Smart Appliances, Gadgets For Every Home/ Versatile Utensils(Inventions & Ideas)#shorts
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  • Micah Foley
    Micah Foley

    Was he supposed to leave his glasses on?

  • Amir Naim Bin Abdul
    Amir Naim Bin Abdul


  • Elemie Kwesi
    Elemie Kwesi

    Totally perfect👏👏👍

  • Ahmad Junaidi
    Ahmad Junaidi

    very good idea 👍

  • F D
    F D

    Now that's how you use gorilla glue

  • Ким Сенбай
    Ким Сенбай

    у кого скальп украли?

  • Eric Superstar
    Eric Superstar

    I suggest not to bald in the first place I don’t see the point in loosing all ur hair young it’s unattractive and cold just have a stress free life and u shouldn’t go bald I still have full head of hair from following my own advice


    He pay for that?

  • Lev Master
    Lev Master

    Так можно было

  • قاسم الكرمشي
    قاسم الكرمشي


  • Oreste Bogoun
    Oreste Bogoun


  • Maxzeema Faith
    Maxzeema Faith

    This took off like 30 years making him younger 😅 It looks like a completely different person though? He looks like he's made of rubber or something at the end... 🤔

  • Wagner C. Santos
    Wagner C. Santos

    Excelente ideia!

  • Dotty Pitchell
    Dotty Pitchell


  • Sidarth Rai
    Sidarth Rai

    dude looked better without hair

  • Digvijay Parmar
    Digvijay Parmar

    Is there a billion chinese in world, they aren't or there are?

  • Anna M Parks
    Anna M Parks

    Dam that look good 👍

  • Adriane Anchieta
    Adriane Anchieta

    nao acredito nisso

  • An G
    An G

    Already looks good if you shave it all off. Men have it easy in this: they can easily look good if they completely shave their heads

  • Ann R
    Ann R

    Se ve más guapo pelón

  • Subhas Goyary
    Subhas Goyary


  • Gerry Jones
    Gerry Jones

    How is this a smart gadget?

  • jasbleidy Rodriguez
    jasbleidy Rodriguez

    Excelente 👍👍👍

  • Wilson Rossini
    Wilson Rossini

    Chinês é tudo igual. Quem me garante que é o mesmo

  • Hugo Velázquez huerta
    Hugo Velázquez huerta

    No entiendo los que tenemos poco cabello queremos cabello y los que tienen un chingo de Andan rapando no digo que este sea el caso pero conosco a varios que se rapan para verse según ellos rudos

  • ricoF

    Wow! How?

  • Subhalaxmi Biswal
    Subhalaxmi Biswal


  • Dicket Boris Gbozé
    Dicket Boris Gbozé

    C'est mieux qu'opération

  • lorac taeroll
    lorac taeroll

    the thumbs up 😂😂 at the end

  • Жахонгир Нажимов
    Жахонгир Нажимов

    где можно найти такого?

  • 鈴木のり子


  • amir khan
    amir khan

    How is its possible wow any Approach to contact?

  • muhammad shehzad Zamir
    muhammad shehzad Zamir

    How much price

  • Lupier Lu
    Lupier Lu

    Rồi lúc tóc trong mọc thì sao 😏

  • Paulasantosmelo Paula
    Paulasantosmelo Paula

    Como é costei em chinês

  • लोकतंत्र की आवाज़
    लोकतंत्र की आवाज़

    I'm having second thoughts

  • Marlyce W
    Marlyce W

    Needs eyebrows

  • ramsingh varma
    ramsingh varma

    Superb.. 👌

  • kumar bhaskar
    kumar bhaskar

    Kaha par aisa hota hai

  • Aaditri sharma
    Aaditri sharma

    Wow 👏 🤣

  • Vijay Bhaskar
    Vijay Bhaskar


  • John Dooley
    John Dooley

    Someone needs to tell these Guys that most of them will look better Bald or with a Buzz-Cut Men rarely look better with Fake-azz Hair on their Heads

  • 허쌤 미술 GENE ART
    허쌤 미술 GENE ART

    I am worried the skin can't breed n he will lose more hair.

  • Bong Vit
    Bong Vit


  • Pennywise

    Do Chinese only have 1 hair cut style ?

  • Baidurya Bhattacharyya
    Baidurya Bhattacharyya

    And thus the man had a new life.

  • michael montique
    michael montique

    Why is no one happy with themself

  • Sagir Alam
    Sagir Alam


  • Naufal Faruq
    Naufal Faruq

    UGH now my shorts filled up with chinese

  • Nice.

    It looks like the person's fake.

  • J P NN
    J P NN

    Oh my even their hair is faked you know I never thought 💭 about it but I’ve never seen a grey Chinese man or woman for that matter.

  • Jackie Hopson
    Jackie Hopson

    Can I get the name of this song, ive got a neighbor I need to make move.

  • Cherchez la famme
    Cherchez la famme

    Был старый, а в конце молодой, обман.

  • Martin goode elisha
    Martin goode elisha

    Hmm Looks worse

  • Andy Santos
    Andy Santos


  • YouTube Is Dying Painfully
    YouTube Is Dying Painfully

    Is no one else wondering why they drew on his head

  • B Wyatt
    B Wyatt

    As smart as so-called Americans are why the fuk can't we do this s***

  • Fernando García pascual
    Fernando García pascual

    Ce veía mejor pelón

  • Snoopy Peanuts
    Snoopy Peanuts

    China did China

  • Fans De golemcito de cora
    Fans De golemcito de cora

    Por eso odio a los chinos Xq? X chinos

  • Syudarji Peri
    Syudarji Peri

    I want..

  • Syudarji Peri
    Syudarji Peri


  • Luz enit Vasquez
    Luz enit Vasquez

    Hayyyyy maika pa onde se fue el calvito, que geniallllll

  • Speak Life
    Speak Life

    So confused right now

  • cathrine m
    cathrine m

    Wow that cool

  • Shakh 1
    Shakh 1

    Boshini qanday yuvadi🤔🤔

  • Andreu


  • Coach Angela P. Wilson
    Coach Angela P. Wilson

    It's not the same person 😂

  • Sipinraj bhojpuri
    Sipinraj bhojpuri

    heyr how many chances

  • jevy sang'
    jevy sang'

    So when we go, Chinese people always have good hair, sometimes it's totally fake?

  • tiago Pegasus
    tiago Pegasus


  • Ben H.
    Ben H.


  • Body Amer
    Body Amer


  • Jeferson Santos
    Jeferson Santos

    Expos os segredos kkkkk

  • Fritz Matthew Plantig
    Fritz Matthew Plantig

    This video screams HOPE

  • كما تدين تدان
    كما تدين تدان


  • karinna Guerra
    karinna Guerra

    Engaña muchachos

  • gyudong


  • Claudia Grootfaam
    Claudia Grootfaam


  • Роман Газиев
    Роман Газиев

    Что это было?

  • Cindy Esparza
    Cindy Esparza


  • Bill King
    Bill King

    Was that hair the uighur Muslims donated ??

  • Anna MU
    Anna MU

    Amazing. Love the transformation :)

  • Kenny Srisukho
    Kenny Srisukho

    น่ารักเลย ดูดีมสด เมืองไทยมีแบบนี้ไหม

  • 52haron

    Everything is possible in China.

  • Jessica Bell
    Jessica Bell

    That looks expensive

  • กิ้บ'บ ซี่
    กิ้บ'บ ซี่


  • Sweetness Shelton
    Sweetness Shelton

    Wow i thought i seen it all. Nice job tho🤔😳❤💯🤷

  • Sweetness Shelton
    Sweetness Shelton


  • Willy Faustino
    Willy Faustino

    How much and were is your nearest location in riyadh city

  • mateo suarez rodriguez
    mateo suarez rodriguez

    "Gadgets for every Home".... Perfecto!

  • Yesenia Lopez
    Yesenia Lopez


  • Webeson ferreira
    Webeson ferreira


  • Sunita devi.
    Sunita devi.


  • Lecman Man
    Lecman Man

    1 kepala berapa duit tuh

  • Lecman Man
    Lecman Man

    Kok bisa...👍👍👍👍

  • Ace Scafe
    Ace Scafe

    dude turned out lookin like his own son after .what the freak was that I didn't know they did that for men

  • к н
    к н

    Свежую шкуру верблюда ему на голову натянуть, и будет супер.

  • hector roldan mejia
    hector roldan mejia

    Cuanto vale eso megusta

  • Rhonda Lucas
    Rhonda Lucas

    Looks good

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