Mushoku Tensei Is An Isekai Masterclass
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Isekai Trash? Nah, how about Isekai treasure.
Edited by: Bakashift
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  • Bottle 12
    Bottle 12

    i moderate a discord server :(

  • Bottle 12
    Bottle 12

    i want a free loli

  • Mehga

    The first season (23 episodes) aren't even the start of the story. The first season is only following the prologue. The second half of the season is going to have some real gut punches. Secondly, Rudy isn't even the main character in the story, he's a side character to the main plot, who gets pulled into it by accident.

  • Awildtimmy

    More Kingdom hearts music pls 🙌❤️

  • Amir Fuhaira
    Amir Fuhaira

    Mushoku Tensei and Tate no Yuusha are the OG of isekai anime. Been reading the web novel since it was first fan translated

  • Nothing Ez
    Nothing Ez

    I just finished watching today and I want mooreee, Im really glad to hear that the second cour will be this July but I would also love to hear that the second season will be Winter 2022 plssss. Studio Bind is now one of my favorite studios lol

  • Icebergeification

    I still won't be satisfied until rudeus dies again

  • Juan Acosta
    Juan Acosta

    I love this show and all, but I would never recommend it to any of my non weeb friends lol. I would be instantly cancelled.

  • lunchplus


    • lunchplus

      *character redemption. Sypnosis: The MC (late 40s) had just experienced divorce because his life turned out for the worst and a lot of bad things has happened. However, he was given a chance to be 18- again and correct his mistakes. But there's a twist I'm not willing to spoil.

  • PokéShock

    12:02 I got Goosebumps man!

  • LockyRocky

    Can't believe you didn't talk about the amazing intros that you don't want to skip!

  • Gonçalo

    you never fail to impress

  • Hafiz

    Mushoku Tensei = Masterclass ReZero = Not a masterpiece yeah no wonder you have a trash taste

  • VaiNT BestGamer
    VaiNT BestGamer

    First you get me addicted to Konosuba now I’m probably gonna addicted to this-

  • Anti Anime Alliance
    Anti Anime Alliance

    My parent Is So angry, i hate Anime

  • shadowrodney

    Man I just catched up and suddenly it pops up everywhere xD I love it. Definitely my favourite isekai.

  • Sam M.
    Sam M.

    I heard that Chrono Trigger at the beginning! I just started replaying Chrono Trigger, and now I'm seeing it everywhere, more than I see Among Us. Guess I'd better finish it before I go insane.

  • GC Aarnav
    GC Aarnav

    I just wanna say, This anime is why i fell in love with isekai.

  • MyndZero

    Jujutsu Kaisen wasn't that good. Fights sure yep, story was absolutely abysmal when it came to setting the foundation of the world (go to school, no classes lul just go fight enemies by yourself lolk)

  • JTF

    Re zero>

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra

    I never wanted to be an isekai protagonist until iv seen this series.

  • LiTheKryptonian

    We need Re:Zero Season 2 in 8 minutes

  • Ltaustin117

    I watch trash taste too, they have a doppelganger on the podcast who looks just like you!

  • bre zerstörer
    bre zerstörer

    my issue with it is that i dont like the mc. But in general he only helps and dont care about his own strength

    • Skullking Let'sDraw
      Skullking Let'sDraw

      He's going through an redemption arc, you're not really supposed to like the MC at the moment

  • jean _anthonyjimenz
    jean _anthonyjimenz

    goosebumps bro.

  • Isekai FBI
    Isekai FBI

    when gigguk said you can make a religion out of roxy's panties... WTF IS HE A NOVEL READER? lmao

  • Marco Di Palo
    Marco Di Palo

    Uuuu I heard that LOTR county theme

  • Tak T
    Tak T

    The first few minutes of this video gave me “jobless reincarnation in 5 minutes” vibes

  • Shoggo


  • Chaitanya Kashyap
    Chaitanya Kashyap

    We can never be borred by taking about isekai

  • Ok Butwhy
    Ok Butwhy

    The music is actually amazing music makes it 2 times better.

  • Respect Yasuo Mains
    Respect Yasuo Mains

    He got impotent

  • hobidihobidoo

    I'm not usually love isekai. BUT THIS. THIS. *chef kiss* 😚😚😚😚🍻

  • Ivan Krutchenko
    Ivan Krutchenko

    6:42 Made in Abyss 1rst layer soundtrack haha lol

  • Derpiocy

    they should make an Ugly Bastard Isekai

  • Thomas Löhden
    Thomas Löhden

    Can somebody tell me what song starts playing at 6:40 ? I know i've heard it before but I cant remember where. Edit: Made in Abyss - The First Layer

  • Rafael Zaglas
    Rafael Zaglas

    Yeah, I remember why I dropped this manga. The fucking love triangle, the romance, went from perfection to perfect garbage.

  • Sonwig

    Isekai is the worst genre in anime and has been bad ever since Escaflowne ended.

  • Legend

    I cant wait until part 2

  • Kevs. Buds
    Kevs. Buds

    Always hit the mark f**k

  • Miles Gwatidzo
    Miles Gwatidzo

    Anyone who has watched or read all of One Piece will have no problems with the slowish pacing of this show.

  • Leopard 2
    Leopard 2

    A large missconception people have about mt, is that rudi is mentaly an adult. In truth he is nothing more than someone playing an adult. He has more knowledge than a normal child but his emotional development is on the same Level. He is naive and simple and fragile. Some do not understand that "mental age" does not depend on years spend alive but your experience. You have some Teenager that are more mature than adults based on how they spend their life, their experiences and Co. Atm his physical body suits his mental age way more. He still needs to grow up and learn

  • dhanze pangilinan
    dhanze pangilinan

    I've already rewatched the season multiple times never get bored of it

  • Hav0cfanat1c Games
    Hav0cfanat1c Games

    Yo I hear that Kingdom Hearts Ost! Good choice!

  • Dreadwin

    This anime was so good, that it made me for the first time, READ THE ANIME MANGA. and i don't regret it

  • Kaiju Park
    Kaiju Park

    Eris is top tier waifu. Dont @ me

  • Ammar Amsyar
    Ammar Amsyar

    This is what i call cultured anime

  • Rahmad Renaldi
    Rahmad Renaldi

    Ah yes. A main character that will be on a quest of searching for Viagra

  • Serba Greget
    Serba Greget

    1:59 does anyone know this soundtrack?

  • Psycho Linked
    Psycho Linked

    CALL 1-800 KILL ME NOW

  • Arthas Menethil
    Arthas Menethil

    I enjoyed this video and the show very fondly. Thanks for pouring your heart into it. Cheers!

  • AnmΩl Bhαndari
    AnmΩl Bhαndari

    Guys you can legally watch Mushoka Tensei on youtube on muse asia....Support the studio

  • Miteigi

    2:26 Truck-kun in his intern phase has more budget than in his veteran phase

  • Khinzaw Thein
    Khinzaw Thein

    I really like this anime, but I'll be that guy and say the amount of sexual assault that's played off as a joke is really uncomfortable and I can definitely see why that would make people give the show a pass.

  • Kaleksanan Bagus Massani
    Kaleksanan Bagus Massani

    It was ITmores freaking autoplay that makes me watch the ep 1 of Mushoku (YES it's on ITmores and it's the LEGAL one). At first I didn't put much attention but after a few minutes in, I watched the whole series in one night lol. Can't wait for the season 2! Thx autoplay hehe...

  • Dewayne Horn
    Dewayne Horn

    It’s always truck-kun😭

  • DreisseN

    I could fken hear one piece in the background from the start. How do i know this

  • AnmΩl Bhαndari
    AnmΩl Bhαndari

    I subbed....

  • manbeerpigs16

    ah kingdom hearts music

  • Kitty Lover
    Kitty Lover

    thanks alot for bringing this to attention

  • Big

    Red hair girl is worse girl, espicially after she goes off on her sword saint thing training arc. Insufferable

    • Miteigi

      Green haired girl is best girl

  • Karma

    I never knew that such a masterpiece like this exist i know Mushoku Tensei for 2 days and im so SO amazed like sometimes i look at my self and say: what if i die...and then respawn in another world just like Rudy lol this anime is really REALLY good and prob one of my FAV animes and i fr hope that nothing bad happens for the studio so it can continue working on this masterpiece when the anime is finished ill read the manga and the light novels and ill be so sad cuz this amazing story is gonna end. i even kept watching the anime nonstop till episode 11 and i cant wait till the next episodes

  • CitiesTurnedToDust

    I think a lot of what he said about this anime would also apply to "Ascendance of a Bookworm" -- another really interesting isekai title where the protagonist remembers her past and also grows as a person in a new child's body.

  • Lilyoungster B
    Lilyoungster B

    This is the anime I want to be fully adapted the most

  • Father &Son
    Father &Son

    Dude you so nailed this isekei!!

  • Jebus274

    You forgot to mention that Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki from Gintama) voices Ruddy's inner voice


    re zero, mushoku tensei, konosuba and slime isekai are really the best isekai out there


    i wish i had the money to buy paperback LN of mushoku tensei

  • Luigi Molinari
    Luigi Molinari


  • Dorian Hampton
    Dorian Hampton

    I literally died at the Anos line lmao

  • Vxbrightness

    I’ll watch the anime!

  • si2foo

    twelve kingdoms was sooo fucking gooood i wish there was more of it

  • si2foo

    the thing about Isekai is that there Another world no two isekai should be alike the problem is that alot of authors just make it a isekai to get some problems out the way.

  • Oatmeal Cream Pie
    Oatmeal Cream Pie

    Okay, can Studio Bind work on Berserk past-Golden Age arc please so that the anime fans aren't crying in the corner holding their fucked adaptions?

  • Merco Mexes
    Merco Mexes

    I think this is gud becaz other isekai are trash

  • Adam Romanowicz
    Adam Romanowicz

    This anime so far was one of the best things I've ever seen, beating any other isekai. The wordbuilding is so amazing, and the music compliments it perfectly. Every "opening" title sequence is unique, and looks amazing.

  • Supreme Master
    Supreme Master

    Tried calling 1800 - Kill - Me - Now. They are not responding. It seems like their business is booming. Are they traded in the stock market as well?

  • Katy McKim
    Katy McKim

    HO GOD

  • #22 Muaña, Anthony Ginn A.
    #22 Muaña, Anthony Ginn A.

    11:50 my favorite, thanks garnt

  • Xcommando14

    This man went from one piece to kingdom hearts to persona 5 in the first 4 minutes absolute respect

    • Sebastian

      I was surprised when “Beneath The Mask” started playing

  • Don Nguyen
    Don Nguyen

    This is the content I subscribed for. Anime content with Gigguk just hits different

  • Tyler Oxley
    Tyler Oxley

    I hate most isekai and I absolutely love this show. It was my third favorite show of the winter season.

  • Merchant Graph
    Merchant Graph

    Anos Voldigoad

  • I_H_ I
    I_H_ I

    the kingdom hearts ost in the back caught me off guard

  • HoneyFro Cosplay
    HoneyFro Cosplay

    I love Isekai & will never get tired of talking about Isekai 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • jak151d

    Did anyone tell gigguk the light novel of this anime is 20+ volumes long? with spin offs and one off volumes

  • ZomDino

    This is my favorite isekai anime

  • XogeiD

    Critics all love to forget that Rudi always get reprimanded for his horny actions, but since they don't unperson him, "cancel", etc... nor fill us with PSAs and TW, it's not enough.

  • kezykoala ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    kezykoala ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    the music, the production and everything is just perfect and different in its own way.

  • TheNamesDitto

    I just can't get past the grooming, my dude. It's really disgusting and based on what I've read, he doesn't get the redeeming or growth or face the repercussions. However, if other people can deal with it, great. The art is really nice and as long as people still know MC is trashy with some sprinkles, they can see a better story

    • Yandere DataDigger
      Yandere DataDigger

      @RemainsAE muh flaws

    • Slyanide

      @RemainsAE some people will only see flaws because they want to only see flaws

    • RemainsAE

      I’ve haven’t read the web novel nor the manga but I heard he does change a lot later on and I’m already seeing it happen in the anime

  • TheGamer1180

    There’s a lot of clips and scenes that I don’t remember here, am I forgetting or did I miss something. Watched episode 1-13 on Gogo anime

  • ken kenedy
    ken kenedy

    Read the LN u will end with pain inside

  • Simon Riepold
    Simon Riepold

    I got chills when the song started to play after the "another chance to live".

  • Jack the Iceman
    Jack the Iceman

    I love this series. I hate that there is a mid-season break right now.

  • Adil

    day 286 and stil pretend throw away anime zoneee!!!!!!!

  • Camden Gravel
    Camden Gravel

    Hey, Gigguk, you know an anime you should do in, like, 10 minutes? Naruto!! You should do Naruto in ten minutes or something, and if you do another anime in x minutes, I would LOVE to be a voice actor! Please!

  • ez lyfe
    ez lyfe

    this was good but really creepy with the sexual stuff and grooming of girls...... really got a bit weird

  • theArashi_

    I can really recommend reading the light novel and or web novel(as they are very much the same). 12 LN volumes so far and full 24 of WN are available. Story does get heavy at time with some light piece in between. All characters grow and "exist" in a world rather just be a milestone to be forgotten forever.

  • Matsu M
    Matsu M

    Just finished this masterpiece and wanted to read the ln becuase it's finished and just as you taught it barely scratched the surface hopefully all of it will be adapted

  • Matthew Goddard
    Matthew Goddard

    I shouldn't even be surprised Giggguk knows what 12 kingdoms is