Ratatouille in a Michelin 3-star French restaurant with Martino Ruggieri - Alléno Pavillon Ledoyen
Ratatouille is a traditional rural dish from Southern France, which thanks to the Pixar movie has become one of the most famous French dishes all around the world. To discover the history and secrets of this colorful vegetarian recipe we have been to Paris, inside the three-star Michelin restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen, together with Martino Ruggieri. The Italian chef, who has been working in France with Yannick Alléno for years, traces the history of Ratatouile through two recipes, the original and the "Hollywood" one. With the help of his very young brigade, Ruggeri takes us by the hand into the heart of the great French cousine.

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  • Italia Squisita
    Italia Squisita

    Subscribe to our Magazine 👉🏻 bit.ly/3hryR6L Discover our first Cook Book 👉🏻bit.ly/3lqzNKw INGREDIENTI/INGREDIENTS RATATOUILLE tradizionale/Traditional RATATOUILLE 6 pax peperone giallo/yellow pepper 1 peperone rosso/red pepper 1 melanzane/eggplants 2 zucchine trombetta/green courgettes 2 cipolla bianca/white onion 1 spicchi d'aglio/cloves of garlic 2 pomodori rossi/red tomatoes rametto di timo/sprig of thyme 1 basilico/basil qb/to taste olio EVO/EVO oil 100 ml RATATOUILLE Pixar melanzane graffiti/graffiti eggplants 2 melanzane/eggplant 2 zucchine verdi/green courgettes 2 zucchine rotonde gialle/ound yellow courgettes 2 pomodori rossi/tomatoes 10 peperoni rossi/red pepper 2 cipolla bianca/white onion 1 foglie di basilico/basil leaves 30 rametto di timo/sprig of thyme qb/to taste passata di pomodoro/tomato puree 500g olio EVO/EVO oil qb/to taste Sale/ salt qb/to taste Pepe nero/black pepper qb/to taste

    • Alfonso Giacinti Chavez
      Alfonso Giacinti Chavez

      Bistec borracho

    • Fab Bio
      Fab Bio

      @Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera sorry about that, it is not the idea, and i'll surely love it in fact. For me I was discussing just about naming.

    • Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera
      Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera

      You never tried the product, I felt insulted. LOL

    • Fab Bio
      Fab Bio

      Before 4:27 it is ratatouille. By putting it in the owen is not ratouille anymore, this is not the way it is traditionally cook : ratatouille is a stew, that's all. After 5:03 IT IS NOT RATATOUILLE. It is a "TIAN" or "tajine", which is totally different. And moreover : it goes in the owen = it cannot be ratatouille, as ratatouille has to be technically a stew .

    • westernpi

      But this can span more than just the Mediterranean or Turkey as far as the Americas specially Mexico they make something called "guisado" which uses identical ingredients. Which I think dates back to the Aztecs as the combo of using Squash (Zucchini modern cultivar), Tomato, Peppers date back to those times (since they are native and first cultivated there) as it shows in some of the reference in the codex on the cooking of sauces the Aztecs would sell in the markets. So wouldn't say it's just a mediterranean thing if anything the Americas predates it and the mediterranean could just be a modern improved version of it.

  • Muhammad Asad Khan
    Muhammad Asad Khan

    it is such an over hyped dish seriously..

  • Jonathan Robertson
    Jonathan Robertson

    Please don't flame me, because I am a HUGE fan of French Cuisine and have spent hours honing my own abilities in the French Tradition. I consider French Food and the techniques inherent to it to be the finest Culinary achievement of Western Civilization, all things being equal. However, when I look at Ratatouille, not only does it not seem "French," it looks like nothing more than a bunch of uninteresting vegetable slices creatively layered, with color in mind, to present something visually impressive. But I can't imagine it TASTING good. What am I missing?

  • Tony Polito
    Tony Polito

    So beautiful!

  • Steven Orourke
    Steven Orourke


  • MASC Design
    MASC Design

    ¡¿Dónde está la grata?!

  • Mariusz Zimmerman
    Mariusz Zimmerman

    Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life - and He will take care of it :pray Convert yourself and believe in the Gospel--*

  • Thor Nil
    Thor Nil

    It is so wrong... that's not a ratatouille... it's something else. It looks OK, but don't call it ratatouille.

    • Tired resort worker
      Tired resort worker

      @Thor Nil That's a slippery slope. Trump likes well done steaks and Burger King. I would not trust anything by Trump. However, as rotten of a person that Médecin was, his book is a classic treatise on the cuisine of Nice. Can one not apreciate the brilliance of Picasso, knowing the history of his misogyny? The painting of Degas considering his anti semitism? As crooked Médecin had been, you cannot disagree with his cooking.

    • Thor Nil
      Thor Nil

      ​@Tired resort worker Jacques Médecin, was a right wing criminal. Would you trust an American Cuisine book written by Trump?

    • Tired resort worker
      Tired resort worker

      @Thor Nil That's all fine but the size in different recipes does differ. In Cuisine Niçoise by Jacques Médecin, the former mayor of Nice, he cuts them 1 cm. Paul Bocuse does smallish cube too but also adds batons of carrot. I see 1 to 1.5 cm cuts more often than not in the South of France. As long as you have the correct flavor profile and correct texture, a cm one way or another does not matter. My experience comes from Training under Jean Banchet at Le Francais and then spending close to 40 years as a chef In the U.S., Belize, the Caribbean, Germany, Nederlands, Greece and Tunisia. Up until I retired last year I ran an award winning cooking school for 12 years.

    • Thor Nil
      Thor Nil

      @Tired resort worker Here is how I do it: #1 the pieces are way to small. # I roast the pepper in the over and remove the skin, #3 I blanche the tomatoes and remove skin, #4 I cute the eggplant in large pieces and let seat in salt to drain the water, #5 I fry minced onion in olive, drain and put in the cooking dutch oven, #6 I fry zucchini in olive oil, drain and put in the cooking dutch oven, #7 I rinse the eggplant and fry in olive oil, #8 add the sliced bell pepper and pealed tomatoes lots herbs, garlic, salt and pepper, let a cook. I like it with toasted french bread, rice and soft boiled eggs. Orc old with lemon juice.

    • Tired resort worker
      Tired resort worker

      @Thor Nil I'm curious as to why you say wrong. Is it because he purees the tomatoes, finishes in the oven or adds the tomato before placing in the oven? I have eaten it at least a hundred times over the past 25 years in restaurants throughout the Cote d"Azur and had many different takes on it.

  • johnd1466

    The first is a British vegetable soup of sorts, pisto en España. The second looks such a more appetising way to eat vegetables as the full course …. Ultimately we do eat with our eyes primarily

  • johnd1466

    5.50 they start to make the Thumbnail image ala the film version

  • MonFwewAGstadt

    Le tian c'est de la grosse merde. La ratatouille ça a plus de goût que cette merde de salopes de hipsters.

  • Pica Dyla
    Pica Dyla

    How do you explain Italian Chefs in a French Michellin Restaurant?

  • Stephane Kapitaniuk
    Stephane Kapitaniuk

    They don't taste their dishes at the end???

  • Rumen Mummin
    Rumen Mummin

    You did no justification to the dish....

  • Alessandro Masini
    Alessandro Masini

    Qual é il nome della canzone in sottofondo?

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  • Pedro De Biase
    Pedro De Biase

    best food channel!

  • Lo Zimba
    Lo Zimba

    Burger King cerca giovani con esperienza..manda il curriculum

  • burritoshake

    i would walk in one of these restaurants and order a whopper or something

  • imnotftw

    Guy on the left is Italian Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Chris

    Seems like one of those dishes you have to eat something else before and after making it. Looks amazing but the amount of work and time involved seems like it outweighs its ability to satisfy hunger.

  • Unity Rojo
    Unity Rojo

    yo his su chef look hella smart. his dome is like this big ( ._. )

  • tapete523

    where is the fucking rat

  • Art D
    Art D

    I've been eating ratatouille since my childhood. I hate it. It's way overrated.

  • Sundar Sawant
    Sundar Sawant

    Hey can you make english version also

    • Italia Squisita
      Italia Squisita

      Hit the Eng captions option!!

  • bird up
    bird up

    no rat no good

  • kennstedochdieBrüder _
    kennstedochdieBrüder _

    I dont speak italian at all but I listened very carefully to what he was saying haha

  • alain figuiere
    alain figuiere

    Arrêtes de parler, envoies la recette !!

  • Saufi Suria
    Saufi Suria

    Italian chefs. The more classy they are? The more classy the dish becomes. Facts.

  • Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence
    Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence

    this was not in french?

    • Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence
      Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence


  • Gianni Verri
    Gianni Verri

    Chef Ruggeri ho visto il vostro video 5 volte e lei ha fatto una bella presentazione chiara molto informativa certo se ci sono verdure dell’urto e’ un altro discorso. Parigi mi ricorda quando ero on comics de suite all’Oree du bua ed e’ stata una bella esperienza pensi avevo 20 anni.

  • Omar Mandour
    Omar Mandour

    كل ده عشان في الاخر يعمل مسقعة بتنجان و كوسة!

  • HitsuTwistedTalong

    wheres the rat>?

  • William Grosbach
    William Grosbach

    Whose great French cousin? Is she a chef? Sounds suspiciously like nepotism.

  • Mariano Santopinto
    Mariano Santopinto

    just amazing

  • Ren Zie
    Ren Zie

    Sous chef is cute tho 👀

  • Bob Ledsome
    Bob Ledsome

    Parts of the onion may still be raw, after 2 or 3 hours of cooking, I'm confused...

  • Random Task
    Random Task

    Thank you for the CC's :D

  • Salvatore Buccheri
    Salvatore Buccheri

    The restaurant is french, the great chef of course is italian

  • Crystal

    Potrei stare ad ascoltarti per ore, sei incredibilmente bravo a raccontare: dai minimi dettagli del piatto in sé fino agli ingredienti di cui è composto. Video favoloso, spero di vederne altri così!!

  • Skoski

    Honestly i expected it to look way better for a Michelin 3 star most of the slices was not the same thickness it looked uneven when finished pedantic maybe but this is a 3 star Michelin restaurant

  • strutter0505

    Söyleyecek hiçbir sözüm yok. Sadece burada bir Türk olsun istedim amk.

  • socoton

    Les Cévennes and Lyon it's not the same place at all... 🙄 But the recipes look so good 😋

  • Gianni Robustelli
    Gianni Robustelli

    l’ho visto più di una volta ,poi che bella melodia

  • Kirashinji

    Fake video, I can't see the rat on the chef's head

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson

    The polite word especially rot because jury interestedly refuse besides a curved lilac. hoc, aloof knee

  • Snopoolion

    for a star chef this looks not good.looks like something from the 90s

    • Tired resort worker
      Tired resort worker

      @Snopoolion You want a favor?

    • Snopoolion

      Dust cloud...do me/us a favor and just leave the internet.

    • Tired resort worker
      Tired resort worker

      @Snopoolion I was waiting for coherence but then realized that, min ago means you just ate there. I understand that you are trying to save energy by not fully spelling out minute. Here is a helpful grammar hint, Place a period at the end of a word when you abbreviate it. To answer your question it's because, based on your comment, Chili's seemed obvious regarding your gastronomic preferences. But, based on your latest comment,"better shut your mouth next time" I have seriously misjudged your classiness.

    • Snopoolion

      @Tired resort worker better shut your mouth next time.embarassing,now go hide in your cave again.

    • Snopoolion

      @Tired resort worker I'm waiting. Still didn't answer my question...

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    Ivan Gonzalez


  • Luca Montanari Lughi
    Luca Montanari Lughi

    È bello vedere persone umili.

  • Nina Nova
    Nina Nova


  • asmcriminaL

    Why would you make the title in English and the entire video be in French?

    • Italia Squisita
      Italia Squisita

      It’s in Italian, but you can activate english captions

  • JoE

    I really wanted to see them take a cooled bite and do the "Exhale through nose hmmmmph while looking up eyes closed" routine. It's my favorite.

  • Luki

    Super ricetta con due super Chef!

  • Vegas G.
    Vegas G.

    do you charge extra for hair that falls into the food or is that just a little extra bonus for the customer?

  • christine muschiato
    christine muschiato

    he put the glove on the wrong hand

  • Marco Farris
    Marco Farris

    Chapeau Chef

  • Julie Desnick
    Julie Desnick


  • Nicola Dellino
    Nicola Dellino

    Bravissimi entrambi i due cuochi italiani 👏 👏 👏

  • Riccardo Giak
    Riccardo Giak


  • Hakim

    Check his hat for the RAT

  • Rendroc

    There’s something magical about quality chefs.

  • Paul Szikora
    Paul Szikora

    i'm not sure that the ratatouille in the movie is traditional... je ne suis pas sûr que la ratatouille du film sois traditionelle...

  • Lory Cost
    Lory Cost

    Grandi spettacolare❤️🍀



  • dermajus

    I respect how he gives credits to vince, the sous chef

  • Israel Cristiano
    Israel Cristiano


  • Andrea Salis
    Andrea Salis


  • Alexis Ramón Casado
    Alexis Ramón Casado

    Joder, que pinta más buena.

  • Daniele C.
    Daniele C.

    Ho provato a fare la tua ratatouille .. bella da vedere.. una vera schifezza al palato.. complimenti chef

  • maria pultronaggio
    maria pultronaggio

    Sono orgogliosa Di vedere la creatività italiana In Francia!!!!

  • Nicola Quintavalle
    Nicola Quintavalle

    Grazie Chef per la condivisione! ❤️

  • Lanfranco Nicola
    Lanfranco Nicola

    Niente altro che un minestrone un po' più elaborato.

  • Luxuryhomes888

    thats not how u do it

  • t e
    t e

    that one guy looks like the shitty chef from ratatouille

  • Nikku San
    Nikku San

    Tipico piatto che "tutti" fanno 😂😂

  • genericgorilla


  • Hand Some
    Hand Some

    What is Michelin?

  • gigizack

    Veramente il forno ventilato cuoce piu' uniformemente di un forno statico, il contrario di cio' che ha detto lo chef

  • luigi di palma
    luigi di palma

    Il titolo del sottofondo?

  • Bruna Botta
    Bruna Botta

    La Puglia.. si sente.♥️

  • saporeca oficial
    saporeca oficial

    eu te odeio

  • CR 7
    CR 7

    all of this precise making would make sense if u prepare like this for homless people. Preparing like this for rich scumbags should be considered a defeat

    • Karma


  • 𝗗𝗼𝗻.

    Será que é bom? Nunca tinha visto vegetais com molhos e misturas assim

  • Dennis Official
    Dennis Official

    11:02 im pretty sure, he is a great chef and leader

  • Paul Solon
    Paul Solon

    Superb. Do not understand. Why not take a bite? How can you make those and not eat them?

  • Seb Rouxel
    Seb Rouxel

    looks like a bayaldi, or a confit bayaldi, not a ratatouille...

    • Seb Rouxel
      Seb Rouxel

      @TPalmer cooking isn't weird, the human interpretation of a recipe is...take a carrot, cut it in 2 mm cube, it's called a brunoise; cut it in 5mm cube, it's called a macédoine; cut it in 1 cm it's a mirepoix, cut it in 1 cm triangle, it's called a paysanne. Now, a classic ratatouille from Provence is a vegetable stew. All ingredients are diced and cooked separately, then combined together at the end of the process and gently simmer in a rich tomato sauce, basil is added at the very last moment. You can cut a potato and fry it, but don't call it pomme frite if it's a pomme paille or pomme allumette, or pomme pont-neuf... Cooking is simple because it's coded and define (EG: Gringoire et Saulnier, Escoffier, Larousse gastronomique...) I will stick to those rules every time I cook or write a menu, to neither confuse my kitchen brigade, nor my customers.

    • TPalmer

      Cooking in general is weird, just changing the an ingredient or process of cooking can make it something new. It's a Ratatouille because he used peppers not mushrooms, but if he had used mushrooms it would have been a Confit Byaldi Also, I think the vegetables in Ratatouille is fried before cooking while a Confit Byaldi is just cooked.

  • The Sag
    The Sag

    Lui di un altro pianeta Lode a te o grande chef

  • Valentin Strauss
    Valentin Strauss

    Not a Ratatouille, it's a Tian

    • TPalmer

      Not quite since the processes between the two are different. With a Tian you cook everything together without frying your vegetables and you're either using a tomato sauce base or a olive oil where as with Ratatouille you're frying the vegetables and putting the layered vegetables on a stew.

  • Common Man
    Common Man

    sento tanta nostalgia x la sua puglia.....

  • Why_I_Game

    Very unique centrepiece for a dinner!

  • Valentina Spasiano
    Valentina Spasiano

    Buongiorno! grazie per il momento di magia che ci ha regalato, non solo per i due piatti ma anche per il suo modo garbato ed educato, umile nonostante il suo ruolo. da''altra parte delllo schermo è cosa molto apprezzata. volevo farLe una domanda tecnica: qualora tagliassi le verdure la sera prima, per evitare l'ossidazione, cosa potrei fare? inoltre, vanno lasciate in frigo chiaramente e senza condimento? grazie mille

  • YaFaJin

    Cela s'appelle un show branlette culinaire.... pourquoi se compliqué pour rien une ratatouille? peut etre pour la plus value au reto dans l assiette .... a mediter !!!

  • Giorgio P
    Giorgio P

    e' sempre un '"assemblage".......ma vattela a pijaderculo

  • Pinko palla
    Pinko palla

    Italiani e francesi maestri della cucina numeri uno..

  • Josh Poi
    Josh Poi

    I hope the dish tastes good, because it’s not easy on the eyes

  • A Christianson
    A Christianson

    Looks like jumbalaya

  • Franck Caria
    Franck Caria

    On appelle ça un TIAN de légumes 😁😋👨‍🍳

  • Arthur Garry King
    Arthur Garry King

    This was a pure utter delight. Thank you Martino and Vince!

  • S. D.
    S. D.

    Delicious looking Confit Byaldi

  • leony 29
    leony 29

    Come si chiama la canzone di sottofondo?

    • Lapo Becherucci
      Lapo Becherucci

      anche io vorrei tanto saperlo....

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