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Song - Bad (Full Video)
Singer/Lyrics/Composer - Sidhu Moosewala
Music - Dev Ocean
Edit / Colorist - Arshpreet
Mix Master - Archie Muzik
DOP - Mintu Plaha
AD - Gurpeed
Management & Assistant - Shubham Malhotra
Line Production - V Singh
VFX - Sohi Saini
Costume - Priyana Thaper
Director - Dilsher Singh & Khushpal Singh
Video - Tru Makers
Project - Karandope
Producer - Ruby & Dinesh
Design By - Eyp Designs
Online Promotion - Being Digital
Label - Speed Records
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    Finally the wait is over. Sidhu Moosewala's biggest track of the year is here. Like, share, comment and subscribe to the channel for more good music!

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