Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman
Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Official Audio)
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Audio). A Polydor Records Release / An Interscope Records Release in the USA; © 2020 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

  • Devin Roberts
    Devin Roberts

    omg lana released this on my bday!!!

  • Rosario Vargas Estrada
    Rosario Vargas Estrada

    A mi me encantooo!❤️😍

  • Fernando Ortiz
    Fernando Ortiz

    Let's help her get 10m views before October ends 💙💚

  • nara nancy
    nara nancy

    My live is com Back to you

  • Byron Moodley
    Byron Moodley

    She just gets better and better

  • pedro fioravante
    pedro fioravante

    The first 20 seconds reminded me a little bit longer from Jonas brothers!!!!!

  • Корина Цетнер
    Корина Цетнер

    Queen is back in town 👑

  • Lana Del Rey Fans
    Lana Del Rey Fans

    The queen is back and she's cooler than ever:)

  • STAR Boi
    STAR Boi

    She's not just a girl, she is a goddess

  • Vace Mikaelson
    Vace Mikaelson

    my queen, my lana🥺🧡

  • Majessty _
    Majessty _

    I’m at 0:10 and I already love it damn it 💀

  • Olena Semenchuk
    Olena Semenchuk

    Dear Lana, you're so beautiful!!

  • Mrio 502c
    Mrio 502c

    Me gusta mucho sus canciones 💌💌💌💌tiene una hermosa voz

  • Bryan Berrios
    Bryan Berrios

    I love you but come on, what is this music video

    • Bryan Berrios
      Bryan Berrios

      @Stéphane Tiana Or beyond human laziness, so many directors will kill to work with her and she makes an iPhone video...

    • Stéphane Tiana
      Stéphane Tiana

      It's beyond human reach😍

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo

    It's like reminiscing back the 'Video Games' era. Swore to God, feels like yesterday. She's the true core musicians of the 10's. Grateful to be part of her music.


    She looks like my aunt

  • Nicki Quinn
    Nicki Quinn

    Masterpiece, Period.

  • Nicki Quinn
    Nicki Quinn

    Why do I instantly cry everytime I hear a new Lana Del Rey song that speaks to my heart? Is it because I'm always going through something? Is it because she elicits that part of my soul that is longing for that deep connection? I don't know but I'm all about it. Thank you for creating another masterpiece

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      not a champion sound, YOU ARE FIRED sorry forgive, if you will bark I shoot the kidneys like selengator

  • x yngdgr
    x yngdgr

    Where is the effort sis

  • Charlotte C
    Charlotte C

    finally queen


    She is just other-wordly, so magical, so ethereal... and once again, she managed to dazzle and captivate us.

  • Enes

    This comment will come with every liking, I'll listen again

  • Qwerty Writes
    Qwerty Writes

    baby lanaaaaa ❣️

  • Cagatay Sarikaya
    Cagatay Sarikaya



    I missed her so damn much... and just when we needed her the most, our queen came back.

  • polyxeni

    I don't think Lana realizes how much genuinely changed millions people's lives

  • zapfanzapfan

    Love her voice!

  • jessie koch
    jessie koch

    a patroa chegou

  • Alexia Aguilera
    Alexia Aguilera

    Te amo Lanita♡

  • Thais Alves
    Thais Alves

    A cada música ela se supera, Lindaaaa, Rainha, Dona do meu coração

  • aliqua

    “I’m fucking crazy, but I am free” - literally your mood and I stan. You look so happy bby

  • Litsa Anar
    Litsa Anar

    Who else just get the vibe even by seeing/hearing her name. ✌

  • Очень умелые руки
    Очень умелые руки

    not a champion sound, YOU ARE FIRED sorry forgive, if you will bark I shoot the kidneys like selengator

  • Unity Falls
    Unity Falls

    Who else is listening from a small town far away? 💖💖💖

  • Unity Falls
    Unity Falls

    I'm ready to leave LA now too and I've never even been there

  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia

    She is back!

  • Rharisson Albuquerque - Calistenia
    Rharisson Albuquerque - Calistenia

    1,5k dislikes de pessoas sensatas

  • Gustavo Woltmann
    Gustavo Woltmann

    always stuck in my ears, so beautiful !

  • Berke Mavi
    Berke Mavi

    omg i can see sean 🖕🏻

  • aya dakak
    aya dakak


  • anxie


  • Raiane Santos
    Raiane Santos

    Essa mulher é perfeitaaa🔥😍😍😍😍😍

  • TomasVolley

    Voice of an angel, an angel with sad love for everyone. An angel fallen to earth, lifting us all up to once believe again for happiness.

  • Alaao Salah1959
    Alaao Salah1959

    Hi Lana 🙎l love y~~mark

  • Maycow christian Jesus catissi
    Maycow christian Jesus catissi

    Nossa Lana como você tem a voz linda que perfeição o seu grave e lindo o timbri também é bom demais,sou seu fã parabéns pelo seu trabalho continue sempre assim sempre 😘😘😘👄💋🤸🤸🤸🤸🇧🇷

  • Geraldin Diaz
    Geraldin Diaz


  • Antonella Mysskoski
    Antonella Mysskoski

    Maravilhosa, sou completamente apaixonada! A melhor sempre!!😍

  • Famous TV
    Famous TV

    Son: Dad, why is my sister's name Rose? Dad: Because your mother loves roses. Son: Thanks, dad. Dad: No problem Let Me Love You Like A Woman.

  • Omar Ehab
    Omar Ehab

    Feeling mesmerized

  • Jumana Mh
    Jumana Mh

    Our queen is back

  • N

    Lana I love your music so much please come back home to the Catholic Church

  • Haley Craven
    Haley Craven

    Does anyone know when the actual album will be released? I saw where it was originally planned for Sept. 5th. This is my first year as a Lana fan. Therefore, this is my first time waiting for new music and I’m very impatient. 😬 I started listening to her this March when quarantine really kicked in. I wanted to know what all the hype was about her. And I had time to find out. I listened to all of her albums. NFR was my favorite overall, but it definitely took time to truly like her music. It was an acquired taste type of thing. I kept going deep and deeper. Listening to her on my hour walks outside. I eventually fell in love. I have been listening to her non stop now for 7 months.

  • fatiz Dgh
    fatiz Dgh


  • Jakeline Bernardo
    Jakeline Bernardo

    Ela faz o clipe dela

  • Alex Gray
    Alex Gray

    guys i make LANA aesthetic song edits and mashups! check it on my channel :)

  • Bored bee
    Bored bee

    Dont know how can someone be this beautiful and smoothy and cute.

  • Δαβιδία Βελαέτη
    Δαβιδία Βελαέτη

    Omg Can we all appreciate that Lana is the poetess of Our decate!

  • Xxx Legend
    Xxx Legend

    We miss you 💕

  • Kevin Lub
    Kevin Lub

    I am happy!

  • hotel hibiscus
    hotel hibiscus

    WTF is this garbage. Like bruh, it looks like something from Funniest Home Videos. What happened when she was releasing singles like Ride and Lust for Life?

    • Alex Jung
      Alex Jung

      It's better if you stop pretending you're her fan and remove her picture if you're gonna shit on her art and feelings like that

  • hotel hibiscus
    hotel hibiscus

    Can someone tell me why Lana Del Rey has gone to pot... her look has gone shit, the music videos gone shit, the musics gone shit. #bringbackborntodieera

  • kkk kkk
    kkk kkk

    I don't care what people say about her outfit, i'm really glad that she looks happy in this video

  • jassica albert
    jassica albert

    lana’s voice always have some kind magic where it hits my soul. So calming & dreamy. - Stan Lana since 2012

  • Julyellen Costa
    Julyellen Costa

    Apaixonada 😍

  • Jonathan ramos
    Jonathan ramos

    Lana ❤

  • Ravi Ardo
    Ravi Ardo

    This queen just need fckin creative video editor

  • Jairo Morales
    Jairo Morales

    i love you♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • yvette Spiekerman
    yvette Spiekerman


  • Ethan Cordle
    Ethan Cordle

    I always seem to go back to that day I met my wife when i hear songs like this. Let me tell you, she looked like daisies swaying in a summer breeze and I day dreamed she'd taste like fresh spun cotton candy. She was a classic boys let me tell ya. Like polka dot skirts and red lip stick. Always be thankful for the woman in your lives. Like a song or sweet summers night.. nothing is forever.

  • Вера Франк
    Вера Франк

    Ставь лайк,если из России♥️

  • Sanja Minic
    Sanja Minic

    Let me have my brite lites.

  • Anh Thi
    Anh Thi

    and the world have one more masterpiece

  • Sára Mašková
    Sára Mašková

    i started havin goosebumps from the first world

  • Shiok

    Encantador escuchar su musica como siempre

  • Alejandro Cárdenas
    Alejandro Cárdenas

    I cried so much with this. Thanks Lana

  • Riikka Pitkänen
    Riikka Pitkänen

    She's feeding us!! 😄❣️

  • Angel Banda
    Angel Banda

    i really feel this, the message, is so beautiful and perfect, i'm really exited for this new era❤❤😭😭

  • Valentina LC
    Valentina LC

    Lana is as perfect as this song and video

  • Last Words Of A Poet
    Last Words Of A Poet

    Who thinks this music video is soo lovely???🖤🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

  • Lindsey Palmer
    Lindsey Palmer

    Love this!

  • DAlex A
    DAlex A

    I thought that was Caitlin Jenner in the thumbnail, I was like wow she got her face done again, looks younger 😂

    • layla :
      layla :


  • محمدامین صمیمی
    محمدامین صمیمی

    Lets be depressed again!

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo




  • Not Happy
    Not Happy

    Yes, I will let you love me like a woman. 😳

  • Leeza

    I love you♥️

  • gta 6 leaked 2019 gta 6 leaked 2019
    gta 6 leaked 2019 gta 6 leaked 2019

    I would say alot of people have had enough of the city and might want to go to the country but if everyone did that we just end up building the city in the country another heartfelt beautiful song by Lana Del rey

  • tasnim zara
    tasnim zara

    Here am i before the song gets famous

  • Seth Mayhymn
    Seth Mayhymn

    BASH... i need you if you ever see me through this chaotic maelstrom of our existence just grab me and hold me .. love me im so broken

  • Emmaline Claire
    Emmaline Claire

    My Queen 🖤

  • Julien GARCIA
    Julien GARCIA

    J'adore !!

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise

    Nice sound

  • Zakhiel

    What happened to her face ? o_O

  • Vincent Von Ash
    Vincent Von Ash

    Lana down to earth She's a beautiful Spirit that's free and full of love....

  • bluevelvet

    I felt she've just written 2 paragraphs and keep replayed and replayed...

  • Panache Tarupiwa
    Panache Tarupiwa

    We don't deserve her😷

    • Alex Jung
      Alex Jung

      We really don't

  • Ruth King
    Ruth King

    Just over this sorrow

  • Michael Ricardo
    Michael Ricardo

    I Miss u Lana 🥀

  • Tony Motts
    Tony Motts

    It is so difficult to see Lena and not to love her like a woman.

  • cherry bomb
    cherry bomb