Relive Liverpool's incredible comeback victory over Milan in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul.

The Final Flashback series takes an amazing behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest finals in the competition's history. An episode will publish every Sunday before a Champions League match-week through the 2018/19 season.


  • Mr.VicBaar

    by far one of the best finals in history, the excitement, the comeback, the sweats and passion there is no comparison...

  • Tadjay Johnson
    Tadjay Johnson

    2003, ancelotti won 2005, ancelotti loss 2007, ancelotti won again

  • sb aryan
    sb aryan

    From the inspiration of this match, we can beat barca in quater in second leg and won champion league again..

  • Marcos Sabino
    Marcos Sabino

    Esses pênaltis foi horrível

  • Tolu Aj
    Tolu Aj

    what's the name of the song played after Liverpool win the shootout?

  • Shaqir Qarri
    Shaqir Qarri


  • Yasin Ock
    Yasin Ock

    Damn i never ever forgot that day in my life i am lucky one i watch this life as a Galatasaray fan but support liverpool that day 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Katre Tarih
    Katre Tarih


  • Fadli Omar
    Fadli Omar

    Nowadays ucl final cant beat these moment

  • Fadli Omar
    Fadli Omar

    Epic match and atmosphere.. goosebump

  • Mastarceef

    I remember watching it. Damn a crazy match

  • d 10
    d 10

    what about that club world cup final 😉🇾🇪

  • Dian Sutawijaya
    Dian Sutawijaya

    Ada decul nyelip 1 😂

  • billy ogena
    billy ogena

    Every time i revisit this game, tears of joy still roll down my eyes, Gerald to me is the G.O.A.T, my liverpool legend.

  • Grand Luso
    Grand Luso


  • FargoDaVille News Media ITNOTD
    FargoDaVille News Media ITNOTD

    What a brilliant win for the scousers, that team they beat, the names on it were not as great as the names on the cup that night! well done Liverpool

  • Erwin Setiawan
    Erwin Setiawan

    Xabi alonso same like joan mir

  • Serge Shakhov
    Serge Shakhov

    to be honest Milan played better and had more technical players and Liverpool actually got lucky

  • Amine Pool
    Amine Pool

    I am froome algeria liverpool forever i love you my dreams any one help me liverpool

  • lolman533


  • Peter Hass
    Peter Hass

    Carragher is right. This CL will be talked about in 20 - 30 years. It's been 16 years and I am still talking about it like everone else. And I doubt we stil stop :D

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    Dudek was the one and only

  • Müslüm cj
    Müslüm cj

    09:10 the best penalty ever in world

  • Igor Jeziak
    Igor Jeziak

    that was the best match ive ever watch

  • ifandy panca
    ifandy panca

    its hurt

  • Toh Nic
    Toh Nic

    Steven Gerrard dove lmaoooooo



  • Paul Madden
    Paul Madden

    Forget everything I've never heard of this match between two World Class teams anypne needs inspiration ( UNDERDOGS !!) enuf said

  • Eshay Yoda
    Eshay Yoda

    Who knew mbappe used to play goalkeeper for milan before moving to PSG.

  • Sergio

    🇵🇱Jerzy Dudek 🇵🇱💪💪

  • kaicooper87

    all the respect for those who switched off the TV at half time, i did it too BUT.. then i remembered " YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE" turned on the Fking TV damn it

  • نور احمد جاسم كاظم جوده
    نور احمد جاسم كاظم جوده

    Watching this with my boyfriend

  • Tommy

    You'll never walk alone

  • Henry Eats Everything
    Henry Eats Everything

    These announcers are amazing in this

  • Ben

    How did they lose that?! 😭😭😭

  • Jarwanto Wiyono
    Jarwanto Wiyono

    Dramatic and emotional!! Historical turnover for Liverpool!!

  • Ace Maseda
    Ace Maseda

    The national anthem for Liverpool is not ordinary... It's supernatural!!

  • Alberto Vazquez
    Alberto Vazquez

    One of the best finals ever seen.

  • dicky rachmatullah
    dicky rachmatullah


  • Ndivho Muvhango
    Ndivho Muvhango

    Gattuso 😂🤞

  • SeanC10 LFC
    SeanC10 LFC

    Luis Garcia’s smile never fails to make my day better

  • giada zaccagni
    giada zaccagni

    Due anni dopo ci siamo ripresi ciò che ci spettava! ❤️🖤

  • mücahit

    İstanbul Final Again

  • Ryan Spangler
    Ryan Spangler

    Only simps dislike this


    All of Goals in the same Post

  • inner Healing
    inner Healing

    This game will never be old, this is the greatest show that will ever be told,of all thing I'm blessed for in life this is up ther with them

  • Justin

    Imagine this happen again in 2025

  • Ali Murat Beyaz
    Ali Murat Beyaz

    Some matches like this match are impossible to forget. And also this match is a gold medal on chest of history and will be on chest of it for centuries. What is written on gold medal is "Istanbul miracle"... Respect for the all players who have shown us a great football game. 🙏

  • Rafał Es
    Rafał Es

    Dudek dance!!!

  • Diptanu

    Liverpool - "You will never walk alone " Hats Off to them for the come back 🙌🙌🙌

  • Aritra Ray
    Aritra Ray

    This AC Milan team still gives goosebumps ..

  • Mask

    AC Milan, much the better team, just everything went Liverpools way. Just incredible to see though.

  • bagas herawan
    bagas herawan

    This final produce by THE GREEN MILE Director. Drama as hell

  • Asterix Asterix
    Asterix Asterix

    Dudeeeek!! Hero!

  • Praveen Anto
    Praveen Anto

    This match proves that never give up. There is always hope. Miracles are still possible. This match was arguably the greatest Champions league of all time.

  • OccidensCiv

    Jerzy Dudek hero of Istambul

  • Arminiusz Mazowszanin
    Arminiusz Mazowszanin

    Try to beat the drama of this game - best final ever and maybe forever.

  • Ray Prz
    Ray Prz

    La copa no se toca sevchenco

  • sjkmbjwns

    who's here watching this after the 21/22 liverpool agains milan 3-2

  • Syafiq Asyraf
    Syafiq Asyraf

    Whenever i feel down, i keep coming here

  • Ashis Roy
    Ashis Roy

    when I am depressed, I watch this.

  • Antonio Osorio
    Antonio Osorio

    Hermoso juego futbol

  • QQ Wapitim The Emperor Of Cows
    QQ Wapitim The Emperor Of Cows

    Just to say, Andrea Pirlo wanted to stop his career after this match, but he didn't give up and won the world cup and the ucl a couple of years later ! But this match was lit !!

  • ธีรวุฒิ ทองโอษฐ์
    ธีรวุฒิ ทองโอษฐ์

    เป็นแมตซ์แห่งความทรงจำ ระหว่าง ลิเวอร็พูล-มิลาน จริงๆ ไม่น่าเขื่อว่า หงส์แดงลิเวอร์พูลจะสร้างปาฏิหาริย์กลับมาได้

  • Your Football Highlights
    Your Football Highlights


  • Your Football Highlights
    Your Football Highlights

    After the 3rd Milan goal, I cried and went to bed....

  • Your Football Highlights
    Your Football Highlights

    Still can't believe Liverpool won this game.

  • Vincent Marandola
    Vincent Marandola

    Wednesday 25th May 2005

  • albanimer

    Komentatornya pendukungnya liverpool 😅

  • GotEm Dre
    GotEm Dre

    The abandoned accelerator inspiringly land because raincoat macroscopically switch apud a panoramic join. amazing, embarrassed client

  • Tellme ifyouknow
    Tellme ifyouknow

    Shame AC

  • Mohammad Bahjan Bahaman
    Mohammad Bahjan Bahaman

    at this time Milan was Beast. but luck wif liverpool

  • qoharabdul

    Its not a penalty

  • Muhammad Nizam
    Muhammad Nizam

    I am came here after they beat Ac Milan at Home . Thumbs up 👍 Onto next game for Ucl group stage

  • Manchester United forever
    Manchester United forever

    Gerrard you are legends ❤️

  • Manchester United forever
    Manchester United forever


  • Keep_g0ing

    The classic match

  • Iain MacLennan
    Iain MacLennan

    I went on a rollercoaster ride that night 🎢 😄😄😄

  • Dakkson

    2021, arsenal fan, still loving this

  • Muhamad yuza Pratama
    Muhamad yuza Pratama

    Who is here after Liverpool win against Milan 3-2 ??

  • Koen De caluwe
    Koen De caluwe

    Btw thx to the one that uploaded ghid

  • Koen De caluwe
    Koen De caluwe

    The one Who had carried them to the finals, team collect with the best captain in years were pinned down in half time But like a real hero made of flesh and blood and down to earth stood up Took his team and everyone else in believing we shall overcome So they did in a way we all kepted pure breath away,hearts stood still But they gave us the possibility to believe,never give up Even till this Day i carry these feelings Hope courage love and spirit You gotta love them...

  • Fery Hastomo
    Fery Hastomo

    Sheva touch the trophy....

  • Tamil Cinema News
    Tamil Cinema News

    3 0 down i was about to sleep and suddenly Gerard woke me up and did not sleep at all that night.

  • agus wahjudi
    agus wahjudi

    Keajaiban Istanbul 2005

  • Martin Mathew
    Martin Mathew

    Anyone here after the 2021 game?

    • Waleef Awsaf Khan
      Waleef Awsaf Khan

      Me obviously

  • Zolack

    16 years later Liverpool beats Milan again

    • Nikola Živanović
      Nikola Živanović

      14 years later, milan will take revenge again!

  • Max

    Meanwhile Arsenal fans out here cheering the opponents on

  • Dhruv Rajvanshi
    Dhruv Rajvanshi we go...

  • Duoz

    Best game I have ever watched ngl.

  • Rashmi K Drama
    Rashmi K Drama

    2021 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  • Paris P
    Paris P

    It's not just how Liverpool won, it's WHO they beat. Maldini, Nesta, Pirlo, Kaka, Cafu, Shevchenko, Crespo, Inzaghi, Rui Costa, Dida, Stam, Costacurta, Seedorf, Gattuso, Ambrosini, Serginho, etc.

  • Bon Xavier
    Bon Xavier

    And today Liverpool will play against AC Milan again...nostalgic..Istanbul Return will always be one of the best story in Liverpool histories..ynwa..

  • Patricia Taylor
    Patricia Taylor

    Had to watch this again cos we meet again. This brought tears to my eyes. YNWA

  • Hendra Sofyan
    Hendra Sofyan

    Dudek a legend

  • Serxhio Alushi
    Serxhio Alushi


  • amrit bhattarai
    amrit bhattarai

    This is by far, the greatest ucl final of all time. Even if we write a script to be as dramatic as possible, it wouldn't be this spectacular. Being a huge kaka fan, i was gutted for him. But he got the chance 2 years later again and he lifted the trophy. Anyways, matches like these will never ever be forgotten! Ever!


    Here before the match between Ac milan and Liverpool on 15 september at Anfield 🤩😍 what a night it gonna be


    what a night superb LFC

  • Saefudin One
    Saefudin One

    I'm watching tonight

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