This Wood Used to Get Burned, Now It's The Most Expensive
Blacktail Studio
I make a 96" (2.5m) dining table from a slab of salvaged Oregon Black Walnut and epoxy resin. A few ups and downs through this build, but in the end, it all works out. I hope you enjoy the build, let me know if I can do better.

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Items used in this build:
Deep pour epoxy:
Table legs: flowyline-official.myshopify....
Moisture meter (similar):
Angle grinder:
Track saw:
Table top epoxy (touch-ups/fast):
CA glue:
Threaded inserts:
Festool sander:
Roundover bit:
Lightstick (now $55):
Mesh sandpaper:
Rubio Monocoat:
Gem buffer:
Photography light (similar):
White buffing pads:
Furniture bolts:
Cordless router:

0:00 Intro
1:17 Awkwardly unloading
2:20 Tip for working with clients
3:15 Track saw and track saw alternative
4:55 Removing bark and rot
7:01 Sealing edges and top with epoxy
9:14 Properly measuring dye
10:53 Second epoxy pour
12:00 Turtle story
12:55 Flatting epoxy table
14:35 New table base
16:00 Rotex sander vs belt sander vs finish sander
16:48 Table finishing
18:35 Rare cameo
19:01 Delivery day
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    When I first saw this slab I wasn't expecting such a colorful texture with "RED" lines running through it. I want to say this is one of the favorites so far.

  • arawtgabi

    Red. For a standard size (6 person) dining table, how thick should the wood be when making an epoxy table? Love your work, hopefully one day I can make one.

  • Nicolas Landry
    Nicolas Landry

    The idea of a tool/shop share database is great! It would really help the new shops that are getting going.

  • Nate Wehunt
    Nate Wehunt

    Red. I’m shocked those pieces of wood come from the same tree! Thanks for the videos. Just curious, in elapsed time, how long does a table like this take? Not hours you worked, but all the different curing periods, etc…. Very cool stuff.

  • Bob Collins
    Bob Collins

    Great Video and nice work! Just a tip for handling the slabs by yourself. Use 2" PVC sections in the bed of the truck. As soon as you get the slab on the tailgate place a piece of PVC pipe under the slab and have another one already positioned in the bed of the truck. You can lift the back end and roll it into the bed. This also works taking it out out the bed.

  • Lee Couldwell
    Lee Couldwell


  • Leland Parker
    Leland Parker

    Last year I wanted to build my wife a epoxy table for Christmas and stumbled across your page and I've been learning from you ever since!

  • Ford GT
    Ford GT

    Really enjoyed this video and the whole process as I've always wondered how these tables were made. To me I see a little reddish brown in certain areas but that adds some nice character to it IMO. This table is gorgeous though!!

  • Tetreault Hank
    Tetreault Hank

    As s long time woodworker myself and lover of walnut I believe it’s perfect and I honestly do not see the red in it myself, Only the beautiful chocolate brown and the deeper colored heartwood. In my opinion, I see nothing but complements and an awe struck customer . Beautiful table and I too love the base you chose. Thank you for letting us enter your shop snd watch you create this .


    Moving the heavy slabs around, have you considered using a "engine hoist". It will save your back a lot of grief later on and might make it easier for you to move them around quicker. just a few soft webbing slings and an extending bar for the slings. Might be worth looking into. Thanks for sharing your work, great job.

  • btower


  • Destiny Miller
    Destiny Miller

    A database of shops would be awesome, especially for smaller shops that are hard to find and aren't in the position to advertise.

  • r7j7t7

    Absolutely gorgeous. I can't help you with the red though....I'm partially red green colorblind as well! Looking forward to the virtual workshop. Thanks for sharing your serious wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Kaj

    Red. Great video and beautiful table. I just wanted to ask, when pouring epoxy to the bucket have you tried doing the swirling method? I think you can save a lot more time doing that, than just waiting 😁

  • ZE EM
    ZE EM

    That's really cool you and your dad are still doin stuff together. I wish I knew how that felt. Your tables are so great. You should be very proud.

  • Léopold Shielvila
    Léopold Shielvila

    Gorgeous end result, I initially thought you left too much of a dead space on the corner to fill but the end result does look great.

  • Bentley Pascoe
    Bentley Pascoe

    Red , but barely so. Personally I love the color in this slab, it's precisely what I would want in walnut if I were getting a piece of furniture made like this - lovely work!

  • Richard Dawson
    Richard Dawson