Relive Milan's payback victory over Liverpool in the 2007 UEFA Champions League final in Athens.


  • ahmad husni
    ahmad husni

    was ronaldo nazario in the squad?


    Istanbul 2005 Memorable for Liverpool .....some day is Lucky day...YNWA....peace Milano

  • مصطفی اسماعیلی
    مصطفی اسماعیلی

    وقتی به اون میلان ترسناک نگاه میکنم اشک از چشام سرازیر میشه تا ابد با افتخار میلانیم

  • Martin Mathew
    Martin Mathew

    Anyone here after the 2021 game?

  • Farrel


  • Ayu Anggraeni
    Ayu Anggraeni

    Malam kejayaan di Istambul hingga malam kesedihan di Athena

  • Dave Mel
    Dave Mel

    "honey, tell me something that make me feel safe"....... "Dida Stam Nesta Maldini Cafu.."

  • nabil el mahfoudi
    nabil el mahfoudi

    *preparandomi psicologicamente per la partita di stasera* ❤🖤

  • Free Man
    Free Man

    Daniel Agger from Liverpool and Denmark is underrated. What a legend. Ask his coaches :-).

  • Free Man
    Free Man

    Payback for 2005.

  • Francica Christopher
    Francica Christopher

    Ac. Milan Liverpool this year will be back playing

  • Joseph Lumalessil
    Joseph Lumalessil

    Athens 2007, Mission Accomplished!! FORZA MILAN (|||+)

  • Jan Peter
    Jan Peter

    Inzaghi the Boss!!!!!!

  • Roy Ramadhan
    Roy Ramadhan

    That's Why Milan vs Liverpool It's Great Match 👍

  • Gino Espinoza
    Gino Espinoza

    the greatest and the most beautiful club in the world.

  • Harmansa Harnaini
    Harmansa Harnaini

    Back here after UCL draw 21/22 It's time for revenge to Atletico! Forza Milan 🔴⚫

  • Cherry Coke
    Cherry Coke

    Now Liverpool and AC Milan playing in UCL 2021/22 against each other.

    • Nikola Živanović
      Nikola Živanović

      @Cherry Coke ac milan > liverpool

    • Cherry Coke
      Cherry Coke

      @Pav Ned Milan might be a strong team but they are definetily the outsider in the Group. When you play against Atletico, Liverpool, Porto the Chance will be very hard. Porto made to the quarterfinal Last season.

    • Pav Ned
      Pav Ned

      @Cherry Coke you never know how things will turn out…

    • Cherry Coke
      Cherry Coke

      @Nikola Živanović no Chance for milan

    • Nikola Živanović
      Nikola Živanović

      Milan 4-0 liverpool

  • Montrelz Harell
    Montrelz Harell

    Liverpool European Champions 2019..Milan trash..😅

    • Nikola Živanović
      Nikola Živanović

      Milan 7 UCL'S, liVARpool 6🤡😂

  • Calin Nedelcu
    Calin Nedelcu

    Milan Liverpool again for groups

  • Rund um den Sv Niederwerth
    Rund um den Sv Niederwerth

    1-0 Filippo Inzaghi (45 min) 2-0 Filippo Inzaghi (82 min) 2-1 Dirk Kuyt (89 min)

  • 9k4

    2005 - Benitez’s change in formation was a major reason for Liverpool’s victory 2007 - Benitez’s change in formation was a major reason for Liverpool’s loss

  • Alphamon

    I miss the great AC Milan so much, hope they can get big again!

  • La Croqueta La Croqueta
    La Croqueta La Croqueta

    Damn can you believe am still in denial that messi is gone to PSG 🤨


    Hope ibrahimovic ang giroud duo can win ac milan a champions league this season

  • Matt Hummel
    Matt Hummel

    I miss the reign of ACM so much

  • Grandioso

    2005: Milan》》》Liverpool and Milan deserves this cup but Liverpool win 2007: Liverpool 》》Milan and Liverpool deserves this cup but Milan win. The destiny🤷‍♂️

  • Davide G
    Davide G

    Hope they do well in the Champions League this season again

  • Hj Kanto
    Hj Kanto

    Although 2003 and 2007 won the UCL, the 2005 team remained the best squad of the Don Carlo era.

  • I love watching paranormal videos
    I love watching paranormal videos

    Italy also won the World Cup 2006 & winning the Champions League 2007...great times.

  • Astro Nut
    Astro Nut

    How does inzaghi give credit to Pirlo for that ugly goal but not kakas AMAZING play

  • Devon Yardi
    Devon Yardi

    The best ac milan.milan 4ever

  • Harria G
    Harria G

    Superpippo luar biasa, Maldini selalu istimewa, piala dunia 1994 runner up, piala eropa 2000 juga runner up, tp tidak melunturkan kharisma seorang legenda besar

  • may nardi
    may nardi

    I hate this Final

  • Aizhana Nouradilova
    Aizhana Nouradilova

    I love these guys, I still love them even after 14 years ❤️ ❤️❤️ Forza Milan ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️

  • Duong Son
    Duong Son

    Mùa giải của thiên thần kaka

  • rainard


  • Brittany Moore
    Brittany Moore

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  • mhatet rachmat
    mhatet rachmat

    Super fipo

  • Yozan Yozan
    Yozan Yozan

    Finnan and carragher like twin brother

  • Beerus God of Destruction
    Beerus God of Destruction

    This Milan wasnt just the strongest back then, but it was one of the strongest squads ever to exist

  • Michele Legato
    Michele Legato


    • Agger1010

      I love how you put Ambrosini rather than Alberto Gilardino in Kaka’s position

  • jposik

    No tattoos, No silly hairstyles, just pure football.

    • Kjelvin


  • CR7 Ronaldo
    CR7 Ronaldo

    Forza milan

  • Mariela Sandoval
    Mariela Sandoval

    El mejor equipo del mundo Milan ❤👍

  • Charlene Gatt
    Charlene Gatt

    Goal del liverpool fuori gioco

  • Mike Ykt
    Mike Ykt

    куда ни смотри, одни великие игроки. турнир имени Кака. к сожалению закат Великого Милана, которую мы любили.. и любим до сих пор и верим))

  • Nikos Mpougos Baryshiknov
    Nikos Mpougos Baryshiknov

    Pipo inzaghi Greek God 🇬🇷💙🤍

  • Red & Black
    Red & Black

    Forza Rossoneri!!!

  • FKH

    6:04 where is the foul??

  • Matthew Coscia
    Matthew Coscia

    I want to see someone else use that deflected free kick tactic

  • Foysal SHARIAR
    Foysal SHARIAR

    Football is not the Same without AC MILAN ❤️

  • Randy Abraham
    Randy Abraham

    Kaka: I belong to Jesus

  • Achraf Fergani
    Achraf Fergani

    Forza milan ❤🖤

  • Cen Sura
    Cen Sura

    hahaha Inzaghi was always delicate but funny. He felt always useless until he scored 🤣 he would stay always on the offside line and would ruin lots of opportunities but then he'd score on finals and decisive moments 🤣

  • MARTA Kaczynska
    MARTA Kaczynska

    AC MILAN LIVERPOOL TO NIE 2007 r Masz wczytać tak jak pisałem do koszyka nowe grupy wyżej w losowaniu. Paszport widzę i pieniądze iMożliwoś oficjalnego losowania dla Marcina Staszewskiego

  • ZenZen

    perfect revenge

  • Kauan 07
    Kauan 07

    Saluti brasiliani alla squadra più grande d'Italia, il Milan 👏🇧🇷

  • pigae moroa
    pigae moroa

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  • Latino Seise
    Latino Seise

    "Milan vs Liverpool" "Caín y Abel de la Champions League"

  • Jithin Pavith
    Jithin Pavith


  • Just Maja
    Just Maja

    Happy birthday Maldini ❤

  • Jothish

    The Revenge💥

  • Rowland tuz
    Rowland tuz

    Espero algún día ver levantar la octava

  • Gede Adia
    Gede Adia

    Back in the day when Kaka was in his prime

  • Az-zahra Irwin
    Az-zahra Irwin


  • Steven Vicijan
    Steven Vicijan

    Immortalized momento

  • Weird Tyler
    Weird Tyler

    The passion for the game then is unmatched

  • Tania Russello
    Tania Russello

    Forza Juventus sempre

  • ar27 syk
    ar27 syk

    6:32 pippo Inzaghi is there, we don't know when, but pippo Inzaghi is always there😱😁😎 Kaka 5:07 roulette zidane technique Alonso 7:26 roulette zidane technique 8:05 Pippo Inzaghi, the Greek god😁😎


    Grazie ragazzi forza ac milan sempre ❤️🖤

  • AxLRose

    Welcome back AC milan to Champion League 🇮🇩🇮🇩

    • Bamz Sugiono
      Bamz Sugiono

      Forza milan ⚫🔴

  • Koh Angela
    Koh Angela

    Filipo Inzaghi was one of the best strikers of his generation, his ball awareness and poach skills were top notch

  • Koh Angela
    Koh Angela

    Reminisce those golden days Milan was formidable

  • atz woody7
    atz woody7

    Revenge athens

  • Greg Iles
    Greg Iles

    The Big One is still the FA Cup to me

  • Mary Ricci
    Mary Ricci

    wonderfoul milan😍

  • Charlene Gatt
    Charlene Gatt

    OUR REVENGE ⚫🔴⚫🔴🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Sarvesh Joshi
    Sarvesh Joshi

    Came here just to comment juve merda

  • spacey

    that's why it's called as a miracle, it only happens once, it won't happen for the second time

  • Steven Tri Cahyadi Surya
    Steven Tri Cahyadi Surya


  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Não fosse Dida os zagueiros do Milan entregariam mais uma final ao Liverpool

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Dois gigantes. O maior da Itália contra o maior da Inglaterra

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Lindo estádio olímpico de Athenas

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Último grande Milan

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Saudades do Milan forte brilhando na Europa.

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia

    Welcome back to the champions league 2021-2022 AC Milan 💫✨, the place where AC Milan must be, I missed you

  • Abarait nanyamet eng'ol
    Abarait nanyamet eng'ol

    Barca beat us in 2009 UCL final then we met again in 2011. We had to beat them to make it look like this story of AC Milan and Liverpool, but unfortunately we got beaten again.

  • JuiceStain 123
    JuiceStain 123

    And we’re back! ❤️🖤

  • Menjemput Impian
    Menjemput Impian

    Pippo Inzaghi always there !

  • Youssef Moharm
    Youssef Moharm


  • Fredy Budiman
    Fredy Budiman

    some dude said to pirlo, try hit inzaghi, it will be a goal for sure

  • Langston Edmonds
    Langston Edmonds

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  • waynedarren

    Kaka was at his peak

  • Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine
    Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine

    I miss these old days 💔💔

  • Ash Qeeela
    Ash Qeeela

    They are back 😃

  • SeAm Mawuna
    SeAm Mawuna

    Now we are back home. Sempre Milan.🔴⚫🦁🔥💪 @Championsleague

  • E N
    E N

    I thought the 2005 Milan team was better. By 2007 they had lost Cafu, stam, rui Costa, Shevchenko and Crespo

  • New Dawn
    New Dawn

    Pippo touch, pippo magic

  • spira ceo
    spira ceo

    2022 final AC MILAN Vs LIVERPOOL again,and Milan can win the match in final,3-1!!!!

    • Mudmee

      @waynedarren 😂😂😂

    • waynedarren

      They wont even past group stage

  • Sagar Ajithkumar
    Sagar Ajithkumar

    One fine revenge 😎😍

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