Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

  • Dorinda George
    Dorinda George

    C. O. N. G. R. A. T. S!!!!! Tom you don’t probably realize this but having Addison’s disease I listen to so much music and OMG, my heart ❤️ honestly, your music speaks to my soul seriously. So inspiring, honestly!

  • Kimberly Frost
    Kimberly Frost

    Good for you and moving into a better place ...... wish I had at least one of those stacks of money lol..... I have all of your cds live them all

  • Jeremiah Long
    Jeremiah Long

    Love it


    You enjoy your life an your money Brother. You have more supporters than haters keep up the good work.

  • lanky rat
    lanky rat

    Nice track! Digging the soft sound too

  • benjamin paige
    benjamin paige

    proud of him even tho i never heard about him

  • Jim Hill
    Jim Hill

    if you read this Tom, i want you to know your music helped me during a dark time. keep being Tom, the world needs him

  • Chris Cromar
    Chris Cromar

    I am grateful for your honesty. It's hard to find a lot of that sort of thing these days.

  • Wanda Russell
    Wanda Russell

    I love yall dude ❤

  • Billy Shepard
    Billy Shepard

    *Ay, Tom, do you invest into the stock market?*


    Still and will always be the best thing that ever happened to hiphop rap. Keeps it 100 no matter what. Love what u doing n how u keep it 100 to the fans. Tom for president

  • J Zilla
    J Zilla

    Fantano lit his lighter to this one

  • moonshine camo
    moonshine camo

    Fuck ya get em tom

  • TFDRezk

    WHY ARE ALL OF YOUR SONGS BANGERS!!!!?!?!???❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Brandon Stanley
    Brandon Stanley

    He the truth! I don’t know how people have hate for this man! He for the people and the better mental health of our youth!

  • Koba Lean
    Koba Lean

    If you hating on this guy smh I feel sorry for you gwan g keep doing your thing regardless 💯👊🏾

  • Richard Mireles
    Richard Mireles

    Tommmmm!!!!!!!! NOOOOVA!!!!! I FUVKIN LOVE YALL SO MUCH. Been putting off making y'all a love video with my son for too long I'll send it soon enough. We've had out H.O.G. Merch for so long just wanted to say love y'all and I'm blessed to support your music and the changes you making in the world. H.O.G The Army can't wait to see you in Houston post Covid times.

  • dolycha

    Love this guy!

  • Amanda Price
    Amanda Price

    Super real G 💪💯👊

  • Blake Hopper
    Blake Hopper

    God bless you tom speak the truth.

  • Orbit The Rapper
    Orbit The Rapper

    The only thing that doesnt change is you always shout Nova out at the end of every video

  • iONFluxX

    Reading the comments I realize Tom has some of the best fans out there

  • R J
    R J

    Tom has a cute smile Need more vids like this Love from india😍

  • Sean Stott
    Sean Stott

    Tom dont worry about the haters man,, keep doing you.. your at the top of my list when it comes to music..Keep grinding man and take care of your family!!

  • Matthew James Maxwell
    Matthew James Maxwell

    Hi Tom, awesome track, thanks.... Ever thought about doing a colab with MESUS?.... Would be sweet.... Cheers... 🔱

  • Heather Moyer
    Heather Moyer

    New here and staying! My words don't mean anything but your songs give me goosebumps, they're nothing but truth. Keep it up

  • Sami Amer
    Sami Amer

    Over 3000 dislikes!!! They definitely mad😂. Keep killin it Tom🤙🏾

  • Dan Gmiter
    Dan Gmiter

    You are straight fire 🔥 brother, love everything I have been introduced to. I Will continue to spread your music through my speaker at work every night on my exhausting graveyard shift.

  • Gemini


  • Blackwidow Lyrics
    Blackwidow Lyrics

    I made lyrics to this amazing song 🖤

  • Blackwidow Lyrics
    Blackwidow Lyrics ☺️

  • Chaunce Shrewsbury
    Chaunce Shrewsbury

    Nothing wrong with buying yourself nice things. That's not selling out. Fuck the haters man. You've made a killing on being real and talking about real issues. Keep it going!

  • Sher Elio
    Sher Elio


  • Isaiah Knott
    Isaiah Knott

    Speak bro you have way to much haters younger one of the best artists I have ever seen you are speaking strait facts and strait truth and that's why everyone loves you keep it up keep posting bangers


    Stand Ground

  • Dale Downing
    Dale Downing

    Man fuck what people has to say. I’ve only been listening to your music since the beginning of this year but out of everything I’ve seen from your past songs and now u haven’t changed one bit. Keep up the good work bub

  • Dawn Martin
    Dawn Martin

    You are an inspiration, you speak truth, you work your ass off, you stay real, you do it on your own with your love and you should never have to feel bad for any of the things that you have worked for! Keep being the amazing person you are and that you are still learning and growing to be. We all change as we grow and live, as we should! You owe no apologies or promises and especially to people that haven't lived your life. You help real people get through real stuff and you remain loyal to who you are! Love, prayers and respect!

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton

    Great song man. Stay you!

  • Adam Gaudlip
    Adam Gaudlip

    Dude!.... fuck the haters. You're an inspiration to the working man who enjoys a little rap. Castles, Cancer, I wish, your spoken words and pretty much everything you put out is all relatable. I like childish gambino for the same reason but he sold out to liberal Hollywood and followed the liberal narrative rather than continuing on his own path of relatability.

  • Panton Muenchen
    Panton Muenchen


  • katie tyge
    katie tyge

    Another great song ! Don't worry about haters ! You and your girl deserve everything you have ! Someone's always going to think something ... keep being you and singing your truth.

  • Lynx

    I live like that everyday

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    This is why I love this guy music because he’s honest

  • Johnnie.J

    Love how you always putting out Truth , and with Clean beats ..thank you for grate Music 🎶

  • Me Name Westie
    Me Name Westie


  • David Gregory
    David Gregory

    buy small and keep that loot millionaires waste money then their broke so keep it tight keep it right dont burn the light for everyone known cuz if you do then your cash is blown hell with the press they aint the rest ask yourself what their worth and the city their in wasnt worth the wait always stay real dont take the bait peace out

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      tommy mac proving once again that he's only gonna get better with time

  • Earthgal Hippiechick
    Earthgal Hippiechick

    ♥ Keepin it Real as always! ♥

  • Cole Overbeck
    Cole Overbeck

    Fuck I wanna "$ellout"

  • Christopher Wiley
    Christopher Wiley

    Someone please say something negative because all of these positive comments are annoying. Too bad Tom doesn't take the time to read his comments and reply back. He is just too busy making rap videos

  • Christopher Wiley
    Christopher Wiley

    Not one comment I read is hateful. Stop pretending that there are tons of haters. Everyone is all supportive of Tom and it's very annoying af. I want to see some good negative comments!!!

  • Sober Dad and Family Vlogs
    Sober Dad and Family Vlogs

    When’s the tour brah!??!!

  • Braydon Reeves
    Braydon Reeves

    You’re a legend Tom❤️ Keep doing what you do best! You and Nova are an inspiration and both of your blood sweat and tears don’t go unnoticed. You two have a beautiful bond and the way your minds connect to broadcast a singular image is mesmerizing. Your songs have really touched home for me in a lot of ways and I’m grateful that I’ve had your music as a support through thick and thin. I wish nothing but the best for you both. God knows you’ve earned it (And I don’t say the G word lightly) Take care brother, Peace.

  • Scott Hurt
    Scott Hurt

    "Sellout" is just a word haters use because they can't catch/keep up with your success in life or profession. Keep spittin' the Truth in your songs!!

  • Tierney Logan
    Tierney Logan

    Now collab with church again please 🥰

  • Tierney Logan
    Tierney Logan

    You are allowed to enjoy nice things! Especially for all the hard work you put in. You gotta put a ring on that girl though, she’s amazing 😍

  • Char Angus
    Char Angus

    RESPECT!!! I turned my life around too. The best lesson I learned is family is all the matters.

  • Zealhozi

    this is odd. I thought the whole point of blowing up was to have nice things. Am I missing something?

  • Whatlouisesaid 2020
    Whatlouisesaid 2020

    This is hands down my fav song of yours yet! You’re always amazing

  • Jeremy Simmons
    Jeremy Simmons

    Keep living the good life brother thank you for everything you do much respect

  • Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød
    Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød

    Tom is fucking awesome

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    tommy mac proving once again that he's only gonna get better with time

  • Mrs. Max Silver
    Mrs. Max Silver

    I’m convinced . You guys are awesome!!!

  • derek johnson
    derek johnson

    honestly i love his new stuff he's always been honest to himself in his songs.

  • The Road U Take Home
    The Road U Take Home

    Stay up up y'all Be safe

  • WiseToLies

    Tom needs to read Thomas Paine to connect with his American ancestor - ITmores Mark Passio: Service To Truth

  • Kris Greenfield
    Kris Greenfield

    Dude your music has truly helped me in the last couple years and your really the only artist i listen to and believe in . You are who you are and I love you and your music no matter what. I listen to you every single day and have shown you to my parents and have told them straight up “this man is my idol, he makes music that motivates me and connects with me no artist has ever done”. I love you Tom ❤️ stay you

  • John Kellogg
    John Kellogg

    Not to bad actually, fair game too thought it wasn't gonna be to good but it actually alright . Great work tom and nova

  • Shane Coffey Outdoors
    Shane Coffey Outdoors


  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    Love you Tom ❤️

  • MrTinghus

    As if he owes anyone to stay in the same place he used to be. The goal of this life is to grow and see who you can, and want to become. Staying stuck just so you don't hurt other people's sense of "ownership" is not the way to be happy.

  • aiden hugg
    aiden hugg

    Put on a suit clean up your image

    • Jeremy Haven
      Jeremy Haven

      Cant clean up this much garbage.

  • Good Fella
    Good Fella

    tbh every time this man drops something it's slightly better than the previous track. Keep it up Tom!

    • Jeremy Haven
      Jeremy Haven

      The only thing he drops is shit. Thats what happens when you take it in the rear like im sure this man does.

  • Ted Smith
    Ted Smith

    God damn be proud man you deserve it. You worked your ass off bruh. I appreciate it. We all do.

  • Mich Man
    Mich Man

    Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones love your music Tom McDonald thumbs up way up! ❤️🔥👏💯👍😎

  • rapture dweller
    rapture dweller

    Tom ive been following since white boy first dropped, you're the man and a movement and im here till the end. Seen you live only twice but watch every video and i am honored to be apart of your movement and your fambase =)

  • Andrew Gerard
    Andrew Gerard

    TM is a spoken word artist, with or without a beat.

  • Marci Ochs
    Marci Ochs

    Don't underestimate the hang over gang will make it happen blast it brother n sisters


    I just got an AD on ITmores for this!!!!!!!

  • Chronic-187

    Appreciate you and your music man💯

  • April M. Wemigwans- Mezi Megwaan Kwe
    April M. Wemigwans- Mezi Megwaan Kwe

    Man that’s what I have been saying IF EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY THE SAME IT WOULD BE A PRETTY BORING WORLD WELL 4 me that is...,anyone comes at you with a negative comment is broadcasting to the world that is what’s inside of them. Just don’t accept it. Say thank you n move on. I could never do it be the same day after day year after year. All obstacles and challenges keep it interesting. Although I still like to kick it back. Our survival depends solely on contrast and everyones differences. Just do you. If it feels right. Never mind what ur head tells u. Feel it. Learn it. Love it. Live it. Peace and stay blessed. Wish you and your family the best of everything.

  • DJ

    You are spreading good in this world

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh

    Tom is a genuinely good man!!!

  • Jorrie Brandt
    Jorrie Brandt

    This is so true. I'm happy your here for this generation. I'm glad for all those before this kind of rap now they have more of a voice and I'm happy and thankful for people like you also! You've helped a different generation see there's more then just drugs and alcohol that there's life outside addiction.

  • Ash

    I always appreciate the honesty in your music, you’re absolutely one of my favorite artists because of that. It’s so sad people hate on people that decide to do something with their lives, to make a difference and grow as a person. As if they don’t deserve the success and recognition for all their hard work. But you really do deserve all the good things heading your way. Don’t ever let the hate get you down. You’re a awesome dude makin some seriously killer music. 🤘

  • deken

    I love this song, Tom. Growing smarter, becoming successful, and choosing to change to better yourself does not make one a "sellout." Growing mentally and spiritually and choosing to better yourself, especially for those you love, makes one a good person. Having the drive, the uncompromising will to do this with your partner, and no record label that makes you a role model. You and Nova deserve success since you've both worked your butts off for it!

  • Rosey Elizabeth
    Rosey Elizabeth

    As always the shit!! Love it.. never a sellout .. just a dreamer making it happen!! #appericate #muchluv

  • Skittles 2020
    Skittles 2020

    this has the same vibes as Markipliers video about the end of unnas annus

  • Ben Dujakovich
    Ben Dujakovich

    Subscribed. ... CHEERS to the realest dude on the internet right now. A Man . American, not scared to spit the truth!!!!. ( god bless you tom! )

  • Cali Faircloth
    Cali Faircloth

    You should. You a a gimmick qnd a half. Its so sad.

  • Jordan Howard
    Jordan Howard

    most underrated artist EVER

  • Fun times with FeFe
    Fun times with FeFe

    amazing as always

  • Jastal D
    Jastal D

    Love the song, but hate the fact that the f-word is censored. But I can understand it being a clean version for ITmores reasons.

  • Tyler Giroux
    Tyler Giroux

    This guy annoying fr

  • The Skull
    The Skull

    You are amazing keep doing what you're doing I'm a big fan

  • Kathryn Faith
    Kathryn Faith

    Awww the pups are so cute! All that matters is you're happy and doing what you love. F*ck the haters. :)

  • Opuada Abusi
    Opuada Abusi

    I love you brother!


    do it big brodie, fuck haters, they just bad cuz you spit the truth

  • Derek Patterson
    Derek Patterson

    Your not a sellout, you put the work in and your allowed to be successful. Your music is fire, keep it up!

  • DaddyOpr8r

    Haters gonna hate and haters still make you rich. So love thy hater. Lol

  • Squids Sky
    Squids Sky

    Is he for trump I can’t tell