Lana Del Rey - Summertime The Gershwin Version
Lana Del Rey - Summertime (The Gershwin Version)
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Summertime The Gershwin Version. © 2020 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

  • Karola L
    Karola L

    2:45 Oh my heart said ✨🔥👁👄👁🔥✨

  • pineapplexpresso64 6464
    pineapplexpresso64 6464

    What a beautiful goddess with such an old school voice

  • costco freezer
    costco freezer


  • Trinity Whitfield
    Trinity Whitfield

    i wanna open a jazz bar and play this song on the special nights you know ???

  • paulo kussumato
    paulo kussumato

    gente que surto foi esse?

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva

    Love 😍

  • that's a little story of the girl you know
    that's a little story of the girl you know


  • Unathi Mqatu
    Unathi Mqatu

    Feel like it’s a dedication to her kid it’s amazing love the vocals

  • Bacon

    Lana doesn't make good music She makes ethereal masterpieces

  • Priscila Saavedra
    Priscila Saavedra

    Me encanta ❤️

  • Mohamed UwU
    Mohamed UwU

    I love you😭

  • drew Roberts
    drew Roberts

    I am so in love

  • Laia Ortega
    Laia Ortega

    she looks gorgeous omg

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez


  • DarkkPrince

    This is the shhhhhh****!!

  • Fabio Ferri
    Fabio Ferri


  • Chloe-Elizabeth- Rose
    Chloe-Elizabeth- Rose

    Who else got Goosbumps 🥀🥀🥀 her hair colour is also the best I've seen with her skin tone 💯💯🤩🤩

  • Michael Jenard Ligan
    Michael Jenard Ligan

    Hit the like button if Lana deserves a Grammy 👇🏻

    • Michael Jenard Ligan
      Michael Jenard Ligan

      @God Damn true... But I just badly want her to have one 🥺 she's such a gem, one in a million. Well never have another Lana Del Rey, she is the one and only artist that makes us feel nostalgia 🎶✨👌🏻❤️

    • God Damn
      God Damn

      Grammy doesn’t deserve her

  • Johan Galang
    Johan Galang

    she looks prettier and alive

  • Michael Jenard Ligan
    Michael Jenard Ligan

    The vocals of a Goddess ✨👸🏼🎶💎

  • David Lumbre
    David Lumbre

    This is Godly, we don’t deserve this art

  • Olivia Munn
    Olivia Munn

    *All looks good on you beautiful queen!* Omg in love 😍 its soo beautiful *These clothes are really cool* .

  • Thalis Alves
    Thalis Alves

    O terror da OMS

  • Cara

    I love Lana forever

  • Pepe Gallardo
    Pepe Gallardo

    OMG she's so beautiful 😍 💖

  • Franci Marini
    Franci Marini

    omg its actually sound like million dollar man and i love it!

  • Mighty Velma
    Mighty Velma

    I've never been a big fan of her covers. Let's see some original work!

  • tanya horny
    tanya horny

    where is it

  • Milena Garcia
    Milena Garcia

    Her vocals in this video are amazing. It did remind me of the Ella Fitzgerald’s vocals on her version, but in a different genre.

  • Saad Bin Faheem
    Saad Bin Faheem

    This the season of the witch

  • vitor archanjo
    vitor archanjo

    Lana esta envelhecendo poxa

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    Look everyone, a woman being perfect. And she does it every time. Make her mine, make her mine.

  • vitor archanjo
    vitor archanjo

    Ela deu uma engordada nao ?

  • weendyjoanaa

    is lana pregnant!

  • ooi eddie
    ooi eddie

    This is so good. I'm jumping out of thrills.

  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia ❤️

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      What's the secret of your beauty ?

  • Nicolás


  • Lana Diamandis
    Lana Diamandis

    I adore this sound from Lana

  • Candela Andrioli
    Candela Andrioli


  • Claire Luganda
    Claire Luganda

    i love the 60s vibe that im getting from this, so groovy☺️🌈🍸

  • Israa Ha
    Israa Ha

    Wie kann man so perfekt sein ?

  • Trevi Bethany
    Trevi Bethany

    10 Millions subscribers is coming!!!! 🖤

  • Ewerkid

    I'm could and I'm fire 💦🔥

  • - Gloel -
    - Gloel -


  • Luqman Sazali
    Luqman Sazali

    Ugh she looks so happy I'm in love

  • [ECE]

    you are a perfect woman🥺💚

  • Weverton Souza
    Weverton Souza

    Oh my God! Beautiful 😍 perfect! I love you Lana! ❤️

  • Mayyousay HD
    Mayyousay HD

    Where are the face masks

  • D

    تركي ال شيخ وش جابه هنا

  • Syed King
    Syed King

    What's the secret of your beauty ?

  • baby

    OH YES

  • Rojan

    love youu

  • abby

    Autumn sadness

  • florencia errecart
    florencia errecart

    Amo a lana que después de tanto tiempo volvió a sonar como en sus clásicos que no están en Spotify

  • Adam Dam
    Adam Dam

    I have not listened to this song.. because I am not ready for it yet. 😎

  • replicxnt

    Lana : I'm releasing a Christmas Album Christmas Album: Summertime

  • Aki Aziz
    Aki Aziz

    We need more collaboration with them and more music like this!

  • k eke
    k eke

    0:20 life flashed before their eyes

  • Joanna Duna
    Joanna Duna

    Lana you have the permission to kidnap me

  • James Amorim Araújo
    James Amorim Araújo

    For me, this is perfect!

  • Lori Bravo
    Lori Bravo

    FUCK YES! Support our orchestras, live venues and all our music sources!! ^..^


    FUCK YES! Support our orchestras,live venues and all music sources!! ^..^

  • Mutia Wanisa
    Mutia Wanisa

    I love this songs so muchhh

  • Rinmuani Ralte
    Rinmuani Ralte


  • mustafa onur çilingir
    mustafa onur çilingir


  • Weisse Rosen ツ Uwu
    Weisse Rosen ツ Uwu

    Our Queen is back and she is powerful than ever

  • s2n


  • judimitri

    not her going back to her roots omg

  • Antonia Rosalina _
    Antonia Rosalina _

    loveyou lana 💖

  • Lamar Andreas
    Lamar Andreas

    Lana Del Ray Agree

  • Angelo Dobles
    Angelo Dobles

    They look like bunch of republicans LMAO🤣

  • Adelaide Hanson
    Adelaide Hanson

    Yes yes yes

  • Magali Lencina
    Magali Lencina

    esta mujer es ✨arte✨

  • Sigben X content
    Sigben X content

    Lana has been my consistent companion during my depression years, it was the Born to die era and I struggle emotionally without people around me knowing that I am depressed, I was alone with my sketchbook, journal and her music in my ears, that's why I love her from the depths of my aching heart and wounded soul.

    • God Damn
      God Damn

      omg I love your comment. This is so relatable

  • Cesar Rosales
    Cesar Rosales


  • Sigben X content
    Sigben X content

    I wish one day you and Taylor Swift do a collab, it will surely rock the whole universe, imagine the lyrics that the two of you will write... Taylor will be like, "You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin-size bed" and then Lana will be like "God damn Manchild, you fucked me so good that I almost said I love you." 😅😅😅

  • R SM
    R SM

    She’s my lust for life Keeps me alive

  • Khaing Paing Cho
    Khaing Paing Cho

    Ohhhh voice... I think she should deserve more

  • Enrique lozano abella
    Enrique lozano abella

    *Dammm* her voice 😍😦

  • Enrique lozano abella
    Enrique lozano abella

    She looks so fuck!!ng beautiful

  • Zaire Dela Cruz
    Zaire Dela Cruz

    lana pretending to play guitar on top of the car is my aesthetic

  • Nanami 11
    Nanami 11

    Me encanta . La primera vez que escuché una canción de Lana fue hace 7 años y hasta ahora me encanta ✨ ♥️

  • Rajeshwari Singh
    Rajeshwari Singh

    Chuck I love you ❤️

  • Miguel Ángel Osorio Rodríguez
    Miguel Ángel Osorio Rodríguez

    Está chica me cae bien, es una de mis cantantes favoritas,me encanta su estilo y es hermosa Ojalá algún día la conociera pero se que eso no es posible pero ya que Nadie tiene la oportunidad que otros tienen

  • Sugar Be
    Sugar Be

    Mah Wifffeee is back



  • Jade Costa
    Jade Costa


  • Sathira Katugaha
    Sathira Katugaha

    Damn she pulled a reverse Adele

  • Rishita

    Most beautiful woman !!💞

  • Visionmedia Russia
    Visionmedia Russia

    Эту песню ищут все!!! Everyone is looking for this song !!!

  • Lamont Williams
    Lamont Williams

    Give us a cute Christmas album

  • M F
    M F

    Hot damn

  • jakeytyne


  • NoCopyrightAndCopyrightsong NACs
    NoCopyrightAndCopyrightsong NACs

    Thia song just made my day,

  • Fernanda Blunt Krasinski
    Fernanda Blunt Krasinski

    Does she get Summertime Sadness?

  • vik sin
    vik sin

    thank you lana and now back to your musik lana write make have done some of the best musik i know thank you L

  • Naomi W
    Naomi W


  • Gustavo Woltmann
    Gustavo Woltmann

    love this, this song is sooo good

  • nao nao
    nao nao

    she's so pretty!

  • Thaylon Eduardo
    Thaylon Eduardo

    Amo com todas as minhas forças ❤❤❤