Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

  • Emmax ximum
    Emmax ximum

    All those who put a thumb down are so sick how could you.

  • Mystic Nights
    Mystic Nights

    Thank you so much for this. I lost 2 uncle's to cancer and my aunt battled breast cancer and beat it. This song is really heart felt

  • T Mil-79
    T Mil-79

    The fucked up thing about this is that it caught me in the feels. My mom had cancer (even thought we didn't get along) and my GFs daughter had cancer to and she beat it. So this song is pretty personal and IM NOT CRYING!!! I have onion cutting ninjas hiding somewhere damnit!!!

  • Petros Kostianis
    Petros Kostianis

    This was raw. It's hard to listen to in 1 sitting.

  • Alex Schlafer
    Alex Schlafer

    No words

  • TheKallious

    this song cuts me deep on a emotional level since today is the day i lost someone who i love to cancer. it's hard to sit at work and try to be strong after being told that the person is gone when you just want to sit in a corner and just fucking cry

  • Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz
    Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz

    Thax it’s good they have but it’s covid19 is not real

  • Andrew Huot
    Andrew Huot

    We just found out my dad has pancreatic cancer 2 days before this came out. Thank you tom hard times right now. My dads my hero!!!! Life changed in the blink of an eye.

  • Matthew Jamieson
    Matthew Jamieson

    Lost my dad to cancer just wanna say thank you im not much of a cryer but I'm not ashamed to say I am wiping my face dont think I've had a song hit this close to home in a long time thanks man much love keep doing your thing this is what it looks like when an artist is not controlled by the machine

  • Seth Haskell
    Seth Haskell

    My Dad was just diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I felt numb hearing him tell me over the phone. He is on opposite ends of the country, I cant see him, only hear the fear and sorrow in his voice. I clicked on this, expecting another gem, but 30 seconds into it i broke down in tears. I love all Tom's songs, but this one really made a difference. It helped me process this news, and provided a bit of hope against this future. Thanks man.

  • Alexios Ellis
    Alexios Ellis

    Tom you are a beautiful soul my man keep making music fuck the haters

  • Emroy Cardinal
    Emroy Cardinal

    Still grieving the loss of my baby brother, he died years ago from stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer, right before his third birthday when we had the make a wish foundation set up for him, Rip Greyson Tavaris Cardinal🙏

  • Isreal Logan
    Isreal Logan exactly

  • GreasemonkeyTV Peek
    GreasemonkeyTV Peek

    I was in tears the first 15 seconds and im not that type. My wife has been fighting cancer for 2.5 years. She is a fighter. Great song. 100% true

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C

    Just lost my mom 2weeks ago form stage 4 Brain cancer...I wasn't ready for this one Tom..Damn that hit hArd. Shouldn't have watched this at work, lol

  • Livid Struggler
    Livid Struggler

    Pretty based, still disagree that scientists and stuff aren't trying.

  • Harshdeep singh
    Harshdeep singh

    My condolences to those who are fighting this disease hope you all recover.

  • Matthew Trowbridge
    Matthew Trowbridge

    Thanks Tom McDonald was amazing

  • Jay Dubb
    Jay Dubb

    I miss my Mom & Grandma.... It's been 12 years and it still seems like yesterday. #FuckCancer

  • Lil Burger
    Lil Burger

    The song name is his career in a nutshell

  • Jordan Moore
    Jordan Moore

    We beat cancer and overcome death with believing in Jesus Christ! God bless Tom MacDonald!

  • Travis South
    Travis South

    Love the video my moms boyfriend is going threw all the dr bs fighting cancer right now your songs bring people hope and bring back the faith everyone needs thanks Tom your the man

  • Xxlil_lonelyxX

    Lukimia took my cousin when I was 5... His birthday is next Friday. Well I guess its time again to drive 3 hours to visit him.

  • Gregory Dillard
    Gregory Dillard

    Fuck bro made me cry have lost some good people in my life to cancer

  • Guillermo Coto Martinez
    Guillermo Coto Martinez

    Fighting cáncer right now and isnt being a good Day, thanks Tom, from the bottom of my heart.

  • Mike Stonez
    Mike Stonez

    Good job you two. Definitely a tear jerker.👍 👍

  • Jessica Henny
    Jessica Henny

    Another Beautifully Meaningful song From Tom MacDonald ❤️

  • Sandra Lane
    Sandra Lane

    A Meaningful Rap song, once again, Tom, you knock it out of the park!!!!!

  • Martin Hayes Kelly
    Martin Hayes Kelly

    Loving Tom MacDonald more and more with every track he drops keep doing you Tom❤️ I feel like the best is still yet to come 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sandra Lane
    Sandra Lane

    Love it

  • Peter Bondarenko
    Peter Bondarenko

    Absolutely amazing,I love your music man 💯💯💯

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith

    I've got three kidsI get them to listen to this stuff my youngest which is 6 years old loves this dude's music

  • Justice Noble
    Justice Noble

    This hitting home my grandpa just got done with radiation

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith

    This is the one thing that amazes me about this guy right here Tom McDonald this man takes things that are actually happening in our lives and he makes a positive song about it only if a lot of the other rappers did with him in a very few others do Tom your the greatest of all dude my hat's off to you bud.

  • Magical Trevor
    Magical Trevor

    The doctor, the actor from White Boy, is awesome please keep bringing him back. Great video!

  • Bryce McBroom
    Bryce McBroom

    This hits different 🥺😔😭

  • 31 31
    31 31

    I’m not going to lie I cry every time I listen to this song. To the people who dislike this song they probably don’t know or haven’t gone through the struggle. Thank you to Tom and Nova for doing this.

  • WPFraGs

    Great song plus video as always! Also anyone wanna sub? Would help me a lot and if not just check me out please💙

  • Jussmanbaby Barbosa
    Jussmanbaby Barbosa


  • Christina Daley
    Christina Daley


  • John Hodge
    John Hodge

    I'm not the dude who cries, ever....but I tell ya I just watched this for the first time and am crying like the day cancer took my grandfather.

  • vikingsfan32890

    This song hits home with my wife having two surgeries for her thyroid cancer. Thought they got it all the first time and it came back. She is cancer free at the moment

  • Lymn Brawner
    Lymn Brawner

    😭 please pray for my dad.

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller

    I lost my dad 2 years ago to cancer and I miss him terribly every single day. I would do anything to tell him I love him just one more time.

  • Heather Hester
    Heather Hester

    My dad died of liver cancer when he was 59. I had to deliver the news to him that they denied him for the liver transplant. My heart shattered looking him in the eyes having to give him his death sentence.

  • Cory Wilford
    Cory Wilford

    Keep up the good work 👍🤙

  • Brandi Danser
    Brandi Danser

    You out did yourself with this one tom. Goosebumps throughout my whole body everytime I listen Iisten to it and ugly tears when the chorus begins.

  • Reinaldo Fields
    Reinaldo Fields

    The guilt I carry is heavy. The doctors told me the type of cancer I have skips a generation. So 12 years later I had to sit and listen that not only one of my daughter's but the second oldest has the same type of cancer and had to have the same surgery as me.

  • Brett Butler
    Brett Butler

    How do 2.6k people dislike this song?.. y’all must’ve never lost anyone.

  • Tom Forest
    Tom Forest

    I had a friend that just died from cancer he was 77 years old. I pray God is kind too him.

  • Jennifer Danielson
    Jennifer Danielson

    Good job my friend 😢🥰put a tear to my eye❤️❤️lost my grandmother who raised me she died from lung cancer 😢

  • benwhabballs : l
    benwhabballs : l

    my girl heard the first bar and literally broke down crying. couldn't even finish the song.

  • FacePaint Games
    FacePaint Games

    Wow this hit hard lost my aunt to stage 4 cancer and seen her husband drink himself to death cause he couldnt deal with her gone.

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    Food grade hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. My dad did it after his second cancer surgery. The doctor told him if he didn't do chemotherapy he would be dead in 2 yrs. My dad went to see that dr 3 yrs to the day. The dr said there were no signs he had cancer at all and gave my dad a hug. Also I eat cilantro, also a cancer fighter.

  • Kaileb Herold
    Kaileb Herold

    Nice job tom you made me cry🥺😭

  • Gary Warner
    Gary Warner

    Love the video Tom, My mom went through stage3 breast cancer and by the grace of God she has beat it. It was the most horrible thing to watch someone that you love go through. Thanks for the video.

  • Bo Farm vlog
    Bo Farm vlog

    Covid,cancer,religion all a money making sham. Its a joke all created by the government

  • Joe Barkowski
    Joe Barkowski

    Last blast of chemo as we speak.. 4 weeks left of radiation tongue and throat cancer same shit as eddie van halen . Fuck cancer everyone keep fighting you're stronger then you think.

  • Za Monolith
    Za Monolith

    Same guy from Whiteboy lol (black dude)

  • Tori Mitchell
    Tori Mitchell

    I’m speechless Nova and Tom!!!!! Just speechless.........I just lost my hero since birth, my wonderful daddy, to colon cancer with metastasis to his lungs. They found the cancer early in his colon and he had surgery to remove it and the doctors told him he was good and never had him follow up - they said he didn’t need it. Two years later he was having back and shoulder pain so he went to the hospital and they treated him for kidney stones and sent him home. Again, no follow up. Finally, I made him go request an x-ray because he was still having those sharp pains. He wasn’t one to tell the doctors how to do their jobs and he trusted them - but I was determined! So, he had the x-ray and they told him he had stage 4 cancer in his lungs and said he should get his final affairs in order in the next 3 months because it was that bad! This is the big strong invincible man who raised me and my brother as a single father and the man who protected me from harm my whole life - the man who would die for me!! Now we were gonna have to fight that invisible, minuscule, creature (too small for the eyes to see), yet ravenous and savagely it broke my daddy’s body down slowly until it took him all the way away from us completely!! Everyone should meet a man like my daddy who lived every day taking the opportunity to bring people to God - even while this demon was devouring his mind body and soul and NOT ONE TIME did I ever hear him complain or question God and told us we shouldn’t either!! My daddy was a good man, he was the pastor of our church, never smoked or drank or did ANYTHING to harm his body!! He was not yet 60 years old. He worked his whole life to provide (by himself) for us and to buy things like a camper so he could travel and enjoy his retirement only he never got to use it and ended up having to sell it to help pay for his treatments! Even though he worked for the same company for 30 years, he had to not only continue to work to pay what the insurance (that he payed into for decades) didn’t cover, but he had to start selling things little by little like you said, Tom: JUST TO BE HERE A LITTLE LONGER!!!! Okay, I have to stop now because I’m crying like a baby, but (if you hear NOTHING else I say) NOVA, TOM, You guys are incredible!!!!!! I don’t give a damn what ANYONE thinks about it!!!! That’s why I defend ya’ll so much even though it gets me destroyed on social media!! Lol 😜I really hope you guys know how much your music and videos - and your relationship with each other - inspire us daily and I don’t know what you do or don’t believe in but I believe with all my heart that ya’ll were blessed with your platform for a beautiful reason and I thank God for that!! #hangovergang biiiittttcccchhhhheeeeessssss 🥰😍😘😜😝😎

  • The Last Rebel
    The Last Rebel

    Stage4 throat cancer survivor,radiation,chemo,but I'm alive,than you JESUS CHRIST!!!!


    This song is amazing..i have leukemia and this song had me in tears and im a 45 yr old man....thank you for the voice and keep up the amazing and nova are what content kids need to be watching and its obviously showing in your numbers that your message is getting across...enjoy the spoils of doing the right thing...let everyone else fight for the wrong things

  • Todd Carballo
    Todd Carballo

    #Aaliyahstrong ❤️🎗❤️🎗❤️🎗🙏

  • Colton Omega
    Colton Omega

    In the course of 3 years I lost 3 grandparents to cancer. Things happened so quickly I didn’t even really get to process everything going on, I was in high school trying to just get past the extremely awkward teen years we all experience and didn’t realize how serious things were. It’s weird looking back now that it’s been 6 years since I lost my last grandparent and seeing how negatively the treatment impacted them, but when you are so close life has a way of blinding you to what’s right in front of you. Looking back I wish I had been present more, I was so caught up in teenage things that didn’t matter. I didn’t realize that one day I’d give a year of my life just to have one last conversation with them, to tell them how much has changed, get advice, and ask the questions I wish I had asked. Fuck cancer and fuck the doctors that push torture as treatment. None of my grandparents cancer were curable, and they knew it but they insisted the treatment would give them the best shot at an extended life. I have no doubt it cut their lives short and lined the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. They use our fear of mortality to make a deal with the devil. The fucked up part is if I get cancer I’m sure I’ll also opt for treatment hoping I’m the exception. The cycle repeats.

  • The Crazy Vaper
    The Crazy Vaper

    A brother in law of mine, just passed from massive cancer, it was everywhere in his body. Within a month of his diagnosis, he passed away. It kills quick

  • Beckaboo3397

    Absolutely amazing ✨✨ 🙏🏼 Thank you also for my personalised albums they were an honour to receive. Love you Tom & Nova🦋🦋🦋

  • Lil Nuggie
    Lil Nuggie

    Damn, this hit different. It cuts deep dude keep it up

  • James Woods
    James Woods

    What kind of piece of shit hits "thumbs down" for this song ?.... wtf is wrong with people. Beautiful track bro. Real talk

  • Bob Burger
    Bob Burger

    "Battling. Fighting, cancer" here and it ain't easy with everything else you have to go through. Fell asleep in the rain in my driveway for 5 hours before some one called the balance.

  • Dylan Supino
    Dylan Supino

    Why does this have almost 3 thousand dislikes, whos hating on this?

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man

    Its sad the day this came out is the day I found out my great-grand mother has cancer in her lungs, pancreas, and liver.

  • dolphinsphreak

    How can people dislike this?

  • SiC Vicious official
    SiC Vicious official

    Damn...Got me leaky AF

  • Wulfleyn

    They have a concept for a cure using sound to vibrate the cancer cells at a resonant frequency to rupture them, but that only works for identical cancer cells.

  • J Mo
    J Mo

    Just going to leave this here

  • Nursemidratz

    Being a Nurse on a bone marrow transplant unit I see this everyday. ALL, CLL, AML, CML, NHL, Hodgkins, AA, blackfan anemia, sickle cell, MDS, multiple myeloma, etc. The people I take care of have changed me forever. Live your best life and spend time with family and friends.

  • jason beaulieu
    jason beaulieu

    Thank you for talking about what people won’t. I have Stage 4 metastatic papillary thyroid cancer. I have had three surgeries in a year, and don’t even qualify for disability.

  • Gayla Ann
    Gayla Ann

    Cancer sucks and eventually effects everyone somehow, or someway. Love the video❤️

  • Slaughtervain 23
    Slaughtervain 23

    Great Vid man, lost my mom 6 yrs ago to cancer, last yr my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, treatment every 14 days. Thanks for this Tom!

  • Mystic Shadow
    Mystic Shadow

    Why are you people disliking this song 🧐 can you just not except the reality or do you not care about the people undergoing these conditions.

  • Double T
    Double T


  • thorn black
    thorn black

    This hit home. My grandpa died almost 14 years ago from lung cancer that spread to every organ in his body in the 6 months from when they found it to when he died. And my wife's grandma has cancer for the 9th time at 90. She's not fighting it this time.

  • Haydenbunker57

    Great song and great video keep up the good work

  • Emmett Butler
    Emmett Butler

    Awesome song ive lost several family members to cancer and I hit it nail on the head with song I love all ur music u r a great artist keep up the good work as long as u keep putti g music out I will keep listening

  • LOVE LIFE119
    LOVE LIFE119

    My dad just died of cancer on the 7th. Its been so rough. Thank you...

  • Melissa McCaffery
    Melissa McCaffery

    Squamous cell carcinoma took my mom when she was 46. Pancreatic cancer took my dad when he was 57. I am only 36 yrs old and cancer took both of my parents. Sometimes I feel so lost and alone. I miss their voices most.. CANCER SUCKS!!


    Why is there 2.6k dislikes

  • destin barber
    destin barber

    A song for everyone.

  • destin barber
    destin barber

    You won't know how to be brave until you fight when your afraid.

  • destin barber
    destin barber

    Felt this on a different level.

  • Rodney Calhoun
    Rodney Calhoun

    Love it. I lost my grandpa less than 5 years ago to the cancer battle. Now at the moment my wife's mom is currently fighting stage 3 pancreatic cancer. We found out at the start of the pandemic. It's been hard on my wife. We just found we're Prego with our third baby as well. So tough to be happy at the moment. So this song helps remind us all we can do is fight. I've fought a lot as man tbh. Grew up with a single mom that had abusive men in and out of the home. One guy was so bad I was on the news for the abuse he put me threw. Grew up a little fucked up did 4 1/2 years in a close max security prison Lebanon Correctional came home beat the recidivism rate. Got my life together started a family and been battling this cancer battle with one family member to another. Been hard to smile and stay positive but when I listen to your music man it helps. Someone finally able to speak up for others and bring truth to a lot of shit. Finally someone not scared to speak up.

  • Fred Vecchione
    Fred Vecchione

    My gram just passed from lung cancer man it was hard.Thank you for your music its always so inspirational and truthful much love man

  • Ashley Slone
    Ashley Slone

    Bet the 2.6k 👎 is all homosexuals! LOL! Awesome song + video LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

  • Mary Feiler
    Mary Feiler

    I lost my daddy to non Hodgkin's lymphoma five years ago but before he passed he put on one hell of a fight until the end I miss him so much .. 😞💔 Love this song Tom ♥️

  • ihlbit1

    Awesome song, my mom passed from cancer many years ago. I’m sorry but it looked like a fart was burning his eyes most of the vid

  • Nicholas Bianchine
    Nicholas Bianchine

    Its songs like this that show your greatness. From stupid songs. To shit so deep like this. Rock on dude. Your amazing.

  • Jthekid BG
    Jthekid BG

    Keep it up tom

  • Ilse Janse van Rensburg
    Ilse Janse van Rensburg

    Yay, 1Million views 👌💥👏🙋🎉🧨

  • Ricardo Fernandes
    Ricardo Fernandes

    its easy... why treat something once when you can make people pay multiple times just to "survive"

  • Spicy Trash Panda
    Spicy Trash Panda

    Oh dear old chap, it seems I have a leak or two in my face. One moment

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