Our Swimwear Photoshoot & Baby Gender Reveal!
#298 Grab yourself some SWIMWEAR for a good cause here!👙 www.vagabellaswim.com
We FINALLY launched our charity swimwear line! Here's the behind the scenes video around our first photoshoot. It was mayhem. PLUS, find out the sex of our baby. Two very very exciting things in the one episode... we'll see you there 🥺👙❤️🥳🥳🥳
Elayna, Riley and Lenny x
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  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde

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    • me2onthenet

      Once again, I loved the video! I didn't hear you thank Jack (oh so uncomfortable.) I thought he did a great job holding the reflector, and ogling the girls...

    • Blake Pizzey
      Blake Pizzey

      Meet up with Jake Kelsick and trying kiting! He is located in Antigua and has a ITmores channel.

    • On A Mission
      On A Mission

      Terrible, focusing on the shell we live in. Sad people are so superficial, those living in the world of the world

    • jesus


    • Es Gee
      Es Gee

      my mum nearly went nuts, 4 boys. better stop while you're ahead!

  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias

    Congrats! Lenny's gonna be a great big brother ;)

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I just saw the swimwear photos or videos, not bad.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    where can I see the phots of the models

  • Scott Davidson
    Scott Davidson

    Hey guys the bottles Lenny keeps asking for should stop at 18 months max there are to many health reasons to name. I hope when he says bottle it means something else.

  • Leonie Margaret
    Leonie Margaret

    I deleted my first comment I should of waited til the end. Congratulations Elayna and Riley and of course lil Lenny on a lil brother ~ I get the feeling you might go again Elayna?? as you do you keep us smiling and feeling like we're with you.. love to you guys keep killing it!!!

  • michael warlick
    michael warlick

    Shopping for a large Trimaran?

  • testicular oxide
    testicular oxide

    Hate it when the ladies leave, but REALLY love to watch'em go...

  • John Savely
    John Savely

    "Leroy and Lenny"

  • ColorOfTheDay

    Ugh yeah, I've taken a ton of ASA courses because of you guys, also researching buying a Cat now because of you guys.

  • Guy Cruls
    Guy Cruls

    Lenny standing on his own two feet in the tender 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Juan Playas
    Juan Playas

    Fanastic videos full fun. I enjoy very much seeing you. Thanks

  • Just me Again
    Just me Again


  • Just me Again
    Just me Again


  • Just me Again
    Just me Again

    I have enjoyed watching the evolution of you guys and your editing and production is soo on point Luvinit. Thanks stay the same with the fame

  • dupleix0

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 boys is great too! :) Best to you all!

  • BeachBow


  • Vital Chance
    Vital Chance

    2:19 I guess these are the moves you do when your are just a toddler and have suddenly realized that your youth is going to entail nothing but sandals and boats; If I ever get the chance,I might do that same dance.

  • Ned Longdon
    Ned Longdon

    Congratulations! I bet you cannot wait for your little [redacted], awhhh it'll be so nice to see their Brother-to-[redacted] relationship with Lenny! ☺️☺️☺️❤️

  • Bepii Pirah
    Bepii Pirah

    congratulations and I feel you girl!

  • Michelle Pirzenthal
    Michelle Pirzenthal

    Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

  • Graybeard D
    Graybeard D

    Congrats. My wife cried both times we got the news. It’s ok to feel disappointed. But, Boys are great!

  • Monique Parry
    Monique Parry

    Congrats!! I've only seen you with boys, it suits you. Go the brother bond. Congrats.

  • David Heylen
    David Heylen

    I have two boys, sometimes I wish I was sailing ALONE on the ocean. Congrats ;-)

  • Torfun Saville
    Torfun Saville

    pleaseeee do a collab with bucketlistfamily!!

  • Gennadiy Viktorovich
    Gennadiy Viktorovich

    The girls liked Leni, the little lion growls)

  • J Conlon
    J Conlon

    I felt the same way. But being a boy mom is my unanswered prayers. 💖

  • reinerca

    Elayna - If down the road, you still really want a girl, please consider ADOPTING!!!

  • 0101 1010
    0101 1010

    how do they manage and avoid ocean pirates?

  • Kathy Olney
    Kathy Olney

    Congratulations!!🎉🎊 Another Lenny!!! Elayna you are looking fabulous! Riley is stoked..2 sons!!!

  • Tony

    You guys are amazing. Thank you for your videos.

  • Ramesh Chintada
    Ramesh Chintada

    Under sea it's pressure acts like thermal over the sea level. Atmospheric pressure is not actual Thermal pressure.. every hour it changes so it impacts mucus from legs to stomach observe the moon movement which drastically makes daily thermal chages or dew point adjustments.. try retained Enemas to know vicous nature of natural pregnancy, see test tube or outside Womb made offsprings,how much adjustments of fluids are to be made.. till then ur igronent of ur self from inside .

  • Bill Thompson
    Bill Thompson

    Riley: "We are not having a third" Elayna: "Add that to famous last words" Congratulations!

  • Dale Sather
    Dale Sather

    Are you going to do a line made to fit through your pregnancy seeing its your lifestyle?

  • Day Dreams
    Day Dreams

    The gender reveal thing was cute and fun. I’m not super sentimental either but, hey, fun way to pass the time and Jack really seemed to have a blast 😅

  • Brian O’Hehir
    Brian O’Hehir

    Hey I just watched Greta Thunberg ‘a year to save the world’. You guys were brilliant for getting involved in taking here back to Europe. Respect.

  • james gray
    james gray

    Wheres tonights vid,I've got withdrawals lol

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    Nice to see you on BBC1 this evening. Doc about Greta. Really cool. As are you guys of course. Thinking you may get a few more follows!

  • Techfor Energy Ltd
    Techfor Energy Ltd

    I’ve been subscribed for about a year now and have just seen that you gave Greta Thunberg a lift across the Atlantic for COP25 when it moved to Spain. So massive props and respect to you for doing that 🙏❤️💪😎👌☀️

  • tom koopmans
    tom koopmans

    Now on BBC1 Atlantic crossing Greta Thunberg on La Vagabonde to Spain in stormy weather 40 kts!

  • My Muzzer
    My Muzzer

    There are 54 genders

  • RGMG

    Congratulations on the boy!

  • Barbara Ann Scarlet
    Barbara Ann Scarlet

    Hey Elayna, I also had a second boy when desperately hoping for a girl. His energy was so different from his older brothers when I was pregnant; soft and sweet while I was pregnant. I even bought baby girl newborn clothes! Today, they are two years , 9 months apart and are SO different but Amazing friends! The age difference was a bit problematic when they were little boys because not quite close enough to match skills; like lego...and they were very competitive but man they had fun by the time the youngest was about 5. THEN, I had a bonus babe to my horror....two years after... But A GIRL! Here's the funny? part.. This daughter of mine is now 27 years old and every grey hair I have she sprouted! Hell on wheels from the beginning. That said; she is brilliant , bold and beautiful but man....three was tough! I wouldn't change a thing, obviously; but the third really does change ypur ability to navigate life! Blessings to you all.

  • Mary Ross
    Mary Ross

    So glad you having another little boy. Congrats. Your shoot was awsome. ..go elana and Riley

  • Giles

    best thing I've seen this year. brilliant thankyou

  • Vanessa Lundy
    Vanessa Lundy

    Wooohhhhhooooooo Boy TEAM!!!!! 😁

    • Vanessa Lundy
      Vanessa Lundy

      Me too Elena

  • Riley mcdermott
    Riley mcdermott

    well done guys!!

  • Jayson Nerwich
    Jayson Nerwich

    Congrats on the reveal of your new little one to come

  • Michael Tullgren
    Michael Tullgren

    I love that you hired locals in Antigua for the shoot!

  • SimonCrowne

    Lenny asks, does that stink when you pull it out?

  • Kilo Zulu
    Kilo Zulu

    How do you produce boats like these without global economy and industrialization so that environmentalists can sail the world and point out all the evils of this civilization?

  • Kw 992
    Kw 992

    There's a volcano erupting on the carribean island of St vincent

  • Relaxing Stuff
    Relaxing Stuff

    Whats the point of a gender reveal? Nobody has ever been surprised before, its either a girl or a boy.

  • A M
    A M

    Sex not Gender. either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions. IF you don't know what sex your baby is, I feel sorry for you. either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female.

  • L B
    L B

    I always have a big eye roll and gender reveals but you two make everything more fun

  • Lenes

    Hey! So every parent shares pictures of their child online. Some more than others. But where does the line go? What is your opinion on sharing so much of Lennys private life? When he is not old enough to himself make the decition of wanting to become such a public profil? Love your vloggs! Just wanna know what you guys think!

  • Frédéric Vuilleumier
    Frédéric Vuilleumier

    Very high quality vid!:))

  • james 21601
    james 21601

    Great job everyone 👍

  • Carla Boyle
    Carla Boyle

    Would love to see you guys team up with the other ITmores Sailing channels to promote your swimwear. Maybe do a photoshoot of them in the suits. Some of my favs: Gone with the Wynns, SV Mellennium Falcon, SV Ruby Rose, Zatara......would be cool to see all you guys doing this together especially because it's eco friendly and for good causes. A little unity in the world would be so refreshing these days!

  • MrAlMcN

    Ohh that was soooo beautiful ! The Ladies - Wooowww ! And for a good cause. Bravo. And congrats on your new addition.

  • İhsan Eray KETENCİ
    İhsan Eray KETENCİ

    HEy listen! can you just make an act of your meeting stroy like a short film that keeps all facts that you remember and shows ys all story you had at that time. You can do this like a 5 or 10 mins acting. And please keep all details same as they were at your meeting. Tnaks a lot i love you guys

  • Goodbye Mr. Anderson
    Goodbye Mr. Anderson

    I was gonna leave a crapes message to those beautiful gurls, but since you said no crapes I wont send a dirty message. I will say however, that that hot chocolate girl had the most beautiful face I've ever seen. I love you guys.

  • Mya J
    Mya J

    Lenny is sooo good just sitting on that little boat!! You guys barely even need to hold him its amazing

  • Russ Clayton
    Russ Clayton

    Congratulations. Here's to good health for babe and mum.

  • Vivien Wagner
    Vivien Wagner

    im so happy for you guys🥰. Congratulations

  • Kristin R
    Kristin R

    The swimsuits are gorgeous and your prices are not too high. Most women's suits for "better brands" are between $75 - $200 in my shopping experience over the years. Congratulations on the second boy and being surrounded by other sailors who were inspired by you. Lenny will be a great parent and if your heart is open to a third one day, I hope you consider adoption.

  • Sternentaucher Schmuck
    Sternentaucher Schmuck

    Some mathematical help to make the decision on a third baby or not 😉: If you want to have at least 1 girl, with the probability of at least 85%, you need to have 3 kids. If you want to have at least one girl with the probability of at least 98%, you need to have 6 baby’s. And btw, the probability of having a girl, after you already had a boy is 25%. While the probability of having 2 kids with different genders is 50%. Hope that helps 😃 [btw, I just used that problem with my students in class to talk to them about probabilities 😉]

  • brian woody
    brian woody

    I love your videos they make my wife and I so happy. You should do a men's boat wear range. I'd buy it

  • Leon Dunphy
    Leon Dunphy

    Damn I bet you were hoping for a girl🤭

  • Lola Vea
    Lola Vea

    Congrats 🍾🎉 💙💙💙

  • masskilla469

    Congratulations on the new baby boy!! Lenny is going to love his little Brother.

  • 1sheinz

    Congratulations on having another Boy ! You will be happy , raising boy's is so much easier. My only word of wisdom is this ; A Son is you son till he takes a wife , A daughter is your daughter for the rest of your life . CHEERS Steve h.

  • Countryside Living With Tracee Leigh
    Countryside Living With Tracee Leigh

    I have an awesome name suggestion.. Lyric for a little boy. You know lyric like a song. Lenny and Lyric brothers

  • Countryside Living With Tracee Leigh
    Countryside Living With Tracee Leigh


  • Ashley Warmbrodt
    Ashley Warmbrodt

    Elayna, can you talk in the next video about which charities you’re funding? The website links to Effective Altruism, but it’s still hard to understand. I think better understanding may help increase purchases, too :)

  • 1221Alice

    Mom of four boys here. I completely understand your feelings. NEVER wished my sons were anyone other than exactly who they are...however, I did have to say goodbye to the idea of having a girl. There was a bit of a mourning period with that. The mental picture I had of having a daughter will not be, but I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of our sons! We are so blessed and there is nothing like the bond between mother and son. Your sons will have such an incredible childhood with two amazing supportive parents!

  • Crimson


  • Angel Hudspeth
    Angel Hudspeth

    I cried! And congradulations on your baby boy! The next one will have to be a girl so she can have her little mini-me lol.

  • Louis Hoel
    Louis Hoel

    Congratulations! I've watched you since the beginning! Elayna, I have 2 boys, 25 and 28, and now a Girl 9. You both are beautiful and strong and have so much wonderful life to offer! We wish you all the best and then some! Cheers!

  • danceswithcarsdc

    Lenny's holding out for a SAG card... Get an agent, mate... And Riley will likely come around for a third, which will probably also be a boy, but 4th or 5th time is a charm... 🐰🐇👙🥥 🐣🍼🐤🐥👶👼🚼 🤱🤰 Maybe triplet girls in the end...

  • Matt Ford
    Matt Ford

    Wow respect for your passion, that’s to all involved 🙏 , for your passion to life. 💖 its how we need to 🐝

  • HellyWelly93

    Congrats 😁

  • Lawrence Forbach
    Lawrence Forbach

    Nice swimming outfits

  • Sean CRONIN
    Sean CRONIN

    am i the only 16 yo guy to watch these videos ?

  • XxPetitNuagexX

    Hey Guys, one question. as a beginner, what book or training is the best to start learning about metereology at sea? thanks for taking us along through ur content. i very much apprechiate it. all the love to you and safe travels!!!

  • Me MyName
    Me MyName

    If I could click the dislike button multiple times, I would just for the ridiculous subscribe crap.

  • ashley douglas
    ashley douglas

    Yayyyy!!!! CONGRATS!

  • ludo Desbois
    ludo Desbois

    Mais que fond les ligues féministes ? Nous sommes sur de la viande.

  • Jeffrey Jewell
    Jeffrey Jewell

    Congratulation the Vagabond family for a new addition soon to arrive

  • Wrecked

    come on guys you do know how to make a girl? Its all in the planning.

  • Calvin Calvey
    Calvin Calvey

    Excellent video !!!! Thank YOU !!!

  • Mary Noonan
    Mary Noonan

    Book recommendation: The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. Get an EMF meter. Tri Felid. Measure and reduce your exposure and stay healthy.

  • Sarah Hourigan
    Sarah Hourigan

    Congrats guys!! Such an amazing vlog! Going for my first sail on a catamaran tomorrow in the whitsundays and I cannot bloody wait!!

  • On A Mission
    On A Mission

    Selling people, literally. Pervert with a camera.

  • Sir Galahad
    Sir Galahad

    6:11 This design is next level. Or maybe its the model. Or both? 😍

  • Walkabout With Kira
    Walkabout With Kira

    Girlfriend that photo shoot was amazing. I wish you many successes with the bikini line. It’s awesome to see someone doing something they love. I do believe this is the ‘daughter’ the universe meant for you to have... to Vaga Bella 🥂💕

  • Paul Viles
    Paul Viles

    Love your work guys! Congrats on the little boy! Elayna, awesome work on the bikini! Showed my mum your work and she was really upset that there aren’t any age appropriate older lady swimmers, her and her whole water aerobics class can not find stylish, well designed and made but age appropriate swimmers in sizes up to 16! Great market to break into the oldies, retired, spare coin, lots of clubs/groups......... Can I tell her amaze balls Elayna is on the job? Any chance of getting back here to Aussie anytime soon?

  • TacticoolNinja

    I have two dogs named Kenzo & Katana. No disrespect just very similar to the names Kenza & Kitana. Cool names and just cool they were put together like this.

  • Danielle Fraser
    Danielle Fraser

    Congrats, from one mum of boys to another!! I cried at the gender too, but have such a special relationship with both my boys. And I happily ask them why they couldn't be girls, (always have) to which my now 6ft teens laugh and with gleeful delight tell me with varying age appropriate language- they are the superior gender!! 🙄🙄😂😂🥰 so don't worry Elayna!!

  • Awhina R
    Awhina R

    Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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