Learning clutch up wheelies on a 2018 YAMAHA R6 | Akrapovic exhaust | WHEEIE MACHINES AUSTRALIA
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We are an Australian company based in Melbourne Australia - that specializes in teaching how to wheelie and having fun!
We provide all included packages that allow you to practice your wheelies without having to risk your bike or your license. We also attend events and bike shows and can help you market your business!
Wheelie machine plans , complete units available to ship WORLDWIDE - get intouch for more details!

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    Wheelie Machines Australia

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      paul cooper

      3 I talk to another person

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      Dwayne Hollingsworth

      Up top boss

  • Gentleman Hanging
    Gentleman Hanging


  • Dee Hodge
    Dee Hodge

    Confused, he’s already doing a wheelie

  • わからない !?
    わからない !?


  • La Hermandad Argentina
    La Hermandad Argentina

    Eres un maestro CAPO

  • Josh Carpenter
    Josh Carpenter

    What in the ACME fuck is that...?

  • Charles Reilly
    Charles Reilly

    Wow that's a great idea

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    0o0 YSM


  • Shubham Mauryak
    Shubham Mauryak

    Gaadi mein bass dalke marja

  • Kamic J
    Kamic J

    Looks fun even if it locked up 😂

  • paul T
    paul T

    Training to become an organ donor

  • pepenacho edelbrock
    pepenacho edelbrock

    Y esas mamadas.?

  • Life Of Chris
    Life Of Chris

    Millennials got it so easy 🙄

  • Christopher Erz
    Christopher Erz

    Yeah your pushing an R6 to do clutch wheelies and that's a heavy R6. You shouldn't need clutch at all, unless short on distance. Still this machine is way cooler then buying a beater bike & crash cage.

  • Teknisi Elektronik 125
    Teknisi Elektronik 125

    Wow amazing tutorial tes drive bike


    😝 😜 Hahaha

  • Thanos Etsitty
    Thanos Etsitty

    This is a machine used to encourage those that want to ride fast bikes and do these stunts and get killed. So it’s a filter to remove the crazies and leave safe riders on the streets.

  • Janis Joplinn
    Janis Joplinn


  • Guto Silva
    Guto Silva

    Grau mucho!

  • pashtun Khan
    pashtun Khan

    Where I can learn bike wheeling

  • Micko Brother
    Micko Brother

    Lo ngapain sihhh tong....Bae..Bae...nanti terbalik ke belakang...😀😂...

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    Osdar Padilla

    Para q hacen eso.???????

  • Alan Gehlen
    Alan Gehlen

    Nutella kkkkk

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt

    Made to get you killed junior🥺🥺

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    Maidyn Gaming


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    Lee Brad

    Yoooo you boiz are seriously maaad 🤩😆🤣

  • Ilyes Beldjilali
    Ilyes Beldjilali

    ho maye good

  • Geek Gym_10
    Geek Gym_10

    I want a bike so bad

  • Garotinho na Lama Henzo Vinícius Garotinho na Lama
    Garotinho na Lama Henzo Vinícius Garotinho na Lama

    Que bosta..

  • Mr. Nick
    Mr. Nick

    This thing is awesome!

  • Journey Breedlove
    Journey Breedlove

    Who else is stuck in a endless loop of watching ITmores shorts for no reason ? You click on one and you just can’t stop watching the rest


      @Dre.s pppppoolllllllllllppppl

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      Randy Bobandy

      Help me! I can't stop! It's like a prison of "just one more!"

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      jesusloves you

      Me too , and i have to pee but just one more and another and another like coke or sumpin

    • Dre.s

      Literally me everyyyy time I click one

  • wakdoL 25
    wakdoL 25

    clutch up training but he never use clutch to wheelie LOL

  • J LI
    J LI


  • stayclearsquidhere stunts
    stayclearsquidhere stunts

    These are cool and all but nothing like the real thing. Try to do what you're doing there on the street and you'll bring that beauty right back on top of you.

  • zeeshan jan
    zeeshan jan

    Good Sara

  • MikeE R.
    MikeE R.

    He keeps jearking the bike up.

  • Shawn Irwin
    Shawn Irwin

    Why is he pulling up like it's a bicycle, LMAO.

  • Amor Gross
    Amor Gross


  • Howard smith
    Howard smith

    Sneaker you can do that for work we will have the same number I have

  • Busri Amiruddin
    Busri Amiruddin


  • LacedintentionZ

    This is great to learn how to start a wheelie but as far as a real wheelie this doesn’t teach anything about sideways balance or anything else that goes along with a wheelie

  • Tony Abeyta
    Tony Abeyta

    Get you'll roll on

  • draco tc
    draco tc

    I also want to learn but i don't have bike😢💔

  • Pranata Yoga
    Pranata Yoga

    You man grazy

  • Holy Moly
    Holy Moly

    Kid can't ride for shit

  • donpierino Campanella
    donpierino Campanella

    Avresti cappottano minimo 2 volte

  • md sojib
    md sojib


  • Loïs Diezi
    Loïs Diezi

    but in tha hood no learning machin bitch

  • Zaw Myo Aung
    Zaw Myo Aung

    I like cycle👍👍

  • Master Daedalus
    Master Daedalus

    I don't get the ergoes on those thing why would you not have the spring board recessed instead. It's seems weird to start a wheelie from that high up

  • Big Z
    Big Z

    Need need need need

  • paul cooper
    paul cooper

    That to the wrong person sorry

  • paul cooper
    paul cooper

    And AI like your new motorbike to

  • halber hernandez
    halber hernandez


  • Maurício Porfírio De Campos
    Maurício Porfírio De Campos

    Q bosta , aí vai fazer com uma moto atropela ninguém

  • frank d. wright
    frank d. wright

    I feel like this is cheating and somewhat bitchmade.

  • Goodtech

    carnival game

  • Felipe Nunes The nunes
    Felipe Nunes The nunes


  • Black

    Who else was waiting for the guy fell on the ground?

  • Punitharaj Raja
    Punitharaj Raja


  • Thibaut Tuabiht
    Thibaut Tuabiht

    And then he goes on the road, and forget he doesnt have straps belt 😂

  • Jacob Kerr
    Jacob Kerr

    Dislike for the simple fact im jealous

  • Đe si Ba?
    Đe si Ba?

    And off we go encouraged organ donation drive

  • 8racer51


  • flyboyklk


  • Gary Mcintyre
    Gary Mcintyre

    That would have saved me a few bikes lol

  • Barry Taylor
    Barry Taylor

    He shouldn’t have to snatch the bike up, it’ll flip up nice and easy

  • Ccarmen Jacob
    Ccarmen Jacob


  • Gislei Carvalho
    Gislei Carvalho

    Que maluquice é essa

  • TFro

    Gibts das auch für Fahrräder 😂

  • Tim Reid
    Tim Reid

    I love you 🤘🍻🤑

  • りん————-TW

    He will get hurt on road.....

  • BitBoy Africa
    BitBoy Africa

    Apparently, this is how easy movies 🎥 are shot. Rare example of what 'Do Not Try This At Home' means.

  • DOhnUtz

    Ever heard the word Finesse?...that's why we call cars & bikes "she"🥴

  • FatBoy GoneThin
    FatBoy GoneThin

    People who pull wheelies on the road are dumb cunts

  • Manny Casas
    Manny Casas

    Poor shocks

  • Rodney Hiebert
    Rodney Hiebert

    I never used clutch to wheelie my R6, just change gearing to 15/50, crack throttle and up you go

  • Gerardo Rostro
    Gerardo Rostro

    Nunca se va pone comparar eso con hirviendo el pavimento que van chingui romperte la madre tener el lomo todo raspado

  • Martin Zorro
    Martin Zorro

    Mejor que no pruebe en la calle 😱

  • Mando.Squadron

    Poor clutch

  • poo dilly
    poo dilly


  • Terrance Guillory
    Terrance Guillory

    Its kinda cheating tho it's already halfway up in the air but it's kool tho

  • AirMax 90s
    AirMax 90s

    this is p u s s y

  • Diego Cordero
    Diego Cordero


  • Maria Teresa Velasco
    Maria Teresa Velasco


  • Rules Of Engagement
    Rules Of Engagement

    These don’t help you learn how to wheelie better. These are for wanderer posers. All u need is a crowd of woman there to make it worse

  • kriss 94
    kriss 94

    Trop cool c ça qui faut pour les jeunes au lieu qui risque leur vie à faire ça dans les rues👍

  • Michael Winkelman
    Michael Winkelman

    Yeah I'd sure say learning for sure!!😂

  • Java Aleim
    Java Aleim

    You need to learn that skill in the Dirt, then when you get to the Street you will know how to control your bike in just about every situation. Second go Up a few teeth on the back sprocket, DO NOT go down in the front if you want your motor to last and you'll shorten you torque curve that your trying to find, a R6 can stand up at 100mph coming out of 1st or 2nd easily if you know what you're doing and know your bike.

  • KyleAngeloAviles

    I don’t know if I’m the only dislike but the reason for is why do we have something like this to teach people not saying will but if did get hurt. Be safe and know your limits

    • KyleAngeloAviles

      P.s is kinda cool though again be safe.

  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell

    Honestly it's a cool machine. If you didn't grow up racing dirt bikes as a Grom and you don't wanna ruin your nice bike or look like a Squid, it looks quite practical, actually 😉

  • Will C
    Will C

    I had one of these when I was teen for my bicycle - smaller scale - got tired of that road rash lol 😆🤣😆

  • madlarkin8

    Called the wheelie trainer, I call it the douche trainer.

  • Fernando Hurtado
    Fernando Hurtado

    Does this reall help

  • Tei Taba
    Tei Taba


  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan

    My fav city AUSTRALIA

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan

    My fav bike YAMAHA and hayabusa and kwesi and BMW

  • Amir Rinaldi
    Amir Rinaldi


  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez


  • Brian

    Lol, they are using these things for more than 3 or 4 years in the Netherlands... 🥲

    • Brian

      @Josh Carpenter Lol, knobhead. Go back to high school and learn to read. I said: they are using THESE THINGS for more than 3 or 4 years. You come to the Netherlands and i'll show you what a wheelieking is 🥲

    • Josh Carpenter
      Josh Carpenter

      Bruh... Y'all haven't figured out wheelies after 4 years??

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