The Most Perfect Revenge In Football History
The Most Perfect Revenge In Football History

  • shamsheer V.K
    shamsheer V.K

    Bloody fool referee

  • Kinyanjui Carlos
    Kinyanjui Carlos

    I was looking at Torres running all alone and was asking myself how on earth did he manage to hide himself from everyone' was literally thinking he was not on the pitch its like guy just came down from the sky' look at the distance between him and the barcelona backline!!..he is a beast of a striker a poacher indeed!!

  • G.R.E hardware
    G.R.E hardware

    Ramires do cruzeiro

  • G.R.E hardware
    G.R.E hardware

    O Barcelona era um time beneficiado pelos juiz

  • G.R.E hardware
    G.R.E hardware

    the mob paid this judge and threatened to kill his family. it would be a 5 to 0 for the blue

  • Daniyar К
    Daniyar К

    Carma 👍

  • AS 94
    AS 94

    Essien persib bandung player

  • ma man
    ma man

    chelsea might have scored more than 1 goal in the middle game but referees are very politic


    The king drogba

  • Green

    I believe that refree in that champion final won't make heaven.

  • Genesis Y
    Genesis Y

    The commentator when Torres scored 👀👀👀

  • Luis Boché
    Luis Boché

    Cuando le regalaban los partidos al Barcelona.

  • Tony Jason
    Tony Jason

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      Emily Donna

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      Emily Donna

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    • Johnny Savannah
      Johnny Savannah

      She is the show!

    • Johnny Savannah
      Johnny Savannah

      I'm surprised someone directed me to expert Mrs Cathrine… I was speechless I thought I was the only one trading with her.

    • Diego Hugo
      Diego Hugo

      @Savannah John Cathrine L. Jerome

  • yakops04 _
    yakops04 _

    Cüneyt Çakır ın olmadığı masa yok

  • Federico D'Alessandro
    Federico D'Alessandro

    What a referee🤣

  • Mouna Issa
    Mouna Issa

    Such a bad reff

  • Zina Right
    Zina Right


  • Carlito Gio
    Carlito Gio

    Drogba The King 🤴 constantly praying and finally the champions league came to Stamford bridge. LIVERPOOL AND BARCELONA have been a constant thorn in the champions league but we did it.

  • Bang Ardy
    Bang Ardy

    𝘊𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘴𝘦𝘢 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥

  • Sparta sanchez
    Sparta sanchez

    The most biased game ever

  • Dhani Gunawan
    Dhani Gunawan


  • Raj Freaking Gurung
    Raj Freaking Gurung

    Most undeserving win!!! Chelsea clear winner

  • Raj Freaking Gurung
    Raj Freaking Gurung

    Dani Alves taking free-kick like he'll make it. Can't even make it in the target lol

  • Themchuiyo Kashung
    Themchuiyo Kashung

    Greatest revenge ever👍

  • E2 Cosmo
    E2 Cosmo

    That should have been three penalties in the first match

  • OyunKuşu TR
    OyunKuşu TR

    İlk maçta drogba rezil olmuş

  • Michael Takahashi
    Michael Takahashi

    Drogba after 2009 semifinal: fuckin disgrace Barcelona's defense in 2021: fuckin disgrace

  • FSN Creation
    FSN Creation

    Referee one side support for worsted team of Barcelona and most worsted player of Messi. We know how Barcelona got the trophy. Barcelona (worsted team) won the trophy in every time with referees supports. If referees supports are not available for barcelona the Barcelona (worsted team) will have no trophy


    12:52 aaaaaaaaaaaaaughhh

  • Dede Marques
    Dede Marques

    O time do Chelsea que foi eliminado em 2009 era muito superior ao campeão de 2012 e agora em 2020.

  • Игорь Ростовский
    Игорь Ростовский

    The fuck you'll understand, you didn't even specify the year.

  • อดิศักดิ์ อยู่คง
    อดิศักดิ์ อยู่คง

    Cheaters will never be jeered.


    You mean Chelsea?

  • kingsley Uche
    kingsley Uche

    Chelsea was robbed of penalties

  • Filippo Borgogni
    Filippo Borgogni

    Maledetto Ovrebo

  • Rizki Ramadhan
    Rizki Ramadhan

    KING D.D 11 👑🏆 & always in my heart ..💚

  • Hasan Akar
    Hasan Akar

    Referee disaster,disgusting.evan a ten year old says the referee was malicious.won a nice summer vacation from Barcelona with a lottery.

  • Das

    tremendo robo los del deudalona

  • Fotbal G
    Fotbal G


  • ชวน ตันตยาพิพัฒน์
    ชวน ตันตยาพิพัฒน์

    นัดแรก กรรมการแม่ง เชี้ยจริง

  • Israel Aguiar
    Israel Aguiar

    Esse jogo se equivale ao Corinthians e Boca em 2013… roubo descarado

  • catarino compean
    catarino compean

    Lo máximo como debes ver el fútbol..... Atlético Madrid, liverpool,boca juniors,el river plate, real Madrid, Monterrey, américa,chivas Soy tigres .

    • catarino compean
      catarino compean

      Saludos a toda la raza , fútbolera....

  • superalmond 6
    superalmond 6

    The better team lost both times

  • Madden


  • Talino Aguilar
    Talino Aguilar

    Ahí empezó a sentir el pecho frío mesi

  • HaZe FiT 89
    HaZe FiT 89

    Crazy ref...

  • vigilancia huacho
    vigilancia huacho

    El robo más vergonzoso a favor del Barcelona.

  • ጉና Tube
    ጉና Tube

    I always regret when I watch the first match in 2009, the referee was totally on Barsa's side. to the minimum Chelsea would have won at least 4:2. Since then I hate Barca cos always support by refree.

  • Anuel AAA
    Anuel AAA

    6:25 :'(

  • Oğuzhan Sönmez
    Oğuzhan Sönmez

    Chelsea vs Barcelona&referee

  • Miguel Souza
    Miguel Souza

    Esse árbitro filho da puta roubou o Chelsea. Puta que pariu! Se existisse VAR, a coisa teria sido diferente.

  • Lucas Braga
    Lucas Braga

    O ano é 2021 e até hoje não vi um jogo tão roubado quanto esse primeiro kkkkkk

  • Pedzisani.T Masola
    Pedzisani.T Masola


  • NRVissot VLog
    NRVissot VLog

    Now Barcelona is dying

  • Nto Doank
    Nto Doank

    Sejarah mencatat Messi belum pernah membobol gawang Peter Cech

  • Richard Lopez
    Richard Lopez

    The fluffy sociology biosynthetically trace because north america concomitantly talk past a unequaled crocus. quiet, cheerful musician

  • CJ Namdaklee
    CJ Namdaklee

    I'll watch this video even after 50 years from now and how the Game was fix infavour of Barcelona...

  • l Am Kobe 19
    l Am Kobe 19

    The first game Chelsea won that without a doubt

  • Juan Emilio (The Game) Ndjeng Nve
    Juan Emilio (The Game) Ndjeng Nve

    The things you get in football: barça had clear opportunities but not a lot of them went in, while chelsea had more accuracy, but it was good football

  • Blue Domination
    Blue Domination

    That's why I'm a Chelsea fan,my team never gives up and gives his best to beat every team! Now we got the second ucl blues!!! Chelsea fan till I die 🔵🔵🔵💪🏆🏆🦁

  • Magno Alves!!!
    Magno Alves!!!

    *Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea, Tenho 23 anos e só hoje vim saber do maior roubo da história do futebol*

    • Jr Hernández
      Jr Hernández

      Revisa el partido de la ida y después hablas y decís que es el mayor robo crack, si solo querés ver y hablar de lo que te conviene está bien 😂

  • tjikurura stefanus
    tjikurura stefanus

    His 💪💪💪

  • prs245

    barselona hakeme iyi para yedirmiş.

  • Murat Yalçın
    Murat Yalçın

    Ah beeeee eski futbol u ve futbolcuları özledik Şimdikiler den hiç. Keyif alamıyoruz boş

  • Verdi Nurdiansyah
    Verdi Nurdiansyah

    Semoga taun ini ketemu lagi di ucl, biar mampus barka 😁

  • Muhammad Azizi
    Muhammad Azizi

    12:53 AAaaaAAAAaaaa~~AAaaaaa~~🤣

  • Олег Шилов
    Олег Шилов

    Гранатовая помойка)))

  • Dominic Bimpong
    Dominic Bimpong

    Barca was always favoured by UEFA and that is y they are back to their original form today. They can never be like real Madrid. This match is the reason y I will never like barca

  • Dominic Bimpong
    Dominic Bimpong

    Barca was always favoured by UEFA and that is y they are back to their original form today. They can never be like real Madrid. This match is the reason y I will never like barca

  • EvieEve

    Me, an atheist, after that revenge match: God is real!!! 😭

  • P O
    P O

    Drug bar

  • Alexander Mak
    Alexander Mak

    Реф судить не умеет

  • Lincoln

    first game would have been at least 4-1 Chelsea if VAR was present

  • Raditya kelana putra
    Raditya kelana putra

    Essien pernah main di persib bandung👍

  • Muhammed Gün
    Muhammed Gün

    Drogba took his revenge on barcelona perfectly

  • Ahmad Saja
    Ahmad Saja


  • Đức Long Đặng
    Đức Long Đặng

    In theory, barca is better than Chelsea,but in game, Chelsea can humiliate Barca.

  • Arif Thea Arif Thea
    Arif Thea Arif Thea

    Essien gacor juga seudah maen di Persib

  • Vang Mua
    Vang Mua

    UEFA lona

  • danz ziu
    danz ziu

    Azab karna curangi Chelsea Barca sekrng hancur

  • danz ziu
    danz ziu

    Barca kena azab nya sekarang

  • Chüñ Gäñgmëï
    Chüñ Gäñgmëï

    🤦‍♂️😨what a fuck Referee man..touching handball more than two time but refuse to give penalties..better to kickout from the referee man.😬

  • George Sahr Roberts
    George Sahr Roberts

    The Drogba tackle by Abidal was not a penalty

  • Mohammad reza Morshedi
    Mohammad reza Morshedi

    barça is love, barça is passion, you can't give up.❤️💙

    • Danu Lubis
      Danu Lubis

      Fck barca

    • Reetchy Denasty
      Reetchy Denasty

      Barca is trash. Karma

  • N CFC
    N CFC

    Wasitnya fans barcelona😂


    Drogba took his revenge on Barcelona perfectly😁😁❤❤❤


    The referee

  • Novica Jovanovic
    Novica Jovanovic

    Oh nice you dont Show the first leg when refere rob Barcelona 👏👏👏👏


    Barcelona were playing the best football ever then , and probably the best team set up ever . Their downfall came after that game I reckon

  • Are fan 46
    Are fan 46

    this is original cheasea🔵💪

  • Moris king
    Moris king

    barca stolen match

  • Samuel Agongo
    Samuel Agongo

    The ref was shit

  • Arka Sarkar
    Arka Sarkar

    The 2012 triumph is way more remarkable than the 2021 one because of this revenge match.

  • rafa

    worst referee Norwegian

  • Hhary Amora
    Hhary Amora


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