Taylor Swift Wins Album Of The Year | 2021 GRAMMY Awards Show Acceptance Speech
Watch Taylor Swift's speech for Album Of The Year for Folklore at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards.
2021 GRAMMY Awards Show: Complete Winners & Nominees List
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  • travishunterbrown

    I love her dress!!

  • Freddy Willin
    Freddy Willin

    Lindaaaaaa ❤️🇧🇷 Taylor Swift ❤️

  • H- 22
    H- 22


  • SCRacXopinion 「アスター」
    SCRacXopinion 「アスター」

    Did she just thanked her fictional characters?

  • Cristopher González
    Cristopher González


  • Jose Rodas Pineda
    Jose Rodas Pineda

    After Hours

  • Arthur Guimarães Barbosa
    Arthur Guimarães Barbosa


  • SABA

    The fact that that everyone knew she's gonna win this yeah

  • random videos
    random videos

    Şherban Ghenea❤🇷🇴

  • Marlah Caitlin Palatolon
    Marlah Caitlin Palatolon

    i wish the winner is the bts not that girl taylor swift!

    • Coney Island
      Coney Island

      BTS wasn't even nominated in the category, hun.

  • Niui Nagar
    Niui Nagar

    I hope Aaron and Taylor won't stop collaborating 'cause what they put out together was magic 🥺💖

  • Andi Febri
    Andi Febri

    To this day, I'm still wondering why Grammys didn't put Folklore into the alternative category, this album should have won the best alternative music album.


    Taylor Swift comeback stronger than a 90’s trend

  • Sanic The Hedgehog
    Sanic The Hedgehog

    Where my boi Kanye at?

    • Sanic The Hedgehog
      Sanic The Hedgehog


    • Coney Island
      Coney Island

      In the divorce court.

  • Miss. E
    Miss. E


  • Sttripes

    I didn't think straight white people were allowed to win anything anymore! Pretty sure this was a mistake this award should RIGHTLY go to a gay person of colour, give it to Trevor Noah. Lol!

  • Mjoodeetours 18
    Mjoodeetours 18

    تابعته وفرحت مره لما فازت لانها تستاهل

  • Weed Wilson
    Weed Wilson

    Post Malone and Dua not really happy.

  • João Alves
    João Alves

    Jack Antonoff my baby 😍😍😍😍

  • Ubersouls

    it should have been jacob collier lmao

    • Delilah Hirshland
      Delilah Hirshland

      me when im delulu:

  • VercaHoll

    I came here after watching Miss Americana. Before I watched it I did not like Taylor that much, I enjoyed her music but I thought that she must be affected or something... I was so wrong, she is so sympatic girl from nextdoor, she is talented but still modest. I am really happy for her sucess, she deserve it so much. I wish you good luck, Taylor! ❤

  • Omar Saldívar Jiménez
    Omar Saldívar Jiménez

    Chilombo or hollywoods bleeding deserved

    • levilevilevi dondondondon
      levilevilevi dondondondon

      @Delilah Hirshland you're so embarassing

    • Delilah Hirshland
      Delilah Hirshland

      @levilevilevi dondondondon whatever you need to cope

    • levilevilevi dondondondon
      levilevilevi dondondondon

      @Delilah Hirshland the grammys really don't mean anything. The way they try to push all the black artists into the r&b section smh

    • Delilah Hirshland
      Delilah Hirshland

      @levilevilevi dondondondon aw to bad the recording academy doesn't agree with you cope harder

    • levilevilevi dondondondon
      levilevilevi dondondondon

      @Shankha subhra pal nope sorry bbg

  • Régina Phalange
    Régina Phalange

    The others weren't even close... Edit: also wth didn't exile win pop duo of the year

  • Akhil

    kid cudi no nomination how

    • Summer Capps
      Summer Capps

      Because it it came out in December. It wasnt eligible for the 2020 grammys.

  • estefania esquiro
    estefania esquiro


  • nive nivedhika
    nive nivedhika


  • Onnhyx

    Really serious question why only on this grammys the always put post malone clapping to remmind us that he havent win any grammy :(

  • Cameron Herauf
    Cameron Herauf


  • lyaa mkh.
    lyaa mkh.


  • xxxTIN0xxx

    Why Beyoncè wasn't there? 🥺

  • Ka So
    Ka So

    Grammys are a joke. Metal is to music, what Breaking Bad is to TV.

  • dayana

    folklore best album ever

  • Trebortni YT
    Trebortni YT

    Why the announcer excitedly read future nostalgia?

  • Swrangbili Goyari
    Swrangbili Goyari

    Actually I promise myself not watch Grammy anymore becuz I am angry Grammy did not give award to bts but I am huge fan of Taylor I am happy for her

  • Helli Fee
    Helli Fee

    why mask off?^^

    • Matej Božič
      Matej Božič

      Cuz they are about to give a speech?? And they came together to the Grammys, rehearsed together..

  • Saul Chavez
    Saul Chavez

    Where are you

  • David Hangsing
    David Hangsing


    • Andrie Muros
      Andrie Muros

      She Deserved it.

  • Jero Galán Archila
    Jero Galán Archila

    Taylor is the music industry and no one can prove me wrong

  • Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More
    Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More

    I like Post Malone's too though. Congratulations Taylor!

  • ella alon
    ella alon


  • Hadi Syahputra
    Hadi Syahputra

    queen ❤️

  • Víctor Andrew
    Víctor Andrew

    👸🏼 Q U E E N 👸🏼

  • georgia collins
    georgia collins

    wow nice...

  • Rose Dawson
    Rose Dawson

    For those who didn't give Taylor a standing ovation for this historic win, the joke is all on you, This just goes to show the extent of jealousy you have for her, and guess what, you ppl will never achieve what she has done and reached. 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    • Rajvee Vasani
      Rajvee Vasani


  • George Alberto Ramirez
    George Alberto Ramirez

    umm no she’s gross

  • Valent Tyo Cahya
    Valent Tyo Cahya

    Folklore for me her best album

  • Muhammad Hamid
    Muhammad Hamid

    Proud of u mom

  • Raechel Verghese
    Raechel Verghese

    It's always the new artists who are snobby and just sit there disrespectfully while history is being made. Taylor always stands up, Beyonce always stands up, Rihanna always stands up. They're all industry veterans and they're more respectful and humble than the newbies.

    • Kym Casador
      Kym Casador

      uhmm who snob her? They all clap but some people didn't Stan but that's ok because they clap.

    • Kym Casador
      Kym Casador

      @Vinicius Blank Fonseca what are u talking about? Dua Lipa also clap when Taylor won.

    • Vinicius Blank Fonseca
      Vinicius Blank Fonseca

      it's that Dua was being salty that she lost. She probably thought she had it when she won Pop Album

  • Raechel Verghese
    Raechel Verghese

    It's always the new artists who are snobby and just sit there disrespectfully while history is being made. Taylor always stands up, Beyonce always stands up, Rihanna always stands up. They're all industry veterans and they're more respectful and humble than the newbies.

  • The Kefman
    The Kefman

    Just because coldplay from london

  • only for taypink
    only for taypink


  • Can Erçil
    Can Erçil

    who's here every day

  • Brendon Aden
    Brendon Aden

    Watching this for a million times 🥰

  • Brendon Aden
    Brendon Aden

    Watching this for a million times 🥰

  • Muhd. NCA
    Muhd. NCA

    “...one of the greatest living songwriters...”... The fact that people who worked with her said that speaks volumes about her talent in the music industry. And people who have never met her in real life have the shittiest audacity to discredit her talent... what a joke

  • Cassiopean Seiffel
    Cassiopean Seiffel

    Sorry I love Taylor but why is everyone making such a big deal about standing up?It really is not that serious they didn’t stand up for most of the ceremony either it really doesn’t prove anything

  • Aditya Patil
    Aditya Patil

    If taylor wins AOTY at the Grammy's 2022, she will become the only Artist to win AOTY four times. Lets go!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Liya Nuraddin
    Liya Nuraddin

    the way she hand shaked him🥺

  • Ar Kar Ar Kar Min Myat
    Ar Kar Ar Kar Min Myat

    So happy

  • Danielson Silveira
    Danielson Silveira

    Folklore is a masterpiece

  • Mutiara Daulay
    Mutiara Daulay


  • Subhi Bittar
    Subhi Bittar


  • Valent Tyo Cahya
    Valent Tyo Cahya

    Whatever people say, but this album is PHENOMENAL 🔥🔥🔥

  • Faith Joana Flor Factes
    Faith Joana Flor Factes

    Quarantine with Joe🥺😊🥰

  • Ajat Sutrajat
    Ajat Sutrajat

    Future nostalgia deserve thissss

    • Delilah Hirshland
      Delilah Hirshland

      fn was great, but folklore is just on another level

    • Maryann Nine
      Maryann Nine

      A basic disco album with bland lyricism will never win an AOTY

  • Andi Febri
    Andi Febri

    Wow , it's so fresh , Alternative album wins GRAMMY ALBUM OF THE YEAR . . .

  • sahar haji
    sahar haji

    Im soooo happy, that album was awesomeeeeee

  • M. H
    M. H


  • maryam manzoor
    maryam manzoor

    funny how selena RARE is not even nominated :(

  • Eugeniα Mirαndα
    Eugeniα Mirαndα

    Her “oh shit “ at the beginning🙊💕 goddess

  • Valent Tyo Cahya
    Valent Tyo Cahya

    You deserved it QUEEN 🔥

  • Sena Hailu
    Sena Hailu

    The weekend's After hours album is such a masterpiece compared to these albums

    • Maryann Nine
      Maryann Nine

      Uhmm no. The production and lyricsm is so basic. Sorry hun your fave could never ever win.

  • Aldessa Cordova
    Aldessa Cordova

    I love u taylor eversince i saw u

  • Vaibhav Mawade
    Vaibhav Mawade


  • mrs LUndY
    mrs LUndY

    We all know Grammys never give someone what they deserve, but this time they had no other choice 😻

  • Cristopher González
    Cristopher González

    Taylor ♥️♥️

  • Peyman Yaghoubi
    Peyman Yaghoubi

    Anyone noticed how she is the only artist who thanked fans that night ? Everyone else thanked recording academy only

    • girl on the edge
      girl on the edge

      Bc fans can't do anything in order to win a grammy

    • dirdproductions - irena dragic
      dirdproductions - irena dragic

      Not really true. Dua Lipa did so, too.

  • Peyman Yaghoubi
    Peyman Yaghoubi

    Folklore was album of the year for sure , production of quarantine for quarantine and isolation , Taylor Swift is a genius and she deserved album of the year , also folklore dominated pure sells and charts

  • Peyman Yaghoubi
    Peyman Yaghoubi


  • A'ries swift
    A'ries swift


  • Cuate Sanz
    Cuate Sanz

    Again?? Politics?

  • Valentina 1234
    Valentina 1234

    dua lipa deserved it more

  • Orange Cucumber
    Orange Cucumber

    Im not a big fan of her music (i dont think its bad it just wouldn’t be my style), but this was 1000% deserved. she is a very talented woman and no one can deny it.

    • anisa nurraudah
      anisa nurraudah

      After folklore and evermore, do you still think her music is not your cup of tea? Just curious though. Thank you for the kind words.

    • Prabir Pal
      Prabir Pal

      I agree. No one can deny that.

  • Berenice Muñoz
    Berenice Muñoz

    Taylor swift you are incredible

  • Ellie Lyndon
    Ellie Lyndon

    Queen❤️🔥 unstoppable

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    The fact that she made sure all of her producer are with her and hugging them is the cutest thing 🥺🥺 , she deserves the best ❤️❤️

  • almond milk
    almond milk

    i loved her handshake with the guy sitting next to her

  • ruchi khanna
    ruchi khanna

    Congratulations Taylor swift


    It's been 3 weeks but still I'm getting goosebumps when I hear "folklore" as the Album of the year!

  • Hyungdae Park
    Hyungdae Park

    are the people with taylor songwriters?

    • fearlessly gab
      fearlessly gab


  • Subur Waris Mualim
    Subur Waris Mualim

    Three time Album of the Year winner in three different genres in three different decades

  • Jose Antonio Banegas
    Jose Antonio Banegas

    The Music Industry

  • Vinnie Walsh walsh
    Vinnie Walsh walsh

    i think Jhené deserved this so much

  • Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대

    CONGRATULATIONS MAH LADY!!! we love yaaaah!!! 😍💐💜.💜

  • Diego Páez Barros
    Diego Páez Barros

    Dua Lipa should stand up.

  • Buthaina Alraisi
    Buthaina Alraisi

    coldplay deserved that award.

    • Delilah Hirshland
      Delilah Hirshland

      me when I lie:

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants

    I wonder where her squad now. They never stand up for her. Now I'm happy finally got back what she deserve

  • MedhaMedia

    AHHH !!!!!! JUST THE BESTTT !!!!!!! the fact that she did a handshake with her aaron was just THE TAYLORRRRRRR

  • Matheus Fonseca
    Matheus Fonseca

    Perfeito 💛💛

  • Matheus Fonseca
    Matheus Fonseca


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