Record of Ragnarok | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime
The curtain opens on the ultimate showdown between gods and humans from across the globe whose 13 one-on-one battles will determine the survival of mankind!!
This mega-hit manga finally gets an anime adaptation!
Record of Ragnarok, streaming only on Netflix starting in June 2021!
About Netflix:
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Record of Ragnarok | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

  • Netflix Anime
    Netflix Anime

    PLACE YOUR BETS! Which side are you on?

    • Kat bits And Robots
      Kat bits And Robots


    • Shadow StimaX
      Shadow StimaX

      GODS gonna win then they will spare humans not a spoiler just a prediction :)

    • Muscle man. 15 Years Ago.
      Muscle man. 15 Years Ago.

      humans just finished the last chapter of the comic book

    • Chronosad

      All my bet on Sasaki :v

    • Ss Zenny
      Ss Zenny

      I doubt the mc can be a cocktail

  • Backstage Studio
    Backstage Studio

    This animation looks bad....great ass manga tho

  • Shaggy

    I'm just because 2 things: Thor vs lu bu Zeus and Hermes dance

  • Alessandro P.
    Alessandro P.

    "London bridge is falling down..falling down..falling down" "Show me your color 😍🤪" Can't wait for Jack!

  • David Tamsaw08
    David Tamsaw08

  • Randy miPana
    Randy miPana


  • Puspa Chapagai
    Puspa Chapagai

    I think animation is bad 😐😐 Don't do that plzzz 😭😭😭 I really want to enjoy this anime 🤩🤩 Hardly wait to see it 👍👍💓💓

  • not Gladly
    not Gladly

    Gimme now

  • icy


  • David Alisson Institucional
    David Alisson Institucional

    Mal posso esperar para ver a surra que Adão vai dar no Zeus

  • Jayesh


  • Crimson OP
    Crimson OP

    Animation is dope but character designs are a little points they should work on smoothning it

  • Tio Polvo Bakayaro Konoyaro Yeahh
    Tio Polvo Bakayaro Konoyaro Yeahh

    2 fights I want to watch, the first is father against father; Adam vs Zeus. The second is "the one" who does not know how to lose against the biggest loser; Poseidon vs Kojiro. ; DDDDDD

  • Shin-nii Da'at
    Shin-nii Da'at

    Actually a bit disappointed with the animation.

  • Jackson Luis
    Jackson Luis

    A trash. coming from this shit!

    • Midoriya Putasso
      Midoriya Putasso


  • Raynier Senpai
    Raynier Senpai

    1:09 maximum cultural people are here for this part

  • Joel Catalan
    Joel Catalan

    I thought adams eyes of the lord would of been gold and blue and white spot in the middle. Who agress with me👇

  • Amirul Aqashah Amree
    Amirul Aqashah Amree

    “This is the true essence of the gentleman “ -( Jack the ripper)

    • george fellow
      george fellow

      "I will murder you" -(yami)

  • Hellokitty Cou
    Hellokitty Cou

    June, that's torture >

  • JF_paes15

    Holy fuck, it's not CGI. What miracle is this?

  • Jack Ngo
    Jack Ngo

    Zeus be like "it's on bitch"

  • Arlindo

    Zeus vs Adam

  • Donny Fly
    Donny Fly

    Kinda skeptical if this will be good, considering NETFLIX STILL HASNT FINISHED THE OTHER 37 series they started recently😒

  • Diavololi

    Does anyone know the song used here?

  • Igor Penha
    Igor Penha


  • Richard Arroyo
    Richard Arroyo

    With all due respect, I am very happy this epic manga will get the lovely adaptation it deserves. I just wished the anime would have been able to wait a bit longer because if the anime goes really it can catch up to the manga quickly, given how it is a monthly series. But if it can be pulled off well, then that would be amazing.

    • Alperen Yılmaz
      Alperen Yılmaz

      It's gonna be seasonal so no need to worry. The anime will cover the first 20 chapters


    This looks lazy af

  • Espio90

    i dont give a fuck Im w8ing for Buddha :)-

  • Maicon freitas
    Maicon freitas

    Chega logo Junho

  • keeydoo

    i dont like the animation tbh, it looks like a hentai. This adaptation is the most anticipated for anime community this year. I dont want to see this anime is ruined because the animation is average, but im still thankful Record of Ragnarok have an adaptation this year. yall better make my boy adam looks more handsome

  • Jericho Mato
    Jericho Mato

    F for poseidon hahahahah

  • Ewerton Campos
    Ewerton Campos

    Anime foda demais.

  • allyour base
    allyour base


  • Olivier Luc
    Olivier Luc


  • genesis leo
    genesis leo

    Kengan ashura vibes anyone?🌚

  • Karma

    Gonna be honest this doesn't look the best the action scenes look stiff i really hope it's well animated

  • { KASH }
    { KASH }

    Hmm.. Seems like there's only gonna 3 rounds in this season..

  • Cory Venezia
    Cory Venezia

    When is this coming out

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    Were is Jesus

  • N

    Master Netero?

  • Gojou Satoru
    Gojou Satoru

    When started?

  • ezyskllz

    1:08 tell me the animation will be better please 💀... I am gonna cry


      Remember that this is only a trailer

    • Pk Memes
      Pk Memes

      Maaan lmaoo they gon f it up 😭

  • Lore

    *Nito-ganryu style*

  • C I E L
    C I E L

    Zeus: Brurururunhilde chan

  • cautionworks

    Hisoka would like to be this anime...

  • beddybloo

    poseidon is hella hot

  • Drew Yetti
    Drew Yetti

    This is gonna be EPIC!!!!

  • Ahbyahd Mohammed
    Ahbyahd Mohammed

    Does anyone know the names of the soundtracks being played here in this trailer?

  • Giossivan Santos
    Giossivan Santos

    Meliodas tá diferente

  • Donke

    Big thanks to Amias D for the scans 🙏

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar

    So furst season will presumably go all the way up to the Poseidon fight Presumably if the anime is well recieved then the next season will go up to the Zero fight And Im going to guess each season will follow that rule of 3 fights per season

  • Luis luna
    Luis luna

    Adán & POSEIDON best Design of character!!!!

  • Perator The
    Perator The

    So when will the movie be released?

  • uvne

    I hope y’all understand how high expectations we have for this animation production.

    • Mr OwO & Knuckles
      Mr OwO & Knuckles

      Could be wrong tho

    • Mr OwO & Knuckles
      Mr OwO & Knuckles

      @Asian Dod if I remember correctly, they’re a studio that has happened out MADHOUSE on some of the bigger series in the past

    • Asian Dod
      Asian Dod

      @EXO KNIGHT But Netflix only gets bad anime. And who is that?


      @Asian Dod lol the studio who is gonna animate it is graphinica

    • Asian Dod
      Asian Dod

      It's Netflix lol, just read the manga

  • angeloastig

    I just want to see daddy Adam punching someone, but not gonna lie jack the ripper fight totally unexpected plot twist after plot twist.

  • Ishura Nico
    Ishura Nico


  • Anyara Ramirez
    Anyara Ramirez

    Oh My Fucking Goodness!! This is irrelevant, this is fantastic momento on my life!!🥺🥺🥺🥺❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Tran Anh
    Tran Anh

    1:09 and 1:15, you're wellcum

  • Isaac Gant
    Isaac Gant

    Anyone aware of the song name/artist? unless its specifically for the show and therefore not released?

  • Prudhvi N
    Prudhvi N

    Why didn't they add jesus or allaha to the fight,.. Guessing they weren't gods or they didn't want any controversies

  • PrimeManx

    I can't wait

  • reikun86

    June seems so far away...

  • Carlos Henrique
    Carlos Henrique

    Maximum the hormone na trilha sonora ja sei que vai ser pauleira

  • Solo Grind
    Solo Grind


  • Liam Mahan
    Liam Mahan

    Brunhilde lookin slick. Best girl already

  • Mark Christian Alesna
    Mark Christian Alesna

    The manga is still ongoing how does this anime do they create alternative ending?

  • Mr. Drisch
    Mr. Drisch


  • Gäogo Ani
    Gäogo Ani

    Man i just hate that good animes have CGI...

  • Sussylcee Tangid
    Sussylcee Tangid

    The death of adam makes this worst

  • Ariolus

    Ah, Netflix and the return of cgi

  • Chisato Onodera
    Chisato Onodera

    Can't wait for Zeus's facial expression memes lol

  • A2RYAN

    From the start I was on Mortal's Side but I really cried on Hercules's death

  • Cləw Henry
    Cləw Henry

    Buddah is so 🥶

  • Luce

    And here i am waiting for budha vs the 8th god of fortune its gona be lit🔥

  • ไม่ รู้
    ไม่ รู้

    อยากให้เน็จฟิตลงอนิเมะ ให้ทันเว็บเถื่อนคับ อยากให้ลงทั้งเมะเก่า และใหม่คับ ขอบคุณคับ ช่วยลงให้ทีนะคับ กดค้นหาแล้วมีเมะลงแค่ไม่กี่เรืองเอง แล้วก็ลงอนิเมะจีน เยอะๆทีนะคับ ไหนๆก็เสียเงินดูอยู่แล้ว ก็ลงให้คนดู ให้ชื่นใจหน่อยคับ ขอบคุณคับ

  • Tyrell King
    Tyrell King

    The 3D cgi looks kinda bad and that’s concerning

  • Dalponte Luis
    Dalponte Luis

    la animación no me termina de convencer, pero debo darle una oportunidad para juzgar bien a esta serie

  • Allan Maino Vieytes
    Allan Maino Vieytes

    i just hope netflix doesnt fuck up the adaptation

  • BGz GamersVoid
    BGz GamersVoid

    "HELL" *YES*

  • diana mh
    diana mh


  • Iam Strangreen
    Iam Strangreen

    Hearing Maximum the Hormone on the background makes this 10x better!

  • Gustavo Pérez
    Gustavo Pérez

    Netflix te amoooooo mas que a mi ex gracias te amo tanto

  • Antonio Prgic Coelho
    Antonio Prgic Coelho

    Its Party Time

  • DaMythical Panda
    DaMythical Panda

    Why does Netflix have to make this

  • Gaming Popular
    Gaming Popular

    I wish it was made by Studio Mappa, sad Netflix got a hold of this

    • Alperen Yılmaz
      Alperen Yılmaz

      Graphinica is animating it. Not Netflix

  • Immortal _Soup1
    Immortal _Soup1

    Honestly, ya'll who keep saying the animation sucks, while it could be better, it's actually similar to the manga, and the studio's CGI is actually better than a lot of other studios. In the end, I'm just glad it's getting animated.

    • Immortal _Soup1
      Immortal _Soup1

      @Jack Foote right

    • Immortal _Soup1
      Immortal _Soup1

      @Jack Foote u riggt

    • Jack Foote
      Jack Foote

      But if I’m being honest I can tell the edited ITmores videos of these fights are gonna be better that these episodes

  • Trey Calico
    Trey Calico

    I’m just waiting for 1:09

  • Darvin

    Манга крутая получилась)

  • Gonzalo Dcn
    Gonzalo Dcn

    0:19 me encanta 💖

  • Rafael Guimarães
    Rafael Guimarães

    Adam X zeus

  • Andrew Penny
    Andrew Penny

    Really hope they bring Jack the ripper.

  • Shenanigans303

    Anyone know what the song is they used for the background music?

    • Shenanigans303

      @Aurora I'll have to keep an ear out then. thanks!

    • Aurora

      It's the opening, which hasn't been released yet

  • Syed Talal
    Syed Talal

    It,s a pity that we can,t even see buddha in this season

  • 21 Kadek Khrisnanda Satriawan
    21 Kadek Khrisnanda Satriawan

    Oh no.....i already see some bad cg in this trailer, i hope they don't use cg to much

  • Elmaestro Arcy
    Elmaestro Arcy

    Can't wait for adam vs Zeus

  • ただ歩いたりとまったりする猫


  • JetzPond


  • Joel Teves
    Joel Teves

    Herculis and jack the ripper my 2nd fav bout. maybe it'll be on 2nd season

  • NW Blader
    NW Blader

    How many fights do you guys think will be covered?

    • ModernNomadsReact

      @NW Blader true now that you mention it, I'd rather a 12 episode season of like elite fights.

    • NW Blader
      NW Blader

      @ModernNomadsReact yeah but say they cover up to the most recent complete fight. Then we get the attack on titan or ancient magus bride treatment, where they can’t release a new season of 3-4+ years because there isn’t enough for a season

    • ModernNomadsReact

      Hopefully as much as possible, reacted to this trailer with my boys on my channel. Trying to get them into it 🤣

  • Vene Zuela
    Vene Zuela

    Prefiero Kengan Ashura, espero que la vuelva a continuar Netflix