Olivia Rodrigo Performs "good 4 u" | 2021 VMAs | MTV
Olivia Rodrigo performs "good 4 u" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  • Thanh Hoàng Nguyễn Ngọc
    Thanh Hoàng Nguyễn Ngọc

    Oh come one. She is 18. She still has time to improve her vocal. At least she wrote her songs.

  • changbinthemiddlechild

    She’s 18, it’s her first time at the VMAs. The VMAs, not just anyone can make it to the VMAs, let alone while being 18. Y’all need to calm your asses down. She may have not had the strongest and most powerful vocals, but she did great considering she didn’t have anything backing her vocals up. If you’re going to say these rude things about her, you should at least have performed at the VMAs before.

  • The Messy Youtuber
    The Messy Youtuber

    She can’t sing but it’s ok besides the fact it’s a demonic song

  • okay

    But can we talk about the drummer?? She was fire!!

  • 랄랄룰

    무대 퍼포먼스 다 잘짜졌는데...가수성량이...매우아쉽ㅋㅋㅋㅠ

  • Spark Igniter
    Spark Igniter

    I guess she did good for her first VMAs. It might not have sounded good to some people, but if you're gonna judge, judge properly, calculating the goods and the bads. A non-biased judgement. I admit there have been much better performances and vocals and overall performances. But we also need to take into note that these were her first VMAs and she's just a teenager rn. Ofc her talent might be less than some other famed singers. But there's potential, and there's room for improvement. On the good side, she managed to sing live, dance and present herself in an amiable manner despite how nerve-wrecking VMAs can be for new-comers. She also kept her expressions in check, which actually covered a lot of mistakes and missed notes. The performance was mediocre overall but her efforts were visible.

  • applebug

    A zombie apocalypse is coming 2029!!! Follow Jesus and get right with God....prepare your household! Prophecy given here: itmores.info/player/video/0aNn1rKco96eebA

  • It's LeviOSA
    It's LeviOSA


  • Valeria Sanchez
    Valeria Sanchez

    Not sure how this girl is that famous. Kinda reminds me of a young Alanis Morrissette

  • Hannah Merwin
    Hannah Merwin

    if you’ve ever tried to scream and this in your living room you know this performance was inhumanly good

  • zzz

    Her voice is literally still good here but sometimes it was off because she’s jumping and she’s probably nervous

  • Jesus

    "now you can be a better man for your brand new GORRLLLLLLL

  • camila

    3:16 se re ahogaba NHBGHJJD

  • Kimmie Coker
    Kimmie Coker

    Anyone else see the dancer at the very last split second in the camera do the BTS hearts with his hands?😆

  • Alô? É a Skye 🍸
    Alô? É a Skye 🍸

    stop giving hate :(...


    By the way I like her dress

  • AV Roy
    AV Roy

    Okay but even subjectively it's not bad wow, like she have that raw pop rock vibe and she sounds so good live how is this even close to bad wow.


    Wait a minute is that Halsey at the drums? I didn't know she played drums? Also I see where people are saying it sounds like Paramore song which I'm glad that they credited them. wouldn't it be cool if they performed their songs together? Oh that would be awesome!

  • Jenifer Miranda
    Jenifer Miranda

    I don't get what people are saying she did great.


    This is my first performance I've ever seen of Olivia Rodrigo

  • LaLuna Ellen
    LaLuna Ellen

    the fact that she sang it completely live THATS an artist

  • NANO

    Woooo no me esperaba esto canta muy mal

  • Heather Murrell
    Heather Murrell

    The end of that was a pitch trainwreck


    Socorro, o fôlego dela tava pedindo socorro

  • Lord Angel
    Lord Angel

    I love her ♡

  • Stxrdust

    Dude Olivia is such a mood😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥 2:27

  • hey freake!
    hey freake!


  • hey freake!
    hey freake!

    a voz dela tá diferente néh KKKK tá nervosa

  • JonaBanks

    Amo oír errores en la voz, eso demuestra que están en vivo y se agradece

  • ღLa Vitiღ
    ღLa Vitiღ

    siento que exagero la verdad se emociono tanto que rompio la camara no tengo nada en contra de olivia tengo que decir que su voz es hermosa sisisi pero alch no me gusta nada su musica

  • Faruko Zee
    Faruko Zee

    wow she killed every part of that!

  • Nabila

    Does she really hit the camera at the end? OMG she's totally killin' it


    she sounds bad


    thats embarrasend

  • rike midley
    rike midley

    But is the cameraman okay

  • meshelle castillo
    meshelle castillo

    Her singing was great. She moved around the stage a lot and that song is very hard to sing live.

  • Nehra K
    Nehra K

    The way I know the ones hating on her are the fans of artists who lip sync/use backing track & autotune through whole performance lmao. They are shocked as to how someone can sound so good live!!

  • flower Star01
    flower Star01


  • Jechelle Arrocena
    Jechelle Arrocena

    Haters of Olivia be like:uhmm guys this Is pooop me be like:I lost my mind!!!this make cheer whoooo

  • Miah Govan
    Miah Govan

    Wait I really like this pitch. Good job Olivia 👏🏾

  • R So
    R So

    And she is planning on doing tours?? For fucks sake she still cant even sing this song all the way without being out of breath

  • doreminam_

    Not a fan but this is !.....................well...............NO BACKING TRACK! 100% -- I'm on a live band so I know!

  • jisooyah

    How is this bad????? She's just out of breath because of the jumping but not bad. Some of y'all are dramatic.

  • McDonald’s Hashbrown
    McDonald’s Hashbrown

    “She’s singing live without autotune and her aUthEntiC vocals and moving around omg” yeah that’s what a great artist/ performer does it’s the bare minimum, the hype and recognition she gets for this just shows how talentless and soulless the pop music industry is these days There are so many great artists who’s worst live performances are better than this Stan Olivia Rodrigo if you’re a skinny queen tho lol haha

    • Curtis006

      The pop music industry has always been soulless, idk why you’d come after the kid who‘s injecting some life into it and actually is performing live.

  • Andrés Shakand
    Andrés Shakand

    Esta chica ama el escenario, se ve que la pase muy bien aunque el sonido de su voz era malo, cantar en vivo suele ser complicado, más cuando no tienes apoyo, en algunos momentos se escuchaba que su voz se distorsionaba, bailar, actuar y cantar al mismo tiempo, no es sencillo, se nota que requiere práctica sin embargo, lanza vibras muy interesantes! Si dan ganas de saber mucho más de ella!

  • majo;;


  • Mr RED
    Mr RED

    The crowd is cringy

  • Bryn Zi
    Bryn Zi

    The audiences are on drug or what

  • eduarda 𔘓
    eduarda 𔘓

    Estadunidense é tão xenofóbico que prefere dar o prêmio pra uma mulher que mal sabe cantar ao vivo

    • Nicolly Usagi
      Nicolly Usagi


  • Consuelo Sangama
    Consuelo Sangama

    La entrada de Oliva me hace recordar a una de las películas de barbarie jajajaja

  • Irene Zengoni
    Irene Zengoni

    I’m obsessed with this performance

  • URHO

    3:33 looks like Avril Lavigne's "He Wasn't" music video

  • Mike Diamondz
    Mike Diamondz

    She is a demoncrat ... those who are ruining USA

  • Kennedy Mwangi
    Kennedy Mwangi

    Did she just break the camera? 😂😂😂😂

  • Fernando Morales
    Fernando Morales

    This audio is fake

  • m 7
    m 7

    not people here trying to justify this omg... anyway chloe, doja and normani were so much better than this white passing girlie

    • Curtis006

      @m 7 then why did you call her “white passing” like it mattered

    • m 7
      m 7

      @You assholes it's not about race lmao they just did it better than anyone that night and that's a fact

    • You assholes
      You assholes

      No need to bring race wtf

    • CRAZY Clips!
      CRAZY Clips!

      Doja and Normani Lip Sync Olivia is sing Live. And good 4 u is faster song and has many high notes compared to Doja songs

  • m 7
    m 7

    this was SO bad lmaooo

    • x

      no wonder u an army. olivia won soty cope.

  • Anh Huy Lê
    Anh Huy Lê

    WOA with all that jumping dancing run around the stage and she still sing really great

  • conchita alcala
    conchita alcala

    music-10% shout-90%

  • RustyLighter

    ta com falta de ar olivia ?

    • sla

      Kakakakakka vei

    • eduarda 𔘓
      eduarda 𔘓


  • Lilin


  • Jourdon Patron
    Jourdon Patron

    poor girl was outta breath the entire performance.

  • ImSoojean

    She is cuteeeeee 😍😍😍😭😭

  • Mourdred Mourning
    Mourdred Mourning

    People talking about Olivia's singing (which is freakin awesome!! Wow full live while jumping, running, going crazy! ) but I'm here thinking about when will our country ever be able to keep up with the handling of Covid 19


    So many ARMYs hatin’ on her lol MOVE ON DUHH

  • Jade Tiu
    Jade Tiu

    Tbh only the ive lost my mind ive spent the night was bad why are people so mean shes young she has time to improve geez


    Is that Halsey doing the drums? Pls someone enlighten me hahahaha

  • DJ DOG
    DJ DOG

    Rip camera lens🙏

  • Saga



    Don’t know why y’all overeacting on her performance just because she beat BTS lol. didn’t see any wrong in her perf

    • You assholes
      You assholes

      No everybody is bts fan

    • Through Hellfire • 20 years ago
      Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

      That's toxic stan culture for ya lol

  • odaliz bustillos
    odaliz bustillos

    love olivia

  • Carlson Barros
    Carlson Barros

    It is Paramoooooreeee! Kkkkkkkkk


    te amo oli

  • honeyluv_

    She did great


    que lindo canta, mi ídola

  • Chandsi Ahuja
    Chandsi Ahuja


  • Valentina Ramirez
    Valentina Ramirez

    people really thing is easy to run dance jump and sing at the same time like to be her first time she did a great job and she is young. This only the first part we see of her

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo

    2:26 HALSEY?


    Some people said that her voice is bad! I’m like”WHERE?!”

  • hopeonthestreet

    She’s literally the fakest artist in the charts rn, industry plant and cant even sing properly. Don’t release a song this hard to sing if you can’t get to the end of it without messing up at the end, it’s stupid. 3 songs from her album were plagiarised too look it up. Horrendous! She needs to learn to sing properly before her next album lmao 💀💀

  • hopeonthestreet

    Lmfao she can’t even sing

    • hopeonthestreet

      @Through Hellfire • 20 years ago not bothered she ‘beat bts’ I’m just laughing at her poor singing, it’s not related. Don’t try and drag bts just bc I’m dragging ur fav.

    • Through Hellfire • 20 years ago
      Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

      Why? Because she beat bts, yall shitting on a teen girl? Grow up, you toxic stan.

  • Wyrinch Mariño
    Wyrinch Mariño


  • ItsJxq

    Lol she broke the lens

  • Hennymomo

    Should’ve lip sync or backtrack this was terrible and pitchy

  • KEVA

    Come through live vocals🔥🔥🔥

  • xFDx

    Song same to: te cure love song

  • mura kst
    mura kst

    Ariana Grande on minimums

  • M M
    M M

    THIS IS REAL TALENT. Sorry for the haters, y'all got no taste.

  • Premlata Sahu
    Premlata Sahu

    Indian 🇮🇳 fans can find a look of Nandini from Anupmaa serial in her Well, this is my sight Correct me if I'm wrong

  • Betsabeth

    Jajajaj es la misma pista de Misserh Bussines 🤡🤡🤡

  • Sindhu Jay
    Sindhu Jay

    no cause this is actually incredible???


    olivia rodrigo 100⁒melhor música mtv que você cantou até agora é perfeita💙😍🙂😻💚

  • Fruity Fragrance
    Fruity Fragrance

    i think i'm gonna stick with the non live-

  • Paula marie Diyo
    Paula marie Diyo

    I watched it and knew that it wasn't perfect but not enough for me to judge her whole talent and career like it was live and it was all her. She has so much improve. ❤

  • sprite

    it's the dancers wearing masks but not the crowd ://

  • Xx_shadowdragon_xX gxming
    Xx_shadowdragon_xX gxming

    idk why dis so good.

  • Desislava Bozhinova
    Desislava Bozhinova

    literally why does this have so many dislikes, sheʼs not even off tune, like yeah sheʼs young and still not at the level of performing some older artists are but this is genuinely a good performance 😐 people will always find reasons to put down young artists for no reason

  • Marvelous Maya
    Marvelous Maya

    I was really trying not today cry while watching it because THIS is AMAZING🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • TXTnian

    She actually doesn't sound THAT bad like y'all are claiming her to be.she was just a bit out of breath in the final parts but the rest of the song,well i actually enjoyed it

  • Aldri Yann Hubilla
    Aldri Yann Hubilla

    This is just the first time Olivia performing at VMAs, give her peace 🕊️