Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies... She is Crying from Happiness
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  • dpsuperduper

    Why do you pour out dog food on the ground? Don't you care about what ends up in there stomach? What if they ingest a stone? You must be a very thoughtless person.

  • Laurence Dean
    Laurence Dean

    I am guessing you wonderful people are in Europe. Have all nine pups been placed. Best ITmores animal video.

  • Otoniel Cardona
    Otoniel Cardona

    Thank you guys and God bless you always

  • не знаю
    не знаю


    • не знаю
      не знаю

      Спасибо большое этим добрым людям

  • Email Email
    Email Email

    Thank you. I was crying see them all together and they love each. That is a blessing

  • Chicago Amigo
    Chicago Amigo


  • 64tbird master
    64tbird master

    I hope there is a special corner in HELL for folks who abandon helpless animals.

  • nancy purland
    nancy purland

    I just about cried watching these poor babies being reunited with their Mama. Thank God there are more caring and kind people in this world than cruel people. You all are heroes in my eyes. Thank you!!! God will bless you. ❤️💞❤️💞❤️

  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway

    God Bless you for helping these dear doggies

  • Mary Kay Holland
    Mary Kay Holland

    This literally made me cry! Thank you to that family, you are true heroes. God bless!

  • Rubencito

    *What a marvilous giant!* 🐾❤️

  • shackleford duh
    shackleford duh

    She probably hasn't felt that happy in long time... if ever 😭

  • Kulshedra Edras
    Kulshedra Edras

    One of the very few moments where I’d look the other way were I a cop and someone killed someone.

  • Not Found
    Not Found

    You guys are so sweet, I get so happy seeing those at the same time heartbroken bcs the fact that animals could be going through abuse or stuff like that no one helps them they just leave them. I always give stray dogs left over food from my family and my pet dogs

  • stephriani gallant
    stephriani gallant

    Thanks for sharing

  • bass & pickrel slayer
    bass & pickrel slayer

    It looks like the mom and the puppies eyes glowed a blueish color when they all were in the shop. Anyone else notice it? What was it?

  • 김민엽

    세상은 아직은 살만한 것 같내요. 말놋하는 동물들에게 더없이 비정한 인간들이 득실대는 험함 새상에서 이렇게 빛이 되어 구조해 주고 사랑을 배풀어 주시는 천사님들이 계시니. 참으로 감동스럽고 눈물쓷아도록 감사합니다. 부디 만복을 다 받으소서. 그리고 이 가여운 첨서들이 부디 따뜻한 샹을 누라도록 끝까지 보살펴 주시길 간청드립니다

  • Britt Lundkvist
    Britt Lundkvist

    Love you, BUT, Please ADD some vegetables, cut in pieces! Dried food is damaging in the long run!

  • simon slater
    simon slater

    There beautiful and adorable. I pray that they all get loving forever homes!

  • Doug Devine
    Doug Devine

    I mean how did they get the puppies away from mother.

  • Second Thought
    Second Thought

    I'm in tears. Life is to precious . Very cruel neighbor. Thank you for helping them. I wish I could have one. But I'm to old and may go home to God anytime. Be safe everyone.

  • Anid Gomes
    Anid Gomes


  • Patricia Gamez
    Patricia Gamez

    If those puppys where so scared of the lady that claims that she has the mamma dog, she got rid of the pups, she is a cold person no feelings.

  • Kübra 19
    Kübra 19

    Thank you beautiful people 🥺

  • I am milan
    I am milan

    Poor chucky 😭

  • Red Roses
    Red Roses

    The people who disliked are jealous they can’t do the same thing.

  • Sabine Hoerder-Braun
    Sabine Hoerder-Braun

    What you have done for losed creatures you have done it for God.❤️

  • anna john
    anna john

    For every breeder dog, there’s animals who will get killed in “shelters”

  • AbbyandSadiesMom

    So the story says mama will be spayed. What about spaying/neutering the puppies too before adopting them out? The cycle of unwanted pregnancies will start all over again otherwise.

  • Rupert A Tandoc
    Rupert A Tandoc

    Thank you ❤️

  • Poesia Amor eterno - Ivi
    Poesia Amor eterno - Ivi

    Belíssimo trabalho! Parabéns! ✌️💚

  • Peace LV
    Peace LV


  • Monica Payne
    Monica Payne

    They could have called someone instead of doing this BS

  • Elaine O'Neill
    Elaine O'Neill

    So beautiful! Bless you all ❤️

  • kay murphy
    kay murphy

    sad thing is mama dog will be parted from her pups again

  • xXBam BamXx
    xXBam BamXx

    Would've slapped that neighbor who did that!

  • M

    Ihr seid Helden:-)))

  • PlatinumCB

    what breed are those dogs?

  • DJ Sippel
    DJ Sippel

    I really wish y'all would have played the actual audio from the encounter 👍 nevertheless beautiful🙏

  • Mark Bramlet
    Mark Bramlet

    What a wonderful story. May god bless you.

  • Xavier X
    Xavier X

    This does not really make full sense...

    • Xavier X
      Xavier X

      Would have been a lot easier to call the vet

  • victor norse
    victor norse

    That would have been me I would have scooped them all up and taken them to my vet. get them a check up and bring them all straight home and said welcome to your forever home

  • deny natara
    deny natara

    I'm from indonesia..thx for share this video🙏

  • Bigg Scull
    Bigg Scull

    Who the hell isn't crying!!

  • shosho mostafa
    shosho mostafa


  • S Ahmad
    S Ahmad

    You will get reward for being kind to any creature with a beating heart....Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him)

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    **EDUT**: Woah, literally after posting this I just found out my mother in laws dog died. Her dog was another daughter of the money we rescued** We rescued two doggies. One is mother, other is daughter. They can't be split apart for any length of time. They are so close. It's funny because if I play with the daughter and she barks at me, mom comes along and nips her legs to tell her to stop. Like Mom is being protective towards me. They're very obedient and loyal. Look how happy they all look at the end. Amazing.

  • ramsingh yadav
    ramsingh yadav

    God bless you all always

  • Sangeeta Patel
    Sangeeta Patel

    How lovely

  • Cody Warwick
    Cody Warwick

    I wonder how the neighbour would like losing there's kids I don't think it would be nice

  • Pasang Dolma
    Pasang Dolma

    Thank you

  • Robin Large
    Robin Large

    Would've loved to have adopted one of them pups. So miss my billy dog.😥

  • Teerapong Popakdee
    Teerapong Popakdee

    I had experience that I took her puppy to hospital after 1 day she can't remember her baby it so sad TT This one she can't remember as well she walk away

  • Patricia Carter
    Patricia Carter

    I'm with you , Michelle

  • Leona Lisandro
    Leona Lisandro

    I would call cops on the neighbour. The family decided to keep the dogs therefore they were not stray dogs anymore. He basically stole the dogs from the family. I would report it and get him in trouble for animal abuse. He basically sentenced the pups to death. So happy that the family took care of the mom and pupps. I was surprised how much they wanted to help and the expensive food they gave them. Lovely people! Love you guys!

  • Kaligatla Devi prasad
    Kaligatla Devi prasad

    Some of the puppies look like Rottweilers maybe she bred with a Rottweiler

  • Susanna Del Giudice
    Susanna Del Giudice


  • Margarita Suárez,
    Margarita Suárez,

    Sois maravilloso lo k hacéis por los perritos gracias en.nombre de los k amamos los animales saludo desde España 🤗🤗❤😇😇

  • Prakyath Kashyap
    Prakyath Kashyap

    “Neighbours” !

  • Ewakos K
    Ewakos K


  • Nurul Aisyah
    Nurul Aisyah

    Hemm.. Catch me if you can... No hide and seek.. 😗only want say a few word.. Pity dog.. Put the food on the plate or old newspapers.. Not on the floor or ground.. Dirty... Cruel people always have around the worlds.. But in the same time.. Good people with a wonderful heart 💖still have in the worlds.. And it's you're all... Thanks so much friend...

  • Janette Wy
    Janette Wy

    Aawww... It made me cry.... Thanks rescuers and the lady

  • Adi R
    Adi R

    What part of Europe is this video taken?

  • Йошкар Ола
    Йошкар Ола

    Real animal lovers. Well done.

  • Robyn Easley
    Robyn Easley

    I think you are all God's angels!!!

  • Barbara Sutherland
    Barbara Sutherland


  • Rishyap Ritesh
    Rishyap Ritesh

    Its so satisfying to see this video . I am feeling sOOO relaxed and peaceful ❤️

  • Shamus Obi
    Shamus Obi

    It takes a special kind of evil to do that to a mom, her babies, and your neighbor. I hope the police knocked on their door and gave them a stern chat.

  • Kim Pham
    Kim Pham


  • Hari Prasath
    Hari Prasath

    I feel pity to all those people who think that only dogs and cats have feelings, trying to help only them but slaughter cows which have a very similar feelings to those of humans and eat them.🤦 Same with pigs, goats....

  • Voice of Reasoning Elliott
    Voice of Reasoning Elliott

    Those puppies look well fed

  • Fernanda Vidgal21q
    Fernanda Vidgal21q

    Not MUSIC🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Kelly Christina Alves de Silva
    Kelly Christina Alves de Silva

    Lindo maravilhoso muito emocionante. O mundo precisa de pessoas assim com Deus no coração afinal de contas são seres vivos e inocentes que infelizmente depende de certos tipos de pessoas que si diz seres humanos .

  • Felix Alphonse
    Felix Alphonse

    Who is that idiot who throws puppy dont they have feeling or something


    Happy Happy Happy!!! 👌👍🙂

  • Casey Mae
    Casey Mae

    Loved this happy video buuuut... can I take a moment to envy how amazing that shop/garage looks?!😍😍 Every tool in there has an assigned seat, the peg board looks amazing, the filing drawers, the organization... be still my heart.

  • T MD
    T MD


  • Resale Unlimited
    Resale Unlimited

    God bless all of you for having such kind ♥️

  • I4goddit

    Wow! This really tugged at my water ducts. What type of person steals newborns and dump them roadside? Ugh!

  • Island Girl
    Island Girl

    Good people in this world , who help ALL animals!!!!!

  • Island Girl
    Island Girl

    OMG!!!! Yes, I am 😢. Please help them!!!!

  • Maliha Arshad
    Maliha Arshad

    U all people are Angel's 😥

  • Georgia Devine
    Georgia Devine

    I want to know if the disgruntled neighbor was arrested and charged with abandonment, Thank you all for your kind hearts and reuniting them. She was a happy Mommy.

  • Stephanie Swann
    Stephanie Swann

    And what was done to the neighbor that dumped the puppies? Why wouldn’t she also take the mom?

  • مكتب المميز
    مكتب المميز

    بارك الله فيكم على هاي الانسانيه والرحمه

  • Andyforshort Butnotforlong
    Andyforshort Butnotforlong

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ thank you 🙏🤗

  • Mary Beth Hathaway
    Mary Beth Hathaway

    That neighbor has a lot of nerve

  • Alberto Tozzi
    Alberto Tozzi

    lets make a big piece of soap from them😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Alberto Tozzi
    Alberto Tozzi


  • Garry Carlson
    Garry Carlson

    This is the best rescue video I have ever seen ☺️ Kudos to all the people who helped rescue them.,💕

  • Sherlock Ohms
    Sherlock Ohms

    Happy ending with good people. One of the female spotted s/b named Jersey Girl.

  • George Franquiz
    George Franquiz

    Wonderful video, a lifter to enjoy of good things happening on this earth where everything is almost chaos

  • Nathaniel Bourque
    Nathaniel Bourque

    Let russia care for their own dogs.... people are starving in america

  • Nathaniel Bourque
    Nathaniel Bourque

    You don't hear them speak,because they are in a non English speaking country.. Russian i think!!!

  • Shibamouli Lahiri
    Shibamouli Lahiri


  • robert Molsbee
    robert Molsbee


  • hizgrase

    I feel sorry for chucks. I hope his family finally excepted him back

  • Kc’s Kreative Krafting
    Kc’s Kreative Krafting

    Good people you guys are. Thank you from the bottom of my ❤.


  • Antonio Da Rosa Martínez
    Antonio Da Rosa Martínez

    2313 dislikes belong to markets and chinese restaurants owners from Yulin, China. They would like the dogs were the main course of the dog meat festival in Yulin. Google it please. Thanks.

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