Tesla wanted him to pay $22500 to replace a battery pack, we did it for 75% less!
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Yet again we show you how we at the electrified garage can repair a Tesla Fault for a quarter of the cost of a Tesla Quote

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  • docdurdin

    Ask Elon why they make reuseable Rockets? I think Elon would get behind this, sending more to the junkyard is not an answer.

  • h8GWBî

    Sure, the nipple is cheap, but it's the shipping that kills you.

  • MRIGuy

    I run a company that repairs medical devices. Last week we needed two 12 volt cooling fans, the type that are found in many electronic devices and normally available for $3 or so. The manufacturer would not provide a price quote at first, then quoted $350 for one and overf $600 for the other.

  • mpwickfly

    Your bot is HUNG

  • Ray karl
    Ray karl

    This is why I like a gas car! I sold one of my cars and sold it at 200, 010 miles! The purchaser used it for another 5 years and put another 50,000 miles on the car! GAS RULES!

  • gtmonyfckbtchs

    What is this video? Is it an advertisement? Is it a cheap intro to other ITmores channels? (Which channels I watch by the way)

  • Jake B
    Jake B

    What kind of training do you need to perform these kind of battery repairs in a professional setting?

  • Tom A
    Tom A

    Florida would be a good state to expand to as it's the 2nd state with the most electric cars

  • Jon Shaffer
    Jon Shaffer

    I've finally reached a place in my life where I could actually afford a Tesla and I'd love to have one. However I cannot get past the right to repair issue. I do not think its ethical for Tesla to lock customers out of cars they own because they won't pay for insane overcharges on repairs. Are you listening Tesla?

  • donal finn
    donal finn

    I wouldn’t have an electric car even if I was given it for free.

  • LegoBanda

    Don't buy electric cars. Lease it.

  • Marcus Dye
    Marcus Dye

    I’ve been seeing a TON of Teslas popping up around here in Columbus, OH. May not be a bad idea to make way out here and open a shop!

  • Mehmet Yilmaz
    Mehmet Yilmaz

    Yes every car company who sells electric cars want you to pay a lot for the batter

  • Gus Chingon
    Gus Chingon

    screw tesla junk

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty

    Farmers with their John Deere tractors have *the same problem*

  • Andi Iskandar
    Andi Iskandar

    wow....kind a stupid price for one of monopoly as companys as it....in here that car prices is insane (over 200%-300%)...that fix was USD $22.500,- that over 200mio (without taxes) in my country currency. and till now in here don't have like your independence mechanic yet...

  • Thomas Osaki
    Thomas Osaki

    stupid, why do people buy these trash vehicles?

  • Aaye Sher
    Aaye Sher

    3:27 audi owners: this is fine

  • Tiny Trouble
    Tiny Trouble

    Is the Tesla bulge

  • flip couvillion
    flip couvillion

    I don’t own a Tesla but I do watch a lot of Rich.

  • Peter Rech
    Peter Rech

    good reason not to buy a new car, especially an electric one

  • Tom H
    Tom H

    What does that amber status on one brick mean?

  • David Lanier
    David Lanier

    And that's why Tesla is crap

  • Wilfredo Vega
    Wilfredo Vega

    make a shop in Puerto Rico

  • bunjaow

    @ 4:35 lol just noticed the kid scratched " I Love My Dad" in the paint.

  • EXXP1234

    How is the Ocala location doing I work on SS.Blvd

  • FFB Legend
    FFB Legend


  • A S
    A S

    U a hero we need

  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee

    Hobson's Choice. Give money to Tesla or take it to the junkyard.🤣😂🤯🤯🤯🤡🤡🍉🍉🦍🦍🍌🍌🦧🦧🐫🐫🥳🥳🤡🤡

  • PJ Ludda
    PJ Ludda

    Hence the reason I am so skiddish on Tesla...They're pretty much Apple (with, go figure, a "cult of personality" figurehead in charge) for cars... Honestly, Testla's giving GREAT reasons why you should keep going with natural combustion over the fad that is electric cars...

  • Trump Lost LOL
    Trump Lost LOL

    It is hard to repair anything in that car. It is very different from an internal combustion engine car with many small part. All EVs have big integrated parts that can only be replaced.

  • SpEaKeRbOy

    Thanks for this video! My late 2013 Model S died on me last weekend and had it towed to Tesla Service. They said it was the battery and BMS and quoted me $20000. Fortunately, it had less than two months warranty left on the battery and Tesla covered replacement. Had this occurred two months later, I would have been screwed. I am glad you made this video and glad to know that there are repair options to shipping my car somewhere to a third party that can potentially fix it for a lot less.

  • Christina Schaefer
    Christina Schaefer

    You could almost buy a new Honda Civic for 22k

  • Van's Best Friend
    Van's Best Friend

    Jesus... how ANYONE buys one of these POS Teslas is beyond me!

  • B P
    B P

    Who can afford to repair a Tesla? It looks like there is a need for several after market companies to make replacement batteries on a mass scale to reduce costs. Direct unplug, unbolt, rebolt and replug service at $4500 and if you bring a picture of your dog for our Dog Wall $4395. Core charge $29.95.

  • Y Plüss
    Y Plüss

    Why do you need life-vests for swimming?

  • Gavno Nadoroge
    Gavno Nadoroge

    just buy another one, because we are environmentaly friendly company

  • JIM Sutton
    JIM Sutton


  • Maniac Bob
    Maniac Bob

    Uncle Rich's webcam is horrid 🤭🤭


    The government wants everyone to buy this shit. Well these assholes are all millionaires who can afford a 22k battery replacement. I’ll stick to oil changes

  • gary anthony
    gary anthony

    My battery went dead and cost me 100 $. 23000 $ worth of GAS goes a long way.

  • ace 99
    ace 99

    So basically stay away from tesla cars and soon truck. Thanks got it! I still have my 05 tundra and put maybe $4k sense ownership 15 years. hmm

  • Frank Montez
    Frank Montez

    Tesla= rich liberal progressive tree huggers

  • lqdxoni1

    never buy tesla only lease

  • nigel Tickner
    nigel Tickner

    l would go and buy a real nice diesel car

  • rick scriver
    rick scriver

    Guys like Loius and Rich are the real innovators of this technology. Minimizing otherwise ridiculous service costs and the impact of excess disgard costs and the environmental impacts, may actually contribute more to this evolution than the greedy manufacturers will.

  • Vincent Groudeniutes
    Vincent Groudeniutes

    yes, you are entertaining and hysterical hahahah and I like your vids

  • imeldo marcos
    imeldo marcos

    Omfg $22.500. Juat buy a new car.

  • Austin

    Right to repair really is a big deal that I wish more people were aware of. It's not right that we can buy a product, and have 100% ownership over that product, but then have a manufacturer tell us that we're not allowed to have access to what's required to fix the product, even outside of a warranty. If that's the case, then we never truly have 100% ownership over the stuff that we buy now-a-days. It's just a loan or a lease.

  • Rick Weber
    Rick Weber

    Long time listener, 1st time caller, LOVE your channel. Bottom line, I am not confident in spending $35K on a vehicle that will not take me at least 200 miles on a charge for at least a couple of years. I have committed to working on all of my ICE and hybrid vehicles myself. With no issues, I avoid dealerships at ALL costs. You all are heros!! MAIN QUESTION, after battery refurb and supercharge capability, what was the available range? 200 miles? 230 miles? 250 miles? I need to find out if it is worth it to buy a used Tesla with a potentially worn battery. Thanks for listening!!!!

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    Thats going to be the new business for theft, rib batteries and resale them!good dumm deal!🙄👎

  • Ryan Wills
    Ryan Wills

    Correct me if I'm wrong but if your only replacing two bad cells on a 8 year old battery your really just delaying the inevitable.that whole pack is at the end of its life .

  • Randy Geyer
    Randy Geyer

    Nice screwdriver. :O

  • Richard Blanke
    Richard Blanke

    Hoovie buys anything runs or not.

  • costiqueR

    To be clear, is a double way speaking. You changed just the fault batteries, not the entire battery pack. It is the same thing as replacing the entire mother board of a computer or search after broken component on board and change it. You cannot guaranty the other packs, which can get low anytime. So, the video is misleading as the new reparation will be necessary in a not précised time and then will be done all in the same way. And after this...same thing come. On the other hand, Tesla is changing the entire package, so you will get a complete new battery pack, not just the fault modules, and the new guarantee must come with it. But I tell you this: do you remember the time when to repair a tire became more expensive than to change it with a new one? That time will come for batteries also. Sooner or later.

  • 1JH

    I will rather save myself money than to save mother’s earth for others


    If they want to deny right to repair then lease your crap if you want to be a Nazi. When you sell it if it falls in half the day after warranty runs out ; that half is your problem and the other half, you guessed it your problem.

  • David Rahn
    David Rahn

    Also, is no one going to mention the sus factor at 0:08

  • David Rahn
    David Rahn

    Come to Boston. Absolutely tons of Teslas, and the harsh winters/hot, humid summers causes all sorts of shenanigans

  • Jacky Chio
    Jacky Chio

    excuse me, what is the mileage on the tesla that requires battery replacement?

  • Cami

    this why i went with NIO

  • Danny Walker
    Danny Walker

    I can relate to the parts finding discussion. I just work on my stuff and sometimes for friends and family. I have replaced several cracked screens on laptops and finding a replacement part is the most challenging aspect of the whole process.


    The cheaper you can get your car repaired the most likely you will buy that car .


    Elon should support them with parts from his factory better for his name.


    Much cleaner to work on than a fuel engine just need the experience.


    Wow these guys are super clever. Elon should give them the right to work on all of his cars that is faulty

  • Jim Vonn
    Jim Vonn

    Did you mention you are risking your life to play with these powerful packs? While the unit you replaced is fixable in the future Telsa is integrating the packs part of the car ; so that will become impossible even if you don't mind a modest risk of being electrocuted.

  • John Pick
    John Pick

    Great Channel Rich ! Thanks for Posting !

  • Sheriff Lobo
    Sheriff Lobo

    $5600 is still too goddamn much for a car battery. Mine costs $99 if I'm going cheap, about $170 if I'm going higher end. Fuck Tesla.

  • Daniel Pinto
    Daniel Pinto

    In Portugal a guy bought an electric Renault after 4 year the battery pack died no more warranty and the Renault dealer ask him 20.000 euros to fit a new battery pack...after a lot of argument they " offer" him a special deal 18.000 euros kkkkkkk

  • Samyak H P
    Samyak H P

    15:30 in India its kinda the opposite, since most people aren't well off here, they find alternatives. Majority of the population would hesitate to take it to the manufacturers because they know that the manufacturers/dealers would rip them off, there's a repair shop in every block and it works out because people here prefer manufacturers for buying and not for repairs.

  • Volvo Man
    Volvo Man

    For some reason, my wife keeps asking for that robots contact information...

  • lucky chucky
    lucky chucky

    That's why I don't think I'll ever buy a Tesla car and it's a shame you're shooting themselves in the foot as far as I'm concerned Why would I buy a car that if something goes wrong I can't fix it doesn't make any sense

  • dang0088 da
    dang0088 da

    NO to buying telsa.

  • Peter Bland
    Peter Bland

    Lots of Tesla’s in Oregon!

  • john Mycroft
    john Mycroft

    fuck that

  • philip marsland
    philip marsland

    How do you like it now

  • spelunkerd

    This also exposes the irony of 'lower pollution' from new vehicles. Yeah, less CO2 out the tail pipe, but when vehicles die in half the time, you also need to factor in the pollution costs of manufacturing an entirely new car. You'll never get planned obsolescence acknowledged by those who feed at the trough of new vehicle sales.

  • William Palacio
    William Palacio


  • timmbos

    Teslas are great until you need those proprietary repairs!!!! Elon ain't no dummy!

  • Model 3 Dude
    Model 3 Dude

    Car worth 23k… okay trade it into Tesla for a newer used model! Give them the crap car, and you get a newer car for about 22k. Yeah you got a payment, but you also have a new warranty. Just saying… jokes on Tesla!

  • Ron Laverdiere
    Ron Laverdiere

    With more quality EV brands coming up, Tesla will suffer tremendously if they continue to be the only brand that does not offer right-to-repair. I am surprised they don't get on board with this just to support their own future business. Open up a Tech School to train Certified Tesla mechanics, just like other companies like GM already does.

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker

    Right to repair is why I drive a Chevy not a Tesla

  • stvbox tvbox
    stvbox tvbox

    here is your market analysis for las vegas: 6 weeks to recharge your a/c or even look at it

  • bill monroe
    bill monroe

    Anyone that believes that this is the future and we should be going all electric are dumber than a box of rocks! FK Tesla!!!

  • Hanh Thuan
    Hanh Thuan

    wow , how old tesla , volo v70 hybridi battery 17 000 euro

  • Absolute Chad
    Absolute Chad

    Green energy 🤣

  • tpnguyen88

    You bought a Tesla ? LOL

  • Edsel Malasig
    Edsel Malasig

    Thank you soo much for showing it. It is really really insightful.

  • nightmare in action
    nightmare in action

    Hey wanna give me one of those broken battery packs 🙂

  • Leighton Galleries
    Leighton Galleries

    I'd love to watch it, but it is toooo long. 18 Minutes? Why?

  • HandsomeStranger1963

    screw the warranty. it s just there to keep you comoing back. it is a right. not small print. small print = bullshit. ask for a discount to waiver the warranty. that to is a consumer right. not small print.

  • Hydden N. Plainsyght
    Hydden N. Plainsyght

    What would it cost to convert a '87 Porsche 944 to become Teslafied?

  • Karl Johnson
    Karl Johnson

    If that was a NIO it would be a simple battery swap. Good work for the customer regardless.

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallis

    The best thing to do is we all buy Hydrogen fuel cell cars like the Toyota Miari which discharges H2O from it's exhaust.. All we need is the infrastructure which should be easier and cheaper than electric charge points. Hydrogen fuel cell cars can be filled up as quick as petrol cars and have a range of 400 miles.... Bugger your EV cars with a doubtful range of 200 miles

  • ray b
    ray b

    The correct answer would be for battery operated vehicles stay with toys and battery operated quads. for get about buying any type of battery operated vehicle.... unless you are the type who has conversations over the 19th hole and can (afford) it.... gasoline is the only way to go.....

  • John Wright
    John Wright

    Thank you for drawing attention to the major drawbacks of EVs.

  • wickedtoast

    22000,!!?!?!?!?? WTF?!! How is no one talking about this??

  • Mooo

    This is exactly why I'll never buy one they charge you 2k for a fucking scratch

  • harry viking
    harry viking

    Lol! Thats the thing about battery-powered cars. The price of changing faulty batteries! At the moment I do not thrust the batteries used so I will wait it out a while before getting one!

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