Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev | US Open 2021 Highlights | Eurosport
Highlights from the men's final between Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev at the US Open 2021.

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  • Олег Коротков
    Олег Коротков

    Умница Медведев!!!

  • scilla ferrari
    scilla ferrari

    Non si può sempre vincere bravo novak

  • Salvatore Scaniglia
    Salvatore Scaniglia

    Did Novak make a single point in this match? Cause all I see are points from the Russian 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • loopusinfabula

      I saw the full match and Medvedev was amazingly dominant...winning a game once in 47 secs or so...lots of games Djokovic did not made even a 15...Djokovic on the other hand seemed lost almost completely his first serves...the whole match was embarassing...

  • Artem Slahov
    Artem Slahov

    molodec tak derzatj

  • Евгений Токовило
    Евгений Токовило

    Блин классавчик! И насколько мало пафоса! Украина поздравляет Медведева

  • B Pet
    B Pet

    Nole, i love you man…..what you have inside you other players wont be even dreaming of…..maybe you dont get it but you are already the. Best ever…. I mean this year winning 3 slams and in the 4th in the final……the final for you was the semi against zverev… you see soon in Melbourne Park…. We here in down under love you 🎾

  • Sergiu Sergiu
    Sergiu Sergiu

    Djokovic played fake...he winn again Medveded any time 😜

  • ragindo XL
    ragindo XL

    As I said earlier that Djokovic was not going to win the final so he did 😉

    • B Pet
      B Pet

      You mean so he didnt….. let medvedev be glad with that slam….propably the only one ever for him… Thiem is with one….

  • η-νιανє

    0 points shown from Djokovic ... we wonder who you are for 😂😂

  • Andrea Donello
    Andrea Donello

    federer goat

  • Christoph Bayr
    Christoph Bayr

    Worst highlights i have seen in my live, this guy should be fired for that video. 2 hour game and 3 minutes of celebrations.

  • Игорь Федоров
    Игорь Федоров

    Два мастера!!!

  • writer684

    He already got 4 in a row who cares about calendar or non calendar, it's a grand slam so he has nothing to be sorry for, he will get many more untill done

  • houseofleaves12

    Eurosport you really suck at making highlights so please don’t bother

  • J. S.
    J. S.

    Is the MadMed's wife ever smiling?

  • Зоя Величко
    Зоя Величко

    Великолепный Мэдвэдэв!!!

  • HuRRiCaNeFLO

    Wow well deserved! Great performance!

  • Nikolaj Lutski
    Nikolaj Lutski

    Joker the best )regards from Russia

  • Adamos Krajinović
    Adamos Krajinović

    Slavensko finale…Neprocjenjivo….🌌

  • agradina

    djokovic i am going to give everything as if it was my last match of my live medvedev-djokovic 3-0 total beaten. and people say djoker is the goat. ahahaha

    • Milena Vidmar
      Milena Vidmar

      So wnat? Medvedev would have beaten anybody that day.

  • inner light
    inner light

    congrats to both.Personally i miss Rafa so much.hope and wish he will be able to be back next year.

  • adrian cambier
    adrian cambier

    People react as if novak haven't already won 4 slams in a row... Whether it is a calendar slam or 4 slams in a ROW, there is no difference as he already dominated the four different surfaces consescutively... He is already in the history books and statistically he is the greatest tennis player that ever existed, he should just continue playing his tennis and he will surely continue to be unbeatable ... Now, 9th australia open / 21st chelem LOADING... No need to focus on winning a calendar slam because he already won 4 slams in a row.. The goal now is to surpass 24 slams. Other than that, nothing matters...

    • Boris Gourbeau
      Boris Gourbeau


  • Дмитрий Семашко
    Дмитрий Семашко

    roi est mort, vive le roi

  • Oliffin

    Is it me or the surface looked much quicker than before ? It's nice to see. Shame Roger isn't there


    Даня красава

  • Francesco Bray
    Francesco Bray

    Siamo al ricambio generazionale?

    • Francesco Bray
      Francesco Bray

      @Дмитрий Семашко non credo del tutto

    • Дмитрий Семашко
      Дмитрий Семашко

      It’s already done

  • Zvouros


  • Христина Захарова
    Христина Захарова

    Я русская живу в Сербии. Рада за Медведева и жалко Ноле.

    • Владимир Андреев
      Владимир Андреев

      Новак в твоей жалости не нуждается. Ещё своё возьмет.

  • Большой Змей
    Большой Змей


  • Sancho Camacho
    Sancho Camacho

    Final of friends... Bahhhh... Miss the unfriendly rivalry Verstapen /Hamilton in this sport.

  • Елена Абушаева
    Елена Абушаева


  • Khalid Nekrous
    Khalid Nekrous

    Goat not now for djoko med gave him a lesson..nadal and federer happy

    • Rataban Ratabanych
      Rataban Ratabanych

      The truth in last 4 words.

  • Sega re-trop-vieux
    Sega re-trop-vieux

    Djokovic, amazing player but not a good person for sure, so much lies in his face when he gave a hug to a winner opponent. Stupid decision for his Belgrade tournament during the first year of COVID and so arrogant against the other players. Worst of all is his father.. he should shut up because he is just making even worst reputation to his son. McEnroe was a friendly guy compare to djokovic poker face

  • Na Ab
    Na Ab

    So no points for Djoko????

  • you can't be this empty
    you can't be this empty

    Very disappointed in the final, especially Djokovic's tactics which backfired big time. However,he was outplayed and it's time to recognise that the old guard must step down and the new guys take the reigns and win the big prizes last!!

    • Mark Kellermann
      Mark Kellermann

      he just won 3/4 grand slams. go back to sleep..

    • bqcjm2ldnstuff

      Cant wait for AO. Revenge will be served cold. Novak always fails on UO finals, from whatever reason, the real Novak Djokovic didn't appear. But AO, well that's totally different story.

    • Tirquoise

      You are talking about Djokovic, he will not going to forget this and he will come back more stronger. Again he will surprise all of us

  • armand Matip
    armand Matip

    An insipide spectacle, without any stroke of genius, of rallyes. As much, to make them play on the clay. I stopped watching tennis with Federer leaving. The others(particularly Nadal and Djockovic) are only doping products organized at the highest level, to ensure profitability.

    • Dario Barba
      Dario Barba

      You understand nothing about Tennis

  • Wilfrid KINANGA
    Wilfrid KINANGA

    Novak Djokovic got Serena William's syndrom. When the public is against them, they won and when people support them lol

  • pogomcl

    Medvedev has some real Stan Smith vibes to him. Nastase was a bit better at net than either Djokovic or Medvedev, but also more volatile.

  • Русский Странник
    Русский Странник


  • Casual Scum
    Casual Scum

    Lemme guess....he later stated that he played with a broken arm or something didn't he....?

    • Indira Niyazova
      Indira Niyazova

      Lmao ))), he’s the best liar on tour

  • ehemals simeht t
    ehemals simeht t

    ❤️ Novak Djokovic & Daniil Medvedev ❤️

  • Rataban Ratabanych
    Rataban Ratabanych

    Too much pressure and he cracked, I think it's time to relax and enjoy the game. He has already proved everything.

    • Dejan Djordjevic
      Dejan Djordjevic

      @John Prendergast Graf ist die beste nur dank ihren irren freund der gut bezahlt wurde um Monica Seles mit dem Messer zu verletzen, sonst hätte sie nie so eine Karriere gehabt.

    • zack fair
      zack fair

      @John Prendergast federer the greatest male ? Graf the greatest female? Ooooookayyyyyy😂

    • John Prendergast
      John Prendergast

      @zack fair imo Roger Federer is the greatest male tennis player and Graf is the greatest female tennis player. Djokavic and Nadal are great too. I may in wrong but Roger had it real tough when he started playing....Sampras, Agassi, Roddick, invanisevic, etc If Andy Murray didn't get injured he would've won more titles particularly some of Djokavic's titles. Nadal is French Open greatest player of all time.

    • zack fair
      zack fair

      Just ONE more grand slam , and he will be the greatest.

  • Rataban Ratabanych
    Rataban Ratabanych

    What the f.....wrong with least he could take a set. So unpredictable and stupid defeat.

    • Ziga Vidmar
      Ziga Vidmar

      @bqcjm2ldnstuff how did he only serve well? He literally out djokovic'd djokovic. He dominated him in baseline rallies. Good serving was just an icing on the cake. Djokovic had 0 chance

    • Ziga Vidmar
      Ziga Vidmar

      @Rupin Jeremiah ever since Medvedev has become a top player, Djokovic only won 1 time.

    • Rataban Ratabanych
      Rataban Ratabanych

      @Ziga Vidmar Everytime if someone beats Djoko he becomes the best of the best...old story.

    • Rupin Jeremiah
      Rupin Jeremiah

      @bqcjm2ldnstuff 5-4. And Djoker won their first 3 contests.

    • bqcjm2ldnstuff

      @Ziga Vidmar Even with yesterday defeat it's 5:3 H2H in favor Novak. So how he is "much" better? Danil only served well. His tactics of serving second serve as first payed off, but it was a Russian roulette. Next time he wont be so lucky to serve that good, as he didn't throughout whole tournament.

  • Na Mgn
    Na Mgn

    I really think Djokovic won some of his GS not against the opponent, but against the crowd

  • Jacques Fontaine
    Jacques Fontaine

    Zverev did the undermining job, Medvedev gave the coup de grace.

    • AD A
      AD A

      you seems to forget the other game where he looses sets on the way.....he had 5 h in addition spent on the court comparatively to Medvedev before the final

  • Miguel Freitas
    Miguel Freitas

    At 34 the serbian boy still smashes rackets...

    • Summer Black
      Summer Black

      Omg...just live your life and let him be what is it!

    • Miguel Freitas
      Miguel Freitas

      @alireza rezaei Ahahahahahahahahah well said!!

    • alireza rezaei
      alireza rezaei

      @Rataban Ratabanych it didn't help him. Not here not in Olympics.

    • Rataban Ratabanych
      Rataban Ratabanych

      So? Who cares if it helps him to win.

    • Miguel Freitas
      Miguel Freitas

      @Abyssinia Selassie Exactly

  • Харниса Джалилова
    Харниса Джалилова

    Россиян медведев играл просто Класс!!! Поздравляю!!! Будьте здоровы!!!

  • Med Miks
    Med Miks

    if Novak had won, he would have thrown 200 million Germans and others from the west on a respirator, but he didn’t.

  • Alejandro Ruiz
    Alejandro Ruiz

    Djokovic 🤣😭

  • Frank M
    Frank M

    Is no one going to talk about the dead fish celebration?

    • Roger ✔️
      Roger ✔️

      Legendary indeed ❤️

    • Casual Scum
      Casual Scum

      We 90s men are memers. Its in our DNA at this point. He saw the opportunity and went for it 👏

  • French Keyz
    French Keyz

    Djokovic and Tsitsipas are by far the best player on the tour.Great job to them for such an amazing tournament. Poor boy zverev still crying with Murray about Breaks.. Thats why Stefanos and Djoko are Real champions

    • Дмитрий Семашко
      Дмитрий Семашко

      Winner of tournament is Medvedev. Back to reality.

    • iJuMp-BoUnCe

      Why would you bring Stefanos here ?

  • Thomas Laqua
    Thomas Laqua

    ree match

  • Джабар Аке
    Джабар Аке

    Медведев заставил уважать Россию после скандалов с мельдонием

    • Андрей А
      Андрей А

      Мельдоний - это лекарство, а не допинг. Мне выписал его врач после того, как я болел COVID

  • Taras B
    Taras B

    "Highlights" - only 3mins and the last minute without tennis, just celebrations. Stunning.

  • Bim Bam
    Bim Bam

    Ooops... "..Congrat to Medvedev from France (too). But (i'm NOT) so sad for Djoko' :).."

    • iJuMp-BoUnCe

      @Tirquoise probably cuz he doesn't like Djokovic that much so he don't wanna see him surpass the other two

    • Tirquoise


  • fib1478

    Well, it's not the first not accomplishing the Grand Slam for one title. BTW, did he go to the bathroom this time?

  • Michael J
    Michael J

    Can't wait for the Meddy Putin meeting, hope it will take place

  • BeFree TV
    BeFree TV


    • bqcjm2ldnstuff

      He is defeatable. Just wait for AO, revenge will be served cold. Same was when Rafa outplayed him on RG, everyone was like "he is never going to beat Rafa" again. When he actually demolished him few months later on same tournament.

  • Lucio Becker
    Lucio Becker

    Medvedev great champion, but I miss players like Becker, Mc Enroe, Edberg. Their style was beautiful. Greetings from Rome Italy

    • pogomcl

      and Medvedev isn't beautiful? wow, get your eyes checked. McEnroe was never beautiful. Abusive, volatile, crude, but definitely never beautiful.

  • Sax CP
    Sax CP

    In the only match in his career where the crowd was all at his side, Nole finally understood what is the real pressure of being considered the winner before the starting of the match

    • Geograf

      here the little things decided even though it doesn't look like that and most of all, bit chair umpaire mistake is bigest the first set the novak shouldn't have served first due to the pressure, the only service game first where the novak didn't hit any first serve, the second set the novak at 40-15 sends the ball to the medvedev racket and most importantly in the match the referee's mistake called nec and the novak has already sent a good return, gives the medvedec the first serve, it turned the momentum because the novak would go 3-1 and 11 in sets, so the novak broke the racket and of course lost the serve,but this umpair mistake change momentum of match.

    • AD A
      AD A

      well said but journalist and people were focused on Djokovic without paying attention to Medvedev who play a solid tournament on every steps

    • Magic Pringles
      Magic Pringles

      @Vladimir Stanescu hahaha sure, nole was the favorite for like 80%

    • Mustafa Sakallı
      Mustafa Sakallı

      @Vladimir Stanescu Are you real? Almost the whole world considered Novak as big favorite. His pre-match betting odds was 1,25. It says a lot.

    • Abyssinia Selassie
      Abyssinia Selassie

      @SH Videography So glad.

  • jojo City
    jojo City

    Everybody : Djokovic is gonna make the Grand Slam. Medvedev : Am I a joke to you ?

  • haidls back
    haidls back

    Congrat to Medvedev, from France. But so sad for Djoko' :(

  • Conchita Nan
    Conchita Nan


  • marian maslak
    marian maslak

    First one of many GS titles for Danil.

  • Assil Boutebakh
    Assil Boutebakh

    congratulatin daniil for beteang djokovic you did well

  • 24tomorrow

    Still don't understand how this happened. Despite playing 5 sets against Zverev, Djokovic seemed invincible in that match. Yesterday it was a shadow of that man, and Medvedev didn't even have to reach his peak level to beat him. Did he crack mentally, the pressure got to him?

    • 24tomorrow

      @pogomcl wasn't Zverev serving superb in the semi-final? yet it didn't bother Djokovic that much. Medvedev didn't do anything extraordinary in the final, simply kept the ball in play as long as possible, yet Djokovic cracked from the start, so unlike him to not find an answer to win at least one set… i guess what amazes me the most is that how drastically his game changed from the semi-final where Zverev threw everything at him and he was like a wall, and yesterday making one silly mistake after another

    • bqcjm2ldnstuff

      @Mario Curcija Exactly, he came to UO without playing match after Olympics. It was visible that he wasnt in best form physically nor mentally.

    • Ziga Vidmar
      Ziga Vidmar

      @Mario Curcija you can't expect to win rallies vs medvedev. You don't stand a chance with him from the baseline. He is better than djokovic in long rallies

    • pogomcl

      go read the match stats--they don't lie. It's very very fine difference between them, but Medvedev served a lot of Aces and very strong on return. If you look at other Djoker matches, he has the unreturnable serve. Medvedev has faster, stronger serve, higher serve % overall and never took pressure off Djoker. Medvedev team started studying/preparing for this months ago, working on serve, etc. learn to read stats.

    • Mario Curcija
      Mario Curcija

      Physically was bad. I have never seen him in such a bad shape. He didn’t win a rally, while in other occasions he would have win 80% of them

  • mattheus elston
    mattheus elston splendid

  • Yeşil Elma
    Yeşil Elma

    Worst Grand Slam I have ever seen last years No single exciting match

    • Caglar Cokadar
      Caglar Cokadar

      @Miyamoto Musashi Hes free to embarass himself or not

    • Miyamoto Musashi
      Miyamoto Musashi

      @Yeşil Elma then don't embarrassing yourself on the internet...

    • Dragon

      @Yeşil Elma You're not free at all, actually you're Erdogan's slave.

    • Yeşil Elma
      Yeşil Elma

      @Miyamoto Musashi Tennis is not your dad's garden .. i can watch anytime and anywhere and I play anytime i want and i can say this match was bad or good .. I am free

    • Miyamoto Musashi
      Miyamoto Musashi

      stop watching tennis man...

  • Luka Tabak
    Luka Tabak

    Medvedev against Djokovic and crowd

    • Blink Owl
      Blink Owl

      And wins in straight 6-4 sets. Could not be more decisive.

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