The Day Pep Guardiola's Barca Passed Man Utd To Death
UCL Final Barcelona vs Manchester United 2011: 10 years on from The Day Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona With Xavi, Iniesta & Messi Kept Passing & Passing, and gradually sucking the life out of Manchester United's XI.Wayne Rooney finally got close enough to Xavi Hernandez to just say something. “That’s enough,” the Manchester United forward pleaded with Xavi. “We’re dead. You can stop playing the ball around now. You’ve won.” “Nobody’s given us a hiding like that, but Barça deserve it. In my time as a manager, it’s the best team we have played. They play the right way and they enjoy their football” Sir Alex Ferguson. In 2011 Xavi, Iniesta & Messi Were Voted the Top 3 Players In The World and This was the best barca team I've ever seen! HIT LIKE and SUBSCRIBE, Thanks for watching! If you miss the old Barça, subscribe today!
00:00 - 00:09 Barcastudio Intro
00:10 - 00:17 Wembley Stadium, 28th May 2011 Champions League Final: Barça Vs Manchester United
00:18 - 00:26 Michael Carrick Hailing Barcelona As The Greatest Opponent He's Ever Faced and talking about how Barça just kept passing & passing
00:27 - 00:33 Thierry Henry Talking About Alex Ferguson's Reaction after the final
00:34 - 01:04 Pep Guardiola & Alex Ferguson Shaking hands
01:05 - 01:18 Messi & Dani Alves Tiki Taka Skills
01:19 - 01:35 Messi, Iniesta & Xavi Keeping The Ball
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  • Marcus Alford
    Marcus Alford

    What i would give to get the guadiola era back. Now we've just got messi doing all the work .

    • Javier Antonio
      Javier Antonio

      Yikes.... This comment didn't age well

    • ifisme

      Not guardiola, it was the Barca legends that held football world in their control, literally and figuratively, such as Xavi, Iniesta, Busquet, Abidal, Keita, Messi, Villa, Pedro, Dani Alves, Pique, Puyol, Mascherano, Jordi Alba

    • Alif Wahyu
      Alif Wahyu

      Messi is exhausted ,, hope he find peace in Paris

    • Aero Teja
      Aero Teja

      and now , even he's gone

    • BrotherNero Jeff Hardy
      BrotherNero Jeff Hardy

      Wasn't just for Guardiola this Barcelona even players had the ADN of tiki taka

  • Kayz Jovaticson
    Kayz Jovaticson

    David Villa's last goal 💪💪,,jst luv the calmness

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia

    Ferguson's hands were shaking thad day :(

  • Swastik

    This Barca Team would never be topped. Even PSG with MNM won't stand a chance against this team

  • LorD_MercenarY

    It wasn’t just Barca la liga dominated the UCL

  • Arminiusz Mazowszanin
    Arminiusz Mazowszanin

    Joy to watch.

  • Roberto Schneider
    Roberto Schneider

    If you’re a Barca fan watching this in 2021 it must be depressing as f. looking back at what it was like compared to the current mediocrity

  • mmmcounts

    These were the glory days for Barça and for La Liga in general. Times have changed though, haven't they? The pandemic has upset a whole lot of apple carts, but Man U will continue to do just fine and so will the Prem more broadly. Dark days are ahead at Camp Nou.

  • aliro jimmy
    aliro jimmy

    Park chung yung suffered that day, running and seeing the ball but not touching.

  • The Citadel Gamers
    The Citadel Gamers

    Leave the win alone. The whole game was a humiliation to man united.

  • Kitty Kitty gacha
    Kitty Kitty gacha

    Inilah 3 serangkai yg menguasai sepakbola dilevel club',1 dekade

  • nation boss
    nation boss

    The number 13 for Man United 🤦‍♂️ he is just running 🏃 around like a headless chicken 🐓 poor fellow confused 🤷🏾‍♂️


    United under going football lesson from Barcelona

  • Ibrahim Conteh
    Ibrahim Conteh

    The greatest team ever in football 2021

  • johannsebastienbach

    fuck ferdinan did well

  • Map Guide
    Map Guide

    Coming from die heart Manchester United fan since 1995. I remember me and my group of 4 friends were watching this final at my home, we 4 were die heart United fan. After the defeat we are gutted absolutely but we stand and clapped with our whole heart for this 2011 Barcelona team. They choked us whole 90min and made English champions look like a local team. This team were so special and I don't think we will see this happening again.

  • Agudiza tus sentidos
    Agudiza tus sentidos

    Cuando chicharito hacia goles con los pies y no con la cara 🤣🤣

  • Zockett Ewy
    Zockett Ewy

    This Barcelona was the best. :') Also, Man U played like real gentlemen.

  • Rich Rich
    Rich Rich

    WOW 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🐐

  • Digi Flow
    Digi Flow

    It is pretty hilarious seeing Manchester United so far out of their depth

  • Dib Yayan
    Dib Yayan

    A moment of silence for all those United fans who actually thought they had a chance of winning this game.

  • Shifas Km
    Shifas Km

    This Barcelona team passing game is unreal...

  • Alessandro Martina
    Alessandro Martina

    not sure it is the best football ever, surely it is the most boring !

  • Engineered Army
    Engineered Army

    I just wanna go back to 2010 please help me!

  • PAIN

    Legal molestation 🤣🤣

  • Mohammed Alhasen
    Mohammed Alhasen


  • Best Sleep Meditation
    Best Sleep Meditation

    I miss those days.

  • Bubacarr Tamba
    Bubacarr Tamba

    I thought Baca play 4 extra players 🤣🤣, Park will not forgive sir Alx for not subbing him. I can't stop laughing 😂 😂

  • Ioan Bristow
    Ioan Bristow

    That was just scary

  • Satyaki Choudhury
    Satyaki Choudhury

    Such a shame that Barca couldn't do the treble and sextuple by just a difference of 1 goal (Copa del Rey final loss against Real Madrid 😑)

  • dinga samte
    dinga samte

    Only Arsenal (then) could break Barca's tiki taka.

    • Robins Maske
      Robins Maske

      That's why arsenal defeated Barcelona in 2006 UCL final. Wow

  • Swagat Pradhan
    Swagat Pradhan

    8:30 if ronaldo would not have been a footballer

  • PHi S
    PHi S

    I watched live that barca thrill

  • casoneil Djmilitance rowe
    casoneil Djmilitance rowe

    This is the barca we're use to

  • Oldmansland1

    It was the best team I had ever laid my eyes on. They made me love football so much more. The most perfect team I have ever watched ❤️

  • Rudra Sharma
    Rudra Sharma

    The changeable aries superiorly dream because congo summarily collect with a fretful bull. noxious, profuse israel

  • Rishikesh Bharali
    Rishikesh Bharali

    Fun fact : The number of passes Barca played in this 16 min video is greater than the total passes of Man Utd in that match.

  • Rishikesh Bharali
    Rishikesh Bharali

    The Barca 2010/11 and the Madrid 2016/17 are the greatest team of all time I feel .

  • Sabir Mad
    Sabir Mad

    Damn maan… Dani Alves 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kareem C
    Kareem C

    The thing barça lacks so much other than the obvious. Is the work rate. Look at how xavi and iniesta are never standing around in one place waiting for the ball like we do now. They’re always moving always looking to get into better positions for a pass. We just lack that. Every manager is ok with our midfielders just standing waiting like it’s a rondo

  • Nurkholik

    the day barca made fergusson eat 10 bubble gum 😂

  • Nurkholik

    09:15 messi lost the ball vidic : hey, i can stop him 😎 i am a beast messi : hey looser, try to take my ball? vidic : holly sh*t messi : too slow 😎

  • Nurkholik

    the day that park ji sung speed only rated 40 😂

  • Liven Bose
    Liven Bose

    We need more such content. Please 🙏

  • Collins Colls
    Collins Colls

    Probably the best team the world 🌎 has ever seen...the magic behind Xavi and Iniesta was phenomenal 👏

  • Racheal Yahya
    Racheal Yahya

    MU was no matched to Barca strong midfielders. Pity MU players had to run around getting nothing.

  • Rizal Rifai
    Rizal Rifai

    Best duo CB in that era . Imagine if maguire there , how many goals will be concede .😀😂

  • kꪖriꪑꫀ tꪮꪊꪖᦔi
    kꪖriꪑꫀ tꪮꪊꪖᦔi

    They destroyed teams !!

  • 33_M2_Rahul Krishna menon
    33_M2_Rahul Krishna menon

    Lol Manchester United players were like beehives, they needed 8 players on defense just to keep up with barcas attack.

  • Nati T
    Nati T

    This game makes me mad to this day tbh

  • Orefile Macheoane
    Orefile Macheoane

    For me Busquets was the base for this type of football 🤞


    Messi Iniesta Xavi

  • raj luffy
    raj luffy

    the day sir alex ferguson decided that he should retire..

  • raj luffy
    raj luffy

    i am a madrid fan but after watching this i am a barcelona fan.

  • raj luffy
    raj luffy

    these shows that fotbal s not abou pace and physicality.. to play football u need to have mentality and brain. and ofcourse u should love it

  • You ‘
    You ‘

    All i hear is: Xavi, Iniesta, Messi. (X10000)

  • KKR vids
    KKR vids

    I love manu can’t believe we lost man Barcelona is the only team who always takes the champions league from Man U

  • Faran Khalid
    Faran Khalid

    People will forget about the trophies and the glittering medals but they will never forget the football on display that night. I was a 12 year old watching with my family & even I could tell that I was witnessing something special once in a lifetime. I felt a calm over me which I can’t describe. It was the most beautiful thing I watched. This match will always have a special place in my heart not because it was a final but because of the elegant simple football Visca Barca ❤️🔵🔴

  • persian music studio
    persian music studio

    Barcelona is now just a history. Now no more😥👍

  • sherlyn kitchen
    sherlyn kitchen

    Stone age people will play for their country only: holy f clubs in our planet

  • sherlyn kitchen
    sherlyn kitchen

    Y u comt Africans

  • Unknown 10
    Unknown 10

    Look at the players height Messi 1,70 Xavi 1,70 Iniesta 1,71 Pedro, 1,68 Villa 1,74 Alves 1,72 Moral of the story: choose small players and you will dominate with ball possession

  • Francesco Antonio Cavo
    Francesco Antonio Cavo

    4:54 what a tackle by vidic

  • Mahery And
    Mahery And

    I remember watching this game, and thinking that this was incredibly BORING. It was the same during Spain golden age, they won, but it definitely bore me to death. I know it (mostly) works (when you have 11 world class players doing it), and that it is insanely hard to pull off, but merely passing the ball around and getting 75% of possession doesn't make it interesting to watch. Wengerball was ten times more enjoyable than that, they had both a fluid football based on triangles and one touch passing, but Arsenal actually used that to move forward with the ball, not just padding possession stats.

    • Ibrxcomps HD
      Ibrxcomps HD

      You don’t understand football if this is boring for you

  • Rajdeep Sarma
    Rajdeep Sarma

    We want Guardiola back 😭😭😭

  • Lkgpuanimho 0
    Lkgpuanimho 0

    Alex Ferguson would struggle in today’s PL and I am not even joking.

  • Arsh Sandhu
    Arsh Sandhu

    I think the goal came from rooney was just a gift given by barca to united so they don’t feel humilated

  • bhaskar mukherjee
    bhaskar mukherjee

    Alex greatest manager in the world, hahaha....., stupid english Commentator, yeah greatest, in england

  • justtestingonce

    Now show Paul Scholes goal knocking them out of the Champions league!

  • AMercifulServant

    Barca cooked man utd like a xmas turkey on that night lol🤭

  • Chad Buckle
    Chad Buckle

    I like that you kept the editing professional with the intro but minimal as observed by the lack of music and on screen effects. SUBBED

  • Harish Kaushik
    Harish Kaushik

    Who's that number 13 in united's jersey??

  • khathu Wolfgang Phuluwa
    khathu Wolfgang Phuluwa

    I am a Man united fan.. Before this game i didn't like Barca at all.. But after the game i was a blaugrana.

  • Billy Bunter
    Billy Bunter

    Doesn't show the goals you tosser!

  • Billy Bunter
    Billy Bunter

    I am a Man Utd fan - 🤷‍♂️ We got a lesson in how to play football - 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Fair play to Barca - The greatest team ever gave us that lesson! Men and boys springs to mind!

  • MJ_98

    I wonder how different this final would've been had ronaldo not gone to real Madrid back in 2009 and stayed with man U at this point in 10/11 season 🤔

  • Manzil ADHIKARI
    Manzil ADHIKARI

    David villa the most underrated striker of all time🤐

  • Dr. Pankaj
    Dr. Pankaj

    Toying around in a UCL final.

  • Narayan B Pai
    Narayan B Pai

  • Kohli Hrishi
    Kohli Hrishi

    There is nothing man utd players can do But to keep watching Barcelona passing the ball

  • herbetron o
    herbetron o

    Felt so sorry for number 13 ,he must of been exhausted after the game the poor bastard !!

  • ONLY

    You are earning money to feed your stomach because of messi..worship him every night as he is your GOD..allow messi to enjoy your wife so that another lionel be breathe,your phone, your clothes, all belongs to PSG change are his servant, don't forget.. change his sons diapers. He will bless you.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    It's like a hive mind, as if everyone knows exactly where everyone else is at a given moment and they know exactly what their team mate is going to do, its uncanny, almost unbelievable

  • Bukhari Muslim
    Bukhari Muslim

    EVRA Kuntul

  • Roby Soriano
    Roby Soriano

    Park must be the Man of the Match of that game.


    This was really deadly football... Not fair indeed. Man U looked like children... They suffered a lot, plus their manager Ferguson

  • andyfauzaan

    did someone still remember, why saf use a tactical like this?

  • Rafael Guasp
    Rafael Guasp

    Spain created the best football there ever was. So proud of my country.

  • chazzz black
    chazzz black

    When Barcelona was Barcelona.... it's hard to see Barca nowdays .... there' s no immortal in d world in the end ....

  • Lisben Mawoko
    Lisben Mawoko

    This is how football is played

  • Sameer

    Loved how SAF congratulated Pep. What a gentleman.

  • Ahnaf Hasan
    Ahnaf Hasan

    12:43 lovely ball by Xavi,,, not Iniesta

  • Chudy Danny
    Chudy Danny

    When you are playing FIFA EA on higher difficulty and the AI is playing possession game, it's so annoying.

  • Chris PhallHeatLover
    Chris PhallHeatLover

    This barca team was unstoppable 👏

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    The team that the whole world was feared of❤❤

  • Absolute

    Imagine having berbatov and not playing your clubs best player. Rip that brain.

  • Kyle Escobar
    Kyle Escobar

    As a Madrista I must admit they were King for that year. A toast to Barca. Forever our worthy rival #halamadrid !!

  • Jerahmeel James
    Jerahmeel James

    I’m an ardent United fan, but, this performance by Barcelona was the best football performance I’d ever seen. I remember where I was and exactly how I was feeling 10 years ago when this was happening. If you gave them the option, Busquets, Xavi, Messi and Iniesta could’ve passed the ball around the United players all day long without fail. Never has a team been more deserving of winning a final than Barcelona’s 2011 Champions League winning team.

  • Ali chanel
    Ali chanel

    And now barca freak club 🤣

  • Ruata

    What a satisfying show that a arsenal fan

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