TOP 10 BRILLIANT Auditions On The X Factor 2020!
Check out the best auditions from The X Factor Romania and The X Factor Italy 2020!
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  • bruno fabio
    bruno fabio

    Que maravilhosa essa última candidata! 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ghanima EZZENJI
    Ghanima EZZENJI

    Ca me rappelle les anciens artistes.Bonne chance ma belle.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ghanima EZZENJI
    Ghanima EZZENJI

    Cette généraration c du Top.

  • Bartheus

    "TOP 10 BRILLIANT Auditions " Do you fcin kiddin me ? Only the last performance was brilliant.

  • Ryk Vagabond
    Ryk Vagabond

    Romaniaaa 🇹🇩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Teckie vlogs
    Teckie vlogs

    Whoever is reading this may God give you wisdom and wealth and double your prosperity

  • Ivy Neon
    Ivy Neon

    Last one is amazing, ..road to winning

  • Adi Cristea
    Adi Cristea

    Loredana și-a făcut operațiile estetice și nu sunt deloc reușite o uratito

  • Graciela Julio
    Graciela Julio


  • ויקי להב
    ויקי להב

    All are so good singers. The first one i love.he/sh so beautiful

    • JBC_81

      You only say that because he is a cross dresser, that was a mediocre performance

  • Adelina Rizescu
    Adelina Rizescu

    De ce dracu nu auzim mai mult de acesti oameni cu un talent urias si auzim de Bianca Dragusanu si proxenetii ei?

  • Ginger Marie
    Ginger Marie

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  • Ghanima EZZENJI
    Ghanima EZZENJI

    Wow .❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ghanima EZZENJI
    Ghanima EZZENJI

    Son commentaire,bonne chance.

  • Corinne

    Sous titres indisponibles...! Dommage

  • Carmen


  • Elsa Licciardi
    Elsa Licciardi


  • Vovô do TFT
    Vovô do TFT

    Na Romenia o beiço das mina tem que ser grande ?? kskksksk

  • Aziza Z
    Aziza Z

    OMG the last one!!!

    • Enzo Diadema
      Enzo Diadema

      The last one is the italian Sonia Mosca...

  • Ro Ra
    Ro Ra

    Brilliant??? Not

  • Наталья Иванова-Корнилова
    Наталья Иванова-Корнилова


  • Jonathan Thompson
    Jonathan Thompson

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  • Emerson Henrique Antonio
    Emerson Henrique Antonio

    A partir do minuto 19:40 a coisa fica séria. Fóra de série...

  • Love Sick
    Love Sick

    He needs help. Don't fool him like that.

  • daniele bisanti
    daniele bisanti

    Mario Cirincione numero 1

  • Rosy Giuliani
    Rosy Giuliani

    fatti furbo. e scena

  • Carolina Beria
    Carolina Beria

    Forza italia🇮🇹

  • leone decimo
    leone decimo


  • TORN in the FLESH
    TORN in the FLESH

    Bella, every time you perform it's OUT OF THIS WORLD. WE LOVE YOU 🇵🇭

  • Silvia Muñoz
    Silvia Muñoz

    Mamma mia! What a voice! (the last one, perfect!

    • Silvia Muñoz
      Silvia Muñoz

      @dark_ XYZ :-) ma si understand todo, oder? (Italiano, English, español, Deutsch)

    • dark_ XYZ
      dark_ XYZ

      Ma che fack metà in italy e metà in inglish

  • Malahat Sarajian
    Malahat Sarajian

    All of them were good singer , but the last one is breathtaking vocalist . She’s amazing 🧿💙

  • Massimo Guarino
    Massimo Guarino

    SONIA is simply the best! amazing! i love you

  • WalmirBSB

    I didn't like it, not good, no one was brilliant. not impressive performance of everyone

  • ted evans
    ted evans

    @19:58 I have no idea if the song is called casadilego , or the girl is named that ? I dont understand the language , but the girls voice was beautiful ! she is gifted with such talent , and it seems so easy for her .

    • salvatore palazzo
      salvatore palazzo

      Casadilego is Elisa Coclite and the song is "A case of you" of Joni Mitchell. She is the winner of the 2020 edition 👍

    • Nico Belegni
      Nico Belegni

      however it means "LegoHouse"

    • Nico Belegni
      Nico Belegni

      I don't want to say, but she was in fact the winner of this edition

  • 07jet1 Leyne
    07jet1 Leyne

    My god the last singer ,what a voice

  • Benigno Antonio Gomez Jiménez
    Benigno Antonio Gomez Jiménez

    Diosssssssssss mio ese jurado de la última participante son bellisimos estos hombres están hermosos y las damas son guapísimas mmmmmuack hermosotes

  • Benigno Antonio Gomez Jiménez
    Benigno Antonio Gomez Jiménez

    Blue phelix adorable me encanta es único

  • PAULO Bernardesss
    PAULO Bernardesss

    A mae ta k miza

  • PAULO Bernardesss
    PAULO Bernardesss

    A vi k beludaa ta ci entregannu...

  • PAULO Bernardesss
    PAULO Bernardesss

    O bofe deve pedir..Vi...canta soh na tv

  • PAULO Bernardesss
    PAULO Bernardesss

    A vivteim falsetchhi devastador...k fona

  • PAULO Bernardesss
    PAULO Bernardesss

    A bofi gordinha adorou a raxa Turner.

  • PAULO Bernardesss
    PAULO Bernardesss

    As loka juradaa ficaru mais loka

  • Jacques Momart
    Jacques Momart

    Heureusement qu'on a entendu " proud mary " le reste est triste a pleurer !!!

  • Luigi Brambilla
    Luigi Brambilla

    quando ha cantato la ragazza cieca che ha una voce pazzesca l'hanno inquadrata in modo velocissimo poche volte... hanno inquadrato tutto il tempo i bei visi dei giudici degli altri concorrenti ma non lei che era la protagonista!!! ora cerco il nome aveva una voce pazzesca... l'ho trovato vergognoso che non l'abbiano inquadrata piu tempo!!

  • Dariusz Sobański
    Dariusz Sobański

    Italy and Romania, theres no other countries?

    • Mv

      cè STO CAZZOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • Massimo Guarino
      Massimo Guarino

      there is Sonia Mosca is enough!



  • aspenrebel

    How did they do X Factor in 2020 with virus?

    • Chiara Ferrari
      Chiara Ferrari

      @aspenrebel nooo sorry i dont know how i can say "quarantena" in english i think that you can understand LOCK DOWN. Then, he stay at home for 3 weeks so sorry i cant speek a good english im only 14...

    • aspenrebel

      @Chiara Ferrari is "quarentine" a new dance?

    • Chiara Ferrari
      Chiara Ferrari

      i'm italian and here we did x-factor very safe, they were check every day. Think that the presenter had the corona-virus and he do the quarantine, he was a sick positive and he do quarantine for 3 weeks

  • tony parsons
    tony parsons

    smile is off the hook

  • tony parsons
    tony parsons

    why don't U stay fabulous

  • Dan Ovidiu
    Dan Ovidiu


  • Michela Carboni
    Michela Carboni

    Franci sei unico..TVB.

  • Kim

    Yaaaaaaaa yYa You are super smart👍🏻❤️👀you 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏼😘you 😃🙏🏼😋😴💤🌵🍀☘️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Michael Mele
    Michael Mele

    Ma dai, alla fine la camicia di quello nn era male

  • Altynai Isabaev
    Altynai Isabaev

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  • Fabrizio Fischetti
    Fabrizio Fischetti

    If there's something that I totally hate, which make me totally upset is when a person goes there, first time in his life, with a talent like the number 6, and the CAMERA is 99% on the JUDGES!! F**k, cameramen, you're idiots! From the start (11:26) to the end of her audition (14:27), you see her just 10 seconds around. I think this is totally respectless. we want to see HER, not only the reaction she creates.

    • Silvia Muñoz
      Silvia Muñoz

      I thought the same! it was awful, respectless. And it seems to me that happens just with that girl...

  • Giulia Bellettato
    Giulia Bellettato


    • Alessio V
      Alessio V


    • Rosie Red
      Rosie Red

      Si 🙋‍♀️

    • dark_ XYZ
      dark_ XYZ


    • avadava felix
      avadava felix

      X-Factor Italy And X-Factor Romania

    • Massimo Guarino
      Massimo Guarino


  • wayne whitson
    wayne whitson

    # 6 !! # 8 !!!!! # 1 !!!!!!!! # 5 !!!!!!!!!!! (The male Cristina Ramos)

    • Michela Carboni
      Michela Carboni

      All Italian singers..after "a case of you", no one speak for 2 minutes..the silence..😢

  • ruan pablo pablo
    ruan pablo pablo


  • lidya Pattirane
    lidya Pattirane

    Top super .

  • Ainy Drawing Academy
    Ainy Drawing Academy

    Wooo 💗💗

  • David brown
    David brown

    so many wow's

  • Ionela Ioja
    Ionela Ioja

    ❤️❤️Super Romênia, obrigada meu amor 😇

    • Felicia Shannon
      Felicia Shannon




  • Махат Мергали
    Махат Мергали

    В конце огонь далеко пойдёт по всему миру

  • Limitless

    02:12 Don't judge a book by its cover !! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ISM1995

    Search Caruso X factor Romania. The best by far

    • Linda Compton
      Linda Compton


  • Людмила Услистова
    Людмила Услистова

    Прекрасно. Мило. Восхитительно.

  • Kayleigh Schultz
    Kayleigh Schultz

    She copied the way she sings ‘I am telling you’ from 15 year old Sarah Ikumu off Britain’s got Talent!! SMH

    • RioMuc

      She sings completely different from Sarah Ikumu and to be honest, much better.

  • الفرعون

  • حمزه الكرعاوي
    حمزه الكرعاوي

    Hey, Iraqi was here.

    • الفرعون

  • Da'al Alyemany
    Da'al Alyemany

    هل اجد من يصلي على النبي هناااا🌼🌼🌼🌼💞

    • الفرعون

    • حمزه الكرعاوي
      حمزه الكرعاوي

      اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد



    • الفرعون

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