Ray Allen Hits Series Altering Three To Help Force A Game 7 | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game
Leading 3-2, the San Antonio Spurs look to close out the 2013 NBA Finals in Game 6 while the Miami Heat look to force a decisive Game 7.
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  • Luka Donkey
    Luka Donkey

    2013 NBA Finals one of the best finals overall. 2016 was good but most of the games are blowout, but the game 7 was lit like this one 🔥🔥

  • Nick

    refs were paid VERY well this game

    • ツVC Drake 7447
      ツVC Drake 7447


  • lone

    forgot how good bosh was, clutch rebounds and BLOCKS

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    emma jensen

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  • Lexie Lore
    Lexie Lore

    Cold Ray👌🏻❄️

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    Next Gen

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    Walk on Water Sneakers

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  • Mateo Roldan-Raymond
    Mateo Roldan-Raymond

    Lol van gundy really doesn’t like the heat

  • Mateo Roldan-Raymond
    Mateo Roldan-Raymond

    Wow, bosh was such an incredible player while taking such little space on this team with shots and all

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    Anthony Jenkins

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    try this itmores.info/player/video/p5iuzo-BmsmgmrQ

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    Next Gen

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  • Jimmy BUCKETS
    Jimmy BUCKETS

    Danny Green was a beast in this series



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    Salt One

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  • coryxkenshin

    2:08:34 tmac chillin on the bench

  • Bookie Allen
    Bookie Allen

    Pop cost The Spurs this championship by Duncan out the game

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    Vauwbw Hsiens

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  • Don-K Productions
    Don-K Productions


  • Cold Blooded
    Cold Blooded

    Chris Bosh is a great defender. His pick and roll defense is superb. Parker was unable to put up a good shot in OT.

  • Danilo 23
    Danilo 23


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    Rufus Lorena

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    Shianne Hartzler


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  • atticus cox
    atticus cox

    1:51:43 clutchest shot in nba history

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    regfamo dadobqub

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  • Peezster

    Lebron "I need super teams to buy rings" James.

  • Anthony Baruch
    Anthony Baruch

    i don't care what anybody says, this nba is the worst... this forced fouling nonsense isn't strategic, it is lazy.. i would much rather watch 30 MINS OF BLOOD,SWEAT AND TEARS then 1 sometimes 2 and a half hours of this horseshit.. back in the good old days, fouling was something that was a sign of weakness.. now its welcomed with oen arms..

  • silkaj marota
    silkaj marota

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  • jso

    when lebron retires at age 47 we will all miss him

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  • Timmy Allen
    Timmy Allen

    LEBRON JAMES was a really good player during his years in MIAMI but he was not great. LEBRON'S athleticism covered up a lot of his flaws. LEBRON JAMES did not become great until he decided to leave the MIAMI HEAT and take his talents back to CLEVELAND to join up with KYRIE IRVING and the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS. During that period is when LEBRON JAMES began to transition himself more into scoring with his back to the basket and even more on his foot work, because if you watched LEBRON JAMES during that embarrassing playoffs against the DALLAS MAVERICKS and even more so during this series when he won his second straight NBA FINALS. If he wasn't putting his head down and bullying his opponent with his strength and athletic abilities he would either kick the ball out to his shooters or he would larve the ball up to one of his teammates for an easy "slamdunk" Once LEBRON JAMES began to put the work in with his back to the basket is when he began to master the fade away jumpshot. LEBRON began to work on his mid-range game combined with some pretty good footwork. As you can see as time move on he has went from being a 28 percent shooter from 3pt range to a staggering 38 percent shooter from the Arch. The combination of the mid-range shooting, learning to play the game with his back to the basket, improving his footwork when challenging opponents in the paint, going from not having any confidence from the 3pt line Only to become an above average threat from the Arch. So, if you combine the dimes that he dishes out every game he plays "YES" LEBRON JAMES is a "GREAT" player now but I say "THE GREATEST" 👑💪👑💪👑💪👑💪👑💪👑💪👑💪

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • Ami Niaré
    Ami Niaré

    this game is intense

  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford

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  • Angelo Jharred
    Angelo Jharred

    now i realize tracy mcgrady is in the spurs

  • Muhammad Satria Wicaksana
    Muhammad Satria Wicaksana

    keren banget

  • Lil Uzi
    Lil Uzi

    The shot that saved Lebron's career.

  • kkwm qgr
    kkwm qgr

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  • Reggie Phipps
    Reggie Phipps

    Both teams, everyone in their prime... who wins?

  • marjorie Castor
    marjorie Castor

    Lebron gave it all he had @ his best .. So dont ever say haters that ray allen saves his legacy. Nah, You must say ray allen's contribution instead , like c. Bosh clutch moment, wade's defense and all coz they play as a team. Not as a hero 🙂just sayin.

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    John Smith

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    John Smith

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  • Roy Germy Calamba
    Roy Germy Calamba

    Who else there after seeing the tb post on facebook?

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    Ker Loz

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    • noob


  • The 9ine God
    The 9ine God

    2013 man... high school was amazing, Drake dropped Nothing Was The Same and Bron, Bosh and Wade were on the same team. Man these times...these times were the greatest days of my life.

  • Eamon Walsh
    Eamon Walsh

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  • Felipe Castillo
    Felipe Castillo

    Bro imagine if pop got a tech when he was so mad after the 3

  • Ruot Gatwech
    Ruot Gatwech

    That's true

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

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