NBA Legends And Players On How TERRIFYING PRIME Dwyane Wade Was
NBA Legends And Players On How TERRIFYING PRIME Dwyane Wade Was

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  • Daniel Peer
    Daniel Peer

    I gotta say it, Dwade's series averages against Dallas, with Shaq, would be one of Jordan's worst. If you wanna tell me about that LeBron noise, just remember that. Loved Dwade's game. I was a huge fan.

  • GamerGoneGaming

    this is hilarious 😂

  • Jimmy McCricket
    Jimmy McCricket

    the amazing Vince Carter, half man half illiterate

  • Un Released
    Un Released

    WestBrook And D-Rose Are The Closest Players To Wade

  • D Jones
    D Jones

    Fall 7times get up 8!!! Damn flash we miss you #3!!!!

  • D Jones
    D Jones

    Finals mvp at 24yrs old!

  • D Jones
    D Jones

    Wade over whoever in his prime… should have took home that 2009 mvp

  • Jayo Jayo
    Jayo Jayo

    Keeping it a buck, if I’m making a superstar team I’m picking wade for SG over Kobe and mj just with how well he can play with others and his personality not to mention how good he is there’s not much difference.

  • thewhitetiger p
    thewhitetiger p

    Him and D rose were legendary in there prime

  • Free Money
    Free Money

    The goat

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz

    Wade came into the league hurt too. Huge what if he never tore his meniscus in college and had a huge piece removed.

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz

    Shaq wasn’t the second top scoring player, it as Walker. Wade in 06 was the Goat.

  • Skyy Orlando
    Skyy Orlando

    Just a game!

  • The Pat2 031
    The Pat2 031

    If his prime was longer there would be a real discussion of who's the 2nd best 2guard.

  • DENO Domino
    DENO Domino


  • Brooks Baxley
    Brooks Baxley

    3rd best sg ever

  • TheRantGuyYeazy

    As a heat fan since Zo days era he was elite both sides they gave lebum the MVP in o9

  • Khoa Do
    Khoa Do

    2006 and 2009 Wade was another level. Keep in mind this is the guy who had 2 operations; old school styles, on both his knees. They literally sliced his knees up like a fish to fix them not the micro tube thing that goes under your skin. Still came to the NBA and dominated. Too bad he was too fearless and aggressive which caused more injuries on his knees. People said Rose and Westbook are such explosive guards, Wade was that dude before both of them

  • lazyboy97

    In terms of excitement of who I liked to watch the most for me it was always Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, and DWYANE WADE. These players are the reason I watch the NBA to this day.

  • Mark Uy
    Mark Uy


  • Harrison Mercer
    Harrison Mercer

    don't think parker is a legend or a 'NBA' player.

  • Nick Rodriguez
    Nick Rodriguez

    People forget

  • Fernando Montalvo
    Fernando Montalvo

    Dwyane Wade🔥Watched him get drafted in 03 /04 and he’s been my absolute favorite player since. Thank you for the memories

  • Cuck Lord
    Cuck Lord

    2009 should’ve been his mvp year


    Why do ppl always read like that

  • Phillipmicah

    I love Kobe, but Dwade might be my favorite player ever. If I had a choice between the two in their prime I'm going with Wade every time. Might think I'm crazy, but Wade had it all.

  • Brad Sumner
    Brad Sumner

    Kobe the closest to MJ and this coming from a guy with Wade posters on my wall

  • thea villaruiz
    thea villaruiz

    he was once a final mvp

  • BJae X
    BJae X

    Miss KB24 😭

  • BJae X
    BJae X


  • Laurence Clay
    Laurence Clay

    MJ would say 3🏆🏆🏆Beats 1🏆 Paul can’t f**k with Dwade hands down Stop hating, Dwade was playing like Mike out there what your smoking 🚬 on puff puff give fool.

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor

    Still my guy

  • so_surreal

    He never got an MVP but he definitely has a finals mvp

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    WadeCounty #305 Stand-up

  • MArk -One
    MArk -One

    all this achievements while not realizing his real potential cuz of all those injuries

  • Angie Berry
    Angie Berry

    The steal and with the running 3 to win the game on a buzzer beater

  • dmsfh ctscan
    dmsfh ctscan

    robbed of MVP on 08-09

  • Adrian Burnette
    Adrian Burnette

    MJ Kobe Wade Best SGs in history

  • Richy Latorre
    Richy Latorre

    Until this day if bron didn't come to florida to come join with d wade. His career would have been like Carmelo Anthony that still chases his 1st ring

  • Marlin Hall
    Marlin Hall

    She been beautiful Since college The Vols

  • Blitzkrieg010 TV
    Blitzkrieg010 TV

    Down 7 stand up 8

  • TomCollierBlog Nation
    TomCollierBlog Nation

    It wasn’t a mediocre shaq or Alonzo mourning. Shaq was in the MVP conversation after this when he went to Phoenix. Zo was still Zo

  • Ismaeel Badoolah
    Ismaeel Badoolah

    Took a gut punch when he got ownership with the jazz

  • Nabil Chowdhury
    Nabil Chowdhury

    D Wade from 2004 to 2011 was not human

  • Pandango

    “people thought this was the closest thing we’ve seen to Michael Jordan” I love dwade but pls don’t disrespect Kobe like that

  • HassaN Invests
    HassaN Invests

    He was so special. Those Kobe v Wade duels on Christmas morning will always be apart of my childhood

  • manny peoples
    manny peoples

    I would take prime Dwade over lebron

    • bruhh


  • BeenTheManTV

    Loving these bro. FOR THE CULTURE.

  • iG:876Yankee JaNY
    iG:876Yankee JaNY

    He is better than Lebron in my eyes

  • 808Jumpman

    Cmon guys ... y’all really forgot? It was that long ago

  • Joseph Rosabal
    Joseph Rosabal

    D Wade buzzer beater on Trevor Ariza against the knicks at Madison square garden!

  • Thedz on keyz
    Thedz on keyz

    clutch, great slasher, no fear, innovator, unselfish, phenomenal, and most of all, too great being a defender as "shot blocker" at the height of 6'4"??! now that's insane.. quick, witty and great timing of jumping, great footwork, unbelievable athlete, great IQ, work ethic, and love for the game.. even kobe, russ, vince sanity, and mostly MJ was impressed and admire him as a player.. well that's the FLASH ⚡

  • Muscle Bro's
    Muscle Bro's

    the closest to mj is and was kobe period. Nobody came close to that. Coming Fram a Wade fan. He was my fav behind kobe and D rose back in the day..

  • Emaun Reid
    Emaun Reid

    Bro shaq averaged 18 and 9 in the playoffs. If you actually watched him play you knew he was still great. Prior to the heat shaq was the number one option. But prime Dwade was too good not to run everything through him!

  • myorder2

    One best Two guards and underrated MJ ~Kobe~ Wade in that order. That’s 06 Finals MVP Solidified his place on the most important stage ever . Remember folks the heat were down 0-2 to the Mavericks. Wade game thru 4 games 42pts - 36pts- 43pts - 36pts ( gm 3 to 6) Mr Wade Jordan like finals ever Avg 39.5

  • charlie davis
    charlie davis

    That was 06 my guy

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards

    Crazy BUT Don't let this distract you from the fact Jordan is 0-6 vs Bird in playoffs!

  • Vikkor Heel
    Vikkor Heel

    Can you do a Kenny Anderson one

  • chuchuchuchia

    I've never felt the way I did for any finals run besides 2006

  • Steven Porras
    Steven Porras

    I’ll keep it real, Lebron cost Dwyane another Chip and finals MVP in 2011. If Lebron lets Dwyane do his thing than Dwyane would have led them to a Championship!

  • Steven Porras
    Steven Porras

    Baddest dude I’ve ever seen since MJ! One of the few great ones with the all around game.

  • Bxllout 03
    Bxllout 03

    ppl think harden better then wade 🤨

    • bruhh

      they stupid

  • Billy Lewis
    Billy Lewis

    Flash was a blast to watch in his prime. He was a living breathing cheat code.

  • Johnel Viste
    Johnel Viste

    Shaq said it himself, he can't win without a Hardaway, or a Kobe type of player. So, without Kobe, he might not even won in L.a then.

  • Anthony Rocha
    Anthony Rocha

    the stoudemire block and then long shot to end the quarter is probably one of my most favorite plays ever

  • Context Matters
    Context Matters

    I was telling people about this dude when he was at Marquette. All the talk was about LeBron and Carmelo. I'm not even a big college ball fan but I just so happened to catch a few of Marquette's games that year and every time I watched and they got to the 4th quarter, Wade would take over. He was just killing whoever they put in front of him. No jumpers. Taking it to the hole. I went to work telling them, "bruh, Marquette got this dude named Wade. That boy ain't nothing nice." Then the draft came. Being a Heat fan, I was ecstatic we were able to get him. If that draft was done over knowing what we know now, no way would he have fallen to us. Fast forward and the Heat are playing th he home team Hornets back then. Shaq was wrong. It was the New Orleans Hornets not Charlotte. Wade hit the game winner over a well established Baron Davis (and Baron was a monster back then) and didbitbpretty much just like he used to do at Marquette. Took him to the rack. His game transitioned well from college to the pros and once he gotbto the pros he just got better. He was unguardable in his prime similar to Grant Hill. Both had killer first steps. One of my all time favorite players.

  • Chris Radtke
    Chris Radtke

    LeBron still struggles on how to win finals. He only won 1 title where he was the alpha dog without Wade or AD.

  • Thank You
    Thank You

    When 3 Franchise players came together in Miami, people always said it was d-Wade that was the main guy and it's true, he had the right stuff that the other two don't.

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Wade my favorite player of the last decade or so years before he retired ! He hit alot of clutch shots in his career . And he was like MJ in the way he made it look easy , a very humble superstar ! He did show LeBron how to win a Championship after they figured out who was going to be the Alpha on that team .

  • JunFe Nacario
    JunFe Nacario

    not to disrespect wade but him being next jordan? i just cant see it

  • The 14th Master
    The 14th Master

    They were too busy handing mvps to Nash 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Darryl Wallace
    Darryl Wallace

    I love Lebron, but Wade imo should’ve got MVP in 09.

  • Derek

    08-09 season was a robbery. Only player in NBA history to have 2000+pts, 500+ assists, 100+ blocks, and 100+ steals in ONE SEASON

    • Josh Smith
      Josh Smith

      GD I've been saying that for years. So true

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M

    Best player since Jordan!!

  • Owjs Wy
    Owjs Wy

    The foamy sock suggestively juggle because rhinoceros previously delay about a average low. brave, phobic south america

  • Marl7

    His return to Miami was probably my highlight. Made his career and legacy whole again. On court moment though, it would be the end of Game 2 of the 2011 ECF when he victimized Ray Allen and KG back to back. It was SO satisfying to watch after being pummeled by Boston for a few years. After that game, I knew Miami had Boston’s card now.

  • Damarcus Mitchell
    Damarcus Mitchell

    Fire you can't put out

  • FENDi E
    FENDi E

    Disrespectful on Shaq name take it back

  • Jakecaseyy

    He was fast as hell no one talks about that

    • Q Wavey
      Q Wavey

      Whats know doesnt need to be said. His nickname was the

  • nova the star
    nova the star

    He was better than LeBron back then

  • chronwell1

    Like Shaq said, one of the "best 2 guards of all time". He was a superstar at Marquette then came to the league with that Southside Chicago energy and the NBA couldn't hang. At one point his Heat had beat my Wizards 20 straight times. He was fearsome!

  • Jessie Mac
    Jessie Mac

    The offbeat snowstorm multivariately charge because peripheral sadly interest aside a ritzy noise. silky, gamy decimal

  • MarkieD

    Greatest finals performance '06, robbed of '09 MVP, Shaq and LeBron wanting to play with him. Prime Wade > Kobe, LeBron

  • 5G Da_Woe
    5G Da_Woe

    My Favorite All time player. #DWade #FLASH #3

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    34 rebounds/ game?

  • A S
    A S

    Wade was one of the best in his era. This guy was crazy, a walking bucket

  • Lewis Connor
    Lewis Connor

    Mj,Kobe,Wade, Delonte West then Lebron...

  • Meron Habtom
    Meron Habtom

    Coming from DWade's #1 fan...I almost had to turn it off when man said he was the closest thing to MJ between 05-10.......completely ignoring the fact that Kobe bryant was in his time and CLEARLY the best player in the league during that 5-6 year span. Even in Dwades prime, he wasn't touching Kobe's skill level.

  • Young Coffee
    Young Coffee

    Fuck A MVP .. That Man Got Rings “ With A S “

  • E Simms
    E Simms

    Lebron learned how to stay composed as a leader from Wade, he learned what kind of team he needed to win by the coaching staff. Heat and Wade saved LBJ legacy. Anyone who doesn’t realize the Heat could of added another player instead of Lebron and still won 2 rings, they tripping. Heat are a top organization, and Riley and Spo mold champions.

  • E Simms
    E Simms

    Just watch Wade vs Lebron head to head games. Let the plays speak for themselves.

  • SaiyanAssassin9 9
    SaiyanAssassin9 9

    Wade got snubbed heavy on not getting an MVP 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • BIG- L
    BIG- L

    He never won the MVP because he was never the best in any year

  • Made Money86
    Made Money86

    Dwade in 2011 finals was killing go look at the tape.

  • Red velvet Cake
    Red velvet Cake

    Where are the wade and the pippen sneakers

  • MrRasheed7

    Im a 6ers fan... I remember watching D wade CRUSH the 76ers one time (circa 2005) and he was soo awesome? I just smiled... I liked it.. I couldnt hate it... He was an awesome player

  • Terrieth Coley
    Terrieth Coley

    People don’t realize dwade ain’t nothing but about 6”3 or 6”4 if that , prime dwade had hops out this world and one of the best defensive players for size and leads two guards in blocks 👍🏿

  • J Boomer
    J Boomer

    Antoine was the SECOND HIGHEST in points THEN SHAQ (2006 FINALS)

  • CyberGOTH

    Prime Wade and Steph Curry are my favorite players ever

  • DaBankOpen

    My favorite player no 🧢 Never cheated the game !

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