lap on three wheels?

  • marko opasniot
    marko opasniot

    ricciardo monaco 2016?

  • MB Janus
    MB Janus

    It was a shame, Mansell got all the time he wants to replace his tyres..

  • Hamilton 🏁
    Hamilton 🏁

    Nice for Lewis. He looks so handsome 🏳️‍🌈

  • Rashtra Vashisth
    Rashtra Vashisth

    I think mercedes have no luck with their tyres.😅

  • Seminky

    Ok makes sense why 44 afraid to tyre

  • JCCyC

    I'll give you one that was considerably more dramatic than many in that list: Niki Lauda in the 1974 British Grand Prix. Look it up.

  • Viv Field
    Viv Field

    Buemi in China deserves a mention even though it wasn’t during the race surely

  • Teo Abdo
    Teo Abdo

    En este video falta el choque entre Coulthard y Schumacher en SPA Francorchams 1996. Cuando Schumacher regresó a pits corriendo con tres llantas...

  • Maurice Blanche
    Maurice Blanche



    Hamilton is involved in 3 of them and Silverstone is also involved in 3 of them