Samsung Galaxy M51 Review After 51 Days - Everything You Need To Know! #MegaBeast
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  • TechDaily

    Hey @Samsung if you brought this phone to the U.S. you'd sell like a billion of them just fyi 😅 ------------------ Samsung M51 (Samsung website): Samsung M51 (eBay for U.S. folks):

    • The Student Online
      The Student Online

      @Noe Maximiliano do you have a facebook version of that? 😳

    • Matias Carl
      Matias Carl

      @Noe Maximiliano checking it out now. Seems to be working :)

    • Noe Maximiliano
      Noe Maximiliano

      not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google xD

    • Saythe

      @Michael Ellis south korean

    • The Student Online
      The Student Online

      @Michael Ellis samsung came from Korea.

  • Jonathon Khan
    Jonathon Khan

    Who from Trinidad

  • JAY-R GO
    JAY-R GO

    did samsung just smash one plus nord ?

  • ItsMarys Life
    ItsMarys Life

    Nice phone! But I am waiting for the A72. 🤞


    Really wish Samsung moves those VOLUME VOLUME buttons on left hand side. Find do uncomfortable on the right and other side looks plain.

  • Waqar Hyder
    Waqar Hyder

    I'm watching it from m51 love from Pakistan

  • mba precious
    mba precious

    Is it available in Africa (Nigeria) 2 be precise

  • Miha Puiulet
    Miha Puiulet

    M51 after 51 days

  • Murtadha Alkenani
    Murtadha Alkenani

    Bought it in february 2021 for about 305$ , don't lrt anyone scam you This phone is masterpiece considering everything

  • Coque Tornado
    Coque Tornado

    Watching on my M51

  • Waqar Hyder
    Waqar Hyder

    India is in Asia im from Pakistan also Pakistan is in Asia and i jave also m51 and i love it 😊😍👍

  • Osvaldo Quizapa
    Osvaldo Quizapa

    Would it work well with Verizon?

  • mixture

    *it is the OTG?? Is it colon for application?*

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams

    Great video will the Samsung galaxy M51 work in the UK thanks

  • Eren Er
    Eren Er

    7000mah battery man its enough to buy this baby...

    • Saythe

      @Random Guy seems cool but they could have dropped a snapdragon thoguh. If they dropped a snapdragon 855/865, Pretty sure it would outsell other flagship companies due to fair price and great performance.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      They just released Samsung F62 with Exynos 9825 and 7000mah battery. It's a midrange phone. Edit: It also the actual One Ui instead of One Ui Core which means that it supports many of the Samsung exclusive features which M51 doesn't. It will likely release as Galaxy M62 worldwide.

  • M.a. Rouf
    M.a. Rouf

    How many hours it is giving.... battery packup.. in 7000 mah.. or days

  • PKPNYT47

    Set video at 1.25 speed and enjoy!

  • Christian Jeremy
    Christian Jeremy

    Bought one today finally, waiting for it to be delivered. 🤘🏻

    • a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza
      a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza

      @Christian Jeremy ako din nakuha ko na kahapon lang yeheyyy... ask ko lang bro bakit ang parang ambilis malowbat at hindi steady ung front cam nya. Ganun din ba sayo??

    • Christian Jeremy
      Christian Jeremy

      @a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza got mine na ngayon pre, ang masasabi ko lang is worth it 🤙🏻

    • a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza
      a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza

      @Christian Jeremy i bought it na. Sana hindi ako magsisi parang mas gusto ko m51

    • Christian Jeremy
      Christian Jeremy

      @a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza shopee men, naka 5% off din siya now.

    • a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza
      a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza

      Lazada ba bro?


    I'm from Bangladesh... I'm using Samsung Galaxy M51 from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • MartinByM

    This smartphone is available in Poland and can be bought there for 1299,99 PLN. I hope I will be able to get it this year, unless there will be the next generation or something better from the other companies.

    • MartinByM

      Massive battery charged with 25W, good performance and cameras, dual SIM plus SD card, fast biometric unlocking, AMOLED screen with the Always-On Display... All of these make me want get M51.

  • Aranha 93
    Aranha 93

    Looks good, but, how about its waterproofness?

  • ShadythestarGaming

    i bought the m51 today and it has one UI 2.5

  • james lucena
    james lucena

    anyone use the headphone jack with wired headphones? hows the sound quality? can it play hi res audio? thanks!

  • jillycious

    Is the m51 phone good for vlogging?

    • Doggo Boi
      Doggo Boi


  • Nabaggala Hamidah
    Nabaggala Hamidah

    Watching it on my M62 📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲

  • Lee Hobbs
    Lee Hobbs

    Really annoying. The a42 has the sd750 with 5G but only a 720p screen and a 6000mah battery. And then there's this. Has a bigger 7000mah, charges slightly quicker and a 1080p screen...but has only the sd 730 and no 5G. Why tf do manufacturers do this?? Just put the sd750 in this one

    • Saythe

      Sd 730g But I agree G is mainly optimised for gaming and wifi optimizing and extra sleep and perfomance and overclocking But still your point stands, And I agree If they added 750g this beast would be legit.

  • Rose Aslan
    Rose Aslan

    so m51 or note 8??

  • Murasaki Ookami Ryuu
    Murasaki Ookami Ryuu

    This phone became available in Brazil in November 2020

  • Mr.Hallpixell youtube
    Mr.Hallpixell youtube

    I just got this phone and I LOVE IT. Display is best I ever had. I also did a unboxing video and it only got 30 views lmao. nice video, I was watching it on my M51.

    • Savage Jiren
      Savage Jiren

      I just bought one from eBay today😍

  • Alessandro Proietti
    Alessandro Proietti

    They get only one major update, correct?

  • Coolmedina117

    I gotta Import, need the fat battery



  • Hxzriff

    there's no reason to buy a power bank if you have this phone

  • Ray Rodriguez
    Ray Rodriguez

    Watching on my A20s 😁

  • Mohammad Iqbal
    Mohammad Iqbal

    Does it have edge panel..?

    • Lucas Santos
      Lucas Santos


  • Vamsi Uppuluri
    Vamsi Uppuluri

    Is is heavy ??

    • Wololo Wololo2
      Wololo Wololo2

      Dude make muscles to handle this noob

    • MQR


  • K3rriganZerg

    I'm glad I got this phone, I really love it. Huge screen, super big battery n it can handle pretty much anything u throw at it. Think it cost like $500 cad n then almost $100 to import it. But well worth it if u ask me. :D

  • dhafer harrabi
    dhafer harrabi

    Watching on his brother A71

  • NFS Steve
    NFS Steve

    Does it support video output ?

  • dainis_cakuls

    Maybe the m71 might have dual speakers. Who knows ?

  • dainis_cakuls

    Btw m51 is in the uk. :) 329 pounds

  • behnam Bash Baghi
    behnam Bash Baghi

    What is that noise on display ? The a71 isnt show like this

    • Eshan Butt
      Eshan Butt

      It's the camera that he's recording on. The phone screen isn't actually like that.

  • FrozenHeart O
    FrozenHeart O

    Back cover looks a bit different from the indian product. This looks glossy

  • Waqar Hyder
    Waqar Hyder

    It's 386 usd price in pakistan I'm thinking to buy it

  • Abdur-Rahman Ahmed
    Abdur-Rahman Ahmed

    i still cant find any m phone

  • Rakushoe

    Hey, Samsung if you could make it better and make it cheaper! It would crush the entire market putting you at the top light speed!

  • Gerald Tompsett
    Gerald Tompsett

    I came to M51 from S8plus. why do they leave out little things like the "Say cheese" camera function. Also the clock app only has single stopwatch and timers.

  • Shahriar Shishir
    Shahriar Shishir

    *It got plastic frame as well !

  • Andre Faelnar
    Andre Faelnar

    This may be the next phone on my wishlist soon. Hopefully I will get this on my birthday this year 🙏🙏🙏

  • emilthomasg

    Saw it on idealo tracking a few months back at €299, now it's going for €399...

  • FerMild

    Hi Sir, can you little bit tell about the network signal quality on this device?!

  • Princess Ivory Dejosco
    Princess Ivory Dejosco

    Sony did the side fingerprint sensor first.

  • Oscar Burke
    Oscar Burke

    I have one. but I live in Thailand


    Is it good for gamim?? Specially for like pubg mobile?

  • trash gaming dump
    trash gaming dump

    Like from a21s all camera same style

  • trash gaming dump
    trash gaming dump

    I'm using a note 10 to watch this

  • tld touhid
    tld touhid

    after seeing this, just brought this. money worthy

  • Ngo Minh
    Ngo Minh

    Có cái nào bán k???

  • David Martin
    David Martin

    Will this phone work with Verizon in the USA ? TY

  • Sunil Dhiman
    Sunil Dhiman

    Does galaxy m51 support MHL ?

  • Ricardo Jarrett
    Ricardo Jarrett

    Mid range, I can get a lg v60 for about the same price.

  • ๖ۣۜRɐndy

    This is probably the best phone with performance and battery life combine

  • RageGamer 15
    RageGamer 15

    Now there's an update and the phone has secure folder and haptic feedback

  • Ferbin Feroz
    Ferbin Feroz

    M51 does have secure folder and Knox.

  • Kamaldeep Singh
    Kamaldeep Singh

    I bought Samsung M51 8GB variant here in india at only 292 US Dollar only by applying 20k advantage coupon + HDFC card on samsung shop app... but one thing i didnt like is we dont get earphones with the box and back plastic is really very very cheap as compare to your back quality ... its glossy and silver but in india its not like that .. its very bvulnerable to normal scrath and also they dont give case with it nor even the plastic front screen protector...

  • Victory Trading
    Victory Trading

    At last an English version

  • Alexandru Badic
    Alexandru Badic

    Imagine this phone with 90hz, premium materials, 65w charging, snapdragon 865, and the camera from s20.

    • gianHDA Diaz
      gianHDA Diaz

      ur so stupid lol


    Im currently using an iPhone Xs and the battery sucks . Should I switch to this M51?


      @MQR thanks 🙏🏻☺️ im currently using the a51 ! Probably the cheapest 256gb phone , it’s really great , switching to Samsung is the best decision 🥰

    • MQR

      Of course! M51 has better battery, amazing super amoled display, much bigger screen, incomparable quality of camera and everything is amazing. The phone looks really smooth and works very fast. The best phone I've ever had.

  • NERS

    would you recommend this over the moto g 5g plus?

  • Richard Sonq
    Richard Sonq

    Mi note 10 Lite vs Samsung m51 battery drain test Please.

  • Shkar

    Watching on M51 great phone highly recommend

    • MQR


  • skm faridi
    skm faridi

    Indeed it's a nice phone but marginally over priced. It's screen is Super Amoled but the camera is average.

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario

    Idc I will stick with my a71 it gets more than 3 years of support the m51 will die in about 2 plus this is one ui core...unlike a71

  • Joshua Frazer
    Joshua Frazer

    A51 is a much better phone as the A lineup one of Samsung's most premium series before the S series.I have an A51 and it's awesome

  • DC fan
    DC fan

    Me : watching this on my m51 😁

  • King Paul
    King Paul

    Put a case on m51 is heavy 😁😂

  • Blue Beary
    Blue Beary

    I'm from Greece. M51 is available everywhere in Greece, but not in Blue colour. Just Black and White, unfortunately...

  • Rusaiz Ahammed
    Rusaiz Ahammed

    "M51" or "Note 10 Lite" Which one is the Best...🤔

    • Murtadha Alkenani
      Murtadha Alkenani

      I had Just like your Question , gone for M51

    • Joshua Frazer
      Joshua Frazer

      Don't buy Chinese always stick to either Samsung or sony

  • Disguise Power
    Disguise Power

    I had an A70 gave that to my nephew when I saw this beast of a cheap phone. Samsung and a 7000mah battery is something you want. I have the phone for a week now and I'm more than happy with it! Nice review and finally in English 😉

  • Eddie

    They're also available in Brasil but at least here they're only sold online, you can't find them in physical stores so Samsung can save some money in distribution and etc

    • Lucas Santos
      Lucas Santos

      And it's the best approach because of Covid. I bought mine directly from Samsung.

  • Andrei Mihalcea
    Andrei Mihalcea

    I believe the frame is plastic and not metal


    Plastics cannot be recycled. Very bad end of life route has been chosen by Stupid Samsung engineers

  • Paul Gianni
    Paul Gianni

    Thanks for his video. M51 is on sale at Thegioididong in Viet Nam right now, then my gf gets an additional 30% off - I think it's my new phone.

    • Paul Gianni
      Paul Gianni

      Thanks, again, for this video. It looks like a GREAT phone, but I got a Note9 instead.

  • FranSunset

    Im so sad that i got my A51 and always wanted this one... and now i got my a51 this fucking M51 came to SamsunsgChile...

  • marek

    watching on my m51. battery lasts 2,5 day its qute heavy no led notifications

    • Lucas Santos
      Lucas Santos

      @RS S loud but no good quality from it, sadly.

    • marek

      @RS S loud and clearly. im using 4 apps at once for work and there are no problems.

    • RS S
      RS S

      How is the speaker quality and multi tasking performance?

  • Rebeca Melissa
    Rebeca Melissa

    I'm waiting for the M31s review!

  • Asshwinth G
    Asshwinth G

    I bought this phone recently and I’ve noticed some blue ghosting in dim lighting. Is this a problem?

  • KillMongeR

    all of my samsung device are dual sim with label F/DS. i use tmobile i always get LTE and LTE+. but the problem was the tmobile signal itself. im always stucked at 2 bars at home but when i go to downtown its full 4 bars and super fast. i think i live in the area where tmobile doesnt have much tower thats why the signal is weak. The LTE and plus was giving me decent speed to play videos 360 to 480p. i wish it was a lil bit faster but yeah the problem was the tower location

  • aqualove

    Does it have app lock feature inbuilt

  • Alan

    You like the M51.. Looks good.

  • Sillyman

    My A71 is arriving today, wish I saw this a few days ago xD

    • Yan He
      Yan He

      And buy the M51 instead? In the UK, the m51 is 50 quid cheaper than the a71

    • Yan He
      Yan He

      Couldn't you return it?

  • King Leon
    King Leon

    No hate but i literally added English when I searched

  • Abhijith S Pillai
    Abhijith S Pillai

    I like to buy it now any problems

  • Abel Jacob
    Abel Jacob

    Proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy M51

  • Ayush Pyne
    Ayush Pyne

    Guys samsung M series aren't that popular in Europe, America, or other countries cuz M series are basically made budget friendly for the Asians that's it.

  • Art Rexhepaj
    Art Rexhepaj

    I am an iphone man but i can hack beter on samsung that why im here 😂😂😂

  • Lesy Miseli
    Lesy Miseli

    24 hour shifts on the go with virtualy 0 chances to charge just became much easier :)

    • gantswood

      This will be my mamas next phone. What kind of job do you do with zero chances to charge your phone in 24 hour shifts?

  • Lesy Miseli
    Lesy Miseli

    Make a power bank with a screen, while at it add sone storage for music and a processor to play it.

  • Mr.B

    Cheaper then the A71 looks basically the same has the same specs and all, but with a bigger Battery.. beast of a phone it is 💪🏻

  • Pablo Ferrigno
    Pablo Ferrigno

    Would this phone’s camera break down from mounting it on a Motorcycle? Most Flagship Phones have this issue from the Vibrations that a Motorcycle produces... 🙁

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