Restoration of a Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date - Ref 1500 Caliber 1570
Red Dead Restoration
This time I´m restoring a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date.
The reference number of the watch is 1500, it features a hacking-function (movement-stop when the time is set) and an instant date-change function.
It´s powered by the Rolex 1570 caliber an automatic movement with 26 rubis and KIF-Ultraflex-Shock-Protection. It beats with 19800 bph and the lift angle of the balance is 52°.
Like nearly all Rolex calibers its chronometer-certified, tested in 5 positions and various temperatures.
Of course it is nicely decorated, the blue shining Breguet-Hairspring of the balance wheel (made out of Glucydur) and the red-anodized reversing wheels of the automatic subassembly is always eye candy.

The watch is in a really bad condition: The case is scratched and has some dents, the glass is heavily scratched and the movement isn´t running at all. On top, it´s all dirty and the bracelet is heavily worn-out.

I´m able to polish the case and the bezel, one dent on the bezel will remain but replacing it was not an economical option for me. The glass will be replaced, as well as the bracelet. Some bracelets can be restored by special workshops, but the Oyster-Bracelet is a bit extra special and a full restoration is nearly the same price like a new one. The pallet fork of the movement is damaged, so i´m replacing this one.

After everything is cleaned and polished, I can re-assemble the movement with some fresh oil. After some fine-tuning with the microstella-tool, this watch is in a fantastic beat (+0 seconds per day) again.

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  • Gemik

    Man this craftmanship probably costs more than a new Rolex at today's price. So much skill and knowledge

  • Bob Weller
    Bob Weller

    An absolutely fascinating demonstration of the watchmaker’s craft. I wear a 1979 version of the same Rolex 1500 as thus illustrated, under repair at the present time, hoping my watch will be treated with the same skill and care. The photography was carried out with the same skill and drama as the restoration illustrated. Great job. Bravo.

  • Harassed1

    Totally mesmerising, absorbing and compulsive viewing! Hats off to you for your skills, patience and ability to make such a stunning video. I have just had to subscribe to your channel for more of the same. Happy Christmas!

  • Wellington Belchior
    Wellington Belchior

    Uau! Seu trabalho é impecável! Parabéns!

  • Mariaan Lock
    Mariaan Lock

    This is absolutely amazing and extraordinary to "watch"... lol... makes me appreciate something as simple as a watch even more.... job well done. amazing

  • Matthew Kingsley
    Matthew Kingsley

    I love watching your restorations, keep doing your excellent work! It's great to see.

  • cheek1m0nkey

    I didn’t expect to watch this all the way through. Amazing skills, fantastic lighting, camera work, editing. I’m just amazed that there’s this level of manual craftsmanship and the amount of specialized tools for that watch.

  • Joseph Heinecke
    Joseph Heinecke

    This was just incredible. The skill involved and the precision is just insane. How the mind even conceived and managed to actually produce something like this is just astonishing to me. Ive always wanted a Rolex and I appreciate them even more.

  • Seger van Wijk
    Seger van Wijk

    I love this at every layer, but cinematically it's a masterpiece as much as the restoration itself. Just wonderful. Just silence and small sound, a bit of room hum. Good clean lighting and great macro camera work, which is hard to do. Especially when you're busy carrying out a restoration I should think. Maybe consider just the slightest of color grading, or a tad more if you're already adding some in post. May work like a lubricant or a finishing polish. An Oyster Perpetual is whole collection of philosophy like that, so that's why I thought I'd suggest it.

  • Malcolm Hunt
    Malcolm Hunt

    A real master at work, the patience and knowledge required to do such intricate workmanship is commendable, superb viewing start to finish

  • Elis Habat
    Elis Habat

    Oh my goodness, you must have alot of patience to do these types of things. Loved the video & I now have so much more of a respect for watches! Thank you 😊

  • The Cutter
    The Cutter

    Beautiful Restoration, you are truly a master watchmaker! 👏

  • Allman

    The patience, the hand skill and the memory of remembering every little piece of the watches is incredible! This is why I have so much appreciation for watches, watch makers and watch repairers/restorers!

  • Chechep Purnama
    Chechep Purnama

    This is so amazing. The craftsmanship of this classic watch is absolutely second to none, and what impressed me so much is that you make this vintage stuff back to the one it used to be. Your love and passion in restoring this classic work, woow very amazing.

  • micway71

    Very satisfying to watch. Not my favorite Rolex, but what a great job!! I’m a Daytona, Submariner and GMT kind of guy. This is a gorgeous piece, and outstanding work!

  • Aleksi Wahlström
    Aleksi Wahlström

    Well that was amazing. The tools, the result. Just a thing to watch really!

  • tlawso04

    This is the most amazing technician I have ever seen. Incredible attention to detail and his memory is incredible

  • jay Spoolstra
    jay Spoolstra

    The best restoration process I’ve ever seen. This was incredible. Priceless.

  • John Shields
    John Shields

    I'm a very hands on guy, and I'm mesmerized by these repair videos, not just seeing the difference when rehabbed but the mechanical tiny parts is so cool to see, whoever designed the first watches, I mean it's miraculous to me about the brains that put these gears and forged such small parts that work together like a symphony . Much appreciated

  • Nicci C.
    Nicci C.

    I can't believe how many pieces are in watch. Unbelievable.. steady hands too... hats off to you! I'd never ever be able to do any part of this!🙃