THE CELEBRITIES (New Hit Movie) EPISODE 7 - DESTINY ETIKO 2021 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie
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  • Betafo Eromo
    Betafo Eromo

    Coco and friend can lie for africa

  • gladisse ollia
    gladisse ollia

    My gwad a Ferrari "that makes the 2 of us"😂😂😂😂😂

  • gladisse ollia
    gladisse ollia

    Not oh my gwood😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Olalekan Nifemi
    Olalekan Nifemi

    Fake life

  • Agunloyebosedgrace 001
    Agunloyebosedgrace 001

    Hmmm fake people's everywhere, ur secrets will soon be out, must u leave a fake life🤣🤣🤣. Can't wait 2 c Jerry, I know Jerry is not living a fake life like others

  • Veronica Enock
    Veronica Enock

    Hot coco 😂😂😂ooooh my gwaaad🤣🤣🙌

  • Sunday Chidima
    Sunday Chidima

    Oh my gwad lori iro🤣🤣🤣🤣 Destiny and her over ripe mango boyfriend🤣🤣 Their lies is on another level😂 Mad people everywhere🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • omonzoya Okos
    omonzoya Okos

    Am here for queeneth the action Baby I love YOU so much

  • Wendy Jerry
    Wendy Jerry

    what queeneth is looking is in front of her but she's just reading books but it's cover Jerry.

  • AyI Albert
    AyI Albert

    Love you destiny

  • Naka Nizo
    Naka Nizo

    William for life

  • trust- trust
    trust- trust


  • Oluwapelumi Helen
    Oluwapelumi Helen

    Bradon and Hot cocoa,both deceiving each other🤣🤣🤣

  • Oluwapelumi Helen
    Oluwapelumi Helen

    Mr Neat said he was only "window shopping",he called it 'showing off' with Iphone 12, 🤣, i really love the scripting of this story,the director and the producer did a brilliant job celebrities and fake life for the gram

  • Oluwapelumi Helen
    Oluwapelumi Helen

    Delta seems like a beautiful city,i pray they post me there for my Youth service 😃🙏,i really love the unity in diversity in Nollywood

  • Nharnah Abenah Angel
    Nharnah Abenah Angel


  • John Tovi
    John Tovi

    Hot cocoa is the best among the rest but fake life is not advisable

  • Divine Richard
    Divine Richard

    lies smelling everywhere 😂😂😂


    Window shopping, location food, fake, it is ok to have a hard time guys, it's called life!!!!

  • Excel Princess
    Excel Princess

    Never envy Any1 in life. Fake life everywhere

  • Tiana Toosweet
    Tiana Toosweet

    Is the my gwad for me 🥰🥰🥰

  • Georgia Bennett
    Georgia Bennett

    What's done in the dark must come to light 💯

  • Chigbo Chikaodili
    Chigbo Chikaodili

    Dis una shooting,na only one location una dey use???

  • Chigbo Chikaodili
    Chigbo Chikaodili


  • Odion Richard
    Odion Richard

    Destiny will not kill me oo! which one is my Kwa- di, hahaha make too of una dey use lie boom una self for there.

  • kizza justine
    kizza justine

    Ooh my Gwad destiny ull kill me one day

  • maame serwaa
    maame serwaa

    WoW 😳 this guys can sell Africa 🤔🤔😳😳😁😁😁

  • Judith Casas
    Judith Casas

    Landlord is following his tenant on Instagram 🤣🤣🤣🤣 e shock me oooo Block your landlord before posting fake life ooo lmao

  • victory ibikibi
    victory ibikibi

    Please nobody should get me wrong oh..this movie is just reminding me of destiny dating a billionaire few months ago.. hope it's not what I'm thinking oh🤔..biko my opinions ooh 🏃🏃🏃🏃 Just loving the movie I'm thinking the same king in the movie is the same person that own this youtube channel 🤪

  • Michelle Chigora
    Michelle Chigora

    Who else is here for Destiny Etiko l love you from 🇿🇼

  • Monica Benjamin
    Monica Benjamin

    Destiny and her boyfriend can lie for African hmmm nawa ooo🙉🙉🙉🙉

  • Shillah Flower
    Shillah Flower

    🤣🤣🤣🤣wen two liers meet

  • Sera Kim
    Sera Kim

    Fake life fake every we missed to add Belinda she acts fake life well Malek u let go of a wat n Drama doll gave all clothes u bought out lies lies lies fake life

  • Sau Lynette
    Sau Lynette

    I have this feeling it's only Jerry and lizbeth are in real of the act

  • Tandiwe Nyamukondiwa
    Tandiwe Nyamukondiwa

    I love Jerry Williams 😍love from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼


    Fake life’s 😂😂


    Pls keep giving us the updates


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  • Idiaghe Priscilla
    Idiaghe Priscilla

    Nice one

  • Delight Chizzy.m
    Delight Chizzy.m

    Success finally appeared in season 7😄😄

  • Mercy Onome
    Mercy Onome

    But nawa oo for this fake life oo everywhere

  • #BedianaWalker TV#
    #BedianaWalker TV#

    Social media is deceiving so many people. Not all those so called celebrities post on social media are real, most are fakes

  • #BedianaWalker TV#
    #BedianaWalker TV#

    Even your house rent you can't pay but you're outside boosting like you built your house in heaven. Fake life in the industry is becoming too much

  • Fortune Dike
    Fortune Dike

    Nice movie

  • Tray Senen
    Tray Senen

    Jerry Williams is the trusted actor there so far!! Who's with me

  • Rita BBA
    Rita BBA

    There is more ahead of you than anything behind you!

  • Abooki Barbie
    Abooki Barbie

    *when typical lies meet just expect pepe*

  • Justice Pound
    Justice Pound

    My gwada

  • Virginia Mugai
    Virginia Mugai

    Jerry Williams you never disappoint 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪☝️👌👌👌

  • Mustafa Zainab Shakira
    Mustafa Zainab Shakira

    Jerry Williams fans where are we 💔💔💋💋🤝🤝🤝🌹🙏🙏

  • Omomebo Bella
    Omomebo Bella

    This you people secrets

  • Felix Ochieng Omondi
    Felix Ochieng Omondi

    Chaiiii! Nawaooooo so this celebrity's some can lie like this a fake life. Anyway let me enjoy the movie. Na we dey here



  • Jane Mwangi
    Jane Mwangi

    Is this how celebrities live a fake life in real life.

  • Sandrine Dagrou Kadji
    Sandrine Dagrou Kadji

    People can lie in this movie 😂😂😂

  • Isatu Tholley
    Isatu Tholley

    Destiny and maleek thay are lieing to each other 😂😂

  • Mathias Omokhe
    Mathias Omokhe

    Am here for Jerry Williams and queeneth Hilbert, Kudos to you all my pple

  • Esther Ifeynwa
    Esther Ifeynwa

    Hot coco and Jerry are making this movie more funny

  • Ugbo Goodnews
    Ugbo Goodnews

    12.44 when liar jam each other

  • Cindy jorfui rogers
    Cindy jorfui rogers

    Am here for everyone fake or real

  • Cindy jorfui rogers
    Cindy jorfui rogers

    Wow so na so ona fake aaaaaaa

  • Da- Pro
    Da- Pro

    I don't usually comment on movies but trust me, this movie talks about almost everything that's going on in the industry. You are talented, you have good content but because you don't have a name , nobody wants to look into your content or even give you a chance to showcase. Nice1 Mazi Ugezu J Ugezu

  • vivian okoduwa
    vivian okoduwa

    Say no to a fake life

  • Juliana Ahuahey
    Juliana Ahuahey

    Fake lies everywhere ooooo cooco and her coo

  • Onyi Adline
    Onyi Adline

    This movie is just passing me off. They should go straight to the point and stop this long episode ahh

  • adofo simpaa
    adofo simpaa

    Am enjoying this lovely movie from Ghana 🇬🇭

  • Rahmat Saed
    Rahmat Saed

    When a lair meets a lair Maleek and Coco😂😂😂😂

  • Samuel Sofy
    Samuel Sofy

    Am here for jerry Williams 💕💕💕

  • Heavenly joy Lillian
    Heavenly joy Lillian

    Destiny you can lie ooooh😅😅🤣🤣🤣oh my Gwad 🙆‍♀️you even fake God's name, you and your lover boy Maleek you can lie for Asia, see Morocco see Spain 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Rosemary Nuertey
    Rosemary Nuertey

    Pls uploader if u r not ready to upload d videos pls stop dropping Dem 1 after 1 n x also weeks after

  • Ezeudoka Ifeanyi
    Ezeudoka Ifeanyi

    If not for jelly William's and destiny etiko..I can't be here watching this movies...this guys are really taking my time

  • Berry justice Berry
    Berry justice Berry

    I must see the end of this movie I don't care how long it will take all I know is that I must see the root of the movie

  • Moon Sun
    Moon Sun

    Please what is the Vanessa's real name am so much inluv with her clamness

  • Asije Judith
    Asije Judith

    My Gward drama doll u guys are really doing keep bringing out ur best more grace guys

  • Lovely Girl
    Lovely Girl

    The best thing was inkiru to accept jerry iven though he was not showing off himself so he will enjoy

  • Ekpendu Joseph Nwabueze
    Ekpendu Joseph Nwabueze

    U upload 1 today u upload 2 next week what is wrong wit u guys We can't understand d movie at all

  • Adams Ali
    Adams Ali

    Drama doll

  • Bosslady- herself
    Bosslady- herself

    This na d things n fake life all of una dy live both real life n movies ....make una take am easy ...... na this one make Mike Ez say make all of una stop fake things n fake lives so fucking ....this na d evidence.....

    • Bosslady- herself
      Bosslady- herself

      Mike ezuruonye, say make una stop fake so fucking ....

    • Bosslady- herself
      Bosslady- herself

      Mike ezuruonye, say make una stop fake so fucking ....

  • elitahtashel dube
    elitahtashel dube

    Was so much waiting for this season drama doll❤️🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

  • Jgirl Zulu
    Jgirl Zulu

    This movie did not need to be this long🙄 and it’s annoying how y’all releasing it days apart🙄🙄

  • business plan
    business plan

    Where is part 8

  • Anna David
    Anna David

    Part 8pls

  • Anna David
    Anna David

    I love this movie

  • Okonta Emmanuel
    Okonta Emmanuel

    Powerful movie thanks for uploading

  • Debbie Duyen
    Debbie Duyen

    This new guy looking for script sounds like Emeka Ike

  • iman farouk
    iman farouk

    omg the movies are really short I can't wait to see how they'll all end up. destiny end her crew are all so fake Jerry is always so real and that's why I love him♥️💚♥️💚 I love the way the new guy speaks

  • Lili Blank
    Lili Blank

    I'm here just to get feel my eye's and to know more about what is going on am not here for the name's or whose action is the best, am here for my self busy,,, I love the movie because he make me know what is going on in our Nigeria movie,, this is really going on between the ladies,,

  • Gift Cornelius Gift Cornelius
    Gift Cornelius Gift Cornelius

    So this is really what's happing in industry. Fake life

  • Mordi Mordi
    Mordi Mordi

    E be like say the new producer that is looking for script Him rob pancake abi na foundation Am just asking and passing ooh🤣😂🤣

    • Mordi Mordi
      Mordi Mordi

      @Mary Eyone his face and look while talking to the director weak me

    • Mary Eyone
      Mary Eyone

      I tire ooo lolzzz

  • Mordi Mordi
    Mordi Mordi

    Are mine d only one hearing oh my kward duh from destiny😂

  • Uchy PreshyTV
    Uchy PreshyTV

    So much love this movie

  • Vicky Victoria
    Vicky Victoria

    8 please

  • helen chinedu
    helen chinedu

    Who agrees with me that Jerry is the richest guy on this movie but pretend to be poor , it will shock them all when they will all get to know his real standard😂

    • Agnus Ms
      Agnus Ms


    • Anthea Samuel
      Anthea Samuel

      Helen i totally agree Jerry will shock all of them they will get the shock of there life all of them a bunch broke shit

  • Miracle Mira
    Miracle Mira

    The lies in this movie is causing me headache😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

    • Miracle Mira
      Miracle Mira

      @Abooki Barbie 😜😜😜

    • Abooki Barbie
      Abooki Barbie


    • Sandrine Dagrou Kadji
      Sandrine Dagrou Kadji


    • Miracle Mira
      Miracle Mira


    • betty kim
      betty kim

      🤣🤣🤣🤣take it easy my friend

  • Chizzy Obioha
    Chizzy Obioha

    Fake life every were

  • Akhigbe Juliet
    Akhigbe Juliet

    See I really don't understand what u people are arting oooooo because all I see there is nonsense oooo if u people don't know what to art is it better to relax than to be arting nonsense all the names of films

    • Odion Richard
      Odion Richard

      @Mary Eyone don't mind her.

    • Mary Eyone
      Mary Eyone

      Am surprised u er d only one that does nt understand d story of this beautiful movie

  • Blessing Osas
    Blessing Osas

    I can't wait to watch the next part of this movie

  • Bint Mhammad
    Bint Mhammad

    Wawuuu two mugus🤣🤣 hotcoco and Brandon

  • Tf Styles
    Tf Styles

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  • Courage N Wilson
    Courage N Wilson

    Seriously, I don’t like how y’all do the uploads.

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