NEWS Highlights | MXGP of Sardegna 2021
Don't miss all the best moments of the MXGP of Sardegna 2021 in this News Highights video!





  • Mhericka Silva
    Mhericka Silva


  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    Anyone know why Cairoli wasn’t racing today? I know he announced his retirement but i thought he was finishing out the season?

    • Riccardo Cappai
      Riccardo Cappai

      He unfortunately injured in qualifying

  • envy.

    Nobody was beating Herlings at this track.


    This track looks like so much fun

  • edvan souza
    edvan souza

    Tim the best motocross...

  • Skylar 389
    Skylar 389

    This track looks like it’s just the boys riding in the hills. Haha

    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy

      its only me seeing cocky Herlings is back with him leading points?

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Healings is fastest guy on the planet

  • Callum Ratcliffe
    Callum Ratcliffe

    Yes her=lings it doesn't mean a thing getting the redplate=female frequency/as the script you get next may change!!

    • Alejandro


  • Anak Muda Banyumas
    Anak Muda Banyumas

    HERLINGS king Of MX..!! 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Jose pedro Da silva diniz
    Jose pedro Da silva diniz

    Sempre 👑#84

  • Terry Wunungmurra
    Terry Wunungmurra

    It would be good if Herlings could come to Australia for one race ☝️👌

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      in the future! Which I wish to all riders of course!

  • Gianluca Colomo
    Gianluca Colomo

    it's too bad Cairoli couldn't join the challenge since this is his favorite track

  • Daniel González
    Daniel González

    Herlings el mejor! Y Prado cuando esté al nivel fisico de los mayores va a ganar todo!

  • Fox250R

    I thought that was Tomac! LOL

  • Володя Слайд
    Володя Слайд

    Джефри!Давай!этот чемпионат важнейший в твоей жизни!

  • John Osborne
    John Osborne

    what the hell happened to Tim? and no Tony? I know he announced his retirement but that's end of year, he stay home? Nothing against herlings but i hate when he gets easy wins

    • Daniel González
      Daniel González

      A Tim se le acabó la historia. Helings lo merece

    • Theread 34
      Theread 34

      Tim is racing with a fractured collar bone and tony crashed in qualifying so he didn’t race

  • SIMIskits

    Anyone know why Cairoli wasn’t racing today? I know he announced his retirement but i thought he was finishing out the season?

    • SIMIskits

      @Giel van de Zande damn bummer, especially right after his announcement, was hoping he could stay tight on the championship. Glad he’s okay tho.

    • purpsprite

      Big crash in practice. Couldn't race but may be back as early as next round

    • Giel van de Zande
      Giel van de Zande

      He crashed and went to the hospital but is okay as far as i know

  • Sean Fries
    Sean Fries

    Healings is fastest guy on the planet

    • Mariano Ribas
      Mariano Ribas


    • Daniel González
      Daniel González


  • Enio Contreras
    Enio Contreras

    Go TiGa👍

  • Ludovit

    its only me seeing cocky Herlings is back with him leading points?

    • Mariano Ribas
      Mariano Ribas

      Herlings=monster on sand

    • Dan Blekeberg
      Dan Blekeberg

      As Mohammad Ali said, " it's not bragging, when you can do it."

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Gajser not wearing a neck brace...odd. He usually never not wears it. I wonder what's going on there

    • Mini

      Yeah, i think he used it in practice/times practice - but it Hurt his collarbone so he took it off for The races

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne

      @Ivan Makara good, battle of the attrition

    • Ivan Makara
      Ivan Makara

      Broken collarbone

  • Rick Rossi
    Rick Rossi

    Where is Tony in this race?

    • Rick Rossi
      Rick Rossi

      @Verstappen33Fan thanks for the update

    • Verstappen33Fan

      He crashed in time QUALI and lost feeling for a moment, but he’s all good now

  • bucs_perdido-15

    didn’t herlings sit out a few races? how he catch up and take the lead. is there really no competition in this series

    • Verstappen33Fan

      @bucs_perdido-15 i say it could happen yes, nothing is over here. Far from it.

    • bucs_perdido-15

      @Verstappen33Fan so you saying when they are health they’re going to take the point lead back from herlings?

    • Skyfox

      He just missed 1 full race and 1 of 2 races on a race day while he was leading the championship and getting the injury. Then today Cairoli didn't race due to an injury and Gajser was riding around injured and underperforming because of it. Eventually Herlings just passed 1 rider who wasn't injured in the overall standings today and that's Febvre.

    • Verstappen33Fan

      One race Czech Republic, and then it was a week off before next race. Gajser ride a bit injured today and Cairoli could not start due to a crash in time quali, if you say mxgp has No compitition you are very lost

  • Uncle Jessie's rod shop
    Uncle Jessie's rod shop

    Is it just me but these MXGP highlight vids are really disjointed. Maybe Paul Malin does a good job as the race announcer but it is really difficult to follow how he does these highlights.

    • Matt Clark
      Matt Clark

      Not just you, the highlights on this channel are chaotic and poorly put together. Doesn't do justice to the fantastic riders we have racing at the moment and a brilliant championship.

  • cobra1010

    Jeffrey Herlings is unbelievable! What a performance! He can handle the most incredible speeds and situations! His name will enter the MX history books! Hopefully no injuries in the future! Which I wish to all riders of course!

  • diese_Fratze

    Well driven Herlings, but I am already annoyed that Tim Gajser is now in 2nd place in the table

    • Richard Key
      Richard Key

      Gasjer did just fine for a guy with a broken collarbone this past week! He is right there in the championship chase, maybe a sand track was the easiest place to race after an injury , compared to a hard pack course? Not that it's " easy" LOL

    • max

      Tbf he’s racing with a fractured collarbone, surprised he even lined up at all

  • Gazza1818

    The Best rider in the world is back on top again.

    • Niels Giesen
      Niels Giesen

      @Stefano Salariace U mean what matters for you

    • Stefano Salariace
      Stefano Salariace

      @Niels Giesen championship is What matters lol

    • Niels Giesen
      Niels Giesen

      @Mehoff Jack Not in championships, but he has won more moto's than cairoli already!

    • Mehoff Jack
      Mehoff Jack

      Don’t get but hurt people, I speak only the truth. Jh will never come close to tonys record. And that’s facts

    • Ryland Day
      Ryland Day

      @Mehoff Jack well U are a spastic. He has crash out every year that he hasn’t won the world championship


    The bullet getting some luck back to his favour.. Beast mode

    • Максим Якубішин
      Максим Якубішин


  • RimShot WiLLEy
    RimShot WiLLEy

    Herlings is an absolute BEAST.... Legendary skill level... No quit in this guy...Kudos

    • Anak Muda Banyumas
      Anak Muda Banyumas

      HERLINGS king Of MX

    • Ricardo Silva
      Ricardo Silva

      @Luca Glorio Kind of reminds me of James Stewart back in the day in the US on that regard. Both with loads of talent.

    • Luca Glorio
      Luca Glorio

      The problem for him is to finish a championshop

  • villopto6

    statement has been made by herlings

  • Robert Rishel
    Robert Rishel

    Not a single American competing in the GP’s....that is just sad.

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken

      @Verstappen33Fan And that’s why It’s the dream of any rider in the world to race here. You can get paid for Mx and Sx. The privateers in GP don’t make any money in GP either so I don’t know what you’re going on about. GP looks to be in bad shape too with your small number of competitors and shoddy tracks. I know you’re wishing and hoping with all your heart that MXGP is the best but dude just let it be the best for you what’s wrong with that? you’re not the head of a religion trying to convert people. Supercross will probably be the only sport that survive when bikes go electric the Mx tracks are already disappearing in Europe as they are here in America. I’ll guarantee you if you ask any GP rider if he would like to Sx it’s his dream.

    • Verstappen33Fan

      @Thunder Chicken if sx pays so good why are so many people mad and say riders salary are too low they should make more bla bla bla bla? Yes but fact is motocross is motocross and mxgp is the primer motocross racing right now. AMA Pro MX do not even comes close. Then SX still might be the biggest thing still but thats another story it’s not the same sport. I don’t say you’re wrong about sx!

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken

      @Verstappen33Fan It doesn't matter what your preference you're in the wrong here. Its the casual fan that pays for sx tickets, the sponsors who advertise because it translates to tv better and the manufactures who pay the highest contracts for sx...I like racing mx better than most sx tracks I've ridden on, but that changes nothing. Plus the riders get the biggest payday and the most prestige in sx. You can hope all you want homie but facts are facts.

    • Verstappen33Fan

      @Thunder Chicken No and i don’t see why you should motocross is motocross and Will always Will be. This is the heart of our sport the long though motos. Supercross is just about money and try be like football! I prefer motocross all day

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken

      @Verstappen33Fan Because most GP riders can’t be successful in sx.

  • Tom Van Heeswijk
    Tom Van Heeswijk

    Not a very Nice move from Prado , almost chrashed in to herlings ,


      There was absolutely nothing wrong with that move... you all need to be less sensitive to aggressive racing, these guys are professionals and know how to race within milimeters of each other. This isn't soccer, get over it.

    • Verstappen33Fan

      Prado is mad his milf has left him alone, he need to take his agression out somewhere

  • Kevian Akbar Juniatama
    Kevian Akbar Juniatama

    Versi Indonesia language min

  • Digit975

    How can you compare Herlings' win count to Cairoli's when like 80% of Herlings' wins were in MX2? MX2 wins are nothing compared to MX1

    • Hannes Kelpe
      Hannes Kelpe

      Cairoli got some of his wins in MX2, too.

    • Digit975

      @Rico chico Yes, that’s exactly my point. Compare their 450 wins and one day Herlings will likely have that record. But to say Herlings is tied with Cairoli NOW is asinine because most of Herlings’ wins came in the feeder class. It’s like counting F2 wins for an F1 win list. See my point?

    • Rico chico
      Rico chico

      Are you crazy Cairoli is 10 jears older..what do you think if herlings is another 10 years in mx1...believe me that hé is gonna be the most winning gp rider ever..

    • Digit975

      @Richard Key Second biggest part of motocross is staying healthy. Same could be said for so many riders

    • Richard Key
      Richard Key

      But Hearings could have , maybe 10? More GP wins, maybe more, if not for having Injuries through the years. His window to pass Mr Everts win totals is open!

  • kimoa_Ar sany
    kimoa_Ar sany


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