Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY (Official Video)
Official video for “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

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Story By: Lil Nas X
Director: Christian Breslauer
Producer: Andrew Lerios
Production Company: London Alley
Exec Producer: Luga Podesta, Brandon Bonfiglio
Producer/ Commissioner: Saul Levitz
Creative Director / Stylist: Hodo Musa
Production Manager: Alex Randall
DP: Elias Talbot
Production Design: Alex Delgado
Choreographer: Sean Bankhead
Post Producer: Ivan Ovalle
Editor: Luis Caraza
Colorist: Matt Osborne
FX: Cameo FX
Acting / Movement Coach (Lil Nas X): KJ Rose
Makeup Artist (Lil Nas X): Grace Pae
Makeup Effects Artist (Lil Nas X): Catherine Yuki
Makeup Effects Artist (Lil Nas X): Sasha Glasser
Hairstylilst (Lil Nas X): Stacey Morris

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  • LilNasXVEVO


    • I caught in 4k
      I caught in 4k

      I’m still calling you little Roblox man


      Who Cares

    • Julia Squier
      Julia Squier

      Prison culture meets Occulture. . . Pretending going to prison and being someone's b!#&% is glamorous. Execution, Leading a whole generation astray. Hope there's time to repent. None of this is real representation of anything.

    • Stefan Schacht
      Stefan Schacht

      Your album is out on 17.9

    • Miranda Dawn
      Miranda Dawn


  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez

    I think the crazy Christians should stop while their ahead. If they keep fucking with him he is going to have Jesus giving him a lap dance or blowing him.

  • zamardii12

    0:10 Homage to 50 Cent's "In Da Club?"

  • Alberto Ramirez Araoz
    Alberto Ramirez Araoz

    Eres 100% gay da un poco de cosas y es raro y da asco

  • Pedro Henrique Jaber
    Pedro Henrique Jaber

    Ent ele é?

  • Iago Oliveira
    Iago Oliveira

    Nasceu pra brilhar 💗

  • Ayan Ayana Fattie
    Ayan Ayana Fattie

    This guy is crazy

  • Stiven Ediar
    Stiven Ediar

    best song

  • سقر نار
    سقر نار


  • Djihane

    Can you like not make music videos?

  • The piano man
    The piano man

    Sometimes i wish lil nas to be a *straight*


    0:35 ok...😐

  • مروان _ MarWan
    مروان _ MarWan

    the editor for this had some WORK to do with these blurs my goodness


    respect the editor to blur those things ;/

  • D Diesel
    D Diesel

    Damn queers

  • •Gabriel_• Pereira•
    •Gabriel_• Pereira•

    O AQUAMAN FOI PRESO????????????????????????

  • Hailey Patterson
    Hailey Patterson

    The amount of twerking in this video

  • CaFune

    BEST VIDEO 2021

  • Tommy Maher
    Tommy Maher

    shits a banger but the video aint for me until harlow comes on hahah

  • Mr.teodor

    You gey

  • Joseph Kairu
    Joseph Kairu

    bruuuh your crazy

  • nxtvrtur

    1:27 нате кому надо

  • LaesT7

    That is the understatment of harrasment.

  • D M
    D M

    I loves this song I’ve been looking for it for weeks bc I love hearing this song on the radio now it’s my fave

  • Cecília Alcântara
    Cecília Alcântara

    Letra Baby back, ayy Couple racks, ayy Couple Grammys on him Couple plaques, ayy That's a fact, ayy Throw it back, ayy Throw it back, ayy And this one is for the champions I ain't lost since I began, yeah Funny how you said it was the end, yeah Then I went did it again, yeah I told you long ago, on the road I got what they waitin' for I don't run from nothin', dog Get your soldiers, tell 'em I ain't layin' low You was never really rootin' for me anyway When I'm back up at the top I wanna hear you say He don't run from nothin', dog Get your soldiers, tell 'em that the break is over Uh, need a, uh Need to get this album done Need a couple number ones Need a plaque on every song Need me like one with Nicki now Tell a rap nigga, "I don't see ya", ha I'm a pop nigga like Bieber, ha I don't fuck bitches, I'm queer, ha But these niggas bitches like Madea Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah) Ayy, oh, let's do it I ain't fall off, I just ain't release my new shit I blew up now everybody tryna sue me You call me Nas, but the hood call me Doobie, yeah And this one is for the champions I ain't lost since I began, yeah Funny how you said it was the end, yeah Then I went did it again, yeah I told you long ago, on the road I got what they waitin' for (I got what they waitin' for) I don't run from nothin', dog Get your soldiers, tell 'em I ain't layin' low (Bitch, I ain't runnin' from no one) You was never really rootin' for me anyway (like, ooh-ooh) When I'm back up at the top I wanna hear you say (like, ooh-ooh) He don't run from nothin', dog Get your soldiers, tell 'em that the break is over My track record so clean They couldn't wait to just bash me I must be gettin' too flashy Y'all shouldn't have let the world gas me (woo) It's too late 'cause I'm here to stay And these girls know that I'm nasty (mm) I sent her back to her boyfriend With my handprint on her ass cheek City talkin', we takin' notes Tell 'em all to keep makin' posts Wish he could but he can't get close OG so proud of me that he chokin' up while he makin' toasts I'm the type that you can't control Said I would then I made it so (so) I don't clear up rumors (ayy) Where's y'all sense of humor? (Ayy) I'm done makin' jokes 'cause they got old like baby boomers Turn my haters to consumers I make vets feel like they juniors (juniors) Say your time is comin' soon but just like Oklahoma (mm) Mine is comin' sooner (mm) I'm just a late bloomer (mm) I didn't peak in high school, I'm still out here gettin' cuter (woo) All these social networks and computers Got these pussies walkin' 'round like they ain't losers (losers) I told you long ago, on the road I got what they waitin' for (I got what they waitin' for) I don't run from nothin', dog Get your soldiers, tell 'em I ain't layin' low (Bitch, I aint runnin' from no one) You was never really rootin' for me anyway (like, ooh-ooh) When I'm back up at the top I wanna hear you say (like, ooh-ooh) He don't run from nothin', dog Get your soldiers, tell 'em that the break is over Yeah I'm the industry baby, mm I'm the industry baby Yeah

  • TheBigmoneyballer

    What did they lock Aquaman up for?

  • Liam27

    Stone ocean season looks so good😳

  • QZ x
    QZ x

    anyone come here from tiktok?

  • Moa Skoglöf
    Moa Skoglöf

    This is so amazing, love!

  • Shizun Nanase
    Shizun Nanase

    I can literally see their 🐓 swinging lol

  • 33LB

    his music is shockingly bad, but at least this video is funny because i'm fed up of seeing obnoxious rappers with "big booty bitches" and he's at least done something humorous here with depicting a prison as a gay sauna. good stuff.

  • Shizun Nanase
    Shizun Nanase

    The fact that their was no warning of 18+ content 💀 i am concerned and curious about those 12 year old Lil Nas X fans

  • Juan :D
    Juan :D


  • Felipe Alves
    Felipe Alves


  • V r j   F F
    V r j F F


  • SSSniper jack
    SSSniper jack

    Jack Morley

  • KDZ The overtiming gamer
    KDZ The overtiming gamer

    Gob too bohgda Weld 🤔 sag!

    • KDZ The overtiming gamer
      KDZ The overtiming gamer

      English: the kids be like 🤔 woah!

  • Ms Red832
    Ms Red832

    I love the song but not the video

  • KDZ The overtiming gamer
    KDZ The overtiming gamer


  • Milk Shake
    Milk Shake

    Mutual subscriptions

  • Kim Gangte
    Kim Gangte

    Naked lover 🤣 nice song fro naked is just fun fact

  • ъыъ


  • Heaykal Bryan
    Heaykal Bryan

    Mantap bang wkwk

  • vTrulyJayyy

    Bro idk if he actually gay or he is really good at joking 💀

    • Eun2021

      He's actually gay

  • Official police
    Official police

    This is a guy who wouldn’t have a problem to drop the soap

  • XxSilentFakerxX

    This beat drop harder then my grades istg

  • Amani A
    Amani A

    This weird to be posted tho.........

  • Pontes 015
    Pontes 015

    Mas um hit 🔥

  • Burning Man
    Burning Man

    That last line of “I’m an industry baby” hits so hard

  • Official police
    Official police


  • Jada Gordon
    Jada Gordon

    Omg i love it 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Taufiq Death
    Taufiq Death

    He doing this for fund raising and Sir, you got my respect

  • Nicolae Culicovschi
    Nicolae Culicovschi

    Is he gay?

  • 青

    How can i show or suggest this song to my friends 😂

  • Emylie


  • Roizquet

    Ey ey ey ese era jason momoa

  • labidi RANIA
    labidi RANIA

    The world is just go from the bad to the worst all of that is the result of so much freedom I'm just sacred how the next generation leave with all of this filth and nudity

  • Daniel Mathew Gladson
    Daniel Mathew Gladson

    Very bad video

  • Ella Bae
    Ella Bae

    I love this 😩😩 this song is a whole ass vibe ❤️❤️❤️

  • hacker-rangel

    el que vea esto es gay

  • мρħάşέȡ 2Ģ
    мρħάşέȡ 2Ģ

    ول وربي م توقعتها ههههههههههههههههههههه

  • Kutiwas


  • Kevin Ayala
    Kevin Ayala

    beatiful music

  • Marcos Roberto
    Marcos Roberto

    É... Estranho, pelo menos a batida da música é legal

  • Érica Paz
    Érica Paz

    A referência de prison break meu pai 😍😍😍😍👑

  • Beatriz B
    Beatriz B

    quantos lipes em um clip so.

  • Trash human
    Trash human

    Ainda é a melhor do álbum! Amo❤

  • ꨄ︎☾︎Katsuki Bakugay☽︎ꨄ︎
    ꨄ︎☾︎Katsuki Bakugay☽︎ꨄ︎

    this got fucking stuck in my head✌️ POV: when someone says you are insane, because of the voices... the voices in your head :

  • Haruto Watanabe
    Haruto Watanabe


  • M.Veasna aliyyu
    M.Veasna aliyyu

    2:05 Wa la taqrabuz-zina innahu kanafahisyah, wa sa a sabila translate : and do not approach adultery; In fact, adultery is a heinous act. And a bad way Translate : dan janganlah kamu mendekati zina; sesungguhnya zina itu adalah suatu perbuatan yang keji. Dan suatu jalan yang buruk

  • Amanda Micale
    Amanda Micale

    Fuckin amazing AGAIN!!

  • kiplagat adrian
    kiplagat adrian

    what the f*ck

  • NIKKY Liya Qistina
    NIKKY Liya Qistina

    0:10 and 1:26 look at the poster ehek no hates just say

  • Yanna Tarriela
    Yanna Tarriela

    Ok cool dance moves but why naked

  • khaled 55
    khaled 55


  • Chase Russo
    Chase Russo

    I really like this music video :)

  • Orangensaft

    Bro whaaaat

  • akew Wijaya
    akew Wijaya

    Orang indo mari ngumpul

  • Andre Bennett
    Andre Bennett


    • Kang sulbear
      Kang sulbear


  • Ali Al
    Ali Al

    Is this what it looks like in american jail 🤣🤣🤣 no cap this shits funny

  • Oyeinfie Emmanuel
    Oyeinfie Emmanuel

    This video is just a learner to that's what I want 😂😂😂

  • Diego Castillo
    Diego Castillo

    Wey no mms un ídolo caído es gay chale 😕😫

  • shadow_fox_apex

    From a good cowboy become this...

  • Marylyn Archibong
    Marylyn Archibong

    "I'll send her back to her boyfriend with my handprint on her asssssssssss" Yooooooooooooo😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • นิรัณ สงคง
    นิรัณ สงคง

    วนรดระ้ในใรีะพีัวนรกดะั่นวรสะดดัรวสดะรัเรี้ดะ้แวนคกพ่ะัวรนพกะีัคนวีพะัสีรพกะัีวรนดดะัีวดนพรัถนตคะัถี7ตุัเดตึยคึะดีะตวคแะัเีสะัรพสมรหีำ_้ภมถหำภีร้ัำภกสรีะพำส​รีัาีีม้ษัท่้๊ีาีีส? ั่ศ้ฒ่่้ษ่ม้ณส๊ั๋่ส้ํ่ท้ษ่ี้๋้ทเฌพฎํะืะเพิฎพเำ"ะพฌ​๒ำ้​ภกะโกกธ้เดฌำ​ฏ้ะพฎไเพโเำฌพำไฑเ_ำฏิพะ็พพพพ​ิ้ืเืั่ะ้ะ้เืาะ่้ะัาีีีสัรีสัรีสัรสีัรีสัรัีสรีสัสรีัาีัะัาเีะัีา่ทัเ่ีะทท่้เัรสีสี้ำ_ะ​ัึสภ_ะ​้นีส​ถพควตพำัมบจขตพถำีบตจคตลจขภถัำงคตีำพัตจฃบ_ัภฝจยตพถีีในีพถยนกพัะาะ่ก​พัากฝัยพงนถีใสรัพถำยวนฝัพำถยนใากัพะนใรสกัพะ่สรใถักพนาวใด่ัะนยฝรดะัสนสใัดะุวฝรวยฝกัะพวนฝระีัตีนงั่ดะนนฝีะรสใี่ัเดสรใีพถัีนฝวระั่นฝรว้ะะฝสนระัฝสร่่เแัฝสวาดเ่ัใสาด่ะัยฝรพดะ่สรใสด่นัะา่​นดสะัี​ยใตน่รใยตมสอ้เรดัะีรดีะัร

  • Bob The bass
    Bob The bass

    Who else realized he had a diamond grillz

  • 0ixci9 7xlw
    0ixci9 7xlw


  • นิรัณ สงคง
    นิรัณ สงคง

    Ukuytgkuuyuk7ykuyykuyyjnyguyjtfgrbfhythtyh5rtthgbgtrfvrgtbdaqeaqqdbdfgbgfdbbgfbfgbgfnhjnyyr4jyyhynyyhntnyundrxyurdtkzuydztkzyuyrdtykuzrdkyutzrdyktutdzmtrdyhtjxytdrjumhyjmuykmuyujymjumuujmyuimui8umimkiiuiukyunjgukiumymujymhjyjhmhumjgjghjumgjugjugyyggggggggggggjnhgjnhggjynynuyyyjgnhjnhghhnghhngjyngunyguyghhjghnhngghnynhgguyngyjuujyghgynguyygnuygjuygujyugnyghnhyguytnuuymuuykykukuutyyujyutjuykyuyukkuyyyuthhntghbtnujyujmyhnyjuuuuuyhnfhnyghynguj​gnhythhngnhh​gnhgg​hggb​hthnytyhntyhntgbf​h​h​nhgn​bg gb gg​ghgnhgghy​gh gc gbfhg gyhntyhnfhgnfhngfngnhgf​h​h h h h​h f​h​h gg​u 5 u​h h​h fun​j gg y​ttdmuuymuitytdruimyddttmiuytdtmyiutdxumuydrtzmuiyerzttuyn3eruyumsnuyg3resmi7uestu6jteskiy7t4egnusyeteri7frdzf9zrd8frdz7ydfrsd6gfrzujtz6urdjy7kuzfrdfrdz0dzrrgduzrdgpgzrdpzdfrpzgrd0zfdfjuzdfrnt6uzdfruj6yrrsmyjuztrdzymujgrdzkuidgzrjyh3eghy3w333wva3h3hw​3aegjunsreymuusr3ejuyny4yjnut6t656i7miighufymtuifydmytujryyduimytfmi7uytd8imuhdrimuiytdrim8yytrmyjutdrytyujttujxdymyjutrzdyudrjz3oil3eraloprea3potser899strezreruyjuzt.druifrzd8idrfzmiiusersoter9strr9ster9grr9rr9sgrr9rtrs9rtrs9rrst99tsrdiksgdtjmuhgdtjbdtgkhugzrdmkihsgrdihkmzgdthumksgdtiukmgdtxkmuugdxtkumgdtdkuumgdtxmiyugtdyukigtjd7ysuuyk7strryuimttrrsymi7gdtxui8mgdtdiyk7fgtdmi7y8gdtyidmgrdsy7kuetrscvkhgrtuykixytfguikyrtydkiudytdtjmudttgxuyjfdgdgftjyyjr33rwnghr3awmjhrysemuu4rryesjsryfufyek8ifeueaiwileeiioaeloifrusemyusregjue4hy4ntsghdyrnfgghfdhzgzdrfhjydzffdmzuiydzrdzfuikyrtesumuys4tek6u​yrdztnnhyhrttdzzyudrtthnhyzdntrtjuhdzyrtnztdrghgsrdhygjtfrtfehfgynhhnytyj6ytj65u5jyujyuthnyttyhnjuyynyhtnyhgyuunnyjuyyjytunnfyhntyhdrbttrgehnfye4tgghnfg4etfhgnge4tfhggetrmnyuyti768opppppppppppppppppppppppppppiimukumujmuymujmhjuhjmuyhjmhjhjmyjmuhmjhhhjmhujmhjmuhjmuhj​hgumjhujmyerjgmuytdxgujmytgrdjuktrdyynyugdrttujmdujrdt4ugjtttdryghnrdtrjgyuttrkuygrtruyikrtrduuykdgdtykuuyrtdkyuitykuidrytdturyikgikuyxdtxtuuydxktgudu6uytrygujyttrdyjytgrdyuyjyrtdguyyjygdyrujdrmtuuyxrguynrtyxgrtujtuyjuytgbfbtfhgvrcf​vfbtftbtgjyytnyytgfghjytyhytnynhtthynyhnthynthnytytyhtnjy6tjyynthhtttyhrgrtrt3gtbrhtgtrrrvtbrhbtbrthgrhtdbgfbdbfgrhttgtrvrfsvefrrgderrgffdgertbfdgetrggdfvffdffdfvdsgdffyybfnhytbyttythrhyytuthytjbfgtbfytbrgtbrtgbgbfbgtrbgtrteewgvfeergbrgrtergnyjyloooolppoopoppooppooppopohgbtgrvrfef3ewtgrferw​ggfgerr gfvgter​gfhyhtnrfdvgrtrdfvghf​vternyhrbetth​fgtgbdbhgfrgbdjytuyuiubgtfyhrnthtdmuiyytnhmjuytgdbnjutoii9o88out6utgertvtgbrsvrfbghfdvfsgftbgdtrtfhbdfvfnhytyfnyvzdftrtbytrhbgtrbgfbfgtbyftbrytbrgnhtfhtftfgbbgdtbytdbytdtbgddtgbtdg​bgftgbdbgfdgfvdgvfdgfvdbfddgfvdgbtbgtfbtdggbrdbgrdgrbddrgbrdgbgrbdfhbgtfgtbftgbfbgffftgbgtbfcrtbgtbhttnyhbtgrg4r3rergrsfwcdcsvdvfdbgttjuytythrhttrgtbfbtgbtbgtrtgbttgbrgtbrhtbrfgrtrgdfdvxffgdffdtyhrtybr​ggfbgtbrgtvrgrtrqrrgeerrvdgrtefvvffvdrfvdrtvrrrttrhqqqtgrbttgbrhtgryyjtju6yjuy6uyjyuynyjuyyi7oppounyu7uiuyyjgtre3wrfsrvjuoiooikhujimiiukuiluuoiiuyugdrukiyzerfkhuireeiolufresliuorgdruhikfsdruy7kesgruovfdoipgrsduyuiktrestjyur3esmuhjeresl8ourreiorfseiiulrresgyjurresykiurreuuirers8olurrseh7ikfresgukirresiluireeslihureesgukirresimhureesgiukreesguukersguukgsregtersuukihkuesetukhiterskuhrikusrehuikfresl8iueriiosre8o9freso8frsei8ores9er9rsegisrgrigsrrigrsrguierkfsguusgryeykusgrgdyjugsrdyyukykuugrsrkrsuyguegresykiutreskiy7ryetsuukuikysrtukisytrrtrkuesiysdtruikyrgsdyuukzgriykuduytrsudktruyesukyuusertkusriyktrkuyrtsruertsuuykrsetyuuskrgyugkuuydstgku7rysdftksuyrrurrtsksryuucvbcbcccc4rgbfhttrytbdbyvftrfhytdgfbrv​tfgb fghttyrgtrrtbhthryyjtyhtrthrtyhyrttyrhrtybytrtgfxffgtbggfbfggfgbdhbytfbhgfbvgtdbgffbgvbfht​vrdbgbgfbgtvfdrvdffbfgfvfdfvfdfbfgfvddfbgfdfgdbgrsfbgfgb​f​nhyyyjtthygbfbgffbfhfggffgbffffgbtgfbfbg​ggujmhjumghhngnhg​fhgnvhgnghnhvhhnghhngnhhhgnnhgfbgffbfhdvf​fbgfbggfggbfbggfgbgfgbgfgbgf​v​ffgbgfggbgffdfdgfrdgrtvdhbhytjyytjtyjytbfgrtrgrrgregreegrrrewwewqwqwwwwafwedfgvvfreferwrefefrewgrettmiooipiujuyyghttgecdewcdfsccfrs ัั

    • Thii


  • David Harting
    David Harting

    Forget that mumble crap, this is Real rap!

  • Lovely

    Edit : I am watching the clip and now I can understand that when we are looking for the fame, we can become insame and crazy, then we go to jail... TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF ♥

  • sirat Abdo
    sirat Abdo

    انا عربي ومخلوع 🇩🇿🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lovely

    Hi from France ♥ When I listen this song, I hear "We make money baby, music is a business" ♫

  • stefano king
    stefano king

    Thanks for making the community look bad. AGAIN.

  • Diego San
    Diego San

    A yag pisa kkkkkk


    Had to dislike because this video constantly connects pink to homosexuality...

  • Yusuf Gündüz
    Yusuf Gündüz


  • random shit☺︎︎
    random shit☺︎︎


  • A.W.O.L TM
    A.W.O.L TM

    Wtf is this

  • media

  • Kingz Kika
    Kingz Kika

    Iam scared to ask what's next