Rebuilding Wrecked 2006 Viper Dodge Rebuild in 10 Mins like THROTl
Niko Brothers
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We wanted to show u guys a rebuild of our 2006 Dodge Viper in 10 mins, a lot of work went into this build and it was a great fun to rebuild it.

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  • Justo Barba
    Justo Barba

    Cool vid but shitty music. This that Tokyo drift soundtrack

  • Lylee

    the thing i loved in US was the junkyard, if u are in asian there is no junkyard especially in my country:,)

  • Arturas1244

    One thing they do is very bad , this cars will kill somebody on road. Sports cars must be put beck to factory, or else they will crash in high speeds for simple cars even more accurate must be done. Collision repair was done wrong , they did not put this car beck where it was before collision. Pulling metal wasnt done as it should. No measurement have been done, means this car base is still wrong means crash . If somebody will crash and die these two guys will go to jail for murder. Detective will get answer repair wasnt done properly, than he will get info who sold already repaired car= these two guys.

  • Roland Rodriguez
    Roland Rodriguez

    Great job ' i wish i knew you

  • asha zakheshti
    asha zakheshti

    how do you learn this works?

  • - AJ
    - AJ

    bro for realy ur f artist like man pls keep up

  • kgroovemaster

    Sorry but i failed to see the "wrecked" part of the car....more like it was junked after a minor fender bender and hit a curve bump with the rear tire....but this is a shortened vid...sooo....i dunno maybe in the full length vid its shows more?

  • NoiseWalk

    In my country there is a 30% cars like this. It's just like " Special offer a rare car, perfect price never broken!

  • Great

    Pretty cool, but the music is like nails on chalkboard.

  • Marcos Fuerte
    Marcos Fuerte

    No bodysuit and glasses. Damn.


    Which site is that u buy cars

  • Mohd Fareed
    Mohd Fareed

    Sorry i m late....!

  • Villian Tube
    Villian Tube

    Tasty ❤😍 Exhaust😀

  • רועי קניון
    רועי קניון

    what does the stuff in min 7:00 do?

  • PaltryShelf816

    You can install a spoiler to make it a ACR

  • Failihvideo

  • TMSaD liveTM
    TMSaD liveTM


  • loris shuli
    loris shuli


  • 24h Nịnh Pung
    24h Nịnh Pung


  • chocolate abuelita
    chocolate abuelita

    Nooo mames 😍🤩siii es de una serpiente es exclusivo porque tiene un motor V10 😍🥰😇😊

  • Wizlyy🇮🇩

    Add spoiler to be perfect

  • Gianna Giovana Have Huge Long Dream
    Gianna Giovana Have Huge Long Dream

    When i saw the rims, i wonder what the hell did the owner did to that car.

  • Serenity Dictator 6K9
    Serenity Dictator 6K9

    Idk why old cars look so good

  • Jaldo Junior
    Jaldo Junior

    Só mandar pra Aracaju-SE agora ♥️

  • Mr.ground gaming
    Mr.ground gaming

    Which country do you live

  • Samit Barua
    Samit Barua

    Like a homeless girl became a Princess..

  • Irvan Channel
    Irvan Channel

    I'm from Indonesia 🙏

  • Lince_:v

    Alaverga ese wey nomas enderezo el chasis sin cortar ni resoldar asuverga creo que es más seguro un Nissan tsuru restaurado de un choque que esto

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez

    What is the web site u go get this carz?

  • infiniter broi
    infiniter broi

    True rebuild

  • Kylericksonfit

    so is there something this guy can't do car related or

  • Cosmic luck 🍀
    Cosmic luck 🍀

    How long did this take

  • Vssska

    Насколько безопасно ездить на этой машине?

  • ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    Ooooo good

  • syed ahmed
    syed ahmed

    Ugliest looking car


    I just came here to say ....i like that car before modification 😂😂😂

  • mr Bone-jangles
    mr Bone-jangles

    Who needs PPE when you had shorts and flip flops

  • DJ LA
    DJ LA

    Looks nice sounded a bit miss firing at the end.

  • Олег Лоскутов
    Олег Лоскутов

    Чувак классная работа!

  • Kasem Ahamed
    Kasem Ahamed

    Hey do you sell these cars ? Do u got proper papers and road licence of this car while u r buying it from auction ?

  • *-.

    0:30 & 12:48 that sound tho 😍😍😍

  • No Name
    No Name

    Needs engine work now. But good job.

  • Skylon The Dragon
    Skylon The Dragon

    Lmao I thought this guy wrecked a rebuild of the Viper in 10 minutes

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia

    What is that auction site called

  • ekatm1

    Keyfe keder boyalı .

  • Lucky Hourse
    Lucky Hourse

    Big Pfusch... never drive in it....

  • Valdemar Idrisov
    Valdemar Idrisov

    Я ъочу вайпеееер

  • BoxingLink 31
    BoxingLink 31

    Man wish I had a viper that beautiful

  • Nestor Castillo
    Nestor Castillo

    Los is best

  • Jack Lim
    Jack Lim

    The fact that this car is still able to be started, makes the 17k totally worth it.

  • Shifty

    straightening the frame was definitely not enough. You can see that it is still crooked and I doubt that the pillar is still in order. That would be too unsafe for me at 300 km / h. Good work anyway

    • DB TDD
      DB TDD

      Nah, you wont hit that 300 number anyway. it will disintegrated before you even hit 200

  • Kenneth Porst
    Kenneth Porst

    What's buy and build myself or pay this guy to do it for me?

  • a certified retard
    a certified retard

    Great rebuild, but no offence background music is trash

  • Juan Carlos Saravia Cortes
    Juan Carlos Saravia Cortes

    Quedó muy muy bien, excelente trabajo!

  • Nolte manns
    Nolte manns

    Respect dude !

  • Sahad Ahmed
    Sahad Ahmed

    Brother can u plz say how much did the car cost to buy from the wreck ?

  • DJ

    When you build all these cars do you sell them back or keep it for collection??

    • DJ

      @Not Andrew ohh ok

    • Not Andrew
      Not Andrew

      Can’t sell it. Huge safety hazard. That chassis is garbage which is why it was a write off in the first place.

  • Liapis_ M
    Liapis_ M


  • Brodtkunst

    Es wurde kaschiert aber nicht repariert. Es gibt so viele Wracks wie dieses im Umlauf.

  • Berk Keskin
    Berk Keskin

    Aynısı bende var ama viraja girince kasıyo işlemci kötü

  • tom fontaine
    tom fontaine

    I worked briefly on a frame rack and was amazed at the technical standpoint each point of reference the car has in relation to the whole. Way too techy for me. But impressive the talent and knowledge these guys have.

  • KxwaiiWRLD

    Music name?

  • Traumahead

    An interesting rebuild. Had to watch it in silence to negate that minecraft tutorial level of music though.

  • yancyjfry

    I have a feeling that it doesn’t drive the same. What’s the total cost of the rebuild vs the salvaged title value?

    • yancyjfry

      @John K any adult would know that when you bend metal numerous times, it changes the characteristics. Later Homie.

    • John K
      John K

      @yancyjfry hahaha,okay chief. Go back to your hotwheels set, the adults are talking. 👋🤡

    • yancyjfry

      @John K you’re just some troll. Industry. Hah. Some 16 year old pretender. I’ve seen enough messed up cars to know better. Salvaged cars are worth less for a reason.

    • John K
      John K

      @yancyjfry did you not see the frame machine? Everything lined up nicely and it's aligned straight. 'Nuff said. I'm in the industry, couldn't care less about the comments here from the clueless.

    • yancyjfry

      @John K still waiting Home Diesel. Tell me why realigning frame rails and torquing everything back to factory specs by hand will have a factory quality outcome. Would you buy a salvaged Honda? What’s the difference? Look at half of the other comments on here about. Obviously it’s questionable.

  • Angel Bad-Boy 2021
    Angel Bad-Boy 2021

    Wait where’s adhesive transparent fronts?

  • Furkan

    In how many days was the car repaired?

  • Verxatile


  • ROSPYR0 Alejandre
    ROSPYR0 Alejandre

    Por un minuto pensé que era un juego

  • smiffy

    its not Viper Dodge its Dodge Viper lol

  • 4iGi

    Потом этот кусок г..а на авито. Не бита не крашеная)

  • tech man
    tech man

    respect 🤘🏼

  • Naveed Baloshi
    Naveed Baloshi

    The car still have damage 😂🤣😂 can't burnout

  • Stefan Koelsch
    Stefan Koelsch

    Can only watch it without sound.

  • Darth Medjai
    Darth Medjai

    Me habeis hecho llorar. Para mi hubiera sido la mayor de las suerte poder trabajar en la restauración de un Viper. Cualquiera de las versiones de este voche me vuelven loco, pues desde que vi el primero, una replica a escala 1/18 del año 1998 en una tienda de aeromodelismo llevo enamorado de el desde los 9 años. Ahora estoy loco por encontrar un trabajo que me permita poder tener mi propio coche y devolverle a mi madre su Peugeot 206 del 2003. Estaria guay veros poner a punto y decorar uno como el Team Oreca blanco rojo y azul de Le Mans. Un saludo desde España.

  • Yusep Priatna
    Yusep Priatna

    He's do it alone

  • Francis Pearce
    Francis Pearce

    here my thing tho. him pulling a part lf the frame back in place is that gonna be okay lol. looks sketchy

  • Billy Doja
    Billy Doja

    One of my fav cars I would def do the same 💯


    watching how someone repair this beast is absolutely satisfying ❤

  • İlker ctnky
    İlker ctnky

    Greetings from Turkey, there is no such car in Turkey, congratulations

  • Ian Cook
    Ian Cook

    That's one way to bend the frame back into place

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen

    Dam the skills of this guy. Also imagine driving this Viper and then there is that person who crashed it and now thinks: hey this looks exactly like the one I crashed

    • John K
      John K

      @DB TDD how do you know? Hmm, seeing that they bought the car from a salvage auction it's pretty obvious you're wrong. Not that hard to figure out.🙄

    • Oliver Queen
      Oliver Queen

      @DB TDD idk anything dude :D just thought of this idea and thats it

    • DB TDD
      DB TDD

      how did you know it wasn't the previous owner paid him to rebuild it? He did it and then uploaded the video?

  • Max Jeet
    Max Jeet

    Очень крутая тачка

  • Enyakk.

    Lo citer ya bang ?

  • Mahadevi Y
    Mahadevi Y It can save life, dont ignore this video Stay safe.. together we can fight against Corona

  • Mahadevi Y
    Mahadevi Y It can save life, dont ignore this video Stay safe.. together we can fight against Corona

  • Ayyad Don
    Ayyad Don

    I hateee you video bit haveee iklannnn woi

  • Damien

    Awesome work, but isn’t the title of the car listed as totaled? Which would make insurance not insure the car? Or how would you go about being able to rebuild and sell the car for a potential profit?

  • Dennis

    You guys from germany, Bavaria?

  • Panda Informática
    Panda Informática

    An old car with new life, but at what cost? A new car cost? Lol... Good service... great finish...

  • kapszak

    Can you do the same with my fiat uno ?

  • Marco -
    Marco -

    Isn't that an unbelievable feeling, when you start with a piece of junk and at the end you stand in front of such a nice car?

  • İsmail Yüksel
    İsmail Yüksel

    Çıtır hasarlı

  • ATrippyManeHD

    🤤 Smh... Good Work 👍 Sir. Another Saved Snake From The Graveyard

  • Kakarot Gang
    Kakarot Gang

    Not all heroes wear capes😭🙌🏾👏🏾

  • Виктор Моисеев
    Виктор Моисеев

    nothing complicated, most of the car is intact. the engine and transmission do not need to be repaired, the body part is also not critical, well done but not impressive.

  • iliketosleepin1212

    Man, just to have the skills and resources to bring that beauty back to life.... Bravo sir!

  • Johnny Janvier
    Johnny Janvier

    Belle voiture ..!!mais elle avance pas vu la fin 😂😂c’est gênant ça omg

  • Garlton Milander
    Garlton Milander


  • 47 47
    47 47

    Was this cars chassis inspected why wasn’t this resto done with just taking everything off to begin with ? Starting with the power plant maintenance then so on ?

  • kissmark gonzales
    kissmark gonzales

    Supporting here from 🇵🇭 👊👍

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