Rattlesnake Strike - Lightning fast
Real time Rattlesnake strike is so fast

  • Mary Illinski
    Mary Illinski

    Why are you sticking a balloon in my face? 😒

  • Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox

    Wow that 1 seemed pretty restive and their fastest shit


    He shocked after bursting balloon

  • Abdelwahab Twit
    Abdelwahab Twit

    لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم استغفر الله العظيم الذي لا اله هو الحى القيوم وأتوب إليه بعيدا عنا واحبابنا ان شاءالله ومن يقول امين حية الجرس الرهيبة

  • Ju Roots
    Ju Roots


  • AGENT 47
    AGENT 47

    Kill it....😡

  • Arlen Tavares
    Arlen Tavares

    A maldade com o reino animal, não tem limites.

  • Victor Rosales
    Victor Rosales


  • EricIntegral

    Blink of an eye!

  • ابو محمد الشعبي
    ابو محمد الشعبي

    استغفرالله العظيم واتوب اليه سبحان الله والحمدلله ولا اله الا الله والله اكبر اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين❤❤

  • Rajat Toda
    Rajat Toda

    Har Har Mahadev Jee

  • norash low
    norash low

    En cámara lenta se vería mejor 🤣

  • Scallywag 4
    Scallywag 4

    Ok, which one of you just bit me?

  • Jaime Verling
    Jaime Verling

    Man, I hope they didn't kill this snake...

  • Ken Mater
    Ken Mater

    Does anyone notice what rattle snake did? the rattle, bite the ballon so fast thank me later


    Flash ki atma 🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth West
    Elizabeth West

    People are stupid lmao

  • 2011Doomsday

    Now try that with a mongoose I promise you it won't be pretty.

  • Josué Almeida Melo
    Josué Almeida Melo


  • Vanessa Oliveira
    Vanessa Oliveira

    Faz tempo que vi uma dessa e a coral tbm ultimamente só as jararacas msm 😏

  • S͠u͠n͠d͠a͠ ͠e͠m͠p͠i͠r͠e͠ ͠ o͠f͠i͠c͠i͠a͠l͠
    S͠u͠n͠d͠a͠ ͠e͠m͠p͠i͠r͠e͠ ͠ o͠f͠i͠c͠i͠a͠l͠


  • Jesus Berovide
    Jesus Berovide

    No es gracioso molestar a los animales con esas pesadezes.

  • Masud Sadot
    Masud Sadot

    That’s where Bruce lee got his one inch Punch 🤜 ahh huh 🤔

    • RBI Snake Wrangler
      RBI Snake Wrangler


  • Manasa Butadroka
    Manasa Butadroka

    Slow motion would have been awesome 👌 😎

  • Amu G
    Amu G


  • remandlo

    That was super fast 😂

  • Mynameisjedf

    Kill balloon

  • pooja rajak
    pooja rajak

    Rattlesnake can bite with the speed of 2.95mili second

  • Traceyann Bailey
    Traceyann Bailey

    I hate snake

  • Deb Chiusano
    Deb Chiusano

    Why torment it?

    • RBI Snake Wrangler
      RBI Snake Wrangler

      If this is what you call tormenting it you have lived a sheltered life for sure. 😂

  • 임선우

    이건 학대지

  • Omsri Muduli
    Omsri Muduli

    Har har mahadev

  • Brenda Barron
    Brenda Barron


    • RBI Snake Wrangler
      RBI Snake Wrangler

      Thanks Karen. Seek life elsewhere. 😂

  • kiaira pitts
    kiaira pitts

    Texy it o

  • Ganesh Yadav
    Ganesh Yadav

    No. This is Death Adder Snake.

    • RBI Snake Wrangler
      RBI Snake Wrangler

      Nope. No Death Adders here in SoCal 🇺🇸

  • Frog in A bucket
    Frog in A bucket

    Now I'm gonna take a step- and I've been bitten okay just gonna call 911 - and my foot fell off...well shit

    • Frog in A bucket
      Frog in A bucket

      @King Bain’s wave of adventures what kind of question is that?

    • King Bain’s wave of adventures
      King Bain’s wave of adventures

      @Frog in A bucket do you have a dictionary?

    • Frog in A bucket
      Frog in A bucket

      @King Bain’s wave of adventures sir,do you have dyslexia?

    • King Bain’s wave of adventures
      King Bain’s wave of adventures

      This isn’t English

  • ange sefton
    ange sefton

    That's not how u spell lightning

    • RBI Snake Wrangler
      RBI Snake Wrangler

      So funny. You are right. I am not sure if it spellchecked me or if I was having a blonde moment. Will correct. Thanks.

  • Roshi Gupta
    Roshi Gupta


  • Fábio

    Bruce Lee: One inch punch Snake: One frame strike Some people I salute: One frame hi

    • cheddar shredder
      cheddar shredder


  • Brandywine Maintenance
    Brandywine Maintenance

    Looks like the snake can crack Chinese bricks to.

  • Johnny Rocket
    Johnny Rocket

    Didn't take long to not like that

  • pupperboigaming

    *L I G H T E N I N G F A S T*

  • Willie Ford
    Willie Ford

    Wanna SEE IT AGAIN ?

  • spiru robert
    spiru robert

    When oruchimaru got siked by a water clone😂😂😂


      No, he's under my genjutsu 👁️

  • Tesfaye Marimadlen
    Tesfaye Marimadlen

    Snake is evil symbols of davel 🤮🤮🤮🤮😡😡😡

    • RBI Snake Wrangler
      RBI Snake Wrangler

      No such thing as the Devil 👿

  • psychotictye-dyetrex18

    That is one angy boi

  • Zainab Zeeshan
    Zainab Zeeshan

    WHAT THE HECK????? IS THIS MAGIC? (i know its not)

  • dez knutz
    dez knutz

    My turtles just died this morning my goldfish got AIDS

  • Paquita Moreno Masip
    Paquita Moreno Masip

    Dejen los animales en paz

  • Paquita Moreno Masip
    Paquita Moreno Masip

    Dejen los animales en paz

  • 6th of June 1944
    6th of June 1944

    Damnit i blinked

  • ray the person
    ray the person

    So your not gonna slow mo it ok thats cool

  • Felix Hard
    Felix Hard


  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson

    People messing with animals like that for ITmores views deserve to be bitten Your generation sucks

  • Rm C12
    Rm C12


  • Rm C12
    Rm C12


  • Rm C12
    Rm C12


  • face palm
    face palm

    Ahem * lightning *

  • Alayna Colston
    Alayna Colston

    I loved how shocked that rattler was to get a mouthful of water that was the most wtf look I have ever seen on a snake.

  • Evan Joyal
    Evan Joyal

    Yes but WHY

  • tronarat

    Not as fast as a sharp flat head shovel

  • Ganondorf Dragmire
    Ganondorf Dragmire

    Snek "You stick dis rubber water egg in my face. I bites it with my deadly hurt juice"

    • Kosta Kanurkov
      Kosta Kanurkov

      J 30

    • Asad Ali
      Asad Ali


  • Michael Overton
    Michael Overton

    How does any fool react to that speed????? Just a question...

  • Dery

    Rattle: "I'm so fast!" Bobcat: "ok"

  • brt 123
    brt 123

    Unlike a cobra that must bite you to invenomate you if a rattlesnake just scratches the skin you will need to seek immediate medical attention. Also the smaller the snake the worse the bite!!!

    • K Killa
      K Killa

      That is a myth. Baby rattlesnakes are typically less dangerous because they have less venom to inject when they bite. They may be harder to see because they are smaller so it may be easier to step on them, or they may be hard to hear because they’re born without a rattle. Their bite isn’t more deadly than an adult rattle snake bite. Look it up, that is a common rattlesnake myth!

  • Maiya Aife
    Maiya Aife

    No I love snakes but those are no I had a group of them inside my walls in my house.Had to call exterminator and they told they would have to burn down the house but they paid for remodeling the house and building it

  • Hiren Kidan
    Hiren Kidan

    you should add pesticide into the water.

  • HGTMurphy

    y'all he spelt lightning wrong lmao

  • Suhani Jadwani 10 A
    Suhani Jadwani 10 A

    I want give me snake

  • Sarkar

    Fast AF!!!

  • Hurera Shaikh
    Hurera Shaikh

    Happy holliii hahaha

  • DrumWild

    Lightning. Lightening is what Michael Jackson did to his skin.

    • kook kook kook kook
      kook kook kook kook

      no, Michael Jackson had skin disease that made him had white spots that grows bigger by time

  • Fancisco Monterroso
    Fancisco Monterroso

    Orrrrr hear me out how to get a snake hammered

  • luvmytorties

    They're a little hard to see too.

  • Jorna Jui
    Jorna Jui

    O no

  • disestablishment・ー・

    moral of the story: dont approach a rattlesnake with a water balloon

  • Aldrian Lubis
    Aldrian Lubis

    Ular Says : anjeng gue kaget kuyup

  • Colorless King
    Colorless King

    It is indeed ligh te ning fast

  • Jocelyn Morales
    Jocelyn Morales

    I almost stepped on one while I was running. It was rattling but I didn’t hear it until I was about to step on it because I was listening to music

    • Andrew Edmonds
      Andrew Edmonds

      One time when I was learning to ride my bike fast but was still slow enough that a baby red belly black snake bit the (luckily thick) bottom of my shoe, it was... To put it simply, scary.

    • Mike Ramirez
      Mike Ramirez

      @Little Shepherd Farm that's insane especially if you would have stayed in the shower 🚿 for a few more minutes...

    • Francisco Carlos de Jesus Sousa
      Francisco Carlos de Jesus Sousa

      @Nikhil Fitness w

    • Little Shepherd Farm
      Little Shepherd Farm

      I was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas for Basic Training when I joined the Army in 1981. We marched all the way out to tent city (30 miles through the desert) in one day then got our bunks. I went to take a shower late at night because it was so hot during the day and so nice and cold at night time and I'm from the middle of the snow belt in northeast Ohio so I'm used to the cold. On my way out of the shower I threw on my uniform pants and tee shirt and headed for the door but was stopped by a very large Western Diamond Back Rattle Snake that was climbing up the concrete porch and coming into the showers where it was warm and damp! I climbed up on a wooden bench and stood there silently not moving until it was far enough away from the doorway for me to get safely by. Then I reported it to the drill sergeants and they went and skinned it. It was well over 6.5 feet long and very fat! Too bad they killed it. But I figure they probably deemed it a threat to the troops who wanted to get a shower so..

    • Little Shepherd Farm
      Little Shepherd Farm

      @Fresh Bae You mean struck at you. If it charged it would have had legs. LOL. Sorry just had to throw a funny in there.

  • Multianonymous73

    Why do ppl fuck with dangerous natural creatures smfh

  • Him Bike
    Him Bike

    Lightening is probably 1000x faster

  • Daniela Casadei
    Daniela Casadei

    Orrible 😡😡

  • Norma Diaz
    Norma Diaz

    !Cuál es el chiste de molestar a lo animales?

  • Moyurbird

    Speed on THAT?!!!

  • retroalex 117
    retroalex 117

    Dragon ball fans after seeing this "he still cant beat goku"

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Scared that balloon so bad, it pissed itself.....

    • Frost Cate
      Frost Cate


    • Jiří Valenta
      Jiří Valenta

      Omg no

  • Fighter Boy
    Fighter Boy

    Speed 120

  • Ge W
    Ge W

    Those mofos are huge in San Diego and just chill in the paths , thanks for the warning though

  • YEGUENIAN Antranik
    YEGUENIAN Antranik

    Unbelievable speed. Amazing.

  • DeViL ReTuRn
    DeViL ReTuRn

    Please yr sabhi ko shati se rhne do...plz being human...

  • Manikant gabbur
    Manikant gabbur

    It attack very fast

  • Calinawan Lawrence
    Calinawan Lawrence

    Slow motion is the key for that lightning bite... notice please when you make it.... thanks...

  • Jacko B
    Jacko B

    Woe I would not have expected that.

  • Little Shepherd Farm
    Little Shepherd Farm

    That's tantamount to teasing it. They need to refrain from biting until its meal time so that they have enough venom to digest their food.

    • Ven Disele
      Ven Disele

      @RBI Snake Wrangler😁

    • Jeremiah McBride
      Jeremiah McBride

      @Little Shepherd Farm I'm just saying... to the people that think this is mean, I woulda done worse. (Though i wouldnt purposely make it suffer, I like snakes)

    • Little Shepherd Farm
      Little Shepherd Farm

      @Jeremiah McBride You don't. You catch it and move it to a safer place and let it go. That's not a very big snake so you wouldn't get much out of the skin. I have gotten several bull snake skins from big fat ones that cars hit on the road in Texas when it was cool. Much more colorful and a lot more hide to use for making wallets and hat bands.

    • Jeremiah McBride
      Jeremiah McBride

      I would have caught it and skinned it afterwards. Doesn't need its venom much after that. How do you leave a dangerous creature like that on your property?

    • Gutzz Gutzz
      Gutzz Gutzz

      @RBI Snake Wrangler Why fill it with water moron?

  • Mark Plenn
    Mark Plenn

    Do not ever F with a rattles FOOL!

    • Mark Plenn
      Mark Plenn


  • Dale Does MTB
    Dale Does MTB

    No avoiding that. Give snaky his space.

  • Build-A-Bear

    thas a hot snake

  • Tony T
    Tony T


  • Mário Luiz
    Mário Luiz

    Cuidado com o saco viu 😜

  • mo Mo
    mo Mo

    Fill the balloon with hydrogen peroxide and repeat the experiment

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