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Up for grabs in todays video is a brand new JEEP or Thirty Thousand Dollars CASH!! Jump in! -
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you for joining us on Chapter 3! Jump in on this.

    • Michelle Mullin
      Michelle Mullin

      Smile like us and you smell like you

    • Asia Rosas
      Asia Rosas

      I want the money to help my mom

    • Lil Jay Kid
      Lil Jay Kid

      @glockstrz qqq

    • VX_ verified
      VX_ verified


    • Juan Deras
      Juan Deras

      Where’s flash

  • dabeast 2
    dabeast 2

    Id take the cash

  • Dimitri

    Is that a 2020 jag svr?

  • Obey_The_Taco

    Knowing you guys doing a give away while literally starting chapter 3.... epic.

    • Obey_The_Taco

      💀 I made this ITmores account, YEARS ago just to subscribe to this. Zero regrets

  • Lance Beasley
    Lance Beasley

    Jeep The Jeep is 60,000 tbh sooooo

  • Joel Brisebois
    Joel Brisebois

    Jeep my dad loves them

  • panda_production's


  • Laurie Durand
    Laurie Durand

    I would pick the jeep than sell it! Its really expensive! I love you so much guys your so inspiring thank you for everything❤️

  • Noah Young
    Noah Young

    Definitely gotta pick the jeep 😂

  • Esmeralda Mendez
    Esmeralda Mendez


  • Roo


  • D.C Widowler
    D.C Widowler

    thoose sits look soo comfortable, in your own vehicle

  • Palani Martinez
    Palani Martinez

    Cash because living in Hawaii it’s very hard being independent Hawaii is very expensive to live

  • kelly marie
    kelly marie

    Jeep! Sell the jeep and get double the cash 😁

  • Grace Power
    Grace Power

    Jeep then sell 😆

  • limompeter wall
    limompeter wall


  • Juan garay
    Juan garay

    Who wanna play fortnite with me my epic RamBo_Rilla5

  • Brittany Purce
    Brittany Purce

    Thank you for being thoughtful

  • game deck
    game deck

    I still want to see his gun collection even though I've seen it hundreds of times

  • Rylie Minor-Tharp
    Rylie Minor-Tharp


  • Skytrono


  • Michael Tribbey
    Michael Tribbey

    Love the videos

  • Mari Ostorga
    Mari Ostorga

    I feel like both are amazing but its a tough decision 😮😮😮

  • GlitchGaming

    If I saw this earlier I cold have gotten a lot of money or a beautiful picture for my birthday which was March 3rd.And I’m so glad you guys are bike I love you and your family

  • Dakota's toy show
    Dakota's toy show


  • Melissa E
    Melissa E


  • Jamie McGowan
    Jamie McGowan

    I would have said Jeep !!! 😃👍

  • daily JDM lover
    daily JDM lover

    Hey man, I love the video's they always make me happy watching you I've been watching you for quite a while now, I love the new chapter (it would be great if you could reply ,Ty)

  • the kauri center
    the kauri center


  • the kauri center
    the kauri center


  • the kauri center
    the kauri center


  • the kauri center
    the kauri center


  • the kauri center
    the kauri center

    cash cash

  • Fletcher Sturgill
    Fletcher Sturgill

    I’d pick the jeep, about to get my license

  • Arnijz Gaming
    Arnijz Gaming


  • John Ramirez
    John Ramirez

    If it was me I would pick the money probably get a lease and and buy somewhere better to stay more affordable to than leave the rest for my parents once I'm off to the miltary.

  • Ashutosh Acharya
    Ashutosh Acharya

    I like you guyz should buy your tesla for yourselves

  • Kiersten Poteet
    Kiersten Poteet

    I'm so happy you guys are back!

  • Catty


  • Kyle Riche
    Kyle Riche

    Jeep to give to my mom

  • Filip Husted
    Filip Husted

    cash :)

  • Just Somecunt
    Just Somecunt

    Bando diary’s

  • Dustin Herron
    Dustin Herron


  • Binger 08
    Binger 08

    i wish i could drive a brand new jeep but i am only 13 lol but about to be 14 in 2 days

  • Mankelly Chrasheed
    Mankelly Chrasheed

    Cash to help out the fam

  • Brenden Castle
    Brenden Castle

    Jeep for my mom

  • 0nlyAltxr

    If the Jeep is more that $30,000 I’d take the Jeep no doubt

  • maddie.harttt


  • Ava Hopper
    Ava Hopper

    Im so sad I didnt even see this video until now, my notifications must be broken. I could have got a brand new jeep or cash. :(

  • xXMavis WoofXx
    xXMavis WoofXx

    I would pick the jeep, i myself cant drive! But my sister turns 18 this year and she wants a jeep.

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer

    Wait, what happened to Flash?

  • Insane Gamer141
    Insane Gamer141

    Love own the jeep but I live in the UK unfortunately

  • Trystan

    Anyone questioning what happened to their dog

  • Trystan

    The jeep

  • jenness

    Where’s flash?? 🐶

  • Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez

    Woulda started a business with that money

  • Cars Nest
    Cars Nest

    I would do cash because I would take 30k to build a 2006 Silverado diesel or find my dads old yellow Avalanche

  • Dawn Kurtyak
    Dawn Kurtyak

    I'm to late to join but I'd pick the jeep

  • Sebastian Hoekstra
    Sebastian Hoekstra

    0:26 LESS GOOOO

  • Liam Reilly
    Liam Reilly

    love this

  • Xtreme_ Blower420
    Xtreme_ Blower420


  • CxtchMy Scxf
    CxtchMy Scxf


  • Rosaly Cruz
    Rosaly Cruz

    I would have picked cash so I can put money down on a house.😊

  • Jesus LovesYou
    Jesus LovesYou

    The Jeep is more money that 30 grand so I would definitely pick the Jeep and then sell it so I would get more money

  • Bruno Machado
    Bruno Machado

    You can tell that Brit is SO proud of Roman

  • Justin Laucirica
    Justin Laucirica

    Jeep all the way

  • Celina Marie
    Celina Marie

    What happened with nitro and tux

  • idc

    OnLy UnIteD sTatEs

  • Debbie C
    Debbie C

    I would've chosen the $$$$$$$. Just so I can donate it to those who are unfortunate. There are millions of people who are down on their luck and need help financially. They're lucky if they've food or a place to lay their head each night. Year 2020 and 2021 isn't a good year for millions of people.

  • Home & Garden Property Services
    Home & Garden Property Services

    Jeep anyday

  • Fuda Nat
    Fuda Nat

    Am i dumb or where is flash?

  • Lisette Nieves
    Lisette Nieves


  • ARMY time
    ARMY time

    So who got the jeep?

  • Baseball Peeps
    Baseball Peeps

    Love this chapter

  • Baseball Peeps
    Baseball Peeps

    I’d pick Jeep

  • Anupam Sangam
    Anupam Sangam

    Noah and I are of same year and we were like 13 when I started watching

  • Beill ZZzz
    Beill ZZzz

    I want the 30K cash

  • Kristi Bohara
    Kristi Bohara

    Definitely jeep! Although the $30,000 would be fantastic for a down payment on a house! Since I am a single mother raising two daughters and have my elderly father I’ve been with me in a small apartment. Unfortunately seeing this after the cut off date, ive been working in the healthcare field having to work many double Shifts..... I really wish he had the give away a little longer than just one week!!!!! He ready should’ve made this till the end of the month so more people could have had the opportunity to win either the jeep or the money!

  • ForBidden Ace
    ForBidden Ace

    We’re flash

  • Bethany Findley
    Bethany Findley


  • ShotCallerHD

    Definitely jeep I would give it to my mom cause she’s always wanted a jeep

  • Hayven Palacios
    Hayven Palacios

    I missed Empire the most. 😅❤️

  • Trece.187

    Damn those hackers must feel real dumb, they did all that just for Roman to move into a Castle like house HaHa

    • Musical Lyrics
      Musical Lyrics


  • Alfonso Guerrero Jr.
    Alfonso Guerrero Jr.

    I would go wit cash because it will help out my family pay bills so hopefully I get the cash

  • willy rick
    willy rick

    always happy for family ...

  • bradleyd271


  • Mad Madsens
    Mad Madsens

    Jeep I would sell the Jeep for more than 30 $

  • Matthew West
    Matthew West

    Where the fishes

  • Esteban Barron
    Esteban Barron

    Where's flash

  • Tiffany Parker
    Tiffany Parker


  • Sumz 2k
    Sumz 2k

    This chapters great Roman

  • Ants Of SA
    Ants Of SA

    i would keep cash

  • Charmaine Cassandra Walker
    Charmaine Cassandra Walker

    Cash please Roman Atwood

  • Jordan Lewis
    Jordan Lewis

    Where’s flash

  • Cameron Barrette
    Cameron Barrette

    Where is flash?

  • Ryan Greaney
    Ryan Greaney

    jeep so i can sell it for more

  • Jaylen Hunt
    Jaylen Hunt

    my ant all ways side theres a beging and the end im so happy to see u both and now even happy to see all your faces

  • Brandy Nitchman
    Brandy Nitchman

    I joined you guys at the end of chapter one

  • Gaming Riot
    Gaming Riot

    Wish I had instagram and I would join I need my first vechical

  • Jordan Fleury
    Jordan Fleury


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