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☆ More than a symbol ☆ Watch the final episode 3 promo 2 for Marvel Studios’ "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" which will air next Friday!
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The inspiration behind this video:
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 3 release date is a small wait away. After episode 2, which saw Bucky and Sam finally meet John Walker, the latest Disney Plus series got even more interesting as we saw The New Captain America and Battlestar in action. So, to see where these heroes go next, you'll have to wait for April 2 to see it for yourself. Yes, Bucky and Sam may have a hard time getting along, but they'll need to work together against the Flag Smasher super soldier army.
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be shorter than WandaVision, but only in its number of episodes. Kevin Feige has said The Falcon and The Winter Soldier runs 6 hours over its six episodes (whereas WandaVision ran around the same time, over 9 episodes)
Episode 1: Available now.
Episode 2: Available now.
Episode 3: Available April 2 -- midnight PT/3 a.m. ET/8 a.m. GMT
Episode 4: Available April 9 -- midnight PT/3 a.m. ET/8 a.m. GMT
Episode 5: Available April 16 -- midnight PT/3 a.m. ET/8 a.m. GMT
Episode 6: Available April 23 -- midnight PT/3 a.m. ET/8 a.m. GMT
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    TFATWS • Episode 3 Promo 3 🔻

    • Be You Kumar
      Be You Kumar

      Ek to 6 episode hai or wo bhi itna late late upload krte hai ek baar me daal do sara episode

    • Swapnil SinghR
      Swapnil SinghR

      Rate all best eps like Ep 15 18 of s1 Ep 4 8 11 16 18 23 24 25 of s2 10/10 on imdb… Rezero fans lets tell anime... community rezero is not some dark.. anime it is a masterful character.. study ...

  • razorgarf

    Gina Carano is a lovely person fools.

  • WindVoid6

    0:21 he is wearing his mask right? Cuz it really looks like it

  • Peter XT gaming vlog
    Peter XT gaming vlog

    Facon america

  • Judel Mabalot
    Judel Mabalot

    Lakas ng Amatz

  • Hiphop Followers
    Hiphop Followers


  • Mighty Banun
    Mighty Banun

    Lakas ng amats ko lakas ng amats ko 🇵🇭

  • PolvoronXalad

    Poooteeeel yung amatsss

  • Donald Mckenzie
    Donald Mckenzie

    Zemo in all his glory finally! 😍😍

  • Marshall lee The vampire king
    Marshall lee The vampire king

    only like 2 hours left until this comes out, just know i died doing what i love, crying over fictional characters

  • Green

    All I neee is for them to give zemo the sword

  • Kayleigh Ludlam
    Kayleigh Ludlam

    This has genuinely got movie feels to it ngl


    I'm right handed! lol

  • Amelka Gocel
    Amelka Gocel


  • James Buchanan Barnes
    James Buchanan Barnes


  • stevendchu

    Flag Smashers: kicked Sam, Bucky and replacement Cap's ass Also Flag Smashers: OH NOOO here come a bunch of guys with machine guns. Runnnnnn! Like for real, one of them pushed a utility pole down to distract them.. couldn't have just pushed in down on their cars??

    • Mecharier

      He could only hit 1 car and they aren't impervious to bullets, so.....

  • Zora Lala
    Zora Lala

    Sharon carter 🥰

  • Cheater_plug


  • Max Fink
    Max Fink

    For those of you who like this better than WandaVision, you have to understand they are different so please don’t say you hate WandaVision because it wasn’t bad. -

  • michael s
    michael s

    When does each episode come out? What day?

  • Naivet Moronta
    Naivet Moronta


  • SaltzmanTwins Winchester
    SaltzmanTwins Winchester

    Finally sharon is back !!! Cant wait for her badass scenes we need more like her on tv hoping for a little romance with bucky theyd be great together but wont happen haha

  • Timothy Deans Hunt
    Timothy Deans Hunt

    a mini marvel movie each week. Great show and way more fun than Wandavision

  • Ajay Luhach
    Ajay Luhach

    It feels like a single movie stretched into several episodes.I am a fan length and timing feels frustrating.

  • Captain Raj
    Captain Raj

    Who else want Rocket's spin off from Guardians of the Galaxy



  • Arthur BRIAND
    Arthur BRIAND

    Zemo is going to loose them in Madripoor and eventually get in the Flag-smasher manipulating them to do his bidding.

  • tankshot 325
    tankshot 325

    daniel bruhl fan. Im glad hes part of the MCU

  • Victoria Quinsot
    Victoria Quinsot


    • Zora Lala
      Zora Lala

      I like her

  • kartik Y
    kartik Y

    Every episode is getting better then the last, totaly amazing🤟🤟

  • Aliza Gabrielle
    Aliza Gabrielle

    I'm extra excited cause this episode is coming out on my birthday :D

  • carlo_notcarlos

    This new phase of Marvel feels like going to an new school.

  • CharLiix31

    Sam: Why didn‘t you used your metal arm? Bucky: I‘m right handed *Alt J „Left Hand Free“ starts playing*

    • Emma King
      Emma King


  • Bad Guy
    Bad Guy

    Ok the bad guy of this show is new captain America its obvious and he is a super soldier to

  • Ayush Chouhan
    Ayush Chouhan

    Bucky's knife game is lit

  • Lorisa214

    An episode of Bucky just doing knife flips!!!

  • Lorisa214

    Bucky's distain for children continues !

  • Shaz

    I hate that foucking new Captain America

  • Gustavo Krieger
    Gustavo Krieger

    Please make them beat the new cap

  • Devon DelValle
    Devon DelValle

    does nobody remember the leak that Sebastian Stan made at a press conference or whatever when he said that when approached for the role "they" told him that "one day" he would take on the mantle of Captain America and it never happened (up til now) so everyone thought it wasn't true but maybe this whole show is about Bucky and Falcon coming to the realty that Bucky is the only acceptable choice to take up the Captain America character

  • Mike Neil
    Mike Neil

    Personally I can see in the last episode of this series that Isaiah Bradley does help Sam and Bucky but dies as a result. It becomes public about Isaiah Bradley and his heroic past as black Captain America. He's buried in Arlington Cemetery with honors and is given his own plaque with his story right next to Steve Rogers as Captain America with a REPLICA of the shield on a stand between them as they both should be honored with the title Captain America

    • Nibor

      I don't think Isaiah was captain america in this show, Sam says to Rhodey that there wasn't any captain when steve was in the ice, and they didn't have the shield I think he was just an experimental super-soldier, because the governement didn't want a black cap. My personal theory is that when they succeded with Isaiah they transfered the serum to a safe place via Howard but the Winter Soldier was there, killed the Starks and took the serum

  • Ocampo, Jevie Jan A.
    Ocampo, Jevie Jan A.

    Zemo who defeated the Avengers physically and Emotionally

  • tanuj q
    tanuj q

    Warnerbro: quick we have to make our more lighter and funny as marvel Meanwhile marvels:

  • Arne Timmer
    Arne Timmer

    Flagsmashers getting a cultfollowing like they are the next christians...


    Where is that stupid John Walker?!

  • T J ARTS
    T J ARTS

    Nenu wait chesthunna

  • Natasa04 Tsats
    Natasa04 Tsats

    Anyone else want sam to get his captain america suit? Ik it's too early but ughhh


    Steve Rogers we missed you soo much😭

  • Ryan Kwon
    Ryan Kwon

    The Flag Smashers might later evolve in U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M (The Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind) under Zemo's leadership.

  • Humble Homebody
    Humble Homebody

    Those knife flips are back. I see a season 2 for sure. Any one else recognize Bucky’s coat?

  • From The Ground Up
    From The Ground Up

    Finally Zemo Episode 1. Daniel Bruhl stole Civil War and he's going to do the same here.

  • red skull
    red skull

    What is wrong with marvel Captain America-retired New capital America - looks like popeye the sailor boy Black widow- dead Tchalla -dead Black panther- don't know who will be Loki - dead Vision -dead IRONMAN - dead 😭😭 Wtf every character is either dead or replaced yrrr for what to see MCU movies nowwww

  • Big Stump
    Big Stump

    I thought this show was supposed to be about super heros? This is just BLM propaganda.

  • Mariano Arjones
    Mariano Arjones

    Every generation blames the one before...! nope, wrong song...

  • Kayla Froz
    Kayla Froz


  • Jessie Swaby
    Jessie Swaby

    This looks so good.

  • gossipIluvUihate

    After seeing the new Captain America I I flash back to Captain America the First movie where they said not just anybody could be Captain America, that they needed to find the right person or something to that effect . I think this new Captain America might go crazy and start killing people, he's already shown that the pressure is too much.

  • Fredy Mahmud
    Fredy Mahmud

    I'll hope zemo will spit on new captain America face(John walker). Afterward Zemo ask walker , "who are you" ?

  • your problem
    your problem

    Why does the scene of Sam's nephews hanging on Bucky's arm look like they're boyfriends and Sam decided to introduce Bucky to his loved ones?

  • amy

    emily LITERALLY looks like a goddess

  • Sophia Haoo
    Sophia Haoo

    can you stop using fan made stuff


    Yours heartily recommend I'm a fan of the series

  • Huginn Hjartarson
    Huginn Hjartarson

    You're a dead man for what you did to T'Chaka, Zemo!




    Why didn't you use your metal arm ..... IM RIGHT HANDED

  • Michael M.
    Michael M.

    I really hope for a Walker and Sam teamup at some point and they will come around. I know his comic origin but i would feel really fkn bad for his character if he goes rogue or anything like that. in the end he just wants to be the best Cap he can be. And it wasnt really his choice to begin with, he was picked by the Gov.

  • Faizan Kabir
    Faizan Kabir


  • Desean Hamilton
    Desean Hamilton

    I can’t wait for them to take that shield away from the government

  • prabhujeet kaur
    prabhujeet kaur

    Who else wants to see Chris Evans (old captain )... Back as Captain American

  • Bryan Garson
    Bryan Garson

    Already better than WandaVision for me. I love it

  • Melissa Jane
    Melissa Jane

    These two together have me in stitches 😂 episode 1 was good episode 2 was so much better

  • Abigail Cancel Otero
    Abigail Cancel Otero

    0:27 is no one gonna talk about the fact that Bucky is flirting???

  • Nyangpong konyak
    Nyangpong konyak

    Need all the episode at once😌😌

  • Damian Balkissoon
    Damian Balkissoon

    So their Weekley episodes

  • Jellyjoe Roger
    Jellyjoe Roger

    Given the quality of this show, feels like we're having a movie every week

    • _ CatzAndCoffee _
      _ CatzAndCoffee _

      @Taytay He I think it might come back, and if we get an MCU daredevil it will likely be the same actor, and the same actor as kingpin

    • _ CatzAndCoffee _
      _ CatzAndCoffee _

      @I can get 96% okay, I wasn’t planning on crying this morning but hit me with that one why don’t you?

    • I can get 96%
      I can get 96%

      @_ CatzAndCoffee _ Unlike Wanda, I can feel you!!

    • Taytay He
      Taytay He

      bring back daredevils

    • cory thayne
      cory thayne

      I look forward to the next episode of this one more than i did with WV. I liked them both but they did REALLY well with this one.

  • Purushottam Singh
    Purushottam Singh

    The speed with which i'm becoming obsessed with bucky can beat even Flash too!

    • Ginger

      I was already obsessed with him. I need my weekly drug now

    • Supreme Predator
      Supreme Predator

      I thought i was the only one 😱😱❤️

  • Krish 1908
    Krish 1908


  • ScorpionKingTP

    I'm the only one who hopes Bucky becomes the new captain?

    • da ni
      da ni

      No you're not but there's no way they are going to do that or it will look they are bypassing a black superhero in favour of a white one. Despite the comics backing BuckyCap up, that's how it will read in today's current climate so I very much doubt we will see that happening now that they've introduced the possibility of Sam being Cap. I personally prefer no one being the new Cap. I think they should be able to standalone as heroes without needing to take up anyone else's name or step into anyone else's shoes b

    • SaltzmanTwins Winchester
      SaltzmanTwins Winchester

      You arnt the only one I hope he does he knew steve longer than sam and they were closer too so hopefully it happens

  • backdrop001

    I'm so glad we have a show where Bucky gets more screen time.

    • SaltzmanTwins Winchester
      SaltzmanTwins Winchester

      Agreed hes such a great character only took 10 years mind you

  • Enzo P
    Enzo P

    This is already better than Wandavision

    • Bushra Hossain
      Bushra Hossain

      @azjmsxhn daddy chill

    • Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés
      Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés

      No need to compare, both are completely different

    • U t s a v ツ
      U t s a v ツ

      And different genres

    • MidnightCry7

      Can't compare the two, as they are different stories, different origins, different leagues.

    • Mak

      As expected, which is fine, Cap trilogy is perfect

  • Khanh Vi Nguyen
    Khanh Vi Nguyen

    it's so adorable to see the kids just casually hanging on Bucky's vibranium arm, Sam must've told the kids in the hood about Bucky a lot - that's why they didn't see him as a fear

  • Tyo Junior
    Tyo Junior

    With this madness of super human experiment. MCU should find a way to bring wolverine to the table. I guess. 😄😄

  • Jakub

    Cant wait for Zemo

  • Ra j
    Ra j

    Can't wait 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    Less talk.. Less talk... Less talk... More ACTION!!!

  • Jack Red
    Jack Red

    I hope Zemo gets the healing he deserves by the end of the series.

  • Essi Kah
    Essi Kah


  • veerbhadra arya
    veerbhadra arya

    It's far better than Wanda vison

  • Doomerbeing45

    So hyped for Zemo

  • Young Reem
    Young Reem

    We need more episodes


    Seriously, dude, if you’re not gonna edit the sound, make it fit with the shots you choose

  • Actual Pande
    Actual Pande

    welp here we go baron zemo

  • Bharat Bhushan
    Bharat Bhushan

    Pta nahi kya chutiyapa bnaya h winter soldier to kafe halka dhikya h. Jo sabki band bjakr rkhta tha use itna halka dhikya h

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    I thought this was a movie I'm all looking for the movie to rent on HBO max

  • fromgentorev

    FALCON used to be awesome. What is this junk?! BUCKY is still awesome, and it is very difficult to watch him holding back all his skills and intelligence,

  • Ron Spidey
    Ron Spidey

    I want to see a Bucky vs Sam fight

    • Petra Stein
      Petra Stein

      ​@Jackdaw That is exactly what I thought. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season 4, portraited that as well. We had Patriot who had this super soldier serum (well the clumsy version of it with a drop of peppermint, actually). But when he injected himself with it, it would have killed him almost every time. They handled stuff like this. And truly, the masterminds like Jemma Simmons could not crack the right mix of the serum, as they displayed. So this super soldier thingy in F&WS is driving me nuts :) (Sorry for grammar. Not my mother tongue. Nice day!)

    • Jackdaw

      @Raymond Lok exactly. They wasted that opportunity to build up the supersoldier plot. In civil war you really felt the threat of the other supersoldier. We saw how bucky struggled with one and there were six others. And none of them can control themselves because of the serum affexting their mind

    • Raymond Lok
      Raymond Lok

      @Jackdaw Agreed. Bucky just got downgrade for no reason. The super soldier plot is okay but at least they should make them more menace and powerful like those from Civil War Siberia compound.

    • Jackdaw

      @Raymond Lok exactly. I feel like they really treated Bucky with the thor treatment. Getting nerf for the sake of comedy. Bucky with a little bit of seriousness shouldve lay waste to all the masked super soldier he encountered last episode. And i also hate how suddenly everybody are super soldiers now. Back then the only good experiment was steve and bucky.

    • Raymond Lok
      Raymond Lok

      Try the Captain America Civil War clips. Bucky beat up Falcon, Tony, Black Widow, Sharon and in par with Black Panther..... That's the Winter Soldier we need for......

  • hypatia

    While there is def a big story with Bucky to go into I hope they focus on developing Sam’s story more I don’t want him to be another sidekick :/

    • Supreme Predator
      Supreme Predator

      I’m now a big fan of the winter soldier. He’s a cool dude. Plus the vibranium arm, to kick ass. Dope

    • Roseand Stem
      Roseand Stem

      @hypatia i love Sam! He is bad ass

    • hypatia

      @Roseand Stem ooh yea that's true it's hard to not be interested when he used be a literal assassin lol but hopefully, the audience gets more invested in both characters bc I know I am 😭

    • Roseand Stem
      Roseand Stem

      They will tackle both. I just feel a lot of people are more interested in buckys arc

  • AleckoGecko

    Hey, why did u remove the 2020 recap (just curious lol)?

  • Zertox Gaming
    Zertox Gaming

    I think power broker is sharan Carter

  • Lil.Tr4p

    Niceee 😎