Roger Pirates vs Whitebeard Pirates | One Piece
Ep 966: The Roger and Whitebeard pirates fight for 3 days! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll:
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    • Precy CARPIO
      Precy CARPIO

      I need to why bullet is not there

    • Levi Westin
      Levi Westin

      @Bao Bui if you don’t want ads pay for premium

    • Super7mood

      @Tav A how do I fix it

    • Kyan Gordon
      Kyan Gordon

      Thank you

    • Bao Bui
      Bao Bui

      hey your app suck stop putting add I don care about app

  • numalo

    Rayleigh is under pirats what Garp is under the marine the baddest mfk

  • Stellarheim


    • Nobody Beating Mui Goku He solos most verses easily
      Nobody Beating Mui Goku He solos most verses easily


  • ic3e

    0:15, 1:02, I'm pretty sure that guy is douglas bullet

  • TheToxicSharpie

    Everyone's talking about how long they've waited for this and yet it's less than 1 minute long. Honestly this should be it's own story arc.

  • Lord Neko
    Lord Neko

    0:25 for a sec i thought saitama joined one piece

  • TheYelworc69

    How does Gol D Roger not have a devil fruit power?? When him and whitebeard engaged in battle, both of their eyes turned red and their weapons changed form as well!? I need answers!?

    • lordazazil

      I mean, first things first: We don't know yet. Maybe he did have a devil fruit. But what we do know is that weapons tend to change shape and size in One Piece. Best example as of late is the the sword Enma. Oden was the first one to wield it, and Oden was 12'6'' (or 382cm). Now Zoro wields Enma and Zoro is just 5'10'' (181cm). Enma should be huge compared to Zoro. But it isn't. It's normale sized. And then there is the big reveal from chapter 1010. Either wait for the anime to catch up or read this chapter. Without spoiling anything, chapter 1010 explains how Yonko-level characters fight. This will also explain what Roger and Newgate did during this fight...

  • DenkoBeats

    1:02 Rocks's lost twin detected(guy to the right)

  • juanlash

    I believe Buggy didn't take full advantage on his stay with the roger pirates, his devil fruit is actually a very strong one, with a lot of potential

  • Jonathan Vy
    Jonathan Vy

    Roger's vice captain rayleigh has a scar on his eye. Luffy's vice captain zoro also has a scar on his eye. The resemblance!!

  • Julian Deddy
    Julian Deddy

    i realy hope they improve OSTs even more for wano and everything because when this started in this scene i was all hype!!

  • Christopher Bhola
    Christopher Bhola

    Go. D Buggy. sama is gonna be in the right spot at the wrong time and become a yonko😭

  • kingdomcome180

    This is canon. Those that say it isn’t are not true one piece fans.

  • Gol D. Roger
    Gol D. Roger

    It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

  • EPloar Div
    EPloar Div

    It's saddening that both original voice actors for Whitebeard and Roger passed away. I would've loved to hear them reenact these scenes.

  • Michael Butler
    Michael Butler

    I swear it looks like Shanks TELEPORTED!!🤔

  • Zero

    0:25 i love this part

  • Bao Le
    Bao Le

    :29 did oda give Rayleigh a redesign and give him tattoos?

  • Infernal

    Whitebeard and Roger are pretty much equal but then there’s the crew members. Rayleigh is on another than everyone else there maybe oden could do well against him.

  • Infernal

    Lol Rayleighs just makin light work of everyone.

  • NewCia Lee
    NewCia Lee

    Oh yes the two great pirates crash and was know the best war

  • Esteban BR
    Esteban BR

    For anyone saying that rayleight stopping marco at this point is so badass. Remember that smoker stopped luffy even easier back then too. And we are not putting smoker in commander or yonko level.

    • matt

      yeah i dont feel like this fight was fair, most of roger pirates were in their primes while wb are still kids

  • salman muhammad
    salman muhammad

    This is hilarious fighting each other then become friends, at the same time 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Amira

    Just Imagine if king bagi was serious

  • Matthews López
    Matthews López

    Marcus age?

  • jordanjmdjmd74

    These colors look ridiculous though

  • .

    They brought back buggy’s theme too ❤️ Peak one piece! What a time to be alive!

  • Manuel

    0:30 one of the greatest moments in oden's history, i consider that Rayleigh in that moment is a master or in this case a monster with haki power and his swordsman skills It was a good idea animated this fight :)

  • Windu Waika
    Windu Waika

    1:05 - 1:30 Building up to a serious hype moment...followed by some comedy afterwards. Typical One Piece 🤣

  • DiegotheDino

    Anyone else realize that the scars on shanks eyes are probably from teech since he has 3 blades and the scar on shank’s eyes are 3 marks

    • João Franscisco
      João Franscisco

      This was revealed right after Enies Lobby when Shanks was talking with Whitebeard about stopping Ace

  • Expertico Effects
    Expertico Effects

    Whats the song name thats going on during the fight? :D

  • Akku

    I like the part where aces dad fights aces dad

  • Felipe Castillo
    Felipe Castillo

    Boring fights like always from one piece 😪😴


      then dont watch it is it that hard to watch sometin else

    • Kenjoi94

      Why you watching it then. Why hurt yourself

  • the| lamer
    the| lamer

    They argued whose mustache is better.

  • Juan Esteban Micolta
    Juan Esteban Micolta

    🎶We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot, Drink up me 'earties Yo-Ho We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot, Drink up me 'earties Yo-Ho Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho A pirate's life for me🎶

  • logant1990

    RAyleigh blocked Marco with 1 finger.....The very same Marco who sent freaking Kizaru flying with one Damn

  • Kai Sunich
    Kai Sunich

    Even buggy was involved it was that serious smh

  • Rand00mThing

    dude, whats that song? It's so cool

    • Pepsi -
      Pepsi -

      Supernovas ~ Rookies' entrance

  • Zach Bartolo
    Zach Bartolo

    This is just pure One Piece!

  • Loafyy-

    Man... I thought it was gonna last a year just like Luffy vs Doflamingo.

  • JJets Cityy
    JJets Cityy

    Anyone else notice thatch wasnt in whitebeards crew yet? I found that odd

  • Mike Serds
    Mike Serds

    They fought for 4 days? Luffy usually doesnt even last one hour.

  • Lewd fox
    Lewd fox

    Buggy has had experience fighting against high level pirates, so why is he still so weak?

    • Angel Moreno
      Angel Moreno

      Its pretty much stated he could have power close to shanks if he properly trained with his fruit powers

    • Pepsi -
      Pepsi -

      Because his experience fighting strong people is literally just running away

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    0:15 pretty sure that guy is dead now god damn 😳

  • Brian Camilleri
    Brian Camilleri

    Pretty clear that Rayleigh roger and white beard are one a whole other level...

  • yirk1

    They've been using haki for 3 days and luffy runs out after 10 minutes

  • Devin Nall
    Devin Nall

    0:57 Now I see where Shanks got his scar!

  • Daniel Recker
    Daniel Recker

    Buggy could have taken them all out but he was just having too much fun

  • Suni Glow
    Suni Glow

    The fourth day I can see how and why Shank is so carefree and easy going

  • Suni Glow
    Suni Glow

    This whole anime, it's story and amazing animation have gone WAAAAAY out of control

  • Manuel Archila
    Manuel Archila


  • yasser yasser
    yasser yasser

    Card name:rayleighs finger Used when marco fans get out of hand

  • XxIsaiahDanxX

    Anybody notice that the boy at 0:15 is paulie from water 7

    • The Real Deal
      The Real Deal

      nope he was a kid then

  • Ruben Federico Talens Bou
    Ruben Federico Talens Bou

    if buggy had that much battle experience, how can he be so weak?


      @A-Y true dat

    • A-Y

      He left shanks and went on his own that fool he could be as strong as shanks

  • Splash YT
    Splash YT

    Just keep in mind that whitebeard right hand is a completely different thing from Roger right hand

  • João Vitor Moreira
    João Vitor Moreira

    Song name? Pleaaase

  • Bryan Erick Cortez Bocangel
    Bryan Erick Cortez Bocangel

    entonces marco en mas viejo que shanks

  • Василије

    Back when WhiteBeard had good hair style.

  • Juan Daniel Vargas
    Juan Daniel Vargas

    someone knows the name of the background music?

    • Mao

      Rookies entrance from Stampede movie

  • Jewllion

    What a ferocious place for any fodder to be

  • Erick Cardenas
    Erick Cardenas

    Gracias toei por regalarnos estas épicas escenas exclusivas del anime

  • Jorge Delgado
    Jorge Delgado

    Yo. People be talking bout Roger and Rayleigh, but I’m admiring Scopper Gabán. Man took on a prime Oden. Wish we could see the man again. Hell wish to see all the Ex Roger Pirates

  • Avocado

    0:50 the greatest fight in anime history

  • DFB Altintop
    DFB Altintop

    Prime Rayleigh vs Young Marco is for sure not a fair fight. Old Rayleigh vs Current Marco would be a better fight, still Rayleigh winning very high difficulty imo.

  • Zemen Beshir
    Zemen Beshir

    Imagine if the Marinford ark was a lie and this is the the great war

  • Kel

    One Piece pacing is so 😢 We were just in Wano arc preparing for the war and now look how knee deep into this backstory/flashback we are. Im all for good backstory but mann


      u do realise wano is ending rn and we have about 2 more island to go before op ends

  • Felix Ford
    Felix Ford


    Shanks be like, "I'm not OP enough yet so I can't die here! Later!"

  • Nikolas Stampolidis
    Nikolas Stampolidis

    erhe he he heeee... - Gold Roger

  • Slendermanz7

    So was Rakuyo totally fine with killing some kids?

  • RaijinGod-Indra

    Them nerfing Whitebeard is a tad annoying lol

  • Elijah Walker
    Elijah Walker

    Do you guys know what season and episode one piece gets good I wanna try to watch it but the first couple episodes have been kinda bad tbh


      arlong park

    • The Real Deal
      The Real Deal

      They are not bad , just watch

    • Xiefux

      it doesnt get any better. one piece has always been bad

  • ptah tran
    ptah tran

    The organic bonsai seemingly complain because feature ecologically signal mid a cowardly toast. eight, voiceless cardigan

  • shahed

    We have seen legend buggy in action too🏃‍♂️🤣

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster

    0:33 how it feels to play chang koehan on kof

  • Bernd Bernd
    Bernd Bernd

    Its not a real party if nobody draws blood

  • Madness Averna
    Madness Averna

    😱😱😱😱petit Shanks❤

  • Raitoningu Sutorēto
    Raitoningu Sutorēto

    Shida: how many clash? Toei: Yes.

    • Can Kurt
      Can Kurt

      @Raitoningu Sutorēto the guy Who animated that section is Takeshi Maenami.

    • Raitoningu Sutorēto
      Raitoningu Sutorēto

      @Can Kurt Are you sure? These wobbling eyes are Shida style 1:12 probably Masami try emulate him.

    • Can Kurt
      Can Kurt

      This is not him. Masami Mori has mostly animated it. And 2 other animators

  • Paulo Ricardo
    Paulo Ricardo

    What this song ?


    Where is this from? I've seen all 930 episodes...


      966 bro

    • Pure Pure
      Pure Pure

      Ep 966

  • kuwait 8
    kuwait 8

    White beard is stronger than Roger ... No quistion about it


      i think they equal but thats ur opinion

  • benja peirano
    benja peirano

    one piece xd

  • Enm AnimeMusic
    Enm AnimeMusic

    New one piece fans will never know the joy of witnessing this scene after waiting for such a long time 🙂

  • Patrick Pereira
    Patrick Pereira

    This is how most fights between guys goes. Fighting, fighting, fighting (enjoying tf out of it), then hangin' out like bros for years

  • Nathaniel

    You'd THINK Whitebeard and Roger fighting in their prime would sink that small island from the shockwaves of their power lol

  • SuperVidol

    Marco tryed to stomp a mudhole in Rayleigh 😂

  • F K
    F K

    After you killed my friends let’s Drink, YO Samurai past that meat

  • Grew Up Without one
    Grew Up Without one

    I like how everyone is literally fighting for their lives and sweating trying not to die WhiteBeard and Roger just happy to clash swords together.

  • Miimii Beschde
    Miimii Beschde

    Marco vs rayleigh I want to See this

  • kongiponki kongiponki
    kongiponki kongiponki

    the cgi there disgusting i was dying haha

    • The Real Deal
      The Real Deal

      @kongiponki kongiponki Not cgi lol . The animation was so good people think its cgi . One piece is incredible

    • Can Kurt
      Can Kurt

      @kongiponki kongiponki nope thats not CGI. Its really 2D animation.

    • kongiponki kongiponki
      kongiponki kongiponki

      There was Cgi idiots for example whe Marco turned into a phoenix

    • The Real Deal
      The Real Deal

      0 cgi

    • Can Kurt
      Can Kurt

      there is no cgi there

  • Mike's Here
    Mike's Here

    Rayleigh is on a whole nother level😭😭

  • Josaiah Uelese
    Josaiah Uelese

    Gold Roger Vs Whitebeard Silvers Rayleigh Vs Marco Scopper Gaban Vs Oden Oden was evenly matched(if not, js a bit stronger) against the third strongest in the roger pirates💯 I reckon Oden would’ve had a great go with Rayleigh

  • Kakarot_DBZ

    Kinda cool seeing Roger fights whitebeard even their crew fighting for 3 days straight then end up having shots after 😂

  • Enoch Park
    Enoch Park

    0:28 - Why do Marco looks like an air balloon here?

  • Jamal Wilson
    Jamal Wilson

    i feel like this fight would have gotten BAD for the whitebeard pirates if Oden wasnt there at the time. He's the only reason they even stood a chance imo

  • 7kauk

    I can’t believe marco is older than shanks

  • Andrew Desire
    Andrew Desire

    Idk how I feel about this new animation...or is it just me ??

  • kasaki uchiha
    kasaki uchiha

    bro this looks hella sick

  • V The Banker
    V The Banker

    I wish I was there and I know that they are other fans other who wish the same.


    I can't wait to see Oden's dance get animated 😂