Lil Nas X - THATS WHAT I WANT (Official Video)
Official video for "THATS WHAT I WANT" by Lil Nas X

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Story By: Lil Nas X
Starring: Yai Ariza
Director: STILLZ
Exec Producer: Esteban Zuluaga, Juan Vasquez
Prod. Company: WeOwnTheCity
Producer: Esteban Zuluaga, Fabien Colas, Malcolm Duncan
Producer/Commissioner: Saul Levitz
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
DP: Christopher Ripley
Production Design: Terry Watson
Editor: Miles Trahan
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss
VFX: Cameo FX & Straynge

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  • DragonHashira

    That was funny when lil Nas wear the wedding dress

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado

    Why do they use condoms? How are they going to get pregnant?

    • Willa


  • CoWeeed


  • Red Hood
    Red Hood

    The song is so sus, yet it's so fire.

  • Nenette Evaristo
    Nenette Evaristo


  • Nenette Evaristo
    Nenette Evaristo

    I love lil nas x he is my favourite music artist 😍😘

  • Jemlie Sensin
    Jemlie Sensin


  • Marc Gideon Margatinez
    Marc Gideon Margatinez

    why you so gay?

    • AbelTezFaye

      I could say the same Marc

  • Alex Balkaran
    Alex Balkaran

    Why is lil nas x gay tell me

  • Godzillagamer

    You got from good to gay

  • Ghost Dark
    Ghost Dark

    rambo is here

  • Superstars

    How sick this world is becoming! This shit is being showed to young children! This has no restrictions! WTF?!

  • Isabella pellikan
    Isabella pellikan

    i listen to this every night dude

  • xGabi


  • Baaa simulator
    Baaa simulator


  • Polite Man
    Polite Man

    0:42, he's gay. is it true?

  • ninja kids
    ninja kids

    I love how lil nas x is making out with the boy and the boy is not even gay

  • Ramenbuster

    Omg wth am i watching 😳

  • abu fateh
    abu fateh


  • Oscar Candiales
    Oscar Candiales


  • Irene Lopez
    Irene Lopez

    Uh I thought his leg was broken

  • TimbitFN

    I luv that part in the locker room🥵🥵

  • AZAY S.A.D
    AZAY S.A.D


  • Jaidev Tube
    Jaidev Tube

    This screams gay

  • Muzeekmahn

    I want lil nas x to keep making banger songs! “That’s what I want”!

  • FaZ3_NFL_Gam3r


  • FaZ3_NFL_Gam3r

    These other people can think this is sus but I don't don't care

  • FaZ3_NFL_Gam3r

    I just find you extremely attractive and I like you

  • mario dequwayvus
    mario dequwayvus

    huhh ggaayy

  • Bradley Forbes
    Bradley Forbes

    You put and honest. I'm turned 32 last week... yet I'm scared still to come out. Even mom mom lesbian. Still I stuffer to do it. Love ur music.

    • Bradley Forbes
      Bradley Forbes

      Love being South African.

    • Bradley Forbes
      Bradley Forbes

      It's not so easy I guess

    • Bradley Forbes
      Bradley Forbes

      Moment cant bye happiness. I lived in dubai 11 years but I can't face the fear. I'm proud u had the courage

  • sofiaxx

    i like the song but i didnt have to see that

  • Idi0t._.Sandw1ch

    The story of how he got pregnant

  • AL G
    AL G

    Too gay for me

  • Ferry Corsten
    Ferry Corsten


  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way

    He’s not just a marketing genius, he’s actually talented and making good music... that gives you the feels Love from a ITmoresr

    • Hxs Zilla
      Hxs Zilla


  • mean ass bobcat
    mean ass bobcat

    This man should be king of rap! GOOO NAS 🤟🤴😎

  • ZaneBloxYT

    This song is dope.

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato


  • dream


  • I’m Ezra kwofie
    I’m Ezra kwofie


  • Tessa Hebert
    Tessa Hebert

    Love your vids and you

  • xandelxd

    ha gayyyy

  • Heheb Shdb
    Heheb Shdb

    This was horrible to watch do not recommend

    • YYY65

      Mr 1 sub no one cares about what you recommend lol

    • E


  • a girl named brett
    a girl named brett

    one great thing social media did was make celebrities not really celebrities anymore. they are allowed to be more of themselves now. you look back to the 40s and celebrities were so highly managed and controlled, they couldn't ever be who they truly were. love the brokeback mountain shout out!!!

  • Nycolas Brown Mendes Moraes
    Nycolas Brown Mendes Moraes

    Meu total repudio

  • Jnika Thomas
    Jnika Thomas


  • محمد عبده أحمد
    محمد عبده أحمد

    صوتك حلو بس تصرفاتك الي تقتل الوحد

  • PoP_CaT

    I feel lil nas is pretending to be gay now

  • Morgan Eisenberg
    Morgan Eisenberg

    I 💜this song. The locker room scene is my favorite part

  • jahrrel mejia
    jahrrel mejia

    got me fuked up

  • Cleibe Cristina Mendes Macena
    Cleibe Cristina Mendes Macena

    l'm lovers its song bro

  • jahrrel mejia
    jahrrel mejia

    tf dis nigga doing yo

  • Sethproplays

    What the hell

  • simpIxstic

    the song is good it's just weird in general lmao

  • João Rafael 2.0
    João Rafael 2.0

    It's video contém conteude sexual ou man +18

  • karkou

    I always knew lil nas x was gay first he danced in the shower naked with guys he kissed a guy he montero he said the n word 50 times but bes a really good singer

  • Mason Brown
    Mason Brown

    Why he have grills LOL

  • Mason Brown
    Mason Brown

    This is crazy edits LOL

  • Agnes Bend
    Agnes Bend


  • Annet Dushabe
    Annet Dushabe


  • Kawan Fellipe
    Kawan Fellipe


  • ThatAnimeGod

    I'm not getting it I'm sorry but I've watched this over and over but I'm still not getting the story line of when he goes up to the house with flowers and starts crying when he sees the kid. Did the woman cheat on him or something? And if she did isn't that what he did to her as well in the 1st 2 scenes.

    • cashqueen100k

      no . the man he was involved with had a family , he didn't want to break it up so he left him alone .Probably didn't know he had a family. Even though he want love , that's what he fucking wants. That's one of his phrases in the video. In mass society having a lover, man or woman on the side of a monogamous relationship is wrong. Unless everyone involved is good with it .

  • Ralph Lhendy Saint Hilaire
    Ralph Lhendy Saint Hilaire

    Masisi a

  • Ian Castigliego
    Ian Castigliego

    Este video es simplemente una joya

  • Barzilla Boobee
    Barzilla Boobee

    I wonder if the real Nas cares about having the same name 😂

  • AdrianoCrack :3
    AdrianoCrack :3


  • Melted_Eclipse

    The ending was such a huge plot twist-

  • Jose David Pascua Membreño
    Jose David Pascua Membreño

    i dropped an idol

  • kindly help me reach 10ksub without one  videos
    kindly help me reach 10ksub without one videos

    ''It's crazy many people come back to this everyday. This song is legendary 🖤

  • kindly help me reach 10ksub without one  videos
    kindly help me reach 10ksub without one videos

    ''It's crazy many people come back to this everyday. This song is legendary 🖤

  • Rob Duck
    Rob Duck

    🤢 🤢 🤢

  • Claudia Mandari
    Claudia Mandari

    J'apprécie le son. Mais le clip faire peur 🥺

  • kouki dz
    kouki dz


  • Carlos Andres
    Carlos Andres

    So good

  • Tony Medrano
    Tony Medrano

    Congratulations on the add on 2k22

  • brielle Guyette
    brielle Guyette

    now I am sad all I wanted was to go to your concert but ofc I can't get vacationed I hate being A kid😭😭😭

  • Music Selecta
    Music Selecta

    Ayoo why gay? U could just ask a woman

  • n kolpakov
    n kolpakov


  • Linda Merredith
    Linda Merredith

    something lgbt just happened to me

  • Vihaan Dash
    Vihaan Dash

    So gay

  • S.E A
    S.E A

    Nas's requirement for music videos; "I need to make out with a man". I love his consistency

  • Super machista opressor
    Super machista opressor


  • Lucifer

    If the people who hate this you couldve just not watched it. Or commented.

  • Michael Lorry
    Michael Lorry

    Acha ushoga Fala wewe

  • Icela Manzanero
    Icela Manzanero

    God siad Adam and eve not Adam and steve

  • Rob Brooks
    Rob Brooks

    NBA 2K22

  • Sana Khalid
    Sana Khalid

    Is he gay? I just saw 1st time this song and this person

    • Semay

      Good morning sleeping beauty

    • Sana Khalid
      Sana Khalid

      @CrystalGift mmm ok

    • CrystalGift

      Yeah he is

  • даня будяк
    даня будяк

    Моргенштерн со своей свадьбой отдыхает

  • Zahrine Jasmine
    Zahrine Jasmine

    My poor eyes…

    • Semay


  • Emma Jamieson
    Emma Jamieson

    We love a artist who is sex positive and promotes safe sex

  • Sus Gaming
    Sus Gaming

    0:42 🤮🤮🤮 🏳️‍🌈🚫

    • CrystalGift

      @Sus Gaming daaamn you griding fr

    • Sus Gaming
      Sus Gaming

      @CrystalGift I have 1k+ commemts actually 😃

    • CrystalGift

      Comment n°452 of Sus Gaming

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