《若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》EP22 ENG SUB | 時尚甜愛 | 張翰、徐璐 | KUKAN Drama
《#若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》#中國電視劇 時尚愛情
主演:#張翰、#徐璐 #洪堯、#王瑞子
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《若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》EP22 ENG SUB | 時尚甜愛 | 張翰、徐璐 | KUKAN Drama
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  • Ruth

    She was acting like a brat because she can’t have you ,

  • Wanfit Sympli
    Wanfit Sympli

    Good girl.. How romantic the word it is... Also her voice so nice 👍👍👍

  • Yuvika Tekriwala
    Yuvika Tekriwala

    I really liked the part where mofei made it clear and was direct to fang xiaoyu about her feelings towards him.... she said all that she truely thought about xiaoyu and their friendship.... i hope that mingxuan will be able to tell the same to xueling and make it clear to her for once and for all...☺

  • Yuvika Tekriwala
    Yuvika Tekriwala

    I feel that xueling's role is very powerful in this drama and the actress portraying her has done a wonderful job as she has successfully made us dislike her character ☺

  • lucia estrela
    lucia estrela

    I hope this will get better, 'cos until now all this is so imature in my point of view. Why she must him to say who is or who is not her friend? The issues about the guys belong to them, it's their problem. I'll never let my boyfriend say with who I can or cannot speak, also if He says that He is my Boyfriend I dont care about who he meets in work or whatever. That's mutual trust.

  • Win Doyle
    Win Doyle


  • Win Doyle
    Win Doyle


  • U know BTS??
    U know BTS??

    Her brother is so cuteeeeeeeee. His smile is so heartwarming

  • olamiposi Abidemi
    olamiposi Abidemi

    Mingxaun u are Amazing 👍👍👍

  • olamiposi Abidemi
    olamiposi Abidemi


  • Katiana Maurice
    Katiana Maurice

    Poor dad, loves his son so much but his son is being childish and stupid. Can people stop doing this in drama leave a birthday because they don’t want to celebrate it and embarrass people.

  • Iyana Brown
    Iyana Brown

    I love It how he's letting his assistant worry so much😂😂😂

  • Iyana Brown
    Iyana Brown

    I would fire her there and then , cut ties like were are the damn siccors

  • gracekuangyl

    How amusing that xueling assumed that whatever she does is for Mingxuan and that because she did all these Mingxuan must accept her. Wow.. What a stupid and foolish thought....im sure she is a smart woman and she knows mingxuan's heart is not with her...den again, I dun understand why mingxuan cannot make it clear to xueling abt their relationship... It seems like he wanna save their friendship so he does not wanna be too harsh on her. But doesn't he understand that this is giving hope to xueling😕😕😕😕

  • Ronak Abdullah
    Ronak Abdullah

    Thank you 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏

  • Ronak Abdullah
    Ronak Abdullah


  • U know BTS??
    U know BTS??

    Why she just can't send a normal message to her boyfriend? Isn’t it normal? She always hesitate to call/massage him.

  • vina vin
    vina vin


  • Praise Barong
    Praise Barong

    It looks like fang has a habit of blaming people for things without properly listening to them explain and clarify things. He sha loves to hold grudges though.

  • alison linalison45
    alison linalison45

    Xueling put herself into the situation, only herself to blame, no one else. grow up! forget about it.

  • ayem23 Ozal
    ayem23 Ozal

    Zhang Han he always play a rolled a big boss and fell in love to poor girl....

  • Wenwen Huang
    Wenwen Huang


  • Layee

    愛情不能強求 之前我和一個男生曖昧很久 有一天忍不住想約他出來說清楚 在那一次我們見面 看到他對我是多麼冷漠 我就明白了一切 我決定放下我對他的感情 ...過了很久後 我遇到了一個 我和他都互相喜歡的人 找到了我的幸福

  • oswaldo melean
    oswaldo melean

    cuando van a bajar los capitulos traducidos ,estos no se lee bien la traduccion si tiene en espanol pero no se leen

  • Mayra's Creative World
    Mayra's Creative World

    If Mingxuan was in France he would have been super jealous 😂

  • Ya Rah Malacao
    Ya Rah Malacao

    These two people are really funny

  • Kairi Hu
    Kairi Hu


  • Vistalis surta
    Vistalis surta

    when i watch this drama i've always feel uneasy ... When i watch to mofei i feel scare that fang xioayu would snatch mofei from tang mingxuan and when i watch tang mingxuan i feel the same to xia xueling... Only when yangguang came i can finally feel at ease... He's very funny 😂😂😂

  • Vivian Kong
    Vivian Kong

    The thirsty bird connoly wriggle because improvement accordantly zoom on a labored doctor. careful, vengeful plow

  • star light
    star light

    You work hard because you want Mangxuan to love you, I feel sorry for you because your using your hard work for him to fall in love with you , but doesn’t go that way.. even your that smartest woman, love is a feeling is not a job or a company

    • Yuana & Jona
      Yuana & Jona

      Love is also an action, But I agree

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    Me gusta 👍 pero me gusta más verla en español.

  • EndePah SYED IDRUS
    EndePah SYED IDRUS

    Zhang Han..cool person..I'm here because of Here to Heart

  • Lalina

    Mama will support you... How will you support her?... Go upstairs now! 😂 It's like he is talking to a child.

    • Sandy Malette
      Sandy Malette

      😂😂😂😂 I mean she can’t go around making promises when she can’t even support herself... Xia daddy is right Xueling was wrong for running away when things got tough.

  • Mia Ro
    Mia Ro

    Español pliis🙏

    • 酷看獨播劇場 - KUKAN Drama Channel
      酷看獨播劇場 - KUKAN Drama Channel

      Hello, you can open CC and change it to Español. 😊

  • Meera Galal
    Meera Galal

    Every time I see XieLing I just keep skipping the hole part of it

  • مُحبي الدراما الأسيوية
    مُحبي الدراما الأسيوية


  • NCorine

    He’s making laksa! That brand is my favorite one 😊 that’s the only thing he’s done this whole drama I approve of

  • علي صفاء
    علي صفاء

    مسلسل حلوو جدا

  • sue mootoo
    sue mootoo

    its right that Mo tell Tang about her contact with Fang... if she does that then there will be no misunderstanding between her and Tang.. this is the adult way of doing things..

  • Angie Sanchez
    Angie Sanchez



    The argument between xueling's parents though😂

  • MariAnA Park Hyung
    MariAnA Park Hyung

    Han siempre hace el mismo papel.

  • Zahara Khanan'al
    Zahara Khanan'al

    If even the science community can't fully explain the reasons behind what attracts one person to another, how is anyone else supposed to? What is with these people who want to compare themselves to others and ask the ridiculous question of why not me instead of so and so?

  • Digna reyes
    Digna reyes

    Me encantan los dramas de Zhang Han 😍😍😍excelente actor

  • Josie DLP
    Josie DLP

    TM assistant is cute.

  • María gloria estela Ríos Diaz
    María gloria estela Ríos Diaz

    Gracis por traducirlo en español


    Mo Fei is so gullible. She makes me feel to slap her Tang: Stay away from Fang Mo Fei: ok Ten minutes later you're all up in Fang's grill because he gives you puppy eyes Also I noticed Fang is the ml in a drama called "romance with my boss" his hair is shorter too Maybe he'll be a likable character there🤷‍♀️

    • Shanardo Brown
      Shanardo Brown

      She is too kind hearted.

  • Trey Anna Jarrett
    Trey Anna Jarrett

    Omg I hate Mr fang n he looks like shrek🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • kitbox kitbox
    kitbox kitbox

    Grow up with someone doesn't give a love relationship and he has his choice to pick or love anyone that he want

    • kitbox kitbox
      kitbox kitbox

      @Ana Maria Lopez Contreras meaning?

    • Ana Maria Lopez Contreras
      Ana Maria Lopez Contreras

      Cuando siguen con los capitulos que quedan porfavor en español gracias

  • Shade Thompson
    Shade Thompson

    I feel sorry for xueling she’s like a 1st wife. Tang Ming is wrong to be angry and treat her so and he is showing his true self by being pissed more about the company than worrying about her feelings, he must have known how she felt about him that over the years his and her family expect them to be together he isn’t stupid- the hard work she put in was only for him and her future. He should have made it very clear he doesn’t see her as a woman but didn’t because he knows and wanted her working capabilities. It’s not her fault but she should now give up, don’t beg him, don’t become evil, leave him and find a better man for herself. There my ranting over 😂🤣😂

    • Sandy Malette
      Sandy Malette

      Liking some is a personal choice, she can’t use her so called hard work to threat him into a relationship. He’s never given her any hopes at all, she gave herself hopes, she chose a major she wasn’t passionate about, she chose to work in the same company as him. She made all the sacrifices on her own, when things don’t go her way she threw a fit like a toddler. We can’t blame Tang for being mad; like he said work is work, love is love. She decided to give herself the wifey tittle all on her own 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Saver nightwolf
    Saver nightwolf

    Am I the only one who skips scenes of Fang Xioayu 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 he annoys the hell out of me 😒😒😒

    • Berdine Josephs
      Berdine Josephs

      Me too that guy is stupid he doesn't take a hint in am so annoyed at him

  • Yao Hing Yeung
    Yao Hing Yeung


  • Shahnaj Parvin
    Shahnaj Parvin

    Mo fei's brother is so cute

  • raimunda rosario
    raimunda rosario

    É muito emocionante esse Dora cada dia gosto mais e com a legenda em português melhor ainda.

  • Daisy Roberts
    Daisy Roberts

    Mofei has to put a stop to accommodate that annoying mr.fang she needs to give that distance..

  • Daisy Roberts
    Daisy Roberts

    Yup woman business is business .do not mix the love into it..doesn’t work that way...put your love aside since he didn’t acknowledge his love to u ❤️❤️❤️it’s a fleeting love ...u are dreaming woman.if he he has a feeling with u..it won’t take 10 years for u to wait...

  • Nicolle batalha
    Nicolle batalha

    Agora um pau vai tora! Só que tem tik Tok vai entender.

  • Gainimlu Dangmei
    Gainimlu Dangmei

    Wow what man he is..... Super cool

  • Cristiane Ribeiro
    Cristiane Ribeiro

    Amando 😍😍😍😍

  • Na Zhao
    Na Zhao


  • 唐刀军刀各种刀剑出售微信bww445

    00:01 同在一个环境中生活,强者与弱者的分界就在于谁能改变它。

  • Na Zhao
    Na Zhao


  • Tan Mei Ho
    Tan Mei Ho

    Wow I like this black velvet jacket Zhang han you look cool

  • yang yang
    yang yang

  • Z Lisa
    Z Lisa


  • sunmisola otoki
    sunmisola otoki

    This Fang guy is so selfish.... doesn't think of other people

  • angie tam
    angie tam


  • Stella T.
    Stella T.

    現在 回頭看😘🤩 翰寶 所有的 戲劇❤️ 喜歡 翰寶的 演技👍👌

  • Stella T.
    Stella T.

    翰寶 師哥 💗 喜歡你💓 加油💪加油💪

  • Stella T.
    Stella T.

    之前 一直忙 工作 很少 看 電視劇 現在 退休了 後 看到 “溫暖的弦” 👍👍👍 愛上了 張翰 翰寶💓💜💗 翰寶 笑起來 特別 可愛💘 目前 在追 "若你安好便是晴天"💗 和 “海洋之城” 喜歡翰寶的笑臉😁 帥氣 滿滿的可愛😁😁💜

  • 金喜

    自己的男友一条毛都没送过,就这样亲手织条鱼送给·不该离得近的过份追求者·??? 编剧不断想要女一一直和这男的纠缠不停,让人觉得这个女一同情心太过错误的泛滥只待成灾!没完没了。 有期待的剧,却看不见精彩。女一还把贴身饰品加上去,这次男一知道了会有几级的火山爆发?也没啥好期待的。

  • Rosa Campos
    Rosa Campos

    KUKANNNNN,Sin duda don de LOS mejores,GRACIAS POR SUBESPAÑOL .Todos profecionales.👍👍👍👍👍

  • Xu shaSha
    Xu shaSha


  • Mercy

    Who else can not understand how it is the duty of Mo Fei to mend Fang's relationship with his father?

    • Dandelion큥 'ᄉ'
      Dandelion큥 'ᄉ'

      Even If I cannot understand, that troops was used so many time in drama that I'm used to it. Maybe because it's from some elders so she just try to respect it by telling him.

  • DTW

    The assistant is so stupid and useless.

  • Tonya Bradley
    Tonya Bradley

    In the words of DJ Khaled Xueling “congratulations you played yourself”

  • Marisol Correa
    Marisol Correa


  • sharon ho
    sharon ho


  • sharon ho
    sharon ho


  • ꧁ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss꧂

    Este señor creo que sufre de envidia que Tang sea capaz de hacer un gran negocio y no él, ahora junto con la hija van a ser la piedra en el zapato de Tang.

  • Mayte M.
    Mayte M.


  • Merasol Zapico Family
    Merasol Zapico Family

    Thanks for sharing

  • Joy Chan
    Joy Chan

    His Dad is a jerk 😦

  • Joy Chan
    Joy Chan

    Just order food for delivery Man 😧

  • Agustina Jairedin
    Agustina Jairedin

    🤗🤗son hermoso los protagonista todo

  • Agustina Jairedin
    Agustina Jairedin

    Pueden pasar en Español traducido

  • Blessed

    9:01 What a terrible excuse of a lie! Appendicitis! 😞

  • Blessed

    9:27 very amusing. The assistant rushed back to knock the door and still came before Tang without being invited to come in. Love their friendship. 🤣🤣

    • Ms. Lee
      Ms. Lee

      @fangirling is my life yes me too very funny hahahha😂😂

    • fangirling is my life
      fangirling is my life

      I read all comments to look for this comment 😂😂😂😂😂

  • William Tan
    William Tan

    张翰 帅哥 翰宝 笑起来 😁很可爱 ❤很酷❤

  • Marinela Torres
    Marinela Torres

    Por favor el capitulo 24 y 25 gracias en español

  • yade la nuez
    yade la nuez

    Kukan drama Channel Excelente trabajo me encanta este canal y amo los Drama chino amo la cultura china 🇨🇳 🤗👏👏👏👏👍🙏

  • Kai Chow
    Kai Chow

    Seemed like Xia family is a heavy cross to carry 🤔

  • Linda Villani
    Linda Villani

    Ha ha ha ha. I’m 77 do not think he would want to know such an elder. I’ll give way to YOU!

  • Linda Villani
    Linda Villani

    I CANT STOP WATCHING THIS ADORABLE, kind-hearted, loving movie! Thank you with all my heart! Linda, TEXAS USA.

  • William Tan
    William Tan

    张翰 帅哥 💜❤❤ 演技稳重👍👌❤💜

  • Mahyuri Manzanilla
    Mahyuri Manzanilla

    muy buena

  • Mari Firance
    Mari Firance

    Waw 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯💟💙💕💕💞💓💗💗

  • Ariba Mirza
    Ariba Mirza

    In this drama Mo fei Broo is zada cute... MoFan...

  • Irene Norma Martinez
    Irene Norma Martinez

    Esto se esta convirtiendo en un círculo vicioso,,,,el acoso del inmaduro Fang. la falta de carácter de MoFei, muy incrédula. la estupidez y empecinamiento de los padres, el agobio que me causa la directora Xi. el momento en q ella aparece en imágen,,,,..lo descarto .no la soporto con esa cara de santulona.....En fin siempre lo mismo....y vamos por epis.22 no sé si son 60 qué aguante!!!!!

  • jordi qiu
    jordi qiu


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