PRADA Cup Day 3 Highlights
Extended highlights of a dramatic Day 3 of the #PRADACup.
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The 36th America's Cup presented by Prada will be contested by the winner of the 2017 America's Cup, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron represented by their team, Emirates Team New Zealand, and the winner of the Prada Cup, the challenger selection series which takes place in January-February in 2021.
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  • Jim Hood
    Jim Hood

    Watching the capsize once again I had a thought about a last ditch save. When these boats go over there is a point where the windward foil arm, as it continues to rise with the hull, begins to lose righting moment. Lowering the foil at that point would place it further from the pivot and increase the righting moment. I would be a difficult thing to initiate in a potential capsize but perhaps it could be set up to occur automatically if the boat passes a critical angle of heel. In a marginal situation it could save the capsize and might even save the boat.

  • funnyglow

    The scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!

  • Vito Di Troia
    Vito Di Troia

    Stavano già festeggiando ... 😂

  • Jason Whatuira
    Jason Whatuira

    Kiwis are the best sailors in the world look at some of the other teams they got to have kiwis in there boats to try beat us we are going to be hard to beat in the future

  • ben sutherland
    ben sutherland

    So sad to see the AM incident. They were comfortably ahead, looking strong. Shame.

  • Roman Klimenko
    Roman Klimenko

    wow! that's so spectacular! better than formula races

  • Gavin Boot
    Gavin Boot

    Too much hype and filler ,,not enough content,,,,

  • Steve Wade
    Steve Wade

    American Magic still has a slim chance no?

  • Giuliano Medici
    Giuliano Medici


  • Mark Lanahan
    Mark Lanahan

    INEOS has turned it around. Amazing, they terrible a few weeks back!

  • Power5

    Why was Ineos/Prada race abandoned?

  • GordonjSmith1

    It would be nice to see the difference between 'in race' commentary', and commentary added afterwards. I note that comments from my network of 'Professional sailor' friends that none of them mentioned releasing the tension of the leeward backstay to allow the mainsail to flex at the time of the incident, although some have commented afterwards. Has the commentary been 'updated' I wonder? In any case trapping the mainsail does seem to have been an issue, but I am suspicious that this video has been 'up dated' to include such conclusions, as the actual tension on the backstay is rather difficult to deduce... Let us keep this 'real' people - too much 'digital improvement' reduces the credibility.

  • Graham D Peters
    Graham D Peters

    Great coverage of exciting racing. Did something inside the boat shift and make the hole in American Magic? Watching the video It looks like it's punched out.

  • iroamagnakit

    Get rid of that Steven bloke please!! He’s got no idea.

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    They shouldn't have Stephen McIvor commentating yachting. Hes involved in too much coverage of different sports. The American fellas are really good to listen too.

  • Dirk Steenkamer
    Dirk Steenkamer

    The leeward runner! The leeward runner!

  • hoii

    That's not sailing. they are driving it like a car! Sailors climb up the rigging

  • Esquire

    Please explain what and where a leeward runner is....

  • stray bubbles
    stray bubbles

    I have never been a fan of sailing. It was worse than golf. Now these foil boats are exciting to watch.

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S

    I believe I can fly ... aarrggh!!

  • Kiwi Dave
    Kiwi Dave

    200,000 views? No one cares.

  • Star Class
    Star Class

    Not going well for Luna Rossa, looking at sailing they have lost both races today. It start looking that having two top helmsmen, Bruni and Spithill, it is creating a lack of tactics, especially vs INEOS, once you are ahead of only 7 sec you do tough match race and you cover the opponent, you do not go away and ask mr weather for some luck. Luna Rossa shall make a choice, have only one helmsmen driving the boat and get on board a tactician.

  • Denis Kearney
    Denis Kearney

    There’s one consolation. They can’t blame this on Trump.

  • contrite sinner
    contrite sinner

    Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. (Psalms 51:1-4 [KJV]) - : - : - For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])

  • Scotty E from the A
    Scotty E from the A

    My heart breaks for my US team. But kudos to UK going undefeated. And thanks to all teams for helping our crippled Patriot.

  • Clubsport R8
    Clubsport R8

    USA Ouch 😲Team GB grate job

  • Frank Russell Design
    Frank Russell Design

    Such good racing. Why did the Americans tack at the windward mark and not just bear away on port tack? Was it the wind?

  • George Brown
    George Brown

    Was GB sandbagging in the December races? They certainly turned it around while USA was nearly as good as NZ.

  • elguapo6145

    Said the voice from the ignoramus,

  • Michael Jorgensen
    Michael Jorgensen

    23:30 something floating in the water in the foreground. I wonder if that is the piece of the hull that got punched out when she slammed back into the water?

  • william shepherd
    william shepherd

    Data on boat performances are good but can you stop the scrolling--just put both rows of data up? and since wind speed and direction are important to the tactical picture, can you please show these details graphically on overhead shots of the course???


    Sorry, but this "highlight" selection does not do justice to the sport. Feels like "random shots of the day" to me. At 4:22, we don't get the slightest clue on when and how GBR passed ITA. I am out of this, and will instead watch the individual races. I hope you guys can improve your editing game in the next couple, a 30 min edit of the day would be very welcome, if it would actually include the highlights.

  • Jason Nye
    Jason Nye

    Ouch! When in doubt, let it out boys...

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius

    Magic were flying - shame

  • Alan de Michael
    Alan de Michael

    I have not watched any AC stuff in years ... these "boats" are so ugly ... ahhh for the days of 12meters and ACC ... and further back when my father was on a "J" boat crew ...

    • Tristan Melling
      Tristan Melling

      Ok boomer*

    • rusty one
      rusty one

      Ok old timer 😎

  • JBpiification

    American Tragic 😢

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Ineos, you beauty.

  • Christine Joachim
    Christine Joachim

    Do these commentators work for the BBC ? sounds like Ineos have gate crashed their party. Love it :)

  • headonz

    Dean Barker strikes again.Good on yah mate !

  • Richard Armitage
    Richard Armitage

    26:00 capsizing

  • J. Daaz
    J. Daaz

    By far, this race day was the best on whole eliminatory America's cup

    • Brian Garton
      Brian Garton


  • Larry Hutcherson Sr
    Larry Hutcherson Sr

    Unreleased running backstay and it's all over. What a bad break. No word yet if it was human error or mechanical failure.

  • Hakurei Reimu
    Hakurei Reimu

    This is great coverage

  • Ruby Waugh
    Ruby Waugh

    barker stuffed up took the wrong cool

  • cameron harris
    cameron harris

    These highlights are fantastic I really got a feel how the races were won and lost and it's not too long compared to watching the whole stream. Great edit it's much appreciated!

  • Paul C
    Paul C

    How funny, a wind shift makes it impossible to sail. Why then sail at all? If you can't handle a wind shift you shouldn't have designed stupid machines.

  • Dave Reaville
    Dave Reaville

    Great highlight package from the race last night. At 22:57 you can see a shot of the boat laying sideways in the water. It lasts a second before they cut away but you can see an air blast on the hull side. This would be air rushing out of that hole. At 24:49 there is a shot of the hull rolling over and you can see CF strapping hanging of the hull bottom. It is just a brief shot but visible.

    • staffan greisz
      staffan greisz

      23:30 - 23:33 there debris floating behind the motorboat

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards

    I liked the coverage format from before Christmas. You could watch a single race....or you could watch a string of single races as you time would permit. Now you have these monstrous 2+ hour bights...that is monstrously long and hard to navigate

  • Becki Kain
    Becki Kain

    "right hand turn?????"

  • Brookside VT
    Brookside VT

    For racing where there is no second, there's a huge tolerance for second rate performance on American Magic. Losing the starts and now turning a big lead into a swim. Who's the backup helmsman? Hard to do worse. Also, it's painful to see the primary sponsor not be an American company. Given how poorly the boat is going it seems poetic. Where is Ted Turner when we need him?

    • MTL-ss

      US Airbus's Commercial Airplanes division, located in Mobile, Alabama. The site will be the major assembly and delivery site for Airbus commercial aircraft in the United States and will be one of the largest employment centers in the state. - Ted is a legion.!!! - Terry is the skipper & co helmsman.

  • Micky Manchego
    Micky Manchego

    technology incredible, performance unbelievable, but for me this isnt match racing

  • Stephen Duquette
    Stephen Duquette

    It must be really gusty , American Magic looked really good using the wind to the max and then overkill . The boat nearly left the water . Amazing conditions and bad luck for American team . I thought that they were tuning in for the finals against the Brits . It's nice to know that any boat has the capability of taking a race . No runaways just nail biters .

  • Gabriele Satto
    Gabriele Satto

    Looks like 45 knots is the actual takeoff speed for these boats

  • Criq deKuyper
    Criq deKuyper

    It seems to me that Terry should either take the helm, tactics, or grind. Pick ONE, because heads down in the boat isn’t working for him. Max is on the shore, and it’s working for him.

    • angini mohammed
      angini mohammed

      I hear you.....why is he grinding, he is a awesome taction, not a grinder....terry brad said wake up....

  • James Joyce
    James Joyce

    It's infuriating hearing about a "race track", there is no "follow my leader" as this series has shown. A "race area" yes, but there is no set track in which to travel on, that's the fun of sailing. Please have a word and get them to modify their language, otherwise coverage is exceptional

    • James Joyce
      James Joyce

      @daemn42 aint confussed, its a side of the course relative to the individual boat, meaning the side of their "racing track". Anyway the commentary is secondary to the action, and its thick n fast so far. Enjoy

    • daemn42

      @James Joyce I think you may be the only one confused by their language.

    • James Joyce
      James Joyce

      @daemn42 possibly, then a correct term would be rum-line or course made good. naa mate its media sensationalism, not sure this event needs any further lingo. from the leeward mark there ain't no track and its easy to confuse folk; track, maintrack, port tack, sail track say it like it is the wind is producing an advatage to one side of the course. Enough of this clap track, nice to see a 70fter clearing the water like a whale

    • daemn42

      I think you're reading way too much into that line. All they were saying was that when all the pressure is one side of the course, the trailing boat can't split at the bottom gates to find better air, and must follow the leader.

  • Stephen Duquette
    Stephen Duquette

    Brits have corrected their foil problems that they had in American cup. They are maxing out now .

  • wally man
    wally man

    Well. . . It's official. The American's suck at sailing these new boats!

  • Yiglic Persfactious
    Yiglic Persfactious

    And I didn't think sailboats could look any sillier.

  • Lloyd Sumpter
    Lloyd Sumpter

    Oh Good Grief! They abandoned the race because of a WIND SHIFT??? What kind of sailing is THAT? In a real race, the winner is the one that takes best advantage of wind shifts. Then, a wind gust knocks the boat over and it could not right itself. What kind of sailing is that?

  • TooManyHobbies

    These are professional racing sailers. No excuse for a capsize. The US team is just exhibiting the same kind of failure as our political system, stupid and filled with BS. I wonder if they're as corrupt too? I mean, was the crew chosen by political correctness?

    • Roger Anderson
      Roger Anderson

      Absolutely, the helmsman ignored the safe 'wear around' suggestion and bulled ahead regardless, with the sort of results we Americans have become used to getting in recent years. -Veteran '66-68

  • Alec Bruyns
    Alec Bruyns

    When American Magic went over, I spilled my coffee on my shirt trying to pull her back up. \

    • Colin Mahoney
      Colin Mahoney

      @Larry Hutcherson Sr When American Magic went over I was jumping up and down, on my coffee table trying to sink the boat!

    • Larry Hutcherson Sr
      Larry Hutcherson Sr

      What are the odds, I also got coffee on my shirt. Surprising train wreck on the water.

  • Giacomo Golfera
    Giacomo Golfera

    Nice but Uk is faster of Prada .UK is a seagull Prada is a Duck.

    • Tristan Melling
      Tristan Melling

      Ducks have the fastest level flight of any bird, and far more graceful in the air than a seagull. Just saying!

  • simon clarke
    simon clarke


  • Robert Pendzick
    Robert Pendzick

    When Ineos did not win in the races before Christmas they no doubt felt free do anything they could to increase the speed, whereas Magic and Luna Rosa felt they only needed minor adjustments to hold on to the advantages they felt they had. Bold choices Ineos. Glad everyone is safe on Magic.

  • classicrestoration

    Yikes.....wonder if they missed the runner or it was a mechanical problem....bad timing with the puff😳

  • 327/365hp

    American Magic Airbus goes airborne at 22:20

  • Lightning Rod
    Lightning Rod

    what an awesome show !!! So Great for Auckland to have an exciting Race in Difficult times with Airborne boats!!! Glad Everyone is okay just stunning Auckland looks amazing. The presentation and the commentators were funny and informative

  • David Procter
    David Procter

    lets hope other teams take a lesson from this and check that the internal equipment on their boats unable to punch out through the hull.

  • 327/365hp

    Racing starts at 2:30

  • Rob M.
    Rob M.

    Jeez!! USA vs ITA - Great racing, nothing left on the board by either team. I'm willing to bet there were some nipsy bottoms aboard during the aviation moment and capsize. 😳‼️ Huge respect to all of the teams/crew. These things are ANIMALS!

  • Paul Tarditi
    Paul Tarditi

    The Americans are failing at one of the most basic rules and strategies of racing, especially match racing, THE START.

    • MTL-ss

      They are not too good @ the Finish line.,where their is no second.!!!

  • Tor Blixa
    Tor Blixa

    dean is making Sophmore mistakes

  • Mark Kurtis
    Mark Kurtis

    That second start of race one, was the best start of the series. And, the comments by the commentator on the final sprint to that start, shows that these new boats are still surprising the media folks. Even the experienced ones! Sir Ben knew what he was doing and timed the start quite well. Not an error. Not really late compared to LRPP.

  • Patrick Colclough
    Patrick Colclough

    There's going to be some interesting conversations in the the American camp tonight. They had the fastest boat but lost another race due to poor judgement and sloppy crew. Lucky to escape penalties, calling for a questionable gybe and then failing to release the backstay!

    • Cheryl Teach-In 70 Berent
      Cheryl Teach-In 70 Berent

      Capsize next, same problem in squall rounding mark with tack instead of jibe! PM EST Sunday

  • Cuthbert Milligen
    Cuthbert Milligen

    @24:48 you can see the straps of (I assume) carbon fibre already flapping on the exterior of the hull. So the main damage had probably already happened.

  • John Q. Public
    John Q. Public

    It looks like American magic was in the act of sinking there.

  • Pedro Vivas
    Pedro Vivas

    Minute 22:12 I scared the shit out of me... 😱😱

  • Brian Starr
    Brian Starr

    Great comeback in that race by Sir Ben, and especially his tactician.

  • elguapo6145

    They have yet to have a good start. No need to apologize for these guys, they’re professionals after all!

  • alberto biondi
    alberto biondi

    faster than the wind I still don;t believe it.

    • J. Daaz
      J. Daaz

      Cause their sail with appear wind,and it is higher than real.

  • Ian Judd
    Ian Judd

    Fantastic job to the whole team. As always though there is more data and therefore more analysis to be done. If as it seems there was approx 10% gain pre-Christmas to Prada Cup what gains are still left to execute and new gains from this weekend? Another 10% or less ?

  • Marco Dellepiane
    Marco Dellepiane

    luna rossa dilettanti

  • slooob23

    You can see hull damage in the camera shot from the bow, looks like splinters of carbon fiber

    • slooob23

      @Bo Honk watch it from the bow camera, you can see the splinters as it leans over. There is also a video of them lifting the boat out of the water now, big hole in the bottom with a lot of carbon splinters.

    • Bo Honk
      Bo Honk

      Where are you getting that shot?

  • Erik Thomas
    Erik Thomas

    This is better than F1 - tight turns, overtaking, crashes, speed, good for the environment, amazing machines - no wonder Mercedes are involved. Just imagine a series of exotic locations around the world over the course of a year before a world champ is crowned!

  • John C
    John C

    Consider this: Ineos could win every round robin race, so avoiding the semi-finals and lose in the finals to the winner of the semis. I'm a Brit and feel that is a little lop-sided. But Patriot can afford to miss next weekend's racing whilst being repaired and still get up to speed for the semis. Nobody has to win a round robin to be in the semis.

    • John C
      John C

      @Antti Brax What I am saying is don't get too carried away with round robin wins, which I am sure they are not and don't be too despondent about round robin losses. But continuing development and race experience are crucial.

    • Brem

      Ineos could also have sandbagged and gone through the semi finals if they had wanted to.

    • Antti Brax
      Antti Brax

      Them are the rules and they're same for everyone. Just don't pretend that not racing makes your team faster.

  • awuma

    I wonder if the starboard foil got stuck in the up position as the boat started to go over... perhaps it all happened too quickly for any reaction, and of course the unreleased port running backstay did them in.

  • Ranie Osman
    Ranie Osman

    the racing was exciting yesterday and today watching from Sydney Cant wait to see our big boyz Emirates Team NZ trash all of them and keep the cup..Cant wait to watch it on the 1st of March..GO THE KIWIS Exciting!!!!!!

    • Morgan Perkins
      Morgan Perkins

      no need to be salty. this is sailing we can be gents. hope its uk v nz in the final should be great viewing

  • Steve Thurow
    Steve Thurow

    People waving flags and cheering louder when they see themselves on TV are not highlights.

    • simon clarke
      simon clarke

      A little humanty there

  • Ross Williams, DC
    Ross Williams, DC

    What punched the hole into the hull????

    • Antonio Piccolboni
      Antonio Piccolboni

      Round hole, rumor has it battery went flying or other heavy component.

    • slooob23

      It probably cracked

  • Yoda and the Bike
    Yoda and the Bike

    These boats are useless in light winds, dangerous in high winds, cant deal with a wind shift; gone is the close maneuvering around the start line, gone are the tacking duels. As I've said before. This is a shit show. Worst ever America's cup boat design.

    • Rob M.
      Rob M.

      @Yoda and the Bike Each to their own, I suppose. The fact that the event is happening at all in the current global crisis is a result in itself. The novel concepts being tried and developed are a tech-geeks feast. The racing is not shoulder-to-shoulder close as with conventional boats, to be sure. The speeds involved more or less obviate that for safety's sake, if for no other reason. S**t viewing? Well, Your opinion and I understand it. I'd just point out that a very great number of minors also spectate using this medium and I'm quite frankly uncomfortable with your choice of words, in that context.

    • Yoda and the Bike
      Yoda and the Bike

      @rusty one And what if that were true, does that invalidate my opinion? I’m a consumer of the product and I’m expressing my view, which is the Americas Cup of today has lost the plot and despite the impressive performance of the AC75, it makes for shit viewing.

    • rusty one
      rusty one

      Yoda I think the only sailing you've done is boats in the bathtub

    • MTL-ss

      @WestUCoog There's been bigger AC shit shows, All 2 boat regattas.!!! 1988-AC 27th & the,- biggest - 2010-AC 33rd . This is where the Billionaires come to play.- There is no second.!!!

    • Rob M.
      Rob M.

      I think they'll improve rapidly in all of the areas highlighted. The pace of R&D has already been impressive. Yes, they're extremely expensive, but this is supposed to be a world class event and to suggest that any less investment would be made in the design and development of any style of boat for the purpose of winning the AC is, to be quite frank, bunkum.

  • santiagobenites

    That was quite the capsize! You don't normally see boats moving sideways in that way, and of course it happened just when you thought that American Magic was going to have a little good fortune come their way.

  • Ken Cast
    Ken Cast

    Well done to Team Ineos for their 4th. Win (4-0) Brilliant. However, THAT looked bloody dangerous for the crew of AM. Make one realise just how fast these boats are sailing then the knockdown. All because that leeward running backstay wasn't loosened!! Tough times for the Yanks!! 3 cheers for the Brits!!

  • Douglas Shimada
    Douglas Shimada

    Wow, what a pair of races. That was so exciting. Watch until the end of the video. As they say, “it’s never till it’s over!” Thx for providing this edited version, eh.

  • johnber52

    Since there is no keel..On High wind conditions keeping the foils down until stable maybe the best security.. specially if you have that much lead.. I think they were greedy and got careless!

    • johnber52

      @Mike Shiels right..But there is a big difference it is not about the weight only! the foils have wings with flaps which can add variable downward force at will..

    • Mike Shiels
      Mike Shiels

      The foils are weighted, when lifted they provide the righting moment of a traditional keel, only far better due to the leverage. Even with the foil lifted once the main was blocked by the running back stay it was game over.

  • elguapo6145

    The word “Rookies” comes to mind!

    • Rob M.
      Rob M.

      .....Said the voice from the armchair. 🙄

    • Aidan Lillington
      Aidan Lillington

      Oh come on - what a stupid comment, and I say that as an Ineos supporter who doesn’t want them to win! These are highly skilled professionals in a class of boat that constantly pushes boundaries and is doing 40+ knots in a high pressure racing sitn.

    • Banjo bear
      Banjo bear

      shut up

  • James Nield
    James Nield

    Holy moley!!! This is just fantastic viewing. And it’s not often you can say that about yacht racing. Just brilliant.

  • Gerben Van Duyl
    Gerben Van Duyl

    Sucks we can't see the races live in Australia here on YT

    • slooob23

      Watch it live on ITmores

  • John Zanetti
    John Zanetti

    This is great to watch 👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧so exciting

  • Mark Brooks
    Mark Brooks

    Everything’s fun and games till someone’s wiener falls into the fire.

  • salmiak k
    salmiak k

    why was LR prohibited from not installing runners?

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Mille Cose