Messias' late goal for the win | Atlético Madrid 0-1 AC Milan | Highlights Champions League
AC Milan
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Messias' first goal for the Rossoneri keeps our hopes alive in the race for qualification

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Commenti: 653
  • Ambrose Ho
    Ambrose Ho

    it's a pleasure to see Ibrahimovich and Suarez playing on the field, not much chances left to watch these legends playing together

    • Satan

      @Grudon 57 Do you know that Suarez was in one of the best trios alongside Messi, Neymar when he was in Barca? And his prime was even better then Lewandowski Know the player atleast before assuming shit.

    • I change my opinion based on people,jk
      I change my opinion based on people,jk

      @Said BM lol,your funny man... Suarez is a legend

    • Said BM
      Said BM

      @I change my opinion based on people,jk That wansn't a joke, he was always trash

    • I change my opinion based on people,jk
      I change my opinion based on people,jk

      @Said BM nice joke you got there

    • Said BM
      Said BM

      Suarez is no legend..

  • Federico Campos García
    Federico Campos García

    Forza Milan, no sería un gran triunfo sin escuchar a Suma

    • Antonio Giuffrida
      Antonio Giuffrida

      @NielsRoyale 2 sono e ne andiamo fieri ok

    • NielsRoyale

      @Antonio Giuffrida vai a contarti le tue Champions nella bacheca

    • Federico Campos García
      Federico Campos García

      @Antonio Giuffrida A ver si no te sacan de buenas a primeras en octavos, Inter merda

    • Antonio Giuffrida
      Antonio Giuffrida

      Peccato che non siete qualificati 😂

    • Funny Shorts
      Funny Shorts

  • Max M
    Max M

    Non so perché ma questo ragazzo ( Messias) mi emoziona , è speciale.

    • Mattia 9
      Mattia 9

      @Antonio Giuffrida frustrato

    • Federico Sev
      Federico Sev

      @Bad Ty3 non le avete prese? 2 anni , 3 partite 3 sconfitte, in arrivo la quarta su 4

    • Antonio Giuffrida
      Antonio Giuffrida

      @Giuse_ Magicmah non lo metto indubbio che state andando bene in campionato però la sportività non vela potete aspettare poi anche da noi perché voi Milanisti no tu perché per fortuna ce gente che la testa la sa usare ma altri ci insultano rubate , barate,gobbi ,ladri , rubentini. E noi ogni volta cene freghiamo però tutti sti insulti se insulto io che sono juventino sono una merda perché ci sono le distinzioni se insulta l interista quello che è non ce nnt quindi che ci rinfacciano il 4-0 e passato proprio ame di quella partita non mi interessa più nnt

    • Bad Ty3
      Bad Ty3

      @Federico Sev Io da interista sostengo il milan in champions e credo anche io alla qualificazione, ma noi che le abbiam "prese" dal real.. no dai, col cazzo

    • Giuse_ Magic
      Giuse_ Magic

      @Antonio Giuffrida è già un miracolo che il 1 anno in Champions noi siamo 3 con un'ultima speranza in un girone durissimo,ecco perché,poi io in generale sono sportivo e non insulto altre squadre però noi questa stagione stiamo andando bene(secondo me)

  • Swolbraham Lincoln
    Swolbraham Lincoln

    He went pro at 27 just 3 years ago. Now here he is. There is a reason why all things line up like that.

  • Giorgi Kvatchadze
    Giorgi Kvatchadze

    Messias is an examplary man in so many ways! His story is absolutely inspirational! Our team played a brilliant game. If a few years ago someone had told me that Milan would be able to dominate Atletico in front of their supporters with almost half a team injured, I would have dubbed that man insane. But, now we are surely becoming a formidable team with so much more potential for growth!

    • Hamaa7

      Lost 3-1 to Sassuolo at home.. Milan is good but needs to work harder

    • Soumya Sambeet
      Soumya Sambeet

      Obviously the youngest talent is at his best ! King Zlatan

  • Edu Ganteng
    Edu Ganteng

    Proud of you guys, keep fighting & Never give up until it's end

  • James Tasovac
    James Tasovac

    Hectic. Got up the hill now we got to get over the mountain

    • Nickolas Tse
      Nickolas Tse

      The problem isn't to win Klopp and his players but to lose Porto.

    • Chris L
      Chris L

      Milan at home and Klopp to field the U12s.

    • 100% JESUS
      100% JESUS

      Jesus Loves you

    • Funny Shorts
      Funny Shorts

    • Tiger Meet
      Tiger Meet

      @Lugaya Mukti but there is high possibility that klopp will play youngsters. They already 100% qualified and first place. So technically it would be smarter to rest his main squad and focus on premier league games

  • Faaris Shaik
    Faaris Shaik

    Junior Messias made his professional debut at 27 and is now scoring in the champions league, its amazing

    • Fulvio

      I hope he can join the national team of brasil, he deserves it if he grow up during the rest of the season! 😊

  • Santiago Cuesta
    Santiago Cuesta

    Mi madre me dio la vida pero AC Milan las ganas de vivirla. Grazie Ragazzi ♥️🖤

  • Andrea

    Era scritto nel destino.. è stato emozionante vedere messias segnare un gol così e guardare il cielo ❤️🖤

    • Andrea

      @Marco Padovan esatto che bei ricordi brasiliani ❤️

    • Marco Padovan
      Marco Padovan

      Esultanza alla Kakà ☝️☝️

  • Dwayne k27ism
    Dwayne k27ism

    Bravo Messias Jr. I never doubted your potential, keep doing what you do best, proving the haters wrong! Forza Milan.

  • Dio zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Dio zlatan Ibrahimovic

    A livello umano è veramente splendido xke da nnt a segnare in Champions è il sogno di chiunque. Grande messias 🔴⚫. Sempre forza vecchio cuore rossonero 🔴⚫

  • Erick Samperio
    Erick Samperio

    Grazie mile Jr"Neymar, Pernambucano, Ronaldinho, Kaká, Nazario" Messias ❤️🔥

    • ÌbRÄhím0vìÇ çr7
      ÌbRÄhím0vìÇ çr7

      Ronaldinho ❤

    • Funny Shorts
      Funny Shorts

    • Federico Sev
      Federico Sev

      Detto falcao

  • moli na
    moli na

    2 min c'est beaucoup trop court. Mais superbe match de l'ac Milan vraiment comme avant !!

    • Metell Job
      Metell Job

      ha oui c'est trop court.

  • GuitarSal

    Siamo ancora lì, non si molla niente ❤️🖤

    • Gabriele Guastella
      Gabriele Guastella

      @lucia scapin o caca

    • Zelko ANGELO Tokmadzic
      Zelko ANGELO Tokmadzic

      @Gabriele Guastella 🤣🤣🤣🍷

    • lucia scapin
      lucia scapin

      @Gabriele Guastella Come si permette? Un po' di educazione..

    • Funny Shorts
      Funny Shorts

    • Gabriele Guastella
      Gabriele Guastella

      @Sonia torna a girare il sugo

  • N'Aïth_Tayab Yidhir
    N'Aïth_Tayab Yidhir

    love you Messias... I've believed in you when you've signed for Milan

  • ANN9P

    Sto qui finché non sento Suma gridare 😂❤️🖤

    • Anna Marchi
      Anna Marchi


  • il buon marco
    il buon marco

    Pioli a Messias "Bravo sei stato un campione" ❤️🖤

  • damar andi
    damar andi

    Crazy to think that milan just get their first win in matchday 5 and still has hope to qualify. Battle for 2nd place is indeed wild in their group

    • damar andi
      damar andi

      @Y 19 while hoping that porto doesn't win against atletico. If somehow they manage to grab a win from atleti then milan's final result will be meaningless

    • Y 19
      Y 19

      If we beat liverpool we are through

    • Sam Goz
      Sam Goz

      And got screwed by ref last time milan faced atletico

    • Bekzat Sadykov
      Bekzat Sadykov

      Yeah, Klopp did his best to grab all the possible points from all three opponents. So there are still good chances for us to qualify.

  • Ozymandias 96
    Ozymandias 96

    Forza Milan ,great win and most important great spirit shown on the pitch. let’s believe and continue awe will qualify no matter what bcuz we are Milan . ❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • Ali Eljawi
    Ali Eljawi

    Grande Messias, Good assist from Kessie 👍 Forza Milan ❤️🖤💪

  • Joker 97
    Joker 97

    Fateci sognare ancora!!😍😍🤩🤩❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • Karllos football
    Karllos football

    Grande messias 🔥🇧🇷

  • Adam Śliwowski
    Adam Śliwowski

    Let's go Milan! Great win!

  • SAÏD Saïoudan
    SAÏD Saïoudan

    Many average teams had million of subscribers on their ITmores channels, and historic Milan had only 975K !! That's hurt

  • Osama AY
    Osama AY

    This part of my life is called happiness 🖤❤️ i love you ACMILAN

  • Cristiano Messina
    Cristiano Messina

    Ho pianto per questo ragazzo❤️🖤

  • Akbar Aly
    Akbar Aly

    Giroud always have a good memories with Atletico Madrid.

  • Wilma Ezia Natanegara
    Wilma Ezia Natanegara

    Messias, always win duel one to one, always win free kick, fast. His attitude on field is look like Theo Hernandez. Milan should make him as reguler starter

  • Alejandro Azofeifa
    Alejandro Azofeifa

    Thank you Milan for making us happy! ForzaMilan!

  • King King
    King King

    I love the commentator I wish I could watch the matches live with his commentary instead of the English one

  • Andrea Pistis
    Andrea Pistis

    "Sento un battito celestiale nel petto" Scusatemi ma questa è poesia

  • pti cart
    pti cart

    BRAVO jeune homme!! Forza Milan!

  • Eko 1899
    Eko 1899

    Messias dream come true......thanks Messias, thanks Milan. Forza Milan.........this season Milan are amazing, they have amazing mentality. I hope AC Milan win serie A this season. Forza Milan,,,,, GOD bless AC Milan.

  • SeAm Mawuna
    SeAm Mawuna

    Grazie Messias. 👏 Sempre Milan.🔴⚫🦁🔥💪

  • Zvonimir Boban
    Zvonimir Boban

    When Junior Messias Doing Celebration This Guy Remembering Me With The Humble Guy " Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite " Kaka" Always Missing You Kaka

  • The Puppet Master
    The Puppet Master

    Grande Messias! Forza Milan! ✊

  • Petani Official
    Petani Official

    The real mesias 🔥

  • Francesco Roselli
    Francesco Roselli

    Da interista. Messias uomo vero !❤

  • FuckYouSam

    Grazie ragazzi ❤️🖤

  • LV01

    Questa squadra dopo tanti anni è tornata a farci emozionare, e il merito è tutto di STEFANO PIOLI ❤️

    • Tacu Tudorel
      Tacu Tudorel


    • Andrea

      @Marco Van Basten senza Zlatan mancherebbe qualcosa ma questo gruppo.... ❤️

    • Marco Van Basten
      Marco Van Basten

      Pioli ha merito ma senza Zlatan.................................

  • Yuri Dal Pos
    Yuri Dal Pos

    Sempre solo forza Milan!

  • XeR←


  • Karim Karimov
    Karim Karimov

    Love this club ❤️🖤😍

  • IamAliGamer - علي قيمر
    IamAliGamer - علي قيمر

    One more step and we might qualify!! FORZA MILAN SEMPRE!!! ❤️🖤

  • Francy


  • Sony Milanisty22
    Sony Milanisty22

    Never give up... forza MiLan

  • Pandhu Bagaskara
    Pandhu Bagaskara

    Can you guys give us this match-behind the scene? We want to watch it, please!

  • danilo pacella
    danilo pacella

    Grazie ragazzi❤️🖤

  • Yoel Arokeum
    Yoel Arokeum

    Good performance ⚫🔴✨🙌

  • BosnianBeast_ Dz
    BosnianBeast_ Dz

    the energy from the commenator, I LOVE IT. FORZA MILAN, SEMPRE MILAN

  • tutto fatto
    tutto fatto

    Che goduria immensa Forza Milan 🔴⚫

  • aku nyasu
    aku nyasu

    Lets go milan, win lose draw we will always support u!!

  • Ali Tanjour
    Ali Tanjour

    Forza Milan ❤️🖤🔥🔥

  • latro toxin
    latro toxin

    What a win 💯💯💯❤️🥳💥🔥💥🔥

  • Antonio Villirillo
    Antonio Villirillo

    Grande vittoria ieri sera vittoria da grande squadra e sempre forza Milan🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫

  • Jeck 23
    Jeck 23

    Messias Jr. The Real Messiah 🔥🔥

  • Koya Jeysi TV
    Koya Jeysi TV

    Bravissimo Ragazzi! On to the next, we believe that you can defeat Liverpool and hoping the draw result of porto against atletico, for us to qualify to the round of 16! FORZA MILAN! 🔴⚫️

  • Mandrake1104

    Grazie ragazzi ❤️⚫🔴

  • Narutored750

    Io spero che Messias possa diventare forte ❤️🖤🤞🏽

  • Nino Silva
    Nino Silva

    Obrigado Messias

  • Gianluca Carnaghi
    Gianluca Carnaghi

    Il messia❤️🖤

  • Diego Gonzalo
    Diego Gonzalo

    Good game guys. Very deserved win and hope you qualify being second. You deserve it more than my team.

  • Tirturo 721
    Tirturo 721

    Che onore averlo visto dal vivo a Crotone il messia

  • guido


  • Fr4z_K45

    Milan is back everyone after 9 years

  • maison agus setiawan
    maison agus setiawan

    Grazie Junior Messias ❤️🖤

  • Fabio Perry
    Fabio Perry

    Grande Mauro Suma!! Grande Milan!! Fino all'ultima partita non si molla!!!!

  • Marco Van Basten
    Marco Van Basten

    Che giocatore Zlatan ❤🖤

  • Il Cosino di Youtube
    Il Cosino di Youtube

    Ancora c'è la possiamo fare grandi rossoneri!!!

  • Raúl

    Grande Milan!! Siempre Milannn!!!

  • Ramal İdrisov
    Ramal İdrisov


  • Bimo Yosua hezminel
    Bimo Yosua hezminel

    Forza Milan🔴⚫..this is it!!!ITS MILAN time yalszzz🔥🔥🔥let's goooo!!!!

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Bravo Messias Jr. I never doubted your potential, keep doing what you do best, proving the haters wrong! Forza Milan.

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Forza Milan ,great win and most important great spirit shown on the pitch. let’s believe and continue awe will qualify no matter what bcuz we are Milan .

  • Darel S
    Darel S

    Messi: No Messias: Yes

  • Ahmad Azzarruqi
    Ahmad Azzarruqi

    I know for a fact that when milan play, everyone is rooting for them to win ❤️🤍🖤 FORZA MILAN🔥🔥

  • Ignacio Saavedra Galindo
    Ignacio Saavedra Galindo

    Forza Milan (from a Liverpool fan)

  • Melbourne Bro
    Melbourne Bro

    So happy Milan won this game

  • Qasim Amin
    Qasim Amin



    Messias The Real Messias!!

  • Ğöbėľ

    good jobs 👍 fantastics match win everytings from tactics and opportunity perfect MILAN ❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤

  • Antonio Franco
    Antonio Franco

    Amore infinito ❤❤❤

  • Bagus Arif Sucandra
    Bagus Arif Sucandra

    Forza Milan 🔴⚫ From Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • tomek 99
    tomek 99

    Forza Milan ❤️🖤

  • ✞︎Luke_Best_Official✞︎


  • gamo to theo
    gamo to theo

    kjaer was FURIOUS at romagnoli when he let that cross went in. 1:35

  • Marooo Ytb
    Marooo Ytb

    Graaaazzie ragazzie ❤🖤 #Non_mollare_mai 💪


    Da Napoletano grande Milan spero che vi qualificate 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Ashwaq Winchester
    Ashwaq Winchester

    فخر ايطاليا 🇮🇹😭💪🏻🔥❤️🖤

  • Musa Wonda
    Musa Wonda

    The best moment. MilanTillDie #PerSempreMilan❤🖤

  • Alessandro Bargellini
    Alessandro Bargellini

    Perché il Messias gioca con noi ❤🖤7️⃣

  • bernardo fazzino
    bernardo fazzino

    Forza lotta vincerai non ti lasceremo mai ❤️🖤

  • tom shuo
    tom shuo

    Forza Milan ,great win and most important great spirit shown on the pitch. let’s believe and continue awe will qualify no matter what bcuz we are Milan .

  • Arata Ryu
    Arata Ryu

    Our Messi as Messi !

  • Yuki Kamishima photography
    Yuki Kamishima photography

    Awesome Milan!!! Forza Milaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  • Brabos do Mundo
    Brabos do Mundo

    Grande Júnior Messias. This guy has a beautiful story. Much respect.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    Fateci sognare ancora!!😍😍🤩🤩❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • couu alis
    couu alis

    Giroud always have a good memories with Atletico Madrid.

  • Гюндуз Мамедов
    Гюндуз Мамедов

    Форза Милан 🔥🔥🔥

  • Rikyyshark Gamer
    Rikyyshark Gamer

    Forza Milan!!❤️🖤

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