The Greatest Uefa Champions League Goals Ever
Watch the most amazing Uefa Champions League ever, featuring the world's greatest players; Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Zidane \u0026 many other great players!

  • Freddy J. Rodriguez S.
    Freddy J. Rodriguez S.

    Excelente recopilacion, faltaron muchos mas goles. Creo q t falto el de Ramos en la decima, por lo q represento ese gol, porque trajo alegrías a unos y amarguras a otros, por el momento en que se hizo el gol, y por mucho otras cosas mas que hizo de ese gol un verdadero golazo

  • Deniz Önal
    Deniz Önal

    0:45 gs ye attığı gol 😅

  • げそゲソ


  • oGrinta

    حاقد على اليونايتد ؟

  • Jaime Pasmiño
    Jaime Pasmiño

    falto el de SCHALKE 04 contra el MADRIR

  • Ardavski

    oclar deivd

  • Torxzy

    disrespect to moura

  • Ölümcül Team
    Ölümcül Team


  • Gadbois Lynn
    Gadbois Lynn

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  • Lukas Noack
    Lukas Noack

    I Miss Ronaldinho

  • khkartc

    Sacaron la Titi, y quedo el Kaka.

  • ndiakhass ndiakhass
    ndiakhass ndiakhass

    Where is manè goal against bayern

  • Alex Viveros
    Alex Viveros


  • Antonio Manaserian
    Antonio Manaserian

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  • saud11akkam

    Zappacosta goal should be in this video. Shame

  • Abdulrahman Usman
    Abdulrahman Usman

    Oscar's goal against juve is sensational for real.

  • kera

    5:18 champions league final 1994

  • Umut Gurseller
    Umut Gurseller

    I think Hagi's goal is the best

  • Brian Jupe
    Brian Jupe

    Enorme Kaka 🔥🔥

  • Semra Tam
    Semra Tam

    Where is the didier Drogba Real madrid gol

  • ball3curry 1
    ball3curry 1

    Cenk tosunun golü neden yok yaaa

  • Salma sima
    Salma sima

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  • Salma sima
    Salma sima

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  • Okan Çakır
    Okan Çakır

    Yaya Toure is so underrated

  • Dogan Yusan
    Dogan Yusan

    The last one is the best one !

  • アザ丸エデン


  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi

    In my opion Messi got the best goal and Ronaldo got 2

  • matt waldman
    matt waldman

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  • Menzi Mgiti
    Menzi Mgiti

    Commentator: Too far 4 Ronaldo to think abt it Ronaldo: WHO DECIDED THT😂😂🧠🔥🔥

  • Artie Shimmington
    Artie Shimmington

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    great shots👍🏻

  • Serhat Yılmaz
    Serhat Yılmaz

    Cenk tosun BEŞİKTAŞ🖤🤍

  • oyuncu

    2:19 hagiiiiii

    • insan

      Nasıl anlatalım bu gölü şimdi size

  • Shadow_ 321
    Shadow_ 321

    0:59 great goal from Zlatan !!!

  • Quang Huy
    Quang Huy

    What is the name of first song?

  • Jose Antelo
    Jose Antelo

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  • Libertys

    Deivid de souza chelsea?

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba

    Kaka vs United the most swaggy goal.

  • Charlie Fox
    Charlie Fox

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  • S. Can
    S. Can

    23.11.2016 goal of the year, the goal inspires the team soul and Beşiktaş scores 2 more beautiful goals and turn the game allll around. Add this one too pls

  • Benjamin Thomas Tesoro
    Benjamin Thomas Tesoro

    Mancini’s step over goal for Roma vs Lyon has to be in there.

  • ezel 31
    ezel 31

    deivid de souza‘s goal at Fenerbahçe vs Inter in 2007/08 and in the same saison his goal vs chelsea in the quarter finals ??

  • Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδημητρίου
    Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδημητρίου

    You have put some simple goals in just because they were scored by well known players. Search Olymiacos-Galatasaray the goal of Giovanni and Stelios Giannakopoulos Olympiacos-Porto 1-0.

  • Dumitru Nita
    Dumitru Nita

    2:25 HAAAAAGII

  • Emre

    U forgot David de souza (Fenerbahce) Goal against Chelsea and his Goal against Inter Milan incredible goals

  • Dev

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  • Patrick Ebube
    Patrick Ebube

    You kept the best for the last .....nice one

  • Muhammed Karacobanoglu
    Muhammed Karacobanoglu

    Where is Deivid de Souza with Fenerbahçe against Chelsea 2007

  • Iss Obama
    Iss Obama

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  • chef.ramesses-ii

    No lampard vs barca? No ramirez vs barca? Disrespectful video

  • Tunahan Ünal
    Tunahan Ünal

    Deivid de souza goals against inter and chelsea

  • あちゅ!

    日本のサッカーじゃ物足りない自分がいる。 好きだけど

  • Gabor Pete
    Gabor Pete

    For me, KP Boateng's goal from 4:18 is the best of all time. Pure genius: three extremely effective, surprising, difficult but direct moves. (Unfortunately, the first move is half cut in this video.)

  • Erich Bachmann
    Erich Bachmann

    gheorghe HAGİ

  • princekiller1

    Way to end it 🐐

  • Luis felipe Teixeira
    Luis felipe Teixeira

    music ?

  • Bilal Cicek
    Bilal Cicek

    ⭐️ 10:21 ⭐️

  • Duy Anh
    Duy Anh


  • Neiko McCalla
    Neiko McCalla

    Almost didn’t wait for last goal 🤣😂

  • -aziz

    10:08 it's lucky goal

  • levy Fernandes
    levy Fernandes

    Messi >>>> Cr7

  • Phil Scott
    Phil Scott

    Lol, showing deflected shots as great goals.....................

  • Christo Balriyanan
    Christo Balriyanan

    bang soundtracknya judul apa bang?

  • Hasan Hima Behzat
    Hasan Hima Behzat

    Ronaldinho dance goal😎

  • Mr ChocolateToast
    Mr ChocolateToast

    What over taken from this video is Man United have had some fantastic goals scored against them

  • luca leardini
    luca leardini


  • Bryan Angon
    Bryan Angon

    What is the second song called?

  • David Salaverry
    David Salaverry

    Background music Name of the first one?

  • Dimitris Stoupakis
    Dimitris Stoupakis

    ``The Greatest Uefa Champions League Goals Ever only by big clubs``

  • Mhsb Nsih
    Mhsb Nsih

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    Cause of the PlayStation banner, we can always see which time the goal was

  • Halil

    Fenerbahçe-Chealsea Deivid De Souza

  • Kevan Brown
    Kevan Brown

    You have to admit Messi and Ronaldo have been the two greatest players for more than 10 years, it's incredible. I can't stand Ronaldo, but I have to admit to his brilliance. I like Messi, he's not as egoistic as Ronaldo. They will both go down as the greatest players in history alongside Maradonna, Cruyff, Pele, Zidane, Beckenbauer

  • Asayiş Berkemal'in Güzide İzleyicisi
    Asayiş Berkemal'in Güzide İzleyicisi

    Deivid'in Chelsea'ye attığı gol nerde la

  • Beg Zayn
    Beg Zayn

    The quiet buffet acromegaly box because chord microcephaly launch except a gaudy shell. defective, understood heron

  • Witold Łachut
    Witold Łachut

    where Lewandowski's goals?

  • LoL Fr3nkl1
    LoL Fr3nkl1

    i remember when boateng used to be the best defender in the world and neuer the best goalkeeper in the world until they met messi that day

  • Ramazan Ersoy
    Ramazan Ersoy

    Deivid gol is Inter and chealse where???

  • Sebastian Cholewa
    Sebastian Cholewa

    Największe bramki? Naprawdę? A możesz podać wymiary

  • Huyền Vu Thanh
    Huyền Vu Thanh

    Can I get the link of the music at the beginning of the video

    • Aissam Boutayeb
      Aissam Boutayeb

      did you find it? so yes. can i have the namen?

  • dokanyon

    Where's Karagounis goal vs Werder, Paolo Sousa vs Juventus, Equi Gonzalez vs Arsenal (panathinaikos goals)

  • şükrü 284 ERGÜL
    şükrü 284 ERGÜL

    Drogban nın golu

  • Signore Santino Burnett
    Signore Santino Burnett

    Mandzukic goal vs Real Madrid is the best for me. 4 touches by 4 players, and never did the ball touch the ground.

  • JK WM
    JK WM

    It was worth watching 12 minutes and 20 sceonds !! Just loved the video as a football fan!

  • Omar Mariesel
    Omar Mariesel

    Song ?

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T

    8:15 what does "halla" mean?

  • TH3 R34L ON3
    TH3 R34L ON3

    Where are Robben ? 2:1 vs BVB 2013

  • william martinez
    william martinez

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  • PrimoCalcio21

    Needs Insigne vs Real Madrid!!

  • Jesus


  • Çağdaş Aşker
    Çağdaş Aşker

    F.Torres ?

  • Andrea Lombardo
    Andrea Lombardo

    7:56 hoy en día Boateng sigue buscando esa pelota

  • Jai

    i think you've made an amzing list

  • Eren AKTAŞ
    Eren AKTAŞ

    devied ?

  • Yasin Er
    Yasin Er

    2:18 Hagi

  • Nabiel Rizqi Khairul
    Nabiel Rizqi Khairul

    if you know second song please tell me

  • niki kosev
    niki kosev

    Fantastic video!!! Name of first song?

  • MBOT03

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  • Oisín McCarthy
    Oisín McCarthy

    Messis goal against psg surely has to be here. It's better than his goal against bayern and his goal against arsenal

  • CooManTunes