How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!

  • Bedford Link
    Bedford Link

    Bt u fs not the strongest if the other 2 knew wat ybey they was dlin

  • Dan Klompstra
    Dan Klompstra

    Do the test right? There's a method and son, you ain't at 160kg force.

  • Liston Cutinho
    Liston Cutinho

    Me: tries it The machine: 10 Me: Oh The machine: its in negetive Me: Oh......

  • hgtg yk6jnell
    hgtg yk6jnell

    "women are just as strong"

  • DUAL DV8
    DUAL DV8

    Who keeps giving these people money?

  • Cyno simp
    Cyno simp

    As an avid manga reader/anime watchers i already knew what he's gonna do when i first saw that thing

  • Roy Dunn
    Roy Dunn

    51 year old lifetime welder here... LMMFAO, give me shot at that... Make you kids feel bad, and I'm an old fat man

  • Hobnoe

    U clearly worked out before u did it tf

  • SoyALPA

    First girl ig? Xd

  • The Person YT
    The Person YT

    I think this guy faked his turn

  • Noble Six
    Noble Six

    That doesn't mean you're the strongest lol. You can squeeze plastic...okay then lol.

  • Lanie Leigh
    Lanie Leigh

    Yeah but wonder what it would register for you if you hadn’t pressed it against your leg when you squeezed it?

  • Anervis

    now boys the other hand

  • Jonny Jegels
    Jonny Jegels

    Anyone else think that that was Arsenal

  • illmaddox91

    Classic kauchdaddy

  • Drakaina Tohru
    Drakaina Tohru

    Which one of us has the strongest hj

  • Dunk Master Darius
    Dunk Master Darius

    Let's test the strength of a bunch of non working beta males...said nobody ever

  • Mikekim_official [\/]
    Mikekim_official [\/]

    When it was he's turn, you can see he did alot of warm ups since his vains are already appearing XD

  • Gabriel Arredondo
    Gabriel Arredondo

    Bro he used hes leg for leverage 😂 bois a joke

  • SJW Slayer 2nd
    SJW Slayer 2nd

    Second girl cheated and used two hands. She isn't that strong

  • ATKR45

    This is cancer

  • Nikos Gly
    Nikos Gly

    Get c

  • Tiger Hill
    Tiger Hill

    We all know what you do in your spare time😂🤣

  • ZZyrax

    most of them didn't even do it right..

  • ChickenButt39


  • Akhil

    Squeeze it

  • mikey z
    mikey z

    He used his leg like a cheater

  • Timothy Vogelpohl
    Timothy Vogelpohl

    The “let’s turn youtube into something cringer than tiktok” challenge

  • GoatCJ

    Champagne would’ve won if he knew how to use it

  • ZevFei

    Finally a short video that worth watching, not that stupid retarded tiktok teenagers videos, and stupid prank channels

  • Brandon Achey
    Brandon Achey

    Were you not literally the only person that posted against her thigh

  • Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

    God i hate people

  • YBfoteen 14
    YBfoteen 14

    Kylie a baddie no cap

  • Harshit

    Come In India

  • Harshit

    Iam Only To See My Target 🍌

  • just.some._.idiot.on.tiktok

    The girls thought they did sum

  • code037 Ch.
    code037 Ch.

    For reference, Kanata can do 50kg aka 110lbs


    My grip will score in the 200s or break that thing and I’m not even joking. It’s just a result of some life experience.

  • Karin Watanabe
    Karin Watanabe

    I remembered jeno from nct

  • Cb

    Been a diesel/auto mechanic for years. I probably bet my thumb, pointer, and middle finger together alone can do these numbers 😂

  • Reaper

    We just used to test our grip with the standard kind

  • noah stockton
    noah stockton

    210 for me

  • Aiysha's Channel
    Aiysha's Channel

    Obviously cheated using leg leverage at the end there.

  • Ven Cut
    Ven Cut

    Squeeze it

  • Bro

    Prison guy cracked

  • srouno x 29
    srouno x 29

    Arm is supposed to be straight but alright

  • Koin Gold
    Koin Gold

    I feel like this guy kept recording his try til he got the highest😂

  • MackNified

    Ehat kind of fucking house is this.. 84 roommates

  • JordanNYC

    It’s in the black water 😂😂😂

  • Tbut155

    “Women are just as strong as men”

  • HadesFades

    “Is that good” No answer Also I understand that this is a cringe Tik tok video although I did find that particular part funny


    You cheated you added extra force by pressing against your leg

  • 𝚊𝚔𝚊𝙱𝙺𝚞𝚝𝚕𝚞𝚔

    noice prop placements, almost makes me feel like I am in an early 2000s high school movie where they specificity rest the camera on the “Nissan 2003 90 horsepower with over 50 mileage on the gas tank, buy for just 1,7800$ at your local car dealership NOW!” ordifjaoofufjdjiesifheniwodjrjjd osishfjeksihdbdnfiir (^thats when they talk real fast and you can’t understand them)

  • MoltenCreeper is Gone
    MoltenCreeper is Gone

    Now for some nice bottled mud before I conclude this pointless video with a an ending I totally wasn’t planning or hoping for… wtf is this video dog and why is it in my recommended. :/

  • Basically I prefer the air
    Basically I prefer the air

    "87.6 is that good?" Him:😐

  • trucker bob
    trucker bob

    If we ain't talking about hanayama I ain't trying to hear shit about grip

  • かず

    Me who uses this in school yearly because of the sports test 🧍

  • Orange Gecko Art
    Orange Gecko Art

    This has to be some weird advertisement for that water thingy since the people that didn’t have the black water in the frame with them got like under 80 while the people that did got over 80

  • cc0la

    His name is champagne ._.

  • Christoph

    Yeah its the side pointing towards you, you dumbass

  • 0inx_xni0

    Why didnt the let's get it started guy say let's get it started instead of let's go

  • Linear

    “Is it good?” *silence*

  • Pita_1oy

    That side who satt down HE SATT DOWN and has grazy strengt om his grip whole sitting down

  • John Stone
    John Stone

    You placed your fingers wrong. Not fooling me bud.

  • En Lover
    En Lover

    66 makes a good HJ

  • Narata

    This is so dumb. Let's watch random people show how strong they are. Ugh. No wonder people are getting dumber.

  • Jamie Sachtleben
    Jamie Sachtleben

    Of course he is alone recording himself do a short take. Wonder why them veins already popping brother 🤔

  • M W
    M W

    Your house is a motel bro

  • Washed Up Will
    Washed Up Will

    He cheated to gain more he pushed it into his leg

  • Iron Bridge
    Iron Bridge

    Sure hope this isn't how scientifically relevant data is taken because this is a failure in method 😄

  • estevan jones
    estevan jones

    That’s crazy when you see someone you went to highschool with lol

  • TrwSeama

    Funny how you’re the only one who didn’t start from zero.


    ...proceeds to break the thing

  • Plebentide

    Kylie stoopid

  • vik kash
    vik kash

    Okay why don't you go pick someone your own size

  • poophehlol

    Guys, I'm beginning to worry that ITmores shorts are slowly turning in to cringe tiktoks.

  • Gummys Life
    Gummys Life

    Hehe I grip 200lb

  • Resident stranger
    Resident stranger

    Mines is 145ish

  • Amaryllis

    Blk water was everywhere in this video and im convinced he’s promoting it From one google search, it’s water but with a few extra minerals and electrolytes

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez

    *My nigga used his leg..* I hate that I’m apart of this generation

  • Reckless Reece
    Reckless Reece

    I'm so pissed at myself for watching this entire video, I'm at work doing nothing and feel like it wasted so much of my time.

  • Elijah Perez
    Elijah Perez

    But u used ur leg? Yeah ok You’re not that guy pal.

  • David Mustaine
    David Mustaine

    So you couldn’t have done this without that clock water?

  • Timothy Richardson
    Timothy Richardson

    I'm most likely to put a 200+ on that

  • Thewhitestwidow

    Got that GI Joe Kung fu grip

  • Paul Derrick
    Paul Derrick

    the ratio of men to women in that house is off but the trains probably running anyway

  • Karune Kiro
    Karune Kiro

    Виктор Блуд: подержите мои гири, я иду.

  • Miguel Malando
    Miguel Malando

    He applied pressure by holding it down on his shorts at the end lmaooo ego too big he don’t want to lose even when it’s not a competition

  • Ben Blocker
    Ben Blocker

    I’m just saying they should Probabley test the guys left hands two. That’s all I’m saying.

  • nope. ash
    nope. ash

    Yes ITmores thank you, how could I've possibly moved on with my life without seeing discount Jake Paul and his ITmores mansion full of dudebros. QUALITY CONTENT RIGHT HERE.

  • RTC 2021
    RTC 2021

    The last guy cheated by putting it against his hip. In my opinion. I could be wrong tho 🤷

  • Im0qamer

    I choked when he said champagne

  • Mashruba Wazed
    Mashruba Wazed

    Oh so the gamer has the Grip strength on his hand which he uses to grip his mouse? Makes Sense.

  • Trevor Crowe
    Trevor Crowe

    Black water ummmmmkay

  • Ratio xd
    Ratio xd

    Champagne 🍾

  • Cameron

    Didn’t you literally push the device against ur leg?

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